The Shortcomings of National Socialism

I have, throughout my time in this movement, seen a disconcerting appreciation for the more stifling and savage elements of National Socialism. Our race has, through its high dynamism and individuality, managed to conquer the world, yet certain facets of fascism such as a large, bureaucratic state, extreme ideological control, and autistic worship of esoteric mysticism are largely antithetical to our people's ethos. Of course, I recognize the necessity of limiting degenerate and subversive thought, and know that each nation needs its own "religion," but surely you all recognize that these things, at least to the extent they were done by the Third Reich, end up depressing the collective spirit of the people and shortening the government's lifespan. When we win, we must not allow ourselves to become tyrants, but instead uplift the lives of the common man. After all, the role of any state is to maximize human happiness, and blind adherence to ideology is in no way conducive to that.

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Himmler is one of those guys that believed it while the rest disagreed.

I agree but nazism is semitic.

Himmler may have been the only one believe in that, but the others certainly let him shit things up with all of it. That isn't even including the gay racial theories, which did nothing but kill millions of whites and hold back racial science for decades to come.

Nice bait mate.

Didn't the nsdap tolerate faggotry?

Meant to refer to this fag.

It had homosexual members (Rohm) in its early days, but quickly got rid of them when they took control.

Leftist trash. Might as well implement democracy.

Democracy is shit at making people happy, but a nationalistic, populist state would be pretty good at it. The problem is when the government focuses too much on itself and not enough on the people.



The purpose of the state is to secure the prosperity and future of the volk.

All of that is bunk if the people themselves are unfulfilled. What good is material wealth or a future if it is not enjoyed. The state should, at the very least, keep the population's happiness as a central priority - countries that don't look like Weimerica, rich but miserable

The word covers happiness.

More implies material wealth, but I get your point

Hitler stated that a legitimate state grows out of the people (or something to that effect), as National Socialism did. Consider Germany a trial run. While I don't agree with your points entirely, even prominent members of the party like Goebells admitted there were mistakes in its beginning. A party for the people, by the people, will adjust itself accordingly, and 2.0 will be even better.

North America was settled by pioneers given to immense self sufficiency and individualism. It's in our genes. Europe is based on over a millenia of highly organized and socially stratified subjugation to aristocrats. National Socialism, Napoleonism, the divine right of kings comes naturally to them. Not so with North Americans.

Also as called for in Marx's writings the national socialists used conscripted battalions of unpaid workers, essentially slave labor to get things accomplished. This is theft, albeit by the state of the labor of young men in the prime of their earning years. From my point of view replacing unemployment with slave labor is not an acceptable solution. There were over 800,000 young men incarcerated into doing hard physical labor without pay under National Socialism.

Essentially this is telling the lower classes that their labor is worthless, that they are worthless and that they have no free agency to negotiate the value of their work. They are conscripted under law to labor without remuneration. Thus you are descended to the level of a helot.

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the jew thinks of many different ways to inventively disguise the word slavery, doesn't he?

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Haha that's pathetic user.

Sodomites actually had the closest thing to a Holocaust happen to them. According to those letters from Himmler that were released a few years ago, he ordered the guards in the camps to shoot them, and then claim they were trying to escape - something they wouldn't have had to do if they had death showers.

That is literally the only practical and functional way of organizing any group or society. Never tolerate dissidents.
The state is a serf/slave of it's people. People control a nation and it's society. Not the state.


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It was voluntary at first, they made it compulsary when the survival of the very nation was threatened due to war. Surely you aren't so individualist that you can see why that is necessary for the times they were in. Survival always comes first no matter what, it takes the state to collectivize the people so their survival is possible.
And don't tell me Germany enslaved its citizens, if you're not going to do your part for your country in the military then you can work for it. It's not like it's an unending contract.
Also, they had about 300,000 men in the Labour Service in 1939, pretty small for a population of 79 million.

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Fuck faggots.

