Jew impregnates, murders White girl

Kikes are psychopaths. This is standard behavior for them. They see White women as their sex slaves and if they displease them, they simply murder them. I wonder how lenient a sentence he'll get.

The only positive thing to come out of this was that at least the Jewish cancer growing inside of her also died.

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Most Jews are serial killers or pedophiles, often both!

its her fault for fucking a jew , fucking whore got what she deserved

What is it with women and going after the gayest fucking fags on the planet?

Where's the information indicating he was a kike?

Her forehead to face ratio is indicative of grug genes. In terms of relationships, like attracts like.

First day being a shill? Well, you've already failed, you absolute retard.

Cook the rice, pay the price.
Sleep with red, scalp your head.
Burn the coal, pay the toll.
Drill for oil, under soil.
Bed with abbo, they’re so far removed from human that you don’t deserve a rhyme.

to be fair you ran out of steam by the oil soil

Aside from his name and his physiognomy? I understand that names that end in feld and stein are common in Germanic Europe but here in America they're almost exclusively kike names.

I'm not able to find any info on name origin so don't jump the gun. Accuracy is important.

Here. Every American with the name Theesfeld is a Jew.

Imagine considering a fucking kike for even a second LMAO.

Getting the impression that there's the disinfo being spread to compensate for the mutt shooting up a garlic festival. Looking for a got'cha?>>13549634

Scroll down to Religious Adherence on the left and click on it. It gives the religious breakdown of the surname in the US.

good. that mischling would have very easily slid by our defenses. plus matzoh-burner ewwwww

She was literally a dumb skank trying to force a ratman monster to stay with her because he wanted to chase daddies career and blow men secretly. This story just blows my mind to the absolute state of being.

I remember back in the 90's there was a similar story about a jew that was dating this christian girl in the US…she told him she wanted to break up. He showed up at her parent's house and they let him stay the night in a spare bed. That night he murdered her with a hammer then fled to Israel where he was able to stay safe from extradition. Can't find that article. It was big back in the day. Even 60 minutes dealt with it.

he's a polish jew.
why you ask?


The usual story. Whore gets just deserts.


You see, under the Sanhedrin, gentiles are put to death for having sex with jewish men. The jewish men are legally considered enticed by goy corruption.

If you condemn the group for the crimes of the few, the group will close ranks around bad actors.

If you fear Jewish psychopaths, it is very important that you NOT fear Jews as a whole, do you understand?

sixes get

Kikes close ranks around bad actors all the time. In fact it's all they do.

Jews are a single, global organism and they need to be attacked as such.

Tell us more about your theory, rabbi niggerburg

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The group is condemned for the crimes of the group. A Jewish murderer is the among the least dangerous kinds of Jew. The lawmakers, the marketers, the bankers, the opinionmakers, those are the real Jewish criminals and they are definitely represented by more than 50% of Jewry.

that's a rough 21

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Implying the average woman has racial awareness regarding ashkenazi jews. Most of them at best think it's some weird religion or something.

shut the fuck up you crazy jew