Some Whites can't be redpilled

In my experience, its absolutely impossible to redpill middle-class and rich Whites. They have too much to lose. This is because people with higher living standards are easier to brainwash into liberal bullshit than the working class.

I found that working class Whites were easier to redpill than middle class or wealthy whites. The sad thing is, wealthy whites, especially WASPs, think they—like the kings of yore—control the jews and not the other way around. To sum it up, wealthy Whites are too arrogant to be redpilled and middle class Whites are too comfortable to care about their collective existence.

Realizing this, Germans and Swedes aren't uniquely cucked, most of them probably don't pay attention to the news of some migrant killing or raping a child, as they are too caught up in their video games or their movies/tv shows to notice. On the other hand, the reason large amounts of American Whites are redpilled is because a lot of White Americans are poor and can't afford those distractions.

Two things are required for Jewish brainwashing to work:

1). A median IQ

2). Bread and Circuses

The reason why people like Pierce couldn't be bluepilled is because his IQ was way too high. He caught on to the bullshit immediately. Most scientists, even people like Bill Nye, are redpilled. It's just that they care more about their paycheck than their integrity. People with IQs of 120 or above are redpilled right from the get go.

One White genius, Christopher Langan, saw university as a Jewish scam right from the 1960s, when he first started going at age 15. He's probably twice as intelligent as the average White. When a man's IQ is above 180, he prefers to teach himself.

In conclusion, White men with high IQs are impossible to bluepill, and middle class Whites are too easily brainwashed from being too comfortable.

I'm starting to wonder if men like Pierce and Langan were in the European Aristocracies before the Jews killed the aristocrats. If the European Aristocrats were still in power, and in control of our finance and media instead, we wouldn't be in this apocalyptic mess. That's for certain.

tl;dr: middle class Whites are the worst fucking lemmings on the planet.

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That makes sense the nsdap were also decently high iq and they caught on to the bullshit.
I wonder if movements fail because they consist of lower iq rather than higher.

the european aristocrats degenerated and become decadent in their nature. what we were once conquerors hundreds of years ago became fops wearing wigs. It's the eternal cycle, a steppe culture conquers a city, settles, becomes civilised and what it once fought against, and is replaced by another barbaric group, only for it it to start all over again

True. Too bad Working class Americans are too busy watching sportball and munching down the second bag of potatochips of the day to drag their bloated asses off the couch and into reality.

what? literally the entire alt-right are rich boys that sail their daddy's yachts on the weekends. cant you tell by all the "wignat" hating they do?

there is a large amount of humans who will never accept the truth, and yes a lot of those are white.

Traitors are a mutation (though it is not necessarily permanent). The majority aren't trying to hold it together because they're true believers, but because they've long been left in the lurch by their elite and understand it's a process to break the conditioning. So must use every option available to accomplish it. Barring a coup and purge of the political class, there's no other option but to wage war on the ideological front. Those laughing today, will cry tomorrow, and if we're victorious, it will be a piteous bellowing on every side, that we ever allowed it to get this bad. The option to end it was ever present, and the amount of time wasted avoiding the inevitable will be at once obvious to all. The revelation is biblical in scope, and the solution, so simple, that even the most zealous, on either side, might be amazed that it never occurred to them.

But that has nothing to do with you, right OP? We already know you're a retarded because you've arrived at a conclusion based on very limited experience.

middle class.
too much to lose.

Let's see what other stories this homo has been telling himself.

HOLY FUCK. You need to explain that shit. How the fuck is it EASIER to get people to pay more? If that were true, even a dumb shit like you would be a multimillionaire. That's over 30m for you poor fags.

NEVER come across that and unlike you, whose spent his entire miserable existence within a hundred miles of where his momma shit him out, I get around.

Educated people don't know what's going on huh? You also imagine rich people play video games… Why exactly haven't you killed yourself?

Really? That's your conclusion? Not, you're a dumb shit who can only make childish arguments to people even dumber than yourself?