What about a people free to profit from their work and not be raped by (((inflation, courts, government, homos, more homos, and even more homos))))) is savage, rabbi?

PS German soldiers on the battlefield died better than most people have ever lived.

A pedophile fucking your kids would contribute to their "human happiness." What sort of department should we have to institute regulate and maximize that?

Your basic mission statement isn't even sound.

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The weakness of National Socialism is that there is a high likelihood that when everyone embraces nationalism, we end up slaughtering each other over pointless land claims while the jew waits for us to exhaust ourselves and then retake control.
That's what we need to watch out for.

Kill Jews first. Problem solved, Moishe

That's not so simple, Moshie. Moshie, see, Mr. Moshie, the likelihood is that we fall into infighting BEFORE the jews like you are eliminated, Moshie. Moshie.
I'm calling you a jew btw

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You enlightenment faggots need to die. When the race and nation was in a struggle for survival of course everyone has to contribute.
Really? because the Germans excelled in everything they did under Hitler.

Brothels were also introduced in camps so that the fags could not claim "I'm not a fag but there are no women here and I need to get my rocks off".

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The whole "it's not racism it's just comment sence" really seems to be contradict to all the hate spit on here. I think your comrades are leaking your secrets. All the mental gymnastics you do to try to justify racism is undone by your more honest compatriots.

That's an imaginary state. That's the state that the TV taught you to believe exists. Every single state on Earth right now is formed after Plato's Republic, which can be summed up as "tell the stupid fuckers what they want to hear".

In your imaginary utopian world though, you're right of course. That's partly why 1930s Germany was a red shield/red flag state. A psyop of the highest order. But comprehending that is far above the intellect of most, and even saying so causes much sperging.

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Go on.

I hope you're under 20 with those brilliant ideas.

You know nothing about the enlightenment. It produced more mathematics in once century in France alone, than all previous human history.

Hitler collaborated with Zionists.

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This is exactly the way I feel as well, user.


Shortcomings of letting mutts pretend to be white.

It's not "National Socialism". It's Satanist spergs from the O9A and TOB that don't believe in it at all, but just use it as an edgy cover for their ideology of "convince everyone to slaughter each other". In a NatSoc society, they'd all be communists. Hell many are Communists - they infiltrate any group (even cops & Feds) that gives them an excuse to kill or manipulate others into killing. They already basically destroyed Ironmarch and other sites & AWD (and related) are all just fronts for them now. Since Christchurch they're here to push their "blood for the blood god" garbage on everyone.

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Yes, especially the nigger "humans".

Oy vey.


Let me explain how Rome was actually based NAP. It's not hard see.

Ok but to be fair you have accused me of being a O9A person as well and I have no affiliation with them, I just happen to know that more 'nationalism' and wars, invasions, rapes and murders of our people are not what the planet needs anymore. I am not for 'killing everyone' just the subhuman trash that is killing the planet and has made themselves our enemies and parasites. It is really time for everyone to consider Ethnoglobalism. Especially as technology advances and you guys keep giving it away to the subhumans who have no capacity to manage it OR even their own people. Tech will not permit there to be more than one people in the very near future because to be anything non-cohesive and high trust will be the death of ALL HUMANITY. Better to preserve what is really valuable, the last of humanity, rather than the dregs of the turd world.

Shitting on Himmler is up there in cringe with idolising niche failed Christian fascist movements.

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Guise, measuring dumb nigger pea heads is fake science. Join the Ron Paul 2034 gang.

You say that, but demand the world conforms to your retarded puritan ways.

existence is "theft"

Weekend at Ron Paul's when he rises up from the grave?

The Koch niggers will program his old man corpse as a distraction.

Christcuck detected

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The border between this life and the next is esoteric; in a way, all borders are esoteric.

Go read Mein Kampf. You obviously haven't and you are obviously clueless as to what National Socialism is.

Quick, someone inform Africa!

