Stronk Womyn Goes After FED


So what are the odds this dick is looking for a free surgery while incarcerated? Warez Kiddies? Will corporations begin clamping down quietly on their diversity hiring when they consider the costs of even one mental case like this going off the rails beside the massive costs of every day HR? Honk honk.

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The slides are effective, I'll give them that. Bump for visibility.

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Thanks user, I was beginning to wonder. This is fucking huge yet nada for hours.

OP, you could have at least greentexted more of the pertinent information so I didn't have to give jew times a click and have to deal with their insufferable web design.
Is pretty big deal tho, thats a hella lot of people getting data fucked, especially the canadians who had their social security numbers swiped, i think it said 1 million? In the end nothing will happen tho, wtf has happened since that diversity hire at equifax fucked over like half the american population including my parents? nothing, not a god damned thing, cuz if its not against white males, its not a priority in zogusa.

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No problem brother. This place is fucked.

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Because the story is everywhere and you can find any source you want. I'm not going to archive something just for a nigger like you to bitch about what was archived. jewge it motherfucker.

nigger calm your tits, for wanting to talk bout this story here you didnt even response to either of my salient points.

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fucking seattle times calling that a "woman"


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BUMP to expose mentally ill degenerates. GAS THEM ALL.

Transsexuals have no special right to commit crimes. Remember that, lawseekers. They can be part of a peaceful society.

I hope her computer skills can be reintegrated into society in a useful way some years out.

Eh, she looks okay.

Oh well. At least you reddit tourists made a relevant thread for once.

All trannies deserve the rope.

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Been here longer than you cunt.

And yet you can't make a proper OP? Says more about you than him.

Define proper, cunt.

Maybe reddit is more your speed

I didn't see you stepping up, shitskin. Everything you needed to know was in the op via image, and link, and commentary – as brief as it was. Have you tried not being a nigger?

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why is cuckchan here?

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Kikefy bullshit aside.

Doesn't anyone think it is at all fucking odd a thread about a fucking tranny stealing as much data as a fucking russian with a hard on in the NSA cluster, gets no attention, on Zig Forums of all places?

Christ almighty, we know glowniggers run this shit but damn, if they spent half as much time doing their god damned jobs as they did starting this here, life would be so much easier.

Because you cunts refuse to leave.

Although, on the other hand… it is heartening to see not a single user has themselves become entangled in the financial jewery that allowed themselves to be exposed to the tranny.

Morning, anons.

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Strong bait is this one.

Still won't be surprised if this tranny has done porn or was a cam person. They don't usually go for good careers aside from IT.

Oh shit, they seized guns too.

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Wrong. Trannies are a crime against nature and get away with it every day before they off themselves.