What do you remember from the early 2000s?

1998 zoomber here. My memory goes as far back as 2001 when I was 3. Mostly negative stuff I remember, but things didn’t start getting better until late 2004 / 2005. My current understanding of the early ‘00s culturally was that it was at a time when you had Bush, 9/11, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Limp Bizkit, MTV, and other equally cancerous garbage. Basically, it was a shit time period when the rest of the world was laughing at America. I remember going to some nightmarish daycare and seeing Monsters Inc at the theaters in 2001, among other things. This thread is mostly addressing those born in the late 90s (‘96 to ‘99 mainly), but people born in the early 00s (2000 mainly) and prior (mid or early 90s and prior) can also feel free to add on in. I personally think the late 00s (2006 - 2010) were a lot better. But I’m just speaking for myself personally here.

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I was born in 1987 and began HS in 2002. It was just a better time with the 90s lingering on well into around 2004. My earliest memory was in 1991 when we took a trip to Colorado and I saw snow for the first time.

1998 was the last good generation.

Nothing like a good ol fashioned datamining thread with an extra helping on not your fucking blog /b/tard.
9/11 was the only time neighbors acted like polite white humans to eachother for several weeks. After that there were opportunistic kikes selling american flag window adornments in droves. The more flags you had and the larger they were, the more american you were. Same as iraq war yellow ribbon faggotry. Since you're a stupid child, that's when that crap came into resurgence. AIDS victims had red ribbons as their logo, but gulf war women propelled yellow ribbons followed by every fucking color for every fucking cause for their virtue signalling.
Your knowledge seems based on a cursory google search rather than experience.

Lol. But fyi, most of my memories from the early 00s were from 2003 / 2004. I had a rough childhood, I’m not ashamed to admit. But things didn’t start getting better for me personally until late ‘04 / ‘05 when my mom moved in with my stepdad at the time. From there until about 2010, my life was almost perfect. It wasn’t until early 2011 (sometime in January of that year) when my life went to shit. And just fyi, I turned 21 in March, boomer.

I hate sharing this website with anyone born after 91. Also you're zoomber meme is fucking stupid.

