Tommy Robinson admitted that he's Jewish. That explains a lot

Back in 2017, Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) admitted that he's Jewish, but then later deleted the tweet.



Other Tweets:

That helps explain why Tommy Robinson's (((team))) released a smear video against Mark Collett titled "How to Burn a Real Nazi"

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No one here gave a shit about him anyway.

He's the epitome of "Controlled Opposition."

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do you have an archived version of this tweet?

Perhaps it was a joke that got taken a little bit too seriously. If he's a jewpet then I hope his final reward is worth sacrificing his integrity, family, safety and freedom for because he's not getting the benefits now like Juden Peterstein or maybe he just pissed off a competing cabal

Archived Tweet:

Tommy Robinson is jewish even if he doesn't have a drop of blood in him. Race is not, and should not, be defined as simply blood relations. It should also encompass ones spiritual attitude and mental outlook. In those later two categories he's been a jew since his time in the EDL and has never stopped being one.

We've got to break past this definition of jews being limited to this small 16 million global population by some blood connection. The population if factoring in the other two most important elements in being a human increase that population by at least a magnitude of 5 and possibly 10 globally.

I think that tweet was probably joke, but at best, Tommy is an Israel-first shabbos goy traitor.

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I disagree, the jewish personality is shaped from birth and their dominant personality traits - thievery, deception, exploitation, psychopathy, perversion, hatred of other etc. - have been self-selected for millennia Their whole religion is defined by persecution and playing the victim. It is not easy for the goyim to copy this, they are just weak members of humanity exploited by the the kikes for 30 pieces of silver. For the jew, every jew, it is innate. Wipe them out first and the rest will melt away

Poe's law: The Thread

This should surprise no one.

As surprising as Bolton coming out as Jewish

You must be a shill to post such an idiotic thread.

Tommy maybe pro-Israel, but he's not Jewish. He's a decent bloke, too, despite being naive on the Jewish question.

He was raised Catholic, of Catholic Irish stock, but lapsed from the faith earlier in his life. His family are still Catholic. He had a Catholic wedding.

Tommy is clearly having a laugh at the sake of some conflicted Lefty who was pissed off to see him watching the game.

Tottenham supporters are largely portrayed as Yids, hence the comment. Do you not understanding jokes in Israhell?

I would have hadTommy pinned as a Milwall lad more than a Tottenham supporter, anyway.

Sage for OP sucking circumcised cocks.

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It is actually part of their genetic makeup. They literally can't 'run any other program' because that is the one they are genetically coded to run.

we know.

Does the pope wear a yarmulke?
"Why yes user, he does."

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"Why no, you piece of shit, he wears a zucchetto."
Sage for you demonstrating you're a yid. Gentiles call them 'kippahs'. Yarmulke sounds like some sort of musical instrument, frankly.

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I am not concerned about 'jews' per say. I am concerned about exterminating parasites and bad (dysgenic) bloodlines that are destroying people and the planet. People like bugs, niggers, spics, fags, the rich and the poor are all parasitic trash that must be eugenically disposed of…this also includes anyone who commits bodily injury against another human, so torturers, slavers, faggots, pedos, etc. All of them need extermination. That being said, nations act in concert according to their genetic programming, there is no such thing as 'individualism'. DNA executes a program and all individuals of the same race (or their mongrels) exhibit the same program. If any of you saw the nigger OP last night talking about how he wants to enslave jewish chicks and rape them for the rest of their life you will know that niggers #1 likes torture #2 likes slavery #3 think only of 'muh dick' and are incapable of ever rising above this (this, of course is the problem with the jews since they too are part nigger). Mongrels will display some mix of behavior (so that nigger was close to being as clever as a White person but still running nigger programming). This is why mongrels, which the jews are part of, being part nigger, also need extermination.

Oy vey, thanks for putting those dirty goyim in line, cardinal! Here's an extra tithe, for your excellent cooperation with the synagogue!

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Actually, user, there is no difference at all between Pharisee Pauls monstrous bastard inheritance and the kikes monstrous behaviors.

Why are you here then? Hitler didn't believe that either. Shit like measuring skulls and what not is only used by the kikes as an excuse for their racism based on Anglo definitions of race that is specific to Anglos. The rest of Europe, especially Eastern and Central had scientific race as secondary to the internal element.

Go shitpost with your one word responses elsewhere you neanderthal.

