Why are Democrats behind this man as nominee against dondel rump?

He's barely even a democrat

If this cancerous twat wins the nominee, it'll either be a landslide victory for dondel rump or he'll be president and he's basically just Trump lite, if either happends, I'm immigrating to Russia and learning Russian and burning my American passport, shit I'll even join the Russias equivalency of their foriegn legion just to get Russian citizenship.

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Because he's easy to control like shillary. Earlier in the year when even mass media wasn't defending him being a creep with women he's harrassed, it was obvious they were still going to support him.

More baggage = more control. His policies and history of them are just a sidenote.

He's stupider than Gerald Ford by a long shot. Stop and think about that. IOW he's the perfect candidate for president from the kikenvermin POV. Just stick any bill you want in front of him, hand him a pen and *presto* you've now got a legal document entitleing you to steal the panties of the American public's asses.

He's safe enough for the boomers.

theres no way that he'd legitimately win
legitimately, that is

Are you implying that there is one whit of difference between republicans and democrats where it actually matters?


Will this video and pics related convince you?


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Damn son great analysis. Also nice larp about moving to Russia. Can’t have a thread without a larp these days.

democracy is literally a side show. the only reason that Trump hasn't invaded Iran right now is that he doesn't want to blow the whole "globalist" agenda. but wouldnt be surprised if he did so right after being elected, then they would take down the rest of these free speech sites and thats all she wrote. have fun trying to convince people in the line at walmart

because the largest supporters of democrats these days are white boomers who hate trump because hes new and scary, not because they actually believe in anything related to leftism. theyre so out of touch that they dont know anything about anything anymore so they do what CNN tells them to do, which is vote for biden.

t. source- live with boomer grandparents who watch CNN with literally every second of free time that they have

Once in a while I just have to drop by and mention how much I hate this homewrecking traitor anglokike motherfucker. I don't even give a shit if he claims to be """for""" anything. I just hope he gets crucified on live TV.

Look at UK politics if you don't think it's possible.
The left got in after being the shadow gov for over 20 years by adopting most of the conservative rights policies and attracting people who would normally vote right to vote left.
Then as they showered people with cheap money they invited millions of 3rd worlders in. Pretty soon they had to raise sales tax by 5% and that didn't help, now everyone's broke, most businesses are jewish global corporations and our cities are full of violent 3rd world problems.

Because someone has to be bundled as a vp concession.

The US loves old white guys at the moment. It makes them feel safe in an uncertain world

They need an old white man in charge so they can pass reperations without waking too many people up.
Kind of like how they need Trump to flood us with foreigners.

He loves kikes and hates whites.

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This, im a dem but if they fucking elect biden im voting straight repub and trump, this is the same shit they tried with killary.

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The Dems have got all the low IQ society-spongers in the bag, they just need to get back some of the Boomers who got their fingers burnt by Obummer