Early 2000s were not that great, other than the infancy of the internet. 1993 was the peak year of naive consumerism. No one had cell phones, people that worked gov jobs had pagers. Normal ppl had neither. UPS and Fedex were not normal sights, usps was the norm. There was no liberal jewish communist waves. The media was meek and apologetic. People who were greedy were seen as shortsighted by their misfortune. Everyone felt like it was the peak, and wondered what would come next. Rap music was not played. Nirvana was the most challenging band to the airwaves. You could go into the store and there could be anything there, they didn't have centralized production and stocking. You had to remember all phone numbers. Everyone memorized at least 20 phone numbers effortlessly. People spent more time outside. You could shoot off large fireworks without the cops. The police wore button up uniforms and hats. There were no tsa screening to get on planes. Very basic spot checks. People talked a lot more, so certain people would speak in very power communicative ways which dominated conversation in a voluntary way, natural persuasive speakers. You dont see it as much these days. There were less than 70 cable tv channels. Local chanels could be counted on one hand. Diehard and predator were the greatest films of the decade. Saturday morning cartoons. Sunday was church. There were many things in stores under a dollar. 20 bucks was sort of a big deal. Everyone was pretty patriotic, cynics were mild. We thought panama, grenada and desert storm were small conflicts needed to stop bad people from making big conflicts. AIDS was a big deal. Everyone used terms like retarded, gay, faggot, dyke, kike, pretty normally in banter. You might have been stabbed if you were the wrong place wrong time in newyork, dc, chicago. Texas was the hardest state. California was like the most red states today but mixed with gays blacks Mexicans movie industry and porn. Computers were around but internet was diaphone. I remember being a kid and figuring out how to find pictures of topless girls on aol. The pictures loaded one or two lines at a time. It took sometimes 3 to five minutes to load some webpages. Most websites were very basic, solid color background, border, title text, field text and one or two pictures. CDs and tapes were ordered in mail or you went to a store at a mall. The malls were filled with mostly people under the age of 18. It was considered safe to drop off your kid at a mall with a group of friends and pick up at the end of the day. Women didn't have much plastic surgery or fake boobs. Pepsi was pretty big. People werent really sure what to wear from the transition from 80s into post 2000. Women wore a lot of makeup and used moose and hairspray. Black tolerance and racemizing was in its infancy with 2pac, black inner city struggle movies, and black movie stars. Regular Budweiser (trash rice beer) was the normal beer. Many people smoked. Smoking was permitted everywhere including hotels, churches, government buildings, teacher lounges, stores, restaurants. Many restaurants didn't have no smoking sections or put non smokers in corners. There were arcades to play videogames. Children smoked in arcades. Atari and Nintendo were the game system. You had to blow on the cartridges to clear dust out to keep the game cartridge contacts with the console. Sometimes youd have to reinsert Nintendo games 4 or 5 times to get it just right, and that was considered totally normal. There wasn't the 94 assault weapon ban yet so colt ar15 pre-bans and chinese aks were everywhere. Mak 90 aks were like 100 to 150 dollars. Sks rifles were hard to sell, they stacked up in gunstores selling for under 50 dollars. The hughes amendment passed but nobody cared about machine guns so you could buy uzis, and colt m16s for under a grand. You could buy surplus machineguns for 200 to 400. That all changed after AWB 1994, everyone and their dad suddenly wanted AR 15s and AKs, the price jumped and the machineguns inflated 10x. No one got in trouble for sex harassment. Youd have to rape women or children or men to get in trouble. Child rapists were killed on live television by family members and jurys let them off light and nobody cared. People regularly flirted with girls in the work place and most young people attempted to have sex or less with their peers from school and work. I built a rocket launcher and shot it into a field and caught the field on fire. The neighbors and firemen thought it was pretty neato. I filled moms nail polish bottles with gun powder from dads bullets and skipped school detonating 6 or seven of them while hiding behind a wheelbarrow. I would wait until cars passed then detonate. It shook windows of neighbors glass. No cops came.

Retarded normalfaggot scum like you are part of the problem


Probably a night or two with your mom tbh.

2006 - 2011 was the highlight. War efforts seemingly winding down..obama gave us an injection of post-racial Anti-War hope.

we dreamed guantanamo and rendition was getting shut down.

Social Justice was only a Catholic concept…08 crash took a few years to really destroy the average Joe's finances

early 90s… so… millenial?

ditto dude

And you chalk that up to something negative?
Do you NOT realize anything?
Cell phones are THE PREMIER instrument of covert social engineering, aka covert CIVIL WAR that has been in operation all this time. Combined with what fusion centers and echelon and the internet all provide, and soon the ubiquitous deployment of DEWs as 5G-6G, it is the linchpin that got it all rolling and has pushed this damn thing 2 overton windows into normalizing what used to be called "conspiracy theory fantasy cinema".
We are living in a world that converts those "fantasies" into virtual precognitive documentaries. Wake the fuck up norm-tard.

Boomer here:
I remember thinking, "We need more immigrants."
Crack was cheap. I cried when Saddam attacked the Twin towers. We were all thankful for the Disney channel so we didn't have to give a shit about our kids.
As a Mason I was happy to see our zog overlords push their agenda down our throats.

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Thirties here. Shit was going great then kikes flew planes into buildings the tv jews said then the buildings fell down and then war and now I have fucking autism

Jeeeeeeeeej like a hooker amiright tho

Greatest Generation here. I remember the VFW hall mostly. Pall Mall cigarettes were fifteen cents a carton, and niggers knew their place. Coca Cola still had phenobarbital in it, and my dear Rita was still alive.

Ever heard of paragraphs?