Guys like you sperg out to people you really don't know and at inappropriate times. That's why it doesn't work. You go full 1488 from the start and sound like a mental patient. A person mildly interested asks a question about something you said and you can't answer them, because like a libtard npc, you're just repeating shit you hear and adopted because you like how it sounded. You haven't read enough to be, 'red pilling' anyone. You listen to filterman and watch jewtubes. DO something first, because right now, you aren't some enlightened, purveyor of secret knowledge. Sorry cupcake, but you aren't a special snowflake. You would have been the Nazi who dug ditches and cleaned shitters not the General leading the advance. It's assholes like you why a cunt like Peterson gets you in the feelz with his clean your room bullshit.

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No, they can be redpilled. The question is whether they're willing to sacrifice their comfort or not. Just because they aren't running around with skull masks innawoods doesn't mean they don't necessarily know what's going on. Lotta people just keep their mouths shut.

Those who put their wealth and comfort over their race are traitors that must be killed along with the jews.

Even if this is the case, you won't know until you try faggot now keep trying instead of being a fucking niggerlover cause "muh white friends wont listen to me sperging out". /thread

The funny thing is even some jews/mischlings are very high iq and redpilled to the point of worshiping Hitler. Like Bobby Fischer for example.

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Good thread OP.
A video from WLP. I made the French subtitles as it was relevant for what is also happening in France (and in the West generally)

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Bobby Fischer isn't a jew

nigger stop

The vast majority of people in any given society are politically worthless and indeed cannot be swayed either way. They simply follow what they perceive as the mainstream opinion.

It only takes a dedicated few to change a system and its mainstream perception however. The lemmings will immediately fall in line, because that's their nature.

This. I'm always astounded when people act like the middle class is blinded and stubborn.
My father has connections far and wide throughout all scopes of income through to the elites. And the conversations I've been around and participated in throughout my life because of these connections have cemented in my mind that the majority of whites males are full blown on board to run around the nation in lynch mobs stringing up all nonwhites.

The Nixon tapes aren't of a bygone era. That went on through the 80's 90's 00's and continues to go on today. If you aren't a part of these conversations it's because you're an outsider and cannot be trusted.

The fact is that as long as people have their pensions to look forward to, any type of government services or assistance, and food and rent are relatively easy to acquire - very few will ever rebel even when being blatantly marched to their own destruction.

Listen to the sounds of your own extinction:

get out reddit

They tried to smear him as being 1/4 jew just like they do with hitler. Stop peddling their lies for them.

If that were even true then even the poor would be unwilling to fight, nor would the American Revolution or the Civil War have happened. Money doesn't mean shit when you're watching society fall a part.

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They're the ones who sold the world away out of luxuria, why praise them? Any aristocracy that has softened from a military/leadership caste into an effeminate ignobility should be utterly unmade and replaced by its destroyers. The concentration of power by the few being unavoidable, a successful state breeds a culture where the masses become revolutionary when the focus of the ruling class shifts away from the welfare of the citizens.


but «we» have a good method

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Keep reddit spacing you turbokike.

There is some truth to this, notice how right wingers are either IQ120+ or various lower IQ working class people. The former being too smart to accept the clown world, for the latter it's negative effects being too obvious.

Meanwhile, neoliberals tend to mostly fall within the IQ90-110 range. They are following the lowest common denominator by inertia, neither being smart enough to be annoyed by all the bullshit, nor being personally threatened enough to care.

A higher IQ Marxist can always be led to learn the truth (unless he's a kike, seriously defective or intellectually dishonest), while this amorphous mass is the very wrecker ball that kikes are using to destroy our societies.

Class is only a factor and not the final determinant of the capacity of a White man to get redpilled. Becoming redpilled for most people in the 100 - 130 IQ range is about living under the right specific circumstances with specific experiences. The accelerating decay of this world is increasing the probability of young White men growing under these circumstances.

It's not impossible, but you can't just expect to redpill en masse when people still have their panem et circenses like OP says. Remember how bluepilled almost every White male before the massive redpilling from Gamergate, or how relatively socio-politcally ignorant the world was before Donald Trump, whose presidency has accelerated identity politics and political hostility and opened the eyes of critical millions (on our side and theirs) into the state of the world. A little bit of chaos goes a long way.

