Passivism destroyed the west

It's not multiculturalism or thottery or Protestantism or papalism or Islam that is destroying the west, western civilization was already destroyed and decultured in 1054 when the Roman Catholic church split from orthodox christianity and became a bureaucracy, and unlike the orthodox east, this triggered the west to become anti scientific and erase all beautifully cultured treasures in terms of architecture and society in western nation's. Martin Luther tried to fix this by confronting the Catholic Church, what he fucked up on was creating the solaes and allowing retards to interpret the Bible anyway they want to and this permitted people to create their own knock off brand of Christianity, which lead to the enlightenment which there wasn't anything enlightening about it and it further dechristianized the west as we see with the French revolution first and up to today as we see with the start of racism and Jews controlling western institutions and brining back homosexuality and pederasty which have been absent in the west since Rome became Christian. This accompanied with using blacks as slaves, which by the way western white people created niggers in colonial times when they enslaved them and treated them worse than insects and then you guys complain when they act like niggers and you give them a shitty Protestant form of christianity that enflames their nigger behavior further.

The problem is that western nation's are all passive in the face of corruption, now we have fake Christians who don't help the poor and it's practically impossible to get any type of job that pays over $20 per hour. We would have been better off if communism had. It started in an orthodox country but rather in a western country like America or Germany or France and kept it contained in all western nation's.

Trump as president is the embodiment of western narcissism in it's most toxic and satanic form since the death of western civilization in 1054 AD. Nobody in the west except maybe France are out on the streets protesting, through the yellow vests, their disposition in life. Just a couple of days ago an Eritrean Muslim or Protestant pushed an 8 year old white German boy into an on coming train and injured the mother, the German people don't get outraged by this and are passive about it in fear of their government. Russians and serbs and Slavs would chimp out over this.

You western nation's deserve all this bullshit for your toxic passivity and you're destined to be cucked by niggers and Muslims. The only white people that will live are those in eastern Europe and Russia, they're actually making efforts to restore their birth rates without mass immigration.

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Christianity teaches passivism.

you mean passivism like when Jesus was whipping the Jews out of the temple?

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Complacency destroyed the west.

That to

Yeah. It does.


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The degeneration of the white race didn't begin in 1964, 1945, 1913, 1791, 1648, or 409. The degeneration of the west began when the Aryan people abandoned their nomadic lifestyle on the Eurasian steppe and allowed it to be taken over by mongoloids, while we adopted (((farming))) leading to physical, social, spiritual, and psychological degeneration.

Before the ind*strial age, farm*rs were on average 5'5 feet. They suffered severe malnutrition as their diet consisted of indigestible, nutrient barren carbohydrates such as grains and vegetables.

Steppe Nomads were the ONLY people who could resist farmoid scum, who wiped out the noble Hunter-Gatherer with their vast hordes of inferior yet more numerous insectoid populations.

The only thing that prevented the Malthusian crisis was industrial technology enabling f*rmers to not only decimate natural ecosystems, but to do it at an unprecadented scale, with poisons and machines to kill off natural animal and plant alike. Thankfully to Tengri industrial society is based on infinite growth in a finite world, and thus is doomed to eventual failure. And once the capacity to perpetuate ind*strial civilization is lost, it cannot be recovered as prerequisites like easily accessable coal deposits have all been depleted.

The only logical conclusion is to return to the steppe nomad way of life, reinvigorate ourselves to the cold bite of winter and the violent slash of the sword, dismantle nuclear power plants and raze the (((cities))) of the earth to the ground.

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This is the quality of shilling the jews are buying these days.

Ok Varg. Settle down okay?

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Tengri is the Turks ‘god’. If you want to be a boy fucking Semitic turkeoach, go join your kin.

Looks like we found ourselves one o' them so-called "scholars", mates. What a true honor.

itt a kike blames europeans for falling for the propaganda its lying press pushed on us from birth for generation.

Lol you know the largest mosque in Europe is in Russia

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I cr*nged

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serbs are slavs thats redundant also its not chimping out when its a slavic pogrom its classy

(((sticking brackets around whatever temporary issue you're having)))

How's public school, mutt?

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farming is jewish cities are jewish lmao

So am I Canadian or American which is it?

We invade and wipe out several cultures and countries.
We are magically pacifists.