I will contend that 2012 to 2015 were and will remain the worst years of this century. Peak degeneracy. Sage for blogposting.

Your Zoomber meme is forced as fuck. How could someone born in 1998 know about peak Green Day, Linkin Park, but the Lion King came out in fucking 1994. Peak Snoop Dogg was with Dre in 1992, not 2000. What about GTA Vice City, faggot? Fuck GTA San Andreas, Vice City was the revolution, you fuckbrick.

You are a Zoomer datamining faggot that did rudimentary Google searches. Neck yourself immediately.

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1981-1997 - Ok boom times.

1998-2001 - Stuff started to turn to shit.

2001 - 2007 - Shit got weird, but we had hope.

2008 - 2016 - WHY DIDN"T YOU LISTEN

2016 - I'm not even sure what the fuck is going on anymore.

Die Hard and Predator came out in the 80's you fucking faggot. The original Matrix was the 90's personified and kino as fuck.

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Civil War Vet here, Confederate. I remember breathing in the smell of chickens, childrren playing and the local niggers getting whipped whenever they acted up. We could have built something great.

War of 1812 vet here: I remember I used to have niggers pick cotton and used to rape the house nigger girl that had big titties. Enslaved her kids produced from my loins and made them pick cotton, too.

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I was in high school in the early 2000s. The culture, especially in terms of music and movies, was trashy but fun. Linkin Park, Creed, Nickleback, Limp Bizkit, etc.. The Fast and the Furous was hugely popular, as were other Vin Diesel movies. Gaming was at its height, especially in terms of multiplayer, with Battlefield 1942, unreal tournament, CS, etc. Teen fashion was a weird mixture of redneck and urban.

Politically, things were a basket case, first with the 2000 recount, then the Cole bombing, then 9/11 which seemed to change everything. The Iraq war followed and politics became really divided. Most of the craziness of today goes back to that division. The push for gay marriage also amped up at this time. Mid-2000s were when things started getting really bad.

The 90's cyberpunk aesthetic was fucking awesome. The opening scenes of the movie in Neo's apartment… best

Back when the internets were still cooling and trolls were beginning to emerge from usenet, bbs.fuckedcompany.com became popular because it allowed user posting and was virtually impossible to get banned from.

There were two types of posters on the board. One was the poster with a registered moniker, who were without exception attention whores and full of failure. The funny gleened from FC was from its unregged posters, many of those simply known as dots. They were so named because the board required some form of user name, so instead of being a faggot reg, you would simply put a dot into the user name field. On the ancient-ass piece of shit version of UBB that Jew Kaplan refused to pay to upgrade, a username ending in a dot and the dot itself couldn't be registered, thereby offering the unimaginative an easy-to-remember unregged name. Over time, dot posting has become the norm.

After a couple of years of reg attention whoring and lulz had on the FC board, the dots grew restive and decided to spread throughout the internets. Thus the dot army was formed.

Some argue that the goons from SA would get FC involved and would occasionally coordinate raids from FC, since they could post user.

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anyone else here remember the berlin wall falling? that shit was dope on tv when basically only cnn existed

Just as shitty as nowadays.

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I remember the commercials funnily enough

Seriously though, gen x.
2000, still in denial about the Illuminatti, in spite of a strange itch in the back of my mind.
Pedo shit being dismissed. Being told it was all a "satanic scare". First cognitive experiences of "gangstalking" and thinking "WTF?", then being called crazy for noticing.
Never heard of "gen x" before. A friend had to explain it was our new title bestowed by the druggies/Boomers.
Noticed boomer family members raising their kids on Disney, and that it was fucking non stop disturbing shit being pumped into their brains.
Religion was all "McJesus".
Was "Book of Eli" before it was cool.

Fuck this life.

I remember you were just a cumstain on the sheets.

I began elementary school at 2000. I remember my 1st Stanley Cup Finals at 2001 and after that I saw at TV the news about McVeigh execution, but i didnt know who was that guy. I heard bout 9/11 but dont care as much.

