The Great White Ethnostate - America

The United States was founded as and always intended to be a European ethnostate. Immigration of anyone non European WAS NOT ALLOWED until the Immigration and Nationality act of 1965. The Jews played an outsized role in getting this legislation passed and ushering in the genocide of whites in America.

Don't believe me it was always designed as an ethnostate? Learn your history…

The Real History of the United States

Alexander Hamilton,  Founding Father, on the white ethnostate

Ben Franklin,  Founding Father, on the white ethnostate

John Dickenson, Founding Father, on the white ethnostate

Charles Pickney, Founding Father, on the white ethnostate

James Madison, Founding Father, on the white ethnostate

Thomas Jefferson, Founding Father, on the white ethnostate

Thomas Jefferson, Founding Father, on immigration into the white ethnostate

Founding fathers compilation on the creation and maintenance of a white ethnostate

Founding fathers ethnostate compilation

US presidential compilation calling for racial exclusion and homogeneity

Oregon territory racial exclusion

The expansionist movement out west didn't want slavery, not because of its moral abhorrence, but because it was and the white homogeneity of the community

Abraham Lincoln on racial separation

Abraham Lincoln wasn't anti slavery, he was anti separation.

Harry Truman on the ethnostate

The intent of the 14th amendment, as told by its author.

Only whites could immigrate according to the first US congressional immigration law.

History of anti miscegenation laws in ALL States

The most prominent slavery abolitionist movement advocated for a white ethnostate

Only 1.6% of the population owned slaves at it's peak in 1860. Only .35% of these were white.

Ben Franklin warning against the Jewish invasion. (Validity disputed)

At the height of the slave trade 78% of slave owners in the U.S. were Jewish. (Validity disputed)

75% of Jewish families in the major southern cities owned slaves. 40% of the total Jewish population in the US owned slaves.

The Jews have been THE central group in slave trading and owning throughout history.

The Jews were so dominant in the slave trade that slave auctions were not held on Jewish holidays because no-one would show up.

9 facts about slavery they don't want you to know

The first slave owner in the continental United States was a black man named Anthony Johnson.

The prime reason for the revolutionary war was that the Rothschild's Bank of England took away the colonys' ability to issue their own money.

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Time to step up our game to ETHNOGLOBE, ‘ethnostate’ did not work. Genocide the subhuman mongrel trash.


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shut up kike thats not how things work

This is, of all forced memes, the most transparently wellpoisoning. From a social point of view, this would be impractical to the point of impossibility, both because of the difficulties of carrying out the task and also because you would declare all the world except your cell of supporters as enemies (i.e. one of the central tenets of Judaism, both in classical and rabbinical form). From an ethical point of view, I don't support it, and I think the vast majority of white compatriots wouldn't as well. From a strategic point of view, all this does is shoot us in the foot whilst we are still outnumbered and overpowered by the enemy, which is why they promote it.

Lastly, it's easy to point out shills because of their profuse employ of pathos in their posts. Namely, here, he is emphasizing a word with all caps, and this use of all caps is one of the easiest ways of identifying them.

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We need to go to El Salvador and make our ethnostate there.

That looks like Nicaragua

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That's it

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Supid jew.

"OY Veyyy! My (((fellow whites))) let's kill all the shitskins wherever they are because that's totally the reasonable thing to say. I'm definitely not trying to undermine the main concept here by introducing unnecessary absurdity [t. Moishe]

100% agreed. On the surface level, at first blush, a completely White Earth, where the shitskin no longer exists seems desirable. And admittedly in certain ways it is, and we are no longer held back.

But in reality, your point is well received. I think these people absolutely should be removed from our lands, kept where they are, and not allowed to become a threat, but both ethically and practically seeking to completely eradicate and destroy them for no reason other than their own existence seems like a terrible choice. It really is the Jew mindset - destroy because you are afraid, and deep down you know that the "other" is better than you, and there's nothing you can do about it. We don't have that problem, we know we are superior, and not through blind arrogance, but both through logic and through the brute facts of History. We have no reason to be unnecessarily cruel, only ruthless where our survival demands it, but no further.

I think we can have all the benefits of a white world, while still allowing them to continue to be around. Absolutely they need to be contained, and handled, but I don't think we should wipe them out anymore then we shuttle wipeout all wolves or other predators in the Western World just because they might occasionally snatch someone's sheep, or even a child. The answer is simply to learn better management.