Just because these 'central europeans' thought race was secondary doesn't mean you have to make their same mistake user. Race is primary because there is no such thing as 'individualism'. We all run the exact pattern our DNA is executing. Europeans are productive and quiet. The other races are part animal destroyers of everything good. Breed, Devour, Destroy.

That's what I was trying to say

Keep telling yourself that.

Reminder that Tommossad Ben-Robin is working for the same people who keep deleting threads here if Arab national socialism is discussed in a positive light.

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There is no such thing.

On one hand I'm willing to believe do to how much he so late is real.

On the other hand, I kind of think you are full of shit. Mainly because none of the archived tweets in your original post work. Not. A. Single. One. And honestly, half of those Suites are pretty obviously fake, even for someone who was 100% of Jew.

So, very low-quality psyop Shlomo. Give real proof or fuck off.

Genetics doesn't work that way retard. And most kikes are primarily European anyway.

Yes, it does. This is the only way it does work. You are part of a genetic superorganism. In the kikes case they are a destructive element. We Germans (and extended Europeans) are a productive orgamism.

The only thing comparable to a specific genetic lineage is a tree. We are the fruit of that lineage. The lineage itself is working towards a specific product or result. This is why it is criminal to race mix. Because you are destroying that branch of the tree by letting in genetic disease and the lineage can no longer work to perform is informational goals. Once you let in disease that branch has to be cut off forever so that the foreign DNA does not corrupt the whole program. So to gratify the 'self' sexually you are cutting off that aspect of the future forever from the original program that the lineage NOT YOU (you are irrelevant in the scheme of things) was running.

No they are complete FOREIGNERS you are exceedingly incorrect. They are mongrels just like 'arabs' (arab meaning mixed race exactly like the kikes). All semites have no more relationship to us than the Abos or the bugs or nigger do.
Jews are closer to Iranian semites than they are to Europeans.
We have ZERO genetic relationship to them. They are 100% foreigners in our nations and should be considered as foreign and parasitic as Iranniggers (more even than turks) to our people.

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RE: "none of the archived tweets in your original post work. Not. A. Single. One."

Archived Tweet:

Archived Tweet:

Wow, look who is protecting Mr Robinson from exposure. Neither of those work either.

They work for me. Try the versions

Archived Tweet:

Archived Tweet:

Nope endlessly cycles. 'Loading…'

Same thing here…endless cycles always 'Loading…'

They also work here.

But it isn't exclusive to just europeans.

Hmmm maybe archive is blocking people with VPN. I am noticing more and more large websites that have locked people using a VPN out of their service.
What do?

You can't be 'socialist' if your people are parasites. What will you 'feed' off? Other parasites? The only place socialism works is with a productive and inventive high trust society.

Jewish power isn't a big secret. Unless Tommy is a literal retard, he knows exactly what he's doing.


Also accurate.

Another accurate post.

Damn 8pol is on point today.

Good job, boys.

It's funny. Trump is looking to bail out some nigger who's in jail for breaking the law,but he's not willing to break out a political prisoner.

nigger nigger

There's video ofhim revealing he's a zionist faggot who'd literally go to war for Israel. I can't be bothered to look it up because hes controlled opposition and literally uses a false name like a kike would.

Based evola reader.


Tommeh is a white nigger.

Anglin has a good article up about how Avi Yemini, the "BASED jew" who's currently running his operation recruits Australians for the IDF at the gym he runs, Pure kikery.

Haaaaaaaaaa, I remember people shilling for him too.

He had two fags on his payroll that blackmailed and scammed him multiple times what else did you need to know. At the very least he is a dumb ass.

if controlled opp. is counter-revolution tactic
what's the counter-counter-revolution tactic for controlled opp.?

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never heard of ba'athism? abdel nasser ring a bell?

Did a kike offended you today or something, OP?

Fuck off, nigger.

Bump to further expose this piece of shit, jew traitor.

Wrong approach user. It would be better to define what you have described as"Being jewish-minded."

Fuck off newfag

Zig Forums told you this when you cunts were first spamming the jew here.

They most certainly do when those genetics affect genes representing mental health.
Kill yourself yid.

Web proxy to grab the archive?


He'd be sperging about Jews if that were the case.

Naive? He actively shills for Jews. You're the shill here trying to make Tommy Robinson look good.

Works fine for me.

Do you ever notice yourself acting like your parents did at some point or sharing some quirk/personality trait of theirs? It's essentially that on a personal and racial scale

Are you seriously trying to parrot the same garbage that disproven kike Gould did, only this time with "Central Europeans" to try and make us believe you?