With a 20 trillion dollar national debt, a crash that was never really been recovered from, and a debt-enslaved population (that doesn't suffer the inevitable consequences of interest-slavery at present) a major redpilling is inbound with the next scheduled but uncontrolled Economic Crash TM.

The only way we go global with all classes of whites is with a major destabilization at the very least. WLP was spot on with his discussion on Lemmigs.
As for the present, the best way to redpill people is to expose them on some hypocrisy on their part
and some psychological reward for any inclination to a redpilled world-view

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I have run into this also. Nothing makes someone more useless to his fellowman (and God) than fat, sassy, satisfied, lukewarmness.

God forbid that the next USA gets ACCEPTED at art school and has an easy, prosperous life.

Unser Seeliger Adolf.

I think the truth is way more cynical than that.
Many people desire an ideology to latch on to. Mindless comfort and snacks can only go so far. At some point a person with high enough intelligence starts wanting to be a part of something greater out of sheer boredom and nihilistic fear.
Now is the issue, in our modern world Jews have made sure to to lap up all these wondering people and convert them to their liberal dogma. Now they think they are doing good by merely being leftists and propagating the cancer and living comfortably thinking they are part of something greater without actually doing anything. Same can be said about people on the right. Many people believe and think believing is enough because they don't want to abandon comfort for the sake of action.
So being a lemming is irrelevant of what you think and solely on your actions. In a way, this middle class doesn't matter at all. They don't exist, the question is how many people you will convince to take action. The middle-class will always follow those who take action, no matter what it is.
The moral of the story is for anons to look at themselves and ask "What am I doing to help the white race?". If you don't have an answer then you are a lemming too. I, in fact, feel guilty of this too although I kinda have an idea of what to do.

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Anyone with a high iq would not side with liberalism, maybe at first, but the moment they start debating with cuckservatives or basically anywhere either it be cuckchan or here they will eventually either become a lolberg or a cuckservative, but the moment they start getting called a ebil notsee or literally hitler they will eventually research what national socialists and hitler stood for.
Going to any of chans will just only speed up this progress.
There is a good quote from someone, but forgot there name.

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that will change

Bobby Fischer is not a kike.

he is not. he was not circumcised.

one of the most important traits of civilized peoples, conformity, is being used against us and there is little to do against it, it truly is a double edged sword
I can't even blame NPCs too much, some degree of herd mentality is something that is almost necessary for high civilization, otherwise chaos would run amok
if the status quo would suddenly change for some reason, these NPCs would be some of the most faithful soldiers of it

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I wonder what would happen if someone were to hijack a couple of main tv stations during a game's commercial break and spread a certain message to whites

A redpill is a harah truth, right? Pacifism works. That’s a redpill.

this jew vs gentile struggle is way easier to stomach if you look at it long term.

This x2.
I've seen this first hand. The people who think like OP would be shocked to hear what most white guys admit when they know they won't be getting in (((trouble))) for sharing their ideas.

Probably not impossible, but it is very difficult.

Posts Nazi cartoons

They bred with jews. They are no longer /our/ aristocracy but now are jewish aristocracy.

obviously you're not going by genetics for your definition
that your definition of not a jew?

This is very true. Personally the extremes (working class and rich class) are more easier to redpill. Each and every middle class person I know have that peculiar "not happening with me so why should I care?" attitude.

That's ok. We can kill them.

That's because they live in gated areas or far away from the ghettos to affect them the only time they see Pablo or Tyrone is at the cashier at Walmart or McD's. The working class has to be around them on daily basis and see their true colors.

conversations and actions two different things. You say the middle class is redpilled on race but every middle class neighbor has one these based middle class negros in which white middle talk with them publicly. How am I supposed to feel when the white middle class d/c's the poor whites while praising the hard working "Browns".

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you're taking a view that only jews can be bad. whites can be degenerate as well

If we lived in a White only world, do you think they would be degenerate?
Don't forget we would practice a 'anti-parasite' eugenics where we killed anyone with degenerate tendencies from early childhood. It is only the jew and their so called 'morality' that keeps us stuck in this wretched stasis where we are not 'allowed' to do what is eugenically BEST for our own people.