The late 00s was still æons better than 2011 - 15 was. 2011 was a year that I wish never happened, because it was so shit. I think things started getting better around 2016 and maybe even some of 2017, but shit started to crumble again after May 2018 for me. 2019 has just been a shit year too. Even worse than 2018 was. Shit got really bad in March around my birthday and it’s only gotten worse since. January and February was alright though. It started off okay, at least. But April, May, maybe June and even July has been a hell of a rollercoaster for me. And I mean that in a negative way.

I opened a warehouse in 2000. Fuck my life.

But still nowhere near as aggressively shitty as RealPlayer. That thing was a fucking virus.

1997 Zoomer here
I remember the hunt for Bin Laden, I saw my brother go off to Afghanistan and survive I remember Bush but barely since I didn't pay attention to politics as a kid, neither did my parents. I remember the mood always changing on September 11th but I didn't know why September 11th happened until much later in the 2000s.
Other than that, typical 2000s kid shit, I watched cartoons, played games with friends, and would hang out around my house at times with them. We'd go on little adventures and I remember vividly going on the internet for the first time and watching early YouTube videos and then went on 4chan circa 2009-10.
It's weird how the 2000s are going to be nostalgia baited now, so much shit has happened between then and now that I'm surprised I never paid that much attention to.

woah hero. Im saying it was great. Im saying 1993 was great. in 2000 not so much, you started seeing more net and phones. which is gay

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no paragraph, word-jew

matrix is made by transexual jews. two of them. its basically a movie making fun of goyim. and matrix will always be remembered as a ~2000ish movie because it was in 99, way different than 93. predator is better.


I blame the AOhell to net transition.

They weren't trannies then. Huh, thought they were born different. kek

It was a simpler time.

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What the fuck is going on with these job titles? Why is there so much overlap? Why is every woman's title some kind of a shadow role to a man's title? Why are there two VPs of Engineering, a Dir of Technology Solutions, and a VP of Operations? What the fuck is a "Global Head of Enterprise"?

You gotta have lots of made up jobs if you want to diversify your c suite, most those women are good at busywork and blowjobs while the operations and two engineers do all the real work. coincidentally 3 white males huh



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… unrelated to y2k, but if I am going to be nostalgic, I'll do it right.

Glad I spent my life reading ancient greek heroes, history, and things that fucking matter rather than caring about consumer-pop-culture bullshit.

i remember the Federal Govt openly depicting itself as Evil. no longer keeping up the facade of benign incompetence. Bush created DHS and Fusion Centers. Federal shock troops wearing black US flag patches on their uniforms. like pirates. i remember the tone of govt appearances on TV looking dark and dictatorial and Romanesque. they called Bush "the Imperial President." i remember thinking to myself "shit man, it looks like McVeigh and Ruby Ridge and Waco and William Cooper and all the right wingers of the 90's were right about the big shift coming and the new directiom the US govt would take in becoming an open Empire.

Obama was just Bush II and Zognald Trumplestrin is slicker and flashier than both Obama and Bush, by doing more of the same, while telling you reality is the opposite of what is really going on, and making you think he's on your side and is doing it to help you and that he is being unfairly attacked and undermined by Communist Globalists, when it is him who is accelerating the Empire.

all i can do now after 20 years of this shit is to pray every day for The Collapse.

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Imagine, I was on the internet making mad bantz while you were swimming in circles in your dads nutsack.

Fuck I was there too, some of the banter was hilarious. I learned the art of trolling and troll spotting there.

Since Sept 11th I've looked up at every low flying plane expecting the worst.
Trying to figure out wtf happened to our economy from 2001 on has probably led me to some form of psychosis.
I lost hope after Obama got elected. Ironic.

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I remember when they said all the planes were going to fall out of the sky when the computer clocks rolled over to 2000

yes. I was ignorant to that habbening though

this is an info mining thread.

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Kikebank poverty.

