What's your take on findom?

i honestly think findoms and findommes are a cyberpunk conspiracy to push more and more men to be cucked losers.Twitter and gayddit are full of those bottom feeding gold diggers, it's like jewing out without being a jew.

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It's normal male behavior when wymyn get right

Pretty much agree. It's basically painting men as nothing but financial providers; an element of that has been pushed for a long time with (((biologists))) and (((psychologists))) insisting that monogamy is only a thing because the male provides for the children that the woman gives him. That was the first perversion that diminished that whole expanse of the spiritual aspect of a relationship, where there was more than mere biological necessity motivating our actions; and that of course all began with the so-called enlightenment and the deconstruction of religion, specifically Christianity, that once so uniquely established that idea of 'romance' that elevated love to something beyond the merely pragmatic (which is how it is regarded in near enough every other part of the civilised world, with the uncivilised world being essentially polygamist). Obviously that was built off of the Hellenic perceptions of Aphrodite and Eros, and that was built off of the innate human desire for a sacred connection.

Findom(me)s are the end result of this corruption of relationships, gender roles and perceptions of 'value'. I would like to just make another point about 'value'; most women, and an awful lot of men today only consider money as power. This is foolishness of the utmost sort. There is more to existence that wealth and the material; and again this has been lost with the endless assault upon the spiritual. Where once ascetics were considered the pinnacle of society, with frugality a virtue; today we live in a kiked world where possessions are everything, and where we define ourselves not by our capabilities, beliefs or desires; but by our hoard. Man has truly degenerated almost beyond recognition.

It is important that we shun the worthless pursuit of the material and instead return to a spiritual way of living, where virtue and nobility guide our actions instead of coin and its acquisition. The devil must be laughing at how so many are willing to portray themselves as nothing more than a wallet, and so many women would degrade the concept of love for a shot at acquiring some new shoes without working for them.

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My problem is with all the nignogs capitalizing on it and driving more men into their cuckolding emasculating grips of death. twitter.com/goddess_brix just scroll through and see this fucking baboon. we need another jack the ripper

Question is if you can save someone from themselves, even though these women pray on the weak and lonely men and then drain them for all they have and leave them to die.

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That you're attention whoring niggers.

I don't blame the women that do it, it's a stupidly easy way to make money. Hell, I'd probably fucking do it, if I were a girl. I blame the men for being such pathetic castrated faggots, they're the ones that create the market for these women to tap.

well when you're contently told you need to shower women with money and attention for the faintest glimpse of anything in return you start to lose it, some go the MGTOW and incel route while other go for the findom and cyberthot. this is a cry for help.

i think it's time for the thot audit 2 findom boogaloo

Mentally ill men being taken advantage of by degenerate psychopath women. The could both use some time in a forced labor camp to help them see the error of their ways.

If you would take advantage of your fellow man simply because you could instead of trying to help them you are semetic in spirit.

Why would anyone do this? Absolute morons deserve to be punished.

we're literally in a weakened mental state while we're horny, women see this and take us for all then can society19.com/when-youre-horny/

I don't know, a life as easy as that would be hard for a lot of people to pass up. It's quite pathetic and incredibly degenerate, but OTOH do you honestly feel bad for anyone retarded enough to give their money away like that?

would you snatch the wallet off a dude in a wheelchair because you know he can't chase you? same fucking thing.

A symptom rather than a disease. Men are led to believe their value is in what they offer rather than what they are, so their mentality shifts to thinking literally giving women money is a form of female interaction. Legit cuckolding runs parallel to this("women can be expected to act like whores so I'll just pretend that's what I wanted all along")

Ironic to the whole sub-dom dynamic, the men who commit to this put themselves in a position to support both themselves and a second person. And the dom only receives, doesn't offer anything. The provider has all the leverage and power, which is what makes this one of the dumbest fetishes around. The 'dom' is so replaceable that a cardboard piggybank with "fuck you pay me" written on it provides the same thing.

It's not. These guys give that money away willingly. They are keked to the highest possible degree, but it's not being stolen from them and they're not being promised anything they're not getting.

anyone know where the incel forums are ? and i mean the hardcore ones not the fake ass CNN bullshit. i think it's time for an alliance.

nah bro they were conditioned to do so while in weaken mental state, if the sexes were flipped it'd be considered rape or some shit.