Keep them geographically separate. Stop sending them aid and welfare, and artificially inflating their numbers and Technologies far above what they are able to sustain themselves. Let nature take its course among them, whether that is plague, warfare or famine, and let them develop as far as they are capable of - on their own. Whites will have their own beautiful lands, maybe even one day the rest of the solar system, and of course we can still travel around any parts of the world that we so choose. But let's do so as visitors and explorers, and always remember to return home, and protect what is ours. To me this seems to be the ideal balance.

Aim for a White ethnoworld. Nothing less. Every single non-white race must be genocided. All whites that side with jews and leftists are traitors of the race and must also be killed.

You glowing.

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Back then, everybody was essentially an ethnonationalist. Why praise a bunch of freemasons and literal kikes like Hamilton and Abram (((Springstein))) for making America one?

Your problem is that you have no self-reflection and openly posing as enemy of White people.
Try to be more smarter next time and ask your rabbi to give you a better training, because your shilling is become boring.

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yeah, I don't support the genocide of Asians or even middle easterners who stay in their lands, they have and can contribute to humanity, Africans would genocide themselves if we simply stopped propping them up

OY Vey!

So when are you Stormfags going to go outside and create this "ethnostate"?

we already did it, it was every country in western civilization

When you stop being obsessed with destruction of Gentiles and finally become a human being ?

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Go to a foreign land and start driving out the locals to create an ethnically monolitiic state. It has been done before. It resulted in unending vendetta. And you don't have a holocaust or mythology to appeal to get international aid.

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Are we using his definition of white then?

Wouldn't we be welcomed if we arrived at El Salvador?

So when are you stormfags going to go outside and build this ethnostate?

Keep removing the posts Schlomo. 'Cause this is a "free speech" board.

Geez and how do you know that I wonder…

was jewish and not even a natural born american.

Bump of ==GOOD SHIT==

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Saint Brenton never said that, Knight Commander Breivik never said that, Aryan King Spencer never said that!

No REAL WHITE HERO OF 8/POL/ ever blamed Israel or jews for 9/11. You have to go back, spicspam!!

How long until British North America scarequotes-user appears to scream at OP?

Holy shit, you're glowing.
Do you even try? Is it really that hard to blend in?

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Millions of nigger slaves says otherwise.

((( )))
Breivik will kill you in your sleep

Stop IP-hopping, faggot.
You might have gotten away with your retarded post if you hadn't mentioned Aryan Spencer, or prefixed their names with any saintly moniker, for that matter. Sure, put (((echoes))) around everything you want to shun. Not forced at all. You're so behind in Zig Forums culture, it hurts.

I really shouldn't tell you these things, but it's not like you'll learn.

The presence of shills means the thread is good.

So this is what they're going to use now to take down every thread then?

spicspam, little buddy. Calling others "spicspam" isn't going to hide your neon glow around here, nigger. You already made yourself far too recognizable to be IP hopping like this now. You probably don't even care, just as long as you're fucking up potentially good threads. You glow harder than anything on the internet, faggot. Figure it out.

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They never had a say, nigger.

There's your mistake user

The kikes brought them here to labor for their own industry

Only 1.6% of the population owned slaves at it's peak in 1860. Only .35% of these were white.

Ben Franklin warning against the Jewish invasion. (Validity disputed)

At the height of the slave trade 78% of slave owners in the U.S. were Jewish. (Validity disputed)

75% of Jewish families in the major southern cities owned slaves. 40% of the total Jewish population in the US owned slaves.

The Jews have been THE central group in slave trading and owning throughout history.

The Jews were so dominant in the slave trade that slave auctions were not held on Jewish holidays because no-one would show up.

9 facts about slavery they don't want you to know

The first slave owner in the continental United States was a black man named Anthony Johnson.

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Can't wait for the Kikes to ree at this one good OP

Kikes with boots hawked their nigger merchandise to willing "American" capitalists, who didn't want to pay the wages it would take to make a European man do the work.

The capitalists that bought those niggers did, and they said "Fuck you, white man. You're gonna live beside millions of niggers."


Jews also owned a vastly disproportionate number of business and slaves. Read the OP faggot

White Nationalism, 20 years of failure on the internet. Yet it's everyone elses fault. Sounds familiar?

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide" as they are the ones that force their vulgar larping upon any effort by Whites defending their interests. Every time Whites try to create networking similar to every other ethnic group to obtain, jobs, homes, healthcare, education, etc., White Nationalists deliberately detrail such efforts out of spite.

In addition, White Nationalists or by any other name have repeatedly called for the murder of entire groups of innocent Whites including Boomers, Christians, Gays and others.