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I remember dancing on the roof after my new friends from the synagogue blew up Larry's buildings so he could collect the insurance.

2003 was the year that the decline of our civilization became extremely noticeable.

I tripped the breakers at a party for that shit. The panicked screams of the 30 adults upstairs were divine.

everyone did a lot of binge drinking and abused opiates and benzos, bunch of people I knew either overdosed or became junkies, if anything I feel that I'm more of a survivor of the past 20+ years, good thing president DJT is draining the swamp, ammirite my fellow pedes?

it was a decade of fear and loathing, kinda weird looking back in retrospect

1997 here,

I faintly remember the world as this user describes it. Ive always had a mature mindset so I always payed attention to everything even when I was younger. Besides that though when 9/11 happened thats what all the adults around me were talking about so because of my mindset I wanted to know everything about what happened because I wanted to be part of the conversation, Needless to say that started my dive into politics. Started out watching the news coverage of 9/11 then onto all the history channel doc's I could watch on it, then around 06/07 I dived into Alex Jones and now im here. Other than all that I always thought and saw the early 2000s as the last years of peace and sanity to some degree. Yes, the degeneracy we suffer from today began then but back then it was like no one really cared about anything. Everyone just wanted to have fun and live out what was left of the 90s. It was almost like a dream land were people knew there were issues but nobody gave a fuck and just did there own thing. People definitely didn't take politics as seriously as they do now bedsides the Iraq war controversy. Between 9/11 just happening, the early days of the internet and people coming off the 90s wave it was the final days of good times that ultimately led to the dark times were in now.

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I’m just gonna be real honest here, people who are around my age (i.e. went to high school in 2013 or 14) aren’t that redpilled. One time when I was in world geography class, the teacher was talking about the browning of America and how it was such a good thing, and I remember thinking that it was a terrible thing and even speaking out against it in class and yet everybody just kinda looked at me and didn’t back me up. Then I remember that time when I got called out for saying the word nigger by this zoomer kid. From my personal experience (at least for where I live (Lexington County, SC)), I’ve only met 4 - 7 people who were racist in any kind of way out of the 21 years of living here. One was a kid who was around my age back in ‘07 that I met at a Ryan’s with some other family who kept making black jokes, which I thought were funny. Other than that, the only people other than that that I know of are my little brother (zoomer, born in ‘04), one of my uncles, my mom’s ex, some teacher I used to go to, and these two gay kids that said black dicks look like turds (one was a hermaphrodite, the other one was some androgynous looking guy who were both around my age). But ironically enough, two of those 6 are yankees; both of them from New York. I also think that teacher I used to see was a yank. Southerners are mostly cucked. The “gunfederate flag so based ololololol” is so fucking untrue for where I live. Sure you might see rebel flags being flown by people, but most of them probably have daughters that get BLACKED and will denounce racism and throw their fellow white man under the bus at the drop of a hat if it means not being associated with racists. The “muh heritage not hate” crowd.

The majority of kids I knew from school were not racist. Only two or four that I can think of ever said anything racist.

Not working Jakov. The old generation, they join hands - with the new youth. The new generation, which remembers the mighty past and venerates its elders.
(((you))) can drown in a puddle of pigshit.


That's because you were there at peak globohomo. Kids that entered HS just a few years later are radically different. This has happened before.




Free times, John Howard, Kevin 07, internet/dialup, G.W Bush (president of the fucking planet, overall not bad guy but loved Kikes) other cool and important shit no cunt will experience again. 2010 (maybe 2012-13 max) shit changed and here we are… A dull world that moves fast with juden bullshit.

Got to the chans in 2017, haven't looked back since…

And same here.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Then hell opened up, because that happens. It never closed again. Welcome to hell.

This trash thread is still up?

kek, It's funny because it's true

I turned 18 a few weeks before 9/11. It was a massive red pill.