Also, what is BEST for our own people is the only real morality that exists.

then i'll fuck the goats like in old good days

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eventually, yes, they may very well have
if jews didn't exist at some point some people would probably invent them
in fact, the judaean parasite would've never been able to gain such permanent settlements in Europe if at some point our aristocratic classes didn't slip and allow them to perform their destructive influence
I think jews are like an enzyme for degeneration, the latter of which is ultimately like entropy, with civilization being the energy that opposes it allowing for the creation of structures and order but ultimately succumbing to it
jews, with their nomadic parasitism, accelerate the inevitable self-cannibalization of civilizations

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Those were meant as a warning about animalistic tendencies user. You would be weeded out before you ever reached puberty.

That's because you're doing it wrong.

Whites are easy to red pill, you just have to understand how basic persuasion works. People believe what they do (especially their public beliefs) not because facts support that position, but because that position is supported by society. Or at least they think that's what society supports. In the past it was a death sentence to be ostracized by your tribe. If people think everyone supports affirmative action then they'll publicly support it too. That's why the kikes put so much effort into convincing normies that this shit is popular when its only a tiny minority that actually supports it and even then they don't believe it.

The moment normie whites are surrounded by poeple who look at them with disgust when they promote lefty bullshit they'll stop.

If a position is perceived as cruel, irrational, abnormal, malicious, attacking the defenseless or self-serving it's always going to be seen as unpopular. This is why the kikes try to paint all good things this way. The trick to red pilling average IQ whites is to convince them that leftist policies are malicious. This is easy, since leftist policies are malicious.

You just need to present their policies as not just wrong, but evil. You need to say they are evil for holding those beliefs. Specifically point out that they hurt the people they purport to help.

Feminism is anti-natal. It hurts women and babies by keeping mothers in the office and away from their children who are traumatized and feel abandoned. What kind of an asshole supports abandoning children?
Affirmative action hurts niggers because no one believes they earned their degrees or jobs. By putting niggers in jobs they aren't qualified for you hurt and even kill innocent people. You'd have to be a really evil scum to be willing to kill innocent people just because you're too much of a coward to tell a nog he can't be a brain surgeon.
Globalism leads to war every time it's been tried. Imagine being such a shit you're willing to start a war because you want exotic food.

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why so angry, user?

I suggest you read what Dr. William Luther Pierce had to say on the topic.

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There's going to be a mass culling of weak (liberal, conservative, commie) Whites who are incapable of racial thinking and exist only to be jew mind-controlled zombies. Our most aggressive, loyal, and fanatical WN's need to be ones breeding to replace them.

Well isn't THAT interesting.

The vast majority of red pilled people I know are middle class. Lower class whites are largely nigger tier and believe they have some sort of camaraderie with niggers.

You don't have to waste time on the upper middle class, because the economical crash will drive them right under your command, and any rich white will either be herded into a jewish protection scam (gated communities etc.) or slaughtered for being traitors anyway.

We’re not lemmings, liberals are.

This might be a surprise to nerds with no fucking life outside of Zig Forums or the internet, but Berlin and Stockholm aren't chaotic hellscapes. Even Albania, a country that's extremely dangerous by Yuro standards, has half the homicide rates of America.

imagine being so dumbrained that you think its only the jews fault. whites can be degenerate as well. iceland 10 or 20 years ago was 100% white yet they still accepted faggots marrying and degeneracy.

I don’t know what you’ve been reading, but no self-respecting Zig Forumsack that wants an ethnostates and wants to gas the kikes would identify as alt-right. That’s a media term made up to throw at any aggressive white male that is against leftism and modern day garbage.

You kikes do not get to excuse your actions by blaming the victims of your mind control.

They would riot because they couldn't throat their favorite niggerball show. They don't care. Sad seeing these sportfaggots memorize nigger statistics yet don't care about their crime statistics and defend them when they smack a bitch and they can't play anymore because it rings their niggerball team.