If Whites want to survive they will have to create a White Networking system without any semblence of White Nationalism and alt.Right socialpathy.


Keep trying Schlomo

Why did they let the Kikes into that thing called "America" in the first place, ZOG-faggot? I thought that called "America" was supposed to be a "white ethno state". Guess the Founding Faggots were a bunch of Kike lovers to, who let the Kikes setup shop to bring in hordes of nigger merchandise to sell to anyone who wanted their very own nigger servant.

lol, and to think Zig Forumsack read this shit and believe it.

Aksually, kikes were all over Europe at the time too, East ZOG faggot. In fact, the kikes from America come FROM Europe.

The founding fathers ONLY mean for America to be land for free european of good characters, but the later kike presidents change that via the Naturalization act.
Many kikes change their names and LARP as "german" or "eastern european" which alarmed Ben Franklin who called "german" (what he meant is actually kikes) swarthy.


Hello, East ZOG faggot, did Hitler issue a referendum to the austrian or not?

And I think it breaks your mind too when Hitler issues MULTIPLE referendum to ask the government what do they think after his annexation of Austria.

Apparently, too bad the so-called evil Hitler cared about the opinions of his people, eh?

America and Canada are two separate nations with different cultures, no matter how many times you repeat that.

Like that time when Hitler issued a referendum to legitimize his rule:

East ZOG faggot is seething over this, how can the so-called evil Hitler ask the opinions of his people?

You don't say?
According to the idea that nearly all slaves were purchased by Kike farmers (not actually true, but assume it is), then that must been the Foudning Faggots loves Kikes as their fellow "free europeans of good character." Just like how ZOG-faggots think today!
Note to the reader: Engelbert Dollfuss puts a date on when that homosexual interracial porno called "America" went bad: 1790! "America" lasted 16 years! George Washington was literally still alive! In fact, all the Founding Faggots were still alive by this time, except Ben Franklin. The bot Engelbert Dollfuss seems to have setup some retarded narrative (he no doubt doesn't believe himself), that "America" became a ZOG as soon as Benjamin Franklin died. Which accounts for this next comment:
Engelbert Dollfuss is apparently too stupid to know Benny Frank was once the governor of Pennsylvanian, home to massive amounts of German immigrants. So no, Benny Franklin, isn't making a cryptic reference to Kikes, he is referring to his own experience with vast hordes of German-speaking immigrants to Pennsylvania, who made up over half the population. Apparently Germans weren't white enough for Benny!

Notice Engelbert Dollfuss' straight-forward logic here: if Hitler didn't issue some meaningless referendum (like the one he sent the troops into "Austria" to stop in the first place), then Hitler's actions would have been fundamentally illegitimate. This means Engelbert Dollfuss thinks splitting a Nation into infinite pieces if fine an dandy, so long as there is a 'vote' on it.
Of course, what he is really doing is virtue signaling to liberals about how great ZOGmocracy is.
Tell us about them, Engelbert Dollfuss.
Note to the reader: Engelbert Dollfuss doesn't actually care about any of this, and has stated on multiple occasions that Hitler was wrong to reunite the people of Danzig without a referendum. He would probably do this with Prussia as well.
Again, all Engelbert Dollfuss is doing if virtue-signaling to liberals about how much he loves ZOGmocracy.
And that should tell any National Socialist all they need to know about Engelbert Dollfuss here: he is ZOG-faggot to the core, and a crypto Kike-lover.
The "cultural difference" between someone living in California and someone living in the Appalachian mountains is greater than any cultural difference between someone living in Toronto and Detroit, but no doubt Engelbert Dollfuss still wants to pretend the Californian and the Appalachian are belong to the same Nation, while the Detriot-ite and the Toronto-ite belong to different Nations!
It is strange that Engelbert Dollfuss imagines I am angry over meaningless referendums. Of course, the National Socialist German Worker's Party knew these things are meaningless as well, which is why they sent the troops into that thing called "Austria" in the first place, to prevent another meaningless referendum in 1938.
Again, Engelbert Dollfuss is virtue-signaling his love of ZOGmocracy. He is actually attacking the Reich. He is saying the German invasion to stop a meaningless referendum was illegitimate, because by his own logic, a referendum justifies anything.

This would actually be hilarious, if it were true. "Validity disputed" is an understatement: is a clear forgery. It is known in the academic literature as the "Franklin Prophecy," and was a forgery of WIlliam Dudley Pelley.