Watch (((Sanders))), Warren, Buttigieg, Beta, Klobuchar, Hickenlooper, Ryan, Delaney, (((Williamson))), and Bullock fight over who can promise the most gibs to shitskins and complain the most about Baltimore and how it's somehow whitey's fault

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This intro feels so phony and forced.

on the cnn website as well

what's with this dude not putting his hand over his heart

What else do you expect from a bunch of phonies?

At least the stream isn't constantly crashing like last time. Maybe I can focus more on the shitshow.

live here

Fucking really?

Frickin' millennials don't even know what happened 12 years ago

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That dude has the right idea fags, Americas a kike shithole with nothing but dumb niggers


Wow, mary, that was some kind of closing. All this and more on 60 minutes?

no more free everything???? um racist much sweatie??????

Fuck I'm already pissed bros

CivNats aren't nationalists

America is not a nation anymore, it's a clusterfuck of pseudo-nations. It's like being a soviet "nationalist".

Is this guy implying that we're going to get $50/hr factory jobs back?

le """new""" ebin centrist

oy vey that goy is treading a fine line

New systems based on our new spic and women fag shit system

the balkanization appears inevitable

You know, I'm half tempted to turn this shit off. It's almost unwatchable.
There isn't any time to process what they're saying.

women were a mistake

It is inevitable, I have nothing in common with people anymore as a white man and I'm constantly shit on while women get fucking everything for free and we men have to suffer

what else

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"Immigration is one of our core values".

Trumps a kike faggot anyways so it's not like anyone in this shithole is any good

muh 12 years climate
donald trump
*speaks spanish*
human rights
killing babies
muh faggots
corporations bad (but I really agree with them)

This is a jewish narrative crafter.

Democratic Party debates are always simple. They use terms like sharing, diversity, building, environment, progressive, etc, etc, etc.

The simple translation is:

I will let you kill more white people than that guy!

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some form of gun grabbing/control

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historically, multi ethnic nations eventually end up in violent balkanization if i'm not mistaken


I remember watching An Inconvenient Truth in grade school, these people are full of shit

fuck i'm getting old

This is scripted. Like, this is blatantly scripted.



Free train rides Bernie!

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Yeah no shit, they've always been like this forever

How'd you guess Tesla?

That is by design

The women are going to be obnoxious tonight and every time they go obscenely over time they'll get wild applause and women hollering from the audience

why'd they let her have so much time?

She is a woman and 1/6,000,000 Cherokee Navajo Delaware Mohican.

But this is the worst I've ever seen it or at least it's the worst I can remember seeing it. I wonder if leftyfags are noticing.


Because they don't believe in rules or equality as evident from their own internal power games. But they know useful idiots who do.

This isn't the worst

lmao they're so pathetic

Women are all pathetic

they keep telling these dumb stories

They all know I guy who died or is sick.

they have a purpose and place, but to seem them on stage in these jackets is just perverse



oh now these people want to talk about God given rights

Just started watching and it's already a shit show holy shit.

Applause for the crazy old jew yelling like a fucking senile fruit with Alzheimers.

This. Just because the other side is full of fuckups doesn't mean Trump's civnat 180s can be forgotten.

No filthy spic speak yet though

all these words come out of their mouth but they are saying nothing. literal gobbledygook

I'm not voting. I'm just watching the fire.

Health insurance companies don't have a right to profit!
I know Warren is retarded, but damn.

I don't think it went over well last time.

free healthcare ese

Wow, did Gabbard not even get invited? Are the kikes that upset over her anti-war comments?

maybe tomorrow night. biden vs everyone else

This broad is seriously high as fuck.

She's tomorrow night with Yang and Biden.

muh canada

Can someone sum it up as of now and every 10 minutes or so
My shitty office internet has blocked news sites and YouTube

Soyboy who takes it in the ass running for POTUS. 'Merica.

Imagine actually watching this

I bet that filthy kike accepted stuff from lobbyists

current summary:

I guess I'll have to wait to cross that off on the bingo sheet, thanks for the update user.


That's what this thread is attempting to do. Past 10 has been healthcare debate on the scope of single payer.

Come on user, it's always fun to watch morons fight each other.


They're place is in the kitchen

Your triple dubs make it so.

Oh no crazy old jew is getting upset.

We can't afford to ignore what the System is up to user

I enjoy watching America crash and burn

God's work user. I got nothing out of this incoherent gobbledegook except muh free healthcare and fuck DRUMPF!

I just feel like I know what they're going to say already and because they are all Jewish puppets. Either way, I've got nothing to do so I might as well tune in.

If he did this shit last cycle he might have buried Clinton.

get this dude some water. he can't keep licking his lips like this

Get ready for white genocide talking-points

I like looking at plane crashes and car crashes too. Same thing. The end result of all this is bloodshed and death.

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also Beto is going to start speaking directly to the spics soon

He can't be serious.

We all know what they're going to say, the magic happens is what new retarded way will they say it?


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I love laughing at old Jewish people too user but has anyone used any sort of evidence other than personal experience in this debate so far