DDOS'ing of voat

The attacks are from Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, Ukraine and Brazil, couldn't this be thwarted by having a colo server in the countries being used to attack from thus shunting the attacks to just those countries?

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Feigning or actual stupid? Map shows where the attacks are coming from, not who the attackers are.

There are lots of shills operating on the chans right now to discredit voat while an attack is ongoing. It's almost like the same people shilling hard are the same people commencing the attack.

So to get it out of the way: the shills seem to be upset about the connection between the Vatican church and Epstein.

the shills are probably wanting focus to be diverted to Trump and his masters the Jews. Will Trump name the Jews?

Maybe post in the real thread.

There's another thread about nullifying DDOS attacks?

Wonder how come godlike productions doesn't get the same treatment

I would think that would be obvious, obscure insignificant forum.

Also, ban DDOS countries from accessing the primary server, still accessible for those locations but only by proxy, otherwise site access via the aforementioned colos.

all this mean is the servers these Jews hired to ddos voat are in those countries.

voat is full of normies and q monkeys with freshly opened minds, they need to hear the truth about natsoc and these Jews from us. abandoning it to globalist shills would be stupid.

That shithole has been compromised from the start.

Just putting a statement out there? Thwarting DDOSing isn't abandoning.

Yes goy, it's all about the Vatican and has nothing to do with the Red Cross.

Where is your evidence that voat is a honeypot? You wouldn't be just trying to spread paranoia and mistrust among the online far-right would you? Would you? Oy Vey who would do such a thing?

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These two people were named in that thread as the poeple that connect them all (Epstein, Vatican, Red Cross).

*Ferdinando Brachetti Peretti

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Except the DDoS is coming from proxies routed THROUGH those countries.

someone with $$$$ does not like the information posted on that site

mostt proxies are free.

I argue banning those countries, that necessarily means no routing though them, the proxy being referred to necessarily being proxies not in those DDOS countries.

the kikes ran a blackmailing/extortion/child pimping racket for decades. Then suddenly technology changes and everything leaves an electronic paper trail. So now random crazy crackpots can connect the dots faster than before, and share those connected dots with just about anyone. They never anticipated this.

It's more than that. It is a connection with the oil industry as well via those whops. If the connection holds true, and it probably will, then it may lead to more people. It will be fun watching the fallout.

They are already priming the world for Epstein's death. they make sure to talk about him for a minute then move on to some sort of other disaster. Expecting the kikes to derail trains, collapse bridges, spread Ebola, cause niggers to riot, or shoot up schools.

Yes we do, it's (((them)))!

Why ddos a honeypot? if it was a honey pot they would have handlers ready to crush information.

Voat is far from a honeypot, voat is where redditors go to get radicalized once they get shadow banned. It's true, i was a liberterian before they shadowbaned me, now i hate hitler because he did not kill jews.

because your stupidity is valuable fag

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Checked - Truth.

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Yes goy, pay for Nord VPN

alt right is a waste of time

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Yeah, I hate the term "Alt Right" - it's a box created by people who hate me. Concept still holds in the comic though.

National Socialism could only work if we were a homogeneous people. I'd only advocate for it in a white ethno state.

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I dunno. If you believe Mosley a national socialist multicultural society can exist. So long as it contains the homelands of all these people and their right to said homeland is respected and none are exploited.
Meaning no mass migration or different levels of labour laws.

There was a thread just deleted that another happening on Voat was a trick to identify glowing persons of color: "Does Israel have a nuclear program?"

which, the story goes, they can't answer even when otherwise mindfucking you

Worthy of mentioning…

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Slavs are Üntermensch.

Well then, let's see if this gets the thread deleted.

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Your brain is untermensch and will be relieved of its skull encasement.

Get squatted on faggot.

Down again

up again

OK? So drop those redpills then. Not all of us bother with alt-lite reddit you know. Seriously, why the hell aren't you spamming that shit everywhere if you know they're trying to shutitdown.jpg? And put it up on torrents, IPFS and whatnot. I haven't seen a single decent bit of info on this even in the Epstein threads, just vague "oh wow, voat has cool intel on this". Post it niggers.

Let them catch retards in their retard traps.
We don't need retards, but they do. Their entire retarded army will do nothing but slip over in its own drool. Meanwhile those smart enough to see things for what they are will find each other.
In Voat, live goats.
Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to understand Voat, to shitpost and read in Voat, should speak Goat, and should respect the Voat laws. If they prefer mainstream lies and propaganda, and live the life of inbred shills then we advise them to go to those websites where that’s the established circle jerk. Voat does not need mainstream news junkies. Mainstream news junkies need Voat, and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell ‘discrimination’. We will not tolerate disrespect of our Goat culture. We had better learn from the suicides of Reddit, 4chan, Twatter and others, if we are to survive as a website. The shills are taking over those sites and they will not take over Voat. The Voat customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack of culture or the primitive ways of paid shills and soyboys. When this honorable userbase thinks of creating new threads, it should have in mind Voat's interests first, observing that the shills, soyboys, pedos and libtards are not Goats.

Could have sworn I saw this info here and 4chan first. Not a "look at this voat exclusive" as you're framing it.

How about some…info!

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lol these are all exit nodes CIA likes to use.

Why would glowniggers be against a trap like Voat?