The "west" is a corpse resurrected by the Jews. It died when the first Roman pagan encountered the first Christian.

Industrialized farming while mass murdering billions of animals annually to create poisonous food is jewish.
Human cattle farming in overcrowded, slave cities is jewish.

Everything you want to be, mutt. The perks of le 56% face…too ugly to be human, but just hideous enough to fit in with goblin hordes.

Russia spans 2 continents. Western Russia is in Europe. Moscow, St. Petersburg. Eastern Russia is in Asia.

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You projecting again chaim?

yes (((modern))) cities and farming the guys post wasnt offering this critique it was saying that cities and farming are fundamentally pozzd

Well people do say Islam is the religion of peace.
Its just peaceful because everyone else got wiped out.

russia is just russia the whole continental divide exists wherever people stopped conquering and russians kept on going all the way to the pacific

not too wrong, though I think the meeting of the still fresh Aryan related peoples with the early sedentary civilizations synthetized the greatest expression of high civilization in the 1st millennium BC, imho the peak of humanity, the era of the Nabucheddanazar, Cyrus the Great, Darius, Leonidas, Alexander, Hannibal, Pyrrhus, Scipio, Marius and Caesar
then entropy caught up and it has been a steady decline since then to the point nowadays that the entirety of humanity is subject to this decadence and reduction to bug/cow-man

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passivism, multiculturalism, protestantism, papalism, racism, communism and narcissism

consider exorcism

What's the population difference between the two countries?
You are fully and wholly hated, you wretched cursed abomination.

You must be hunted down and ripped up by the roots from the plane of existence!

I will pluck your eyes out from your head for even the act of your observation is blasphemy before God.

uhh did you miss the part of the infograph where

per capita bez racist n sheeeit

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Most HIV is in mongoloids and not ethnic Russians.
Abortion rate is high because Russia is not traditional, but highly materialistic.
Homicide level is not bad, I am not in opposition to violence.

No it was the welfare state that did so. The belief in the government's ability to look after it's citizens fairly and equitably. White people follow directions. Sadly, jews were giving the directions to those that came before.


Make sure to whip the other cheek yid.

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White Nationalism, 20 years of failure on the internet. Yet it's everyone elses fault. Sounds familiar?

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide" as they are the ones that force their vulgar larping upon any effort by Whites defending their interests. Every time Whites try to create networking similar to every other ethnic group to obtain, jobs, homes, healthcare, education, etc., White Nationalists deliberately detrail such efforts out of spite.

In addition, White Nationalists or by any other name have repeatedly called for the murder of entire groups of innocent Whites including Boomers, Christians, Gays and others.

No JEW are, moshe.

When I masturbate I like to visualize the indigenous cultures of asia minor, Iran and India. I picture their way of life: peaceful, agrarian, effeminate, matriarchal and egalitarian. Every generation living identically to its predecessor in idyllic pastoral bliss.

And then I think of the INDO-GERMANIC ARYAN BWC BULLS. TALL. BOLD. BRASH. Piercing eyes bluer than the wine-dark sea. Wearing corslets of shining brass and wielding engraved swords forged by their Chieftains, riding their great war-chariots pulled by swift Stallions. They worship different gods, gods who are like them: Warriors.

They butcher the disgusting protomen and burn their villages and holy places, taking their wives and daughters and despoiling them, planting the next generation of warriors in their eager wombs, utterly destroying their languages and replacing them with this new Indo-Germanic Aryan tongue and a new masculine patriarchal order, ultimately leading to complete assimilation. I ejaculate with them, my vital life force gets forcibly excreted from my body and I collapse, spent.

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Livin the dream!

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jews had a hand in it all, because they held institutions of wealth that they used to accumulate more value than the king of england himself, and used the property they accumulated to hold over the royalty's head as blackmail. This happened as far back as 1074. They used the magna carta as a means to dismantle a political opponent and cement their grip on Britain.

oke so austrians are less so they are worth more
(in a statistically-comparing-way !)
since russia has about 16 times more people than austria according to the other user ,
the infograph should be more like
HIV prevalence (among adults, %) in Austria = 3,2 [equivalent in comparrison with Russia as by user stated 144m inhabitants (10,1)]
Abortion rate (per 100 women aged 15 to 44 years old) in Austria = 22,4 [equivalent in comparrison with Russia as by user stated 144m inhabitants (10,1)]
Level of homicides (per 100 000 people) in Austria = 9,6 [equivalent in comparrison with Russia as by user stated 144m inhabitants (10,1)]

so following the infograph and straightening some (perfectly fine) "facts" *cough* stated there, russia is definitely less cucked when compared with Austria, but allegedly more dangerous in terms of "dont tread on me" situations…
which sounds just about superimposable with what is suggested by every Tom, Dick and Harry.
now how about that.