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Your own link doesn't even support the idea.
No fucking shit they do, the vast majority of people will not respond to that in this way. Maybe you're right and there is something wrong, like being absolutely starved of human interaction, but nobody with a healthy mind goes to such extremes.

well nobody with a healthy mind would watch nut off to bestiality but take even the most normal of lads and condition them enough to do so (orgasm denial and all that shit) and they'll be cumming to horse ass in no time.


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Sound familiar?
no? wtf are you quoting retard

Notice how most of the findommes are non white and excuse their horrid behavior as "empowerment" with the "white" findommes kissing their asses. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Posts Nazis on every thread for the Jews.

Lots of wisdom in this post. That feel when the world is full of demons and you can’t find a saint anywhere, save for the ones that post on 8ch.

Someone resurrect Jack the ripper dude has unfinished business

Damn straight. The Bible didn't lie. "I will send them a famine of the LORD's word" indeed.

I'm split between my values and self-preservation. When I last was inflamed and speaking out, I became TI and was (illegally) put in a psychiatric unit against my will. Turns out from inside a psych unit it's almost impossible to get anything done because they treat you like a dribbling retard, meaning you ask for documents they legally are required to give you and they wait for a shift change because they figure you'll forget and they don't have to work.

Self-preservation tells me to lay low and keep praying, my faith tells me it's a trial and to never be silent, my doubt asks me why God chose me to incarnate here and now when I am so woefully unsuited for the task. This keeps me up at night.

What do you think of the idea of laying low not only for self preservation, but to gather strength so that you can combat the evils and degeneracies of this world more effectively? I'm of the mind that it is wise to an extent, but action must be taken eventually or else it just becomes an excuse.

Personally, I think it's simply money laundering. Probably much less overhead than running a nightclub to clean cash "donations", especially since so much low-level drug dealing is done semi-openly via Zelle and Venmo these days.

Depends on your color, if you have a touch of the tarbrush you can just call them baby mama and side bitch, and have no intention of supporting either and this is totally fine.

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question is if you tards are going to do something about the money hungry white hating emasculating cum dumps or just sit here and jerk each other off? maybe half chan has some answers.

can someone curb stomp this untermensch twitter.com/goddess_brix/status/1155717785428856832

if it isn't praying on men when they're weak in horny why do they themselves have tags like findom relapse and all that shit. twitter.com/search?q=#findom#relapse&src=typed_query

when did women get like this?

are you saying (((they))) are behind it? is that's the case can anything be done?

this shit literally ruined Femdom and bdsm.it's been co opted by all the gold diggers and their beta hordes,now what you associate with femdom is forced bi,cuckolding,chastity belts and findom while the real normal ass non beta femdom is pushed to the sidelines

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I wasn’t aware that this was a thing. Weird.
Perfectly fits in with the Jewish idea of corrupting an institution like marriage. Commercialize it. I mean don’t get me wrong, back in the day men paid bride prices to the woman’s family, but this was done to prove to them you are a provider. And the woman also presented the man with gifts, finally crafted weapons, things like this.
The Jewish way is expensive (((lawyers))) and weird fetishes and some men happily embrace it. Welcome to the clown world

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This is the exact opposite of how women should be and behave.

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So basically fingdom is when you pay some slut and she provides nothing in return? You don't even get to fuck or touch her, and all you do is chat over the internet to set up new payment details and this is all the interaction you get? And it's all voluntary? We are entering a new era of mental illness.

No more pathetic than Nazi fags

Findom is super hot. Fortunately I've kept my dick in check when it comes to cash and just observe other people doing it.

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Yep, it's been around since the 90's but it exploded when social media started to become more popular. being the old fart that i am i can tell you that the findommes are cyberthots on steroids they co opted bdsm and femdom to milk everyone for money.

Stay mad nigger

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If we've learned anything from Findoms and the "Thot Patrol" meme it's that women are struggling financially just as much as men, but won't join any movement to help fix the real problems as long as they can debase themselves for cash or trick cucks into just forking over cash. If we want real change for all we should be:
1. outlawing what thottery we can
2. Taxing thots ("real work comes with a tax liability")
3. Doxxing the losers that support them (maybe even set up fake thot accounts just to get their private info AND their cuck dollars) and shame them for supporting societal degradation.
Every dollar they spend on that nonsense makes it harder for them to become family men and makes it harder to get the support of females for a better world.

I'm trying to find the right picture or the right thing to say to a fault here, I'm feeling sorry for not being up to par, you deserve a better user. Guess I still can check your dubs.

Double-post because this thread is a fucking gem, this is why I still come here. I'll pray for you guys.