Local Hero From My City (Kitchener-Waterloo), Chris Vanderweide, Held A WN Rally

Man accused of assault in violent anti-Pride protest held in custody pending bail hearing

Man accused of assault in violent anti-Pride protest held in custody pending bail hearing

Jack Reynolds wears his identity on his torso at Hamilton's John Sopinka Courthouse.

"White, straight, conservative, Christian. How else may I offend you?"

The Toronto man says the slogan on his T-shirt is a jab at political correctness.

He also wears a yellow construction helmet, a nod to the "yellow vests," a controversial far-right movement whose members rail against Canada's immigration policies. In addition, Reynolds says he supports the Canadian Combat Coalition, an alt-right group with a similar fixation on newcomers. "It's largely an anti-Muslim immigration issue."

He and about 10 others were at the courthouse to support Chris Vanderweide, who faces two counts of assault with a weapon after violence broke out during Pride celebrations at Gage Park on June 15.

Vanderweide, 27, was making his first court appearance since police arrested him at his Kitchener home on Wednesday.

His right arm heavily bandaged, he nodded to his supporters as he entered the prisoner's box.

He heard the Crown's plan to oppose bail and suggestions to set aside time for a full-day hearing.

Justice of the peace Lillian Ross told Vanderweide to return July 4 at 10 a.m. Until then, he's to remain at the Hamilton-Wentworth Detention Centre.

Certain details of Vanderweide's first court appearance on Thursday are shielded by a standard publication ban.

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The charges stem from a melee at the Pride festival where extremist Christian preachers waved signs with anti-LGBTQ messages and shouted matching rhetoric through a megaphone.

In response, a phalanx of pink-masked Pride supporters fanned out in front of them, carrying a giant black fabric screen to block them from celebrants' view.

Video footage shows the preachers becoming agitated, with at least one pushing against the screen throwing punches.

Footage also shows a man wearing pseudo combat gear slugging two of the counter-protesters in the face with a helmet.

The preachers, "yellow vests" and men wearing garb of the Canadian Nationalist Party, a far-right group, were escorted out of the park by police.

The violence has renewed calls for police and the city to crack down on hate groups. Police have also come under fire for what has been seen by some as an inadequate response to the chaos.

Vanderweide, the fourth to be implicated in the aftermath of June 15, is the sole anti-LGBTQ protester to face charges.

The Hamilton Queers Against Hate, a local advocacy network, has condemned the arrests of members of the queer community as "frivolous."

Others, including the Hamilton and District Labour Council, and a group of McMaster professors and students, have criticized the city's handling of the situation as well.

Mayor Fred Eisenberger says he hopes to meet with LGBTQ residents to address their concerns.

Meanwhile, regular "yellow vest" rallies outside city hall remain a sore spot for many local advocates and residents.

Rick Boswick, who says he agrees with "yellow vest" principles and noted his work with the Canadian Combat Coalition, filmed the protest at Gage Park.

He blames masked "antifa" organizers — which is derived from the word "anti-fascist" — for the violence.

Boswick, who lives in Toronto, was also at the courthouse to support Vanderweide. He said he believes in "responsible migration" but criticized current government policies. "Traditionally, immigration has been to benefit to the host country, and now they've obviously changed the places in which they get people."


Anyone from here attend it? I just saw it in this morning paper but I have no idea this was even going on. I'm sad I didn't get to go as I've never attend a political protest in my life.

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