I don't know if the kikes think goys don't read their websites or if they are just flexing their power over us. The article is a good read and gives a good perspective into the mind of an American left wing Jew, but I'll greentext the moneyquote for lazy anons:

Straight from the kikes mouth. Jews in America push (((diversity))) because they think otherwise whitey would send em to the gas chamber. Tell your boomer relative they have to choose: Gods chosen people or their own family.

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And there is the lie. There is nothing inevitable or natural about white demographic replacement. The Cathedral engineered it.


And they think they'll get leniency if they roll over like dogs. Israel hates evangelical Christians more than they hate muslims

kikes have always been this way. whatever they do is simply a force of nature (unavoidable, goy), what others do is the act of an agent (how dare you!). Kike commies did this with "History," and you still hear remnants of this today ie. "get on the right side of history"


They know people like you read their websites. They don't care if hate mongers know that they are against hate mongers because they have the ethical position.

Mental illness plus overconfidence. Plus, they all want to secretly die.

50 years of FBI crime data and 50 years of GAO economic data tell these dumb motherfuckers that these shitskins aren't going to be their mythical golem. Who rapes jewish girls? Who robs jewish homes and businesses? Who kills jews? It's overwelmingly the people they're bringing in. This nobody activist posing as a journalist imagines he's some sort of big shot, but the garbage he's proposing hurts 95+% of kikes. Mass immigration means higher taxes for jews and more crimes against them, just like for everyone else. They aren't special and their not immune from the consequences of the bullshit they push.

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Found the kike.

Wow they are insane. Those multi ethnic groups are only sucking up to them for the money. They are DEFINITELY NOT SAFER with multicult in full swing. Most of this third world trash can't tell the difference between a kike and a European and they HATE EUROPEANS…kikes are so fucking retarded it hurts.

As if all the fat and rich jews would actually move to Israel.

As if Israel would want to lose the puppeteers that keep American giving Israel support.

The goyim IS God's "chosen people."
Says so in the Bible.
Jesus came originally only to speak to the Jews.
The Jews turned away from Jesus.
In return, Jesus went to the goyim and chose them instead to be the chosen ones.
This choice was solidified when the Jews committed literal deicide.

Boy oh boy thanks Pete! Nothing kike spelling it out for everybody!

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reported. every time this thread gets near the top I will now slide it on purpose. good job fgt

Jesus came for the lost tribes of the house of Israel, which was NOT the Pharisees. Jews are the descendents of the Cannanites, whom Israel was commanded to destroy lest they become a threat to them.

The lost tribes are all Aryan. The message was for the Romans, the Germans, the Celts and the Saxons, not for the Cannanites who call themselves Jews. Abraham was white. Go to Christogena and stop listening to kike pastors and Bibles translated by Jews.

Fight the good fight user. I have seen you in other threads.

They are afraid of whites even more. And for good reason. The time will come.

Christogenea is pure headcanon - based purely on interpretation. The guy wishes jesus and his fellow "based" jews were white so he invented a case for that based off of nothing but interpretation. The writer even admits it throughout his articles. You're so cucked you will take headcanon that's disclosed as such and try to pass it as truth on Zig Forums.

The pharisees worked with the early christians. (((Christianity))) is co-produced by the pharisee boogeyman christcucks like you blame so much. That isn't interpretation. That's from ACTS.

There is no such thing as a non-jew greek bible. The original greek bible was written in greek, but a jew-version of it. It's basically yiddish-greek. You could study greek to read Plato but find yourself scratching your head to read NT 1.0 because of its jew'd greek. Most jews during that time couldn't read or speak hebrew or aramaic, hence the usage of greek.

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Lol…i can sense the chapping of your ass cheeks from here.
mfw 'headcanon' means thinking for yourself and having your own private religious experience as opposed to one directed by kikes. lol

It's the cycle repeating again.
They NEVER fucking learn.

Technically neither do you if you are willing to let them go rather than exterminating them from the face of the planet.

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Jews, why are you being such niggers?

Stupid Jew, you're either leaving or getting drafted.

Keep killing jews. They are a plague that must be completely eradicated from the world.

Technically he doesn't admit they push for it, he only admits they benefit from it.

But no one is killing them that's the problem.

William Finck has backed up and sourced every single one of his claims with evidence, from scripture, archeology, and anthropology. Only a sweating, nervous kike would be this hysterical, contradictory, and desperate to discredit Christian Identity. No white atheist or LARPagan would care. Worried about losing your Chosen status, Mordecai? You should be.

Interesting that one must agape your enemy which would mean you christfags should be sucking up to kikes. Then again they already do by loving their godly niggers.


They’re allowed to say it, geeze. I wrote an essay like the one in OP when I was twelve. Unlimited integrationism is naive, not evil.


You’ll never be white imkikey

Shalom FBI

they are flexing because they now have deep control of the executive branch and the media, and their end goal is to slowly show the world they are the rulers. It judaism the event is known as the shofar, and it gets followed by their messiah waging a war against all nations. In reality, they are going to get face-shot pretty hard, and then theyre going to release totally fucked-up DNA bio weapons that kill people and leave them sterile developed from the DNA samples theyve been gathering since the 60s through PKU tests in hospitals, new born baby screening. The whole thing is a DNA database scam for their ALAMO. Bayer makes the kits that take samples, the laws were written by jews, the collection facilities are entiely staffed, all over the country by jews. Dont believe me? Look up where your kids blood spot goes for storage in your state.

Yep, no disagreement there. Every race has a weakness - the White one is low in-group preference & too much empathy.

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They've been saying that exact thing out loud for decades. They have become more brazen, as their stranglehold on the medias and political power has strengthened, but that specific line has been textbook for them for long time (nearly 100 years? pretty close).

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Peter Beinart is such a fug.

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The irony is they're going to the oven BECAUSE of this genocide attempt.

>genocide and enslaving the world is (((ethical)))
Shut up hooknose.


your image is stupid.
Capitalism = Jews.