While I understand now that the poz was around during the 90s, I still feel fondly of the 90s and things seemed a little more innocent pre-911. This is all purely anecdotal and isn’t indicative of the truth.

Sometimes I feel bad for you zoomers but the I interact with you and I remember you are all dumb faggots.

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Dance clubs.

People used to do this activity known as "getting out of the house."

If you were particularly fortunate, you lived in an area where there was a dance club that allowed all ages before midnight. No one can dance like a young lady, let me tell you. They want physical contact, and dancing provides it.

Now? It's swiping right and going straight to fornication. No socializing, no non-fornicatory touching, nothing. "Let's meet and fuck" is what technology has brought women down to.

But, in the '90's girls could meet you in person and dance with you in that heydey for heterosexuals, in a non-age-restricted environment. Zero pregnancies or busted hymens happened on dance floors. No oral sex, no anal sex. Just contact that was publicly palatable, even if steamy.

God, do I ever feel sorry for men who have never experienced that. Zero people were ever thrown in jail for dancing with some "child." (any female below 65, evidently.)

t. newfag
The Matrix films are extremely anti-jewish

Remember when Nvidia graphics cards didn't have a gigantic heatsink? Remember when Myrtle Beach didn't have 5 welcome centers 45 miles out from the actual city?
Remember back when the T42 was new? When broadband was only slightly better than dial-up?

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Someone should say youtube needs diversity.

Wait, what? What about MB welcome signs? WTF IS GOING ON???

the only people who don't think the late 00s sucked are people who were under 20 in the late 00s. the late 80s and early 90s when I was a little kid were objectively the most comfy and peaceful time for America. I would say everything after 2006 when I was 22 was literal nightmare tier

225W is insane

3G 4G and 5G are ways of encoding cellular data to increase bandwidth. Mongoloid spastic

Jivin' was illegal in my grampas day

remind me again why would i want to read your blog and how is this blogging any Zig Forums related?


This isn’t your fucking blog.

fucking degenerates

29 year old boomer here. I can still barely rember the before times of pre-9/11 and the period right afterwards. Post-9/11 being an entirely different more innocent world is 1000% true. I remember France not wanting to help in the Iraq war and people were unironically calling french fries freedom fries and shit like that even in California. Even in the California bay area, I grew up with very little nonwhites in elementary school and middle school. By the time high school rolled around in the mid2000s, Asians, spics, and nigs were everywhere and I signed up for Honors classes just to avoid them. Whenever I came home from college, the town got blacker and blacker. It's like that RamZSaul video come to life. Techwise, I remember our family first owning a computer without internet. How tech savvy are zoomers? I think my generation is uniquely savvy growing up when all of this was just coming up and how much it changed so fast, but I meet a couple young family members who only grew up with apps and they might as well be born again gen xers trying to work a legit computer.

Is this where the high iq non-qtards come to collaborate?
Damn they are absolutely nuts.

Fucking true, everything was great until I witnessed those poor people dropping like flies from the flaming towers. I was working that day, timed seemed to have stopped for 2 minutes or more. Everyone just froze in their places. It never happened again.

It is not even fair to have people with sharp minds like you, roaming the world freely, not giving a fuck and saying it, that is why jews segregated us. They can't bear to hear the truth and REEEE at the first sign of it.

Unironically this, but every place IRL too. Except kids, who are still not possessed by jewish demons.

Are you me, do you have any idea what actually happened? Because I don't. People became so hostile to each other, my family crumbled. Addiction, people drying from alcoholism, cancer and stuff like that. I literally couldn't keep my shit together and imploded from all the pressure. I don't even like to get back there, there is so much stuff that just happened and I still don't have the answers. I'm come from dial-up and hashtag meant IRC.

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I came from dial-up and # meant IRC. I Apologize for being a phonefag.

But the AVS visualizations run so incredibly fast on today's hardware…

When Angelina Jolie still had her tits.

i remember having hopes and dreams like a faggot

I do too, tripsman.

Yes. Me too.

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