Kikes attacking 4chan again

I feel like there's gonna be a ton of information coming this week that the kikes are freaking out about. Apparently tomorrow, according to Joe DiGenova, Nunes is going to release/declass documents we haven't seen before. These people know the end is near.

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Just came from 4chong too I thought it was this shitty Brazilian internet fucking me over.

Came here to post this. What thread got posted that made them shut it down?

Slant eyed Jap can't even fix his garbage website.

Damn these new docs will be explosive. Can’t wait.

Voat is down too, was getting attacked over a PizzaGate thread.

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Maybe they were posting too much info about metzitzah b'peh and they did not like it, considering the bad optics it gives out to the people seeing it.

I posted Mossad related q-drops in a threat about one of the latest q-drops.

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I think it was the pelosi/omar in Italy threads. They don’t want people to know that the whole Dem conflict is fake

The one with the Jews

I thought it was cloudflare again


I can access the page, but I get an error.

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kill yourself

All 4chan boards report in

/his/ standing by

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leave and that all the 4chins with you.

I just love how 4chan shuts down now and again, and we are given 0 explanation as to why.

The board gets attacked all of the time. Virtually nothing of any significance has ever come from it and yet we always get these "updates" about "something going down".

maybe they just had to unplug it and then plug it back in

/biz/ standing by

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/diy/ standing by

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voat down, 4chan down, Zig Forums down in 3.. 2..

scream all you want. 4chan is back up but the thread I posted those pictures about mossad related q-drops is GONE

Hang yourself with a wet shoelace moses

ok mods can delete this now

Can you fags go to reddit instead

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What would their child look like?

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hello guys. how big are your dicks?

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(Neck + Rope) + Parasite = (((You)))

Zig Forums Zig Forums standing by

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archive link also down.

got another one?

Qtards have been called out YEARS ago. If you're stilling falling for this scam, there's no helping you

/tv/ the only kino board in

only low IQ faggots believe in Q nonsense. Remove yourself from the genepool

/tv/ present.

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Cuckchan is nothing but kikes

/MOSSAD/ standing by. You guys are really predictable when we hit our kill switches.

Fuck off boomer, Q is a shit-tier larp and all it's followers are enemies nothing more nothing less.
Braindead sheep.

ok 4chin is working again. back to sea of slide threads. tnx for having us. bye now.

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Zig Forums, present and accounted for.

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calm your tits. I triggered the shutdown on 4chan with my mossad posting mr. bond.


4chan bans VPN's so i have never used it and therefor do not give a fuck

So the L.A. Standard hotel - Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO) - Rachel Chandler - Jeff Epstein connection is causing all of this?

Fuck off QTard Trumpnigger

A bloody turd? (Considering she is a fuckin tranny)


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Kindly go back qtard.

Once it's back online, you cuckchanners need to go back and stay there.

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It's working for me, friendo.

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you're a fucking retard and qlarp retardation will never get anything shut down

wtf are you doing here?

I keep getting stuck in endless CAPTCHA when I try to post on 4chan

They've infested this site too over the last couple of weeks.

Fucking sholom

People leave once another Zig Forums harbour like event happens.

And OP imagines we care WHY EXACTLY? Fuck off back there cunt.

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Just buy more brainlet. $1000 EOY

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my ISP has been blocked from posting on halfag for months. no idea why and i don't care much.

oh shit, you too?

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Yah im in AZ. I havn't been able to post there for possibly a year tbh.

Really who posts there? That place is censored almost as bad as reddit. No freedom on that turd of a site. I hope the retards that jumped the sinking ship don't try to convince Zig Forums to implement those backwards ass policies. There is a reason why they are irrelevant now

i cant believe how stupid Zig Forums has become

low key, /bant/ is the last fun board

mine has been like this for 6 months now

this. how retarded is anyone to post there?

you forgot the part where those two "original posters" go to like fucking TWELVE different imageboards and start enforcing retardedly autistic rules in order to resurrect some non-existent ideal of "when things were" good, and then spend all their time whining that the board is slow and wondering why they don't get new posters. its sad

Nice b8 m8

bc 4cuck mods are retarded niggers who autistically spit out range bans

new fag myself so have no loyalty to to 4 or 8 but fuck me 8 always has me giggling like a school girl

Only thing 4ailchan is good for are bringing DownThemAll to wallpaper and porn boards since infinity is too slow, but other than that I'm glad I jumped ship years ago.

this is where you tell me you didnt come from there in the place. many anons have a foot in both worlds you doublenigger

exactly how retarded do you have to be to not be able to post anywhere you like? ffs


cuckchan deserves to die, litterally nothing but cuckolds and "das raycis" faggots.

Fuck off retard, 4chan is based

This isn't cuckchan. Lurk two years before posting underage niggers.

Go back and stay there. You're the cancer that killed 4chan and now your here to kill Zig Forums. You don't even realize it. You're like a scout inadvertently giving the go ahead for the cancer to spread.

cope, shizo


/g/ standing by

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le goyim perfecta.

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present and /a/ccounted for, sir!

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Literally get the fucking fuck off my planet and Dive in Acid. Immediately you fucking Radiation gook fuck


I don't really believe 4chan works anymore. Whenever I try to post, I have to enter up to 20 captchas before being able go continue, and even then the chan itself could deny the captcha or make up some "ban" you had since 2016 due to 'dynamic IP'.

All the Epstein shit is coming out too. It's going to be crazy.

8300 join to see self harm gg/Xq2uYaa

runing chan x over 4g with an ip pool of 100s of 1000s helps some. changing your dns regularly helps too. just sayin

4chan is completely subverted by kikes.

This. Deep State traitors and criminals are going bananas like the nigger apes they are.

Your mother who forgot to take that essential contraceptive pill

funny, the 4channels say this place is.