Leftist Antifa Games Programmer Doxxes Himself While Threatening Milkshaking

Never let these faggots get away with this shit.

[email protected]

Especially when they are stupid enough to leave their information open for doxxing. Took five minutes to find out everything. These leftists are unafraid to spread their violent threats because they are not scared. Yet.

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That poor kid will grow up to be a cuck like his dad…

It seems to me like the perfect voice of influence has all my life been to be an honest withdrawn pacifist who tries to save society from the consequences of its abuse of truth.

This business of aggravating conflicts seems useless. Although the milkshakes thing is at least violence de-escalation. Did you read about that garlic shooter? That’s how weak violent people are. They can lose the will to live… because of garlic.

The cuck meme is meant to erode the integrity of the relationships of raging losers. It’s a eugenic strike against violence. Men who don’t fear adultery rarely suffer it, and are more likely to be able to reassemble their relationships afterwards if they do. Spreading the fear of cuckoldry has differentiated impacts; some men are vulnerable to it, while others are not.

id like to see this so called collection kek

Wanna know how I can tell that you don't belong?

why tho why tho why tho

That guy has a massive cuck face!

That is a cute polite baby, what a waste.

Being antifa wasn't enough for this faggot, he just had to ruin open source video games too.

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and tries to ruin other developers that support gamers.

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You already moved the equipment, and recorded it.


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leftist antifa wannabe thinks he can openly call for milkshake terrorism against a fellow games industry worker because "muh nazi". He's too comfortable. He needs to become less comfortable.

He tried to hide but he was no match for the power of google search kek.

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chain of evidence linking Zachary Slater, Candace Slater (Davidson).

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well she's had two husbands at least. kek good call.

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Knight Commander Breivik would be disappointed, he wouldn't want us to be doxing whites and our Jewish brothers.

Brevik made no distinction of stock to the leftist slaves whom he set free.


are you retarded?
Breivik understood that traitors should get treated the same as enemies.

this thread is already being shilled. must not like the leftist being doxxed. Kek has decided his fate. I only followed the voice of pepe,

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So the faghot pictured got someone fired bc of leaning right? Trying to comprehend what is happening

indeed but not only that called for a mob to attack him if he showed up at the event. What is the punishment for said sins?


so no sage after all? my threads dont glow nigger

Sry cant read what you said as I was blinded by your glowing niggeration

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one enemy, the left.

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What is that fucking posture?

God damn I can't fucking wait until these people are under the boot of a nationalist government.

lol, this man is too weak to even make a "violent" threat, hard to call spilling milk on anyone "violent".

Quake3e, the based Quake III Arena engine


why the fuck is colin moriarty and why are they shitting their pants about him

He barely written any real code for it in the past decade. Out of 150 commits, almost all of it is readme changes or update code to build the project. He has done next to nothing to improve ioquake3.

Also he is an iFAG. Check his watch.


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more like *SNAP* updated my (((nose))) collection

Leftist white men and women are just as soulless as kikes. Zig Forums should come to terms with awful a good chunk of whites are.

Faggots like this are why I no longer work in the videogame industry.
Also I'm starting to understand the real reason so many abhorrent lefty faggots live in hawaii, nevermind the meme weather, they probably feel safer from retaliation with a nice big stretch of water between them and the people who would like to see them and their families skinned aliv.

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"Traitors before enemies" has always been the rule of thumb here.

I found more about what humiliates the moderators into suppressing it! Check this out:

There’s real information in the PDF, a redpill about local conditions. Get this to leadn more about what’s too spicy for Zig Forums!


looks like a nonfigurative faggot

bet my life he's grooming that baby

at first i didn't care about this, but now…
rules for radicals:
fun exercise at least

aint clickin that shit

its right in the picture. r u serious.

Exactly. one of us saw this leftist behavior. We tracked him. Now we have him. Now we deal with it. One at a time.

if my personal experience says anything, that kid will grow up resenting his dad and trying to be the exact opposite

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They've got their milkshakes, we've got our Brenton Tarrants

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Fuck off Zach.

Report him to CPS so they take the kid who am sure he's molesting. Violent political threads is terrorism.

Doxing is illegal. Reported to the FBI

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spicy meme

/pol doesn't own that fag larper cut out

You call that a violent threat?

KF has another dox you faggots might like

Boomer gtfo

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