We can agree that people like Bill Nye are degenerate because they know and don’t care. I don’t agree with calling all of the middle class lemmings worthy of zero respect though. Much of the middle class has a family to worry about. You can’t rock the boat if you want a decent paying job and security for your family’s immediate future. They often ignore the redpilling because they know damn well that such ideas could be poisonous to their security. The ones who don’t have kids but stay oblivious, by all means they are lemmings who should be culled. We can’t expect everyone older than the bulk of us to fight back though. There is no real movement to rally behind, there is no clear target for them to attack that would make a meaningful difference, they’re actually most useful for boycotts (many of them do take that seriously, why do you think Gilette is truly doing badly right now?)

But once those middle-class men and women approach retirement, they will be plenty disillusioned by what they have seen, and they will be ripe for redpilling. Retirees money could be very useful to us in the future. My own parents have come around to my way of thinking after seeing tranny politics invade their workspaces. Together we are actually becoming formidable, we own two apartment buildings and counting with me acting as their hatchet-man in addition to my regular job. I’m building an arsenal myself. They don’t know that my personal goal now is to fill those apartments with Zig Forumsacks. I can only say two of the 16 we control are definitely Zig Forums, but the other 14 were mostly there before I became responsible for the vetting. Things sure will be nice if I can fill all 16 with the right people

Aye. Memorizing niggerball stats, I never got that. But; 13 do 50, I got that. Occidental athletic competition, created and refined by our own people is culturally essential. Which is why these Hiribu Kikes constantly attack it with globo-homo consumerist usury and slave trader niggers. I mean, watching niggers play on a kike owned team to sell jew owned products to citizens who have had their tool, bestiary and military investitures offshored to alien powers is too retarded to explain.

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The solution is to destroy the sportball games.

the quote is literally from Codreanu. Imagine insulting an actual fascist who did shit for his country. We wouldn't have any jews if we were strong already

Russian whites can't be redpilled about Putin's degeneracy.

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The problem with that is any disruption just galvanizes sports fans into hating whoever stopped their bread and circuses. Like how a lot of people hated OJ Simpson and wanted him convicted simply because the Bronco chase interrupted the NBA Finals (I know people who still harp on about that whenever OJ is mentioned, they don’t even care that the nigger murdered two people).

We honestly just need to find a way to hurt their wallets. The whole kneeling controversy worked for a month or less, but it wasn’t strong enough to really incur the wrath of the average American. We’d have to trick a bunch of “Af-letes” into supporting a charity for pedophiles or something to get a boycott that will stick and actually hurt the industry.

Are you for real? That sounds based as fuck, where are you located? I'd honestly be closer to something like contentment if I knew I rented and was backed by a Zig Forumsack not working for some corporation.

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If by enzymes, you mean venom. Venom deaths happen from the inside out; yet it isn't reasonable to blame the organs and systems that succumb to its arrival. In penetration blood sucking insects – mosquitoes – there is often a pain suppression chemical complex that leaves the host unaware of the violation. A few articles show that parasite species do in fact go extinct – presumably due to changing conditions or supply patterns. Would like to know more about what can cause a parasite extinction. Could there be clues in these events in nature for invoking extinctions of exasperatingly tiresome parasitic groups. There may be an ideal recipe of circumstances and conditions which could be created so that we could be liberated from the deadly effects and consequences of the (((hive mind))).

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OP I agree. I am very high IQ so see through the bullshit and self-taught but my parents are middle class lemmings that can't be redpilled.

Instead of self taught say "autodidactic," because it sounds smarter. When people do a google search they'll feel like a retard. This will reinforce your very high IQ claim. #LIFEHACK!

I honestly wish I could advertise it on here, but you know as well as I do how that could be a problem. I’m actually slightly worried we may have problems if I don’t rent to at least one nigger or mexi, never a kike though, the second I have an applicant who sets of my jewdar I just say “it’s been taken, little too late, sorry” lol

i've been thinking the same thing, even though i'm not american, i find it hard to debate immigration when all the stats say they benefit your economy unlike europe, the only point i could find is that new immigrants take more than they give and since there's an endless cycle of new immigrants…

The absolute state of Langan. Coming to Zig Forums to make threads about his on phony IQ. You stupid Boomer, nearly every person on this board is middle class or rich.

