Succinct Dear Fellow White Peoples

New meme. Keep it short and sweet. People are more likely to click when there's a big image on it, versus just a screenshot of text.

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Yeah, hate/pol/ isn't compromised at all.

What's this user?

Need one where the person claims to be white at one point but denies being white at another point to drive the message home. If it’s intended for normies, they don’t understand Jew is a separate racial group. Also is number 4 supposed to be a woman? Oy gevalt.

Wonderful. These work very very well IRL, in fact I attribute the massive awakening to kikery over the past few years to these memes.

Sorry Ari, you can't just say slide like you say racist IRL.


Only missing the dox Op.

I've occasionally considered compiling these into a book titled "Fellow White People" and leaving copies around in public. I've also considered doing one called For No Reason At All and filling every page with a full spread of sociological degeneracy, captioned at the bottom with the classic "people voted Hitler into power" phrase sans the imageboard format on the text.

Alas, I'm a retard and cannot into photoshop or mass printing.

Anyone got the one big ass screen cap with like 20 of these tweets in one pic, thanks in advance cunt

not new. the shapeshifting meme is old. still a decent one though

Holy shit, post thread

that'd make normies be less likely to make the connection because it'd probably activate their kike-programmed programming that makes their brains shut down when they realize that something is anti-semitic

You would be better off printing off flyers and plastering all over public areas in your city, especially campus for maximum butthurt. There is a reason IOTBW was so successful, it is because it is short and to the point and doesn't blow its load after one person looks at it.

Also, stop being a retard and learn how to add text to images, it isn't fucking hard. We all spend time trying to self improve, you can take the time to learn how to make a simple image in MS paint.

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I'm not even going to link it for you, because you don't deserve it, you lazy fucking faggot.

It's more about making it quick to read and understand

Like the man said.

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Because that other guy is an asshole,

You should be hacking and generally fucking up these subhumans existence.

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Thin upper lips.

You should include dates, archive links and whatever else will help people to look them up and confirm they're real.

Eldians rise up! Before we are crushed under the thumb of opression!

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White people are too stupid to pick vegetables.

People who happen to be white are the backbone of civilization.

Is your color your identity, or a happenstance?

I wish our culture was less abusively narcissistic. We need more honest artists, I think. More peaceful ones, with more willingness to admit their influences.

You can probably find it here:

Nicely done, OP.

There’s a guy whose psuedonym components start with R and G who isn’t an honest man.

Literally everybody has a thinner upper lip than lower lip, user.

Point out how they have fucked up skin or the noses or even the ears, those are actual jewish traits.

The lefty soyberg jews are even worse than the zionist jews.


Refounding culture on stalking and corruption nearly destroyed leftism completely. People who see too much rarely know what they’re looking at. Even angels become catastrophic chaos factors when given too much data. Because we do not know God’s plan, and are instead secular harm minimizers, we must interfere with privacy violations while committing as few as possible of our own.

The pld argument was that there are no angels to give surveillance apparatuses to. I would argue that virtue does not matter. For we have found in this world people who are near enough to true virtue, and yet it is still a primitive catastrophe of clogged progress and regression to give them too much access. An angel, then, must be someone who would refuse to surveil.

Checked. These are great. High clarity, and with pics of the wierdos they are.

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