Zig Forums astroturfing in progress. OP isn't here to talk about passivism. Catholicism versus orthodoxy is ramping up on Zig Forums so OP is staking ground here to astroturf Zig Forums into being on his side.

This is not a real thread.

This is an off-shoot of Zig Forums board drama. >>>/orthodoxy/37 shows squabble and where the orthodoxy jew-worshipers made a base to plan their next move against Zig Forums. Don't let them rope Zig Forums into their jew-worship infighting.

Report and hide

This isn't Zig Forums where you fixate solely on jew-worship being the epicenter of white civilization. This board is about exposing jewish schemes such as (((christianity))) and securing a future for white children.

The future of white children will exclude jew-worship.

> oy vey remember that ONE time jesus whipped jews
Jesus whipped them because they weren't following proper merchant laws in a synagogue, not because they were jews. This is why Zig Forums can't be honest. They're out to make you ignore rabbi yeshua being a rabbi by taking one story where he whipped his fellow jews by removing its context. They will reinterpret their jew books into something they think Zig Forums wants to hear and then go back on their boards to unironically practice zionists.

Fuck off nigger.

Even if America goes to war, they need to draft as many woman as men per a Texas judge's recent decision. Are woman warriors a good idea to you?


Fuck you spicspam! I don't care that Trump still has you spics triggered. All that anti-Trump you spic shills have been using is totally pathetic.

Wrong, Jews did it.

Why should any man care when no matter what you do in life some feminist fags are gonna come along and just give all your shit over to women who do absolutely nothing at all to deserve it? Give hope and jobs back to men and you'll see a better world

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Because it is, you mutt

Why are you replying to a bot?

Yeah all the mathematics produced by western Europe was of no account was it?

I'm often reminded of this book we had at school that tried to retell stories from the bible using characters from video games.

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kikes project pretty hard, don't they Zig Forums

How many White homeless have White Nationalists helped?

Since the days of hitler to today? millions

We have longer life expectancies, better medical care, and stronger, faster, and taller bodies. Farming allowed for less time to be devoted to gathering calories and people could develop art, culture, philosophy, hobbies, and technology to better our lives even more.

Fuck off with (((your))) caveman lifestyles

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a musim cheated his senate seat and then the jew appears years later blaming white people for the problem they created themselves just like their talmud.

nope, you're wrong technology is the source of all the evil in the world today and with the 1984 AI shit it will just keep getting worse and worse

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the romans described the gauls, germans and scythians as all being tall, strong, healthy, etc. archeology shows that they were taller than the average person today. and the average person today is overweight and weak
Yeah, art and culture has led to degeneracy and shitskins invading the west. In fact civilisation and (((money))) lead to the rise of the Jews and them dominating society. and increased technology will lead to them completely controlling us.

Hey guys, if I don't see something, it isn't happening… typical Christcuck

Remain anally devastated jesusnigger. Or better yet, read your own gay book you fucking nigger.

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Holy shit brb converting nao that's almost as awesome as Based ZyklonFuehrer Benny Shapirothorsen single-handedly ARGUING with other yids on FOX (not like them LIBRALZ). My dick is diamonds and I'm a #cruzmissile now.

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This is classic socialism. You are playing NatSoc against Christian like you did in and preaching to others what you will not do yourself.

Matthew 7:3 KJV
And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

What a fucking surprise.


The niggers aren't going to ape when winterchan comes, and we explain ebolachan was the Jew plan.

It is the jews. Kill all jews first, foremost, and above anything else.
Kill all jews. Nothing else matters before killing all jews.

Every time you censor this I get to bump the thread with it.

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I wonder why Schlomo keeps removing this?

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Lol, bump thiz. The idea that living in peace deztroyz any empire iz bullzits. Peaceful eraz where zociety advancez in peace are known as golden agez. To advance in peace iz to become more competent at life itzelf, and to learn more of what life can be worth.