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You seem triggered. This is indicated by your particular need to dispute about my claim, to sage your post, and to make mock suggestions. Why does it hurt or threaten you that anons may in fact be highly intelligent?

Excellent work, user. Humble recommend to hold your ideological nose and look at liberal "arts communities building" projects. There may be useful strategic or anti-strategic cues for you to work from in your own work. The liberal arts housing scams operate as an economic and real estate flow structure for controlling kike operated real estate properties in urban settings. They can resuscitate blasted out slums, build up, give each other awards, cash-out then bring niggers, faggots, trannie-psychos in the libraries then move along and let it all fall again. There are university studies on this (((renaissance index))) aspect of the urban housing and real estate schtetl. If you are approaching companies or governments for zoning or funding or licenses, get conceptually handy with the basics of (((renaissance index))). See: There are sister organizations like this in the USA and all over Europa, prolly listed in the index, with similar types of how-to information under the presumption that liberal pozz values and principles. However, you can correct it all to a civilized gentile orientation.

Elite Catholics too. I spent Easter 2017 with the mayor of one of California's largest and wealthiest cities…descendants of spoiled, selfish boomers. Part of military intelligence around WWII , so they still think the US is hot shit, and deserves to rule out of "superiority" of course they were Trump haters, only thing they could agree on is we need to keep bombing the middle east.

Wasps and Catholics aren't allies, but they will work with each other over darkies.

catholics virtue signal and pretend they aren't secret racists, WASPS pretend nobody notices their elitism. Both are globalist traitors agains the white working class

dubs of truth.

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m-muh dik

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Interesting, I’ve saved the pdf, I’ll look into it. My parents and I have an arrangement on this, because I told them long ago that if we want to really get money rolling in even after they retire we must own some kind of rentable property (my home town has been blowing up with apartment complexes the last 5 years). So they handle the buying and I went to college pretty much to make it as legit as possible while also taking care of maintenance (if it’s something easy enough) and handling most of the tenant problems and leasing. Plus it all goes to me in the end. What I’m saying though is I’d have to run that idea past them, and I’m sort of against associating with the colleges in any way shape or form.

Definitely stay away from colleges. Core point is there are publicly available, structural how-it-works resources; studies, templates, statistics in these globo-homo arts and housing groups that could be of use to your strategies on how to frame and expand your own property without going over to the dark side.

Go for top score in Minecraft. Exterminate elite class. Feed them to the animals. Replenish the Oceans. Organically fertilize the soils of our fields. Hear them moan about their spectacles and fortunes in bloodied fields of mud, just the as Freemasons moan about the liberation of their special documents and bronze plaques.

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It is a lot harder to find them all in one place at one time. About the only time they do that is after one of their 'false flag events' when they all gather to fake mourn the invading trash.

why would a hot white girl want some ugly incel who cries about problems all day instead of bettering himself
pic related is why white women dont support nationalism

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Muh Russia.

Attached: _82394335_rusoryolwoman.jpg (624x451, 67.37K)

Based Berber

Sieg heil my fellow very high IQ white aryan brother

Very nice smart sounding word but it doesn't really make sense to use it
I'd leave the word about out of there if you're trying to convey yourself as very high IQ.
Wait, what are you suggesting? That you have a very high IQ or that your family is incapable of being redpilled?

Destroy the comfort of them

Lurk moar.

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Attached: 1564645013970.png (1280x662, 419.07K)

You're probably not doing it correctly. The Fuhrer even instructed use to use different approaches for the difference social classes.

The working class is exactly the same though

This is insightful. I met a group of young hyperleft political volunteers and in talking to them noticed one in particular who had a very "cause and effect" way of looking at things. He was clearly much smarter and more pragmatic than the rest of the group.

He wasn't redpilled by any means and fully pob board with their dogma, but you could see him identifying the cracks in their policy ideas even though he was very optimistic that the left could figure out the best solution.

I remember thinking to myself, "This guy is going to put his brain to work on the problems he's talking about and in no more than 10 years he'll be one of us."

It's basically the process I went through in my early 20s.

Same with me. I saw everything go to clown world in 1988. I've planned my life accordingly.