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In away, so is bullet going through your skull.

Then got backstabbed and told them to fuck off

One of the basic premises of this board is the survival of the white race. The bedrock of this premise is that young people be encouraged to have families. A man who works 8 years at unskilled brute labor, working with the simplest tools in exchange for a bicycle, 2 uniforms, a pair of boots and his daily bread and a bed in a barracks is in no position to ever dream of having a family. In fact, he won't even be able to save any money to start a late family by the time he's finally released from his involuntary servitude. As I pointed out this servitude is straight from Karl Marx. It's Marxism. And it's fundamentally anti white. Basically you're putting the burden of a failed economy, with it's mass unemployment on young men without property or sufficient education instead of taking over the banks and issuing currency for important social works; electrification, highways, dams, railroads with men being paid salaries. In short, SOCIAL CREDIT. I grew up under Social Credit in British Columbia in the 50's. It was awesome. Nothing better. Set yourself free from the (((bankers and communists)))…go Socred.

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What a great man. A wise electorate and a skilled polity can generate immense wealth for all. And we had that in the 50's and the early 60's. The immense wealth can backfire though, attracting scammers, grifters, whores and junkies.

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I've got to say one other thing about this; race. The Scots. Now I know all of you extol the Germans. I'm neither German nor Scot but I have to admire the Scots. There's not a lot of them but (provided they're not Campbells or lowland lowlife Glaswegians) they're an impressive bunch. At least all the ones I've met sure were. Intellectually holding themselves to the highest standards, a tough athleticism, and austere morals. Those early days in BC…I remember the people that were my father's ironworker friends, guys that bored solid rock tunnels through mountains and erected huge power line towers across the Rockies. They were some great people. I often think of them and I'm filled with love and admiration for their families. That's a paradise lost.

If the collective will of the European establishment is against us, it won't matter if we feed viagra to "young people". The premise is, that now is the question: "to be, or not to be".
Your gay caveats are like wind.
If your seriously think a strong state is more of a barrier to high white birth rates than proximity to negros, then you are beyond help.
You make rational claims about a man who can't "dream" of having a family. As humans are rational. As if the starving nigger in Africa doesn't spread his seed to the wind.
Marx and Christ, I'd paint them holding a swastika and have them point in the direction of white eden. I rub my ass with your grievance "truth".

*as if

What is wrong with them?

Glaswegians are more Irish than lowland Scottish. Lowland Scottish is just a way of saying English.
The Scots are materialist wankers.
t. scot

Don't say that. I like the Scots.

Your entire post is a fake and gay strawman of NS. READ

Yes, yes it is. Nice try tho rabbi.

Esoteric mysticism is the only thing of worth to come out of nazism.

Then keep your esoteric fingers off the keyboard faggot

bait thread

Leftism is about truth. Truth is what turns people. The nazi’s submissive lies that exalt sociopathy and corruption, dragging man back towards African tribal warfare… there is no worth in it.

It doesn't matter what you believe in. I don't give a fuck. It's your life - do what you want with it. But more important than any brand name or ideology or title you give yourself, fight for your dream.
And as long as you fight and struggle and stay true to your dream, even if you fail, you'll die a happy, made man.

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Do you get all your talking points from whatever shit you happen to be watching at the time?
I know you are the same spammer from the tarrant thread

Uh, was there something wrong with what I said?

Telling people to "struggle" is kind bigoted. Better they gently flow into the mud.


He's definitely being an autist. They're the types that have something against people who learn useful philosophies from anywhere they can.

Any old holewood.

Mud huts.
Whoops, we did a civilisation again.

Literally 404'd

There is no future for any nation, ethnic or civic, while using unbacked fiat, including crypto (which is rothschilds, if you didnt know). By the use of money which is un-tied to the energy of the people it is supposed to serve, the entire nation can be stolen and it's only a time frame of about a hundred and thirty years (probably much less in the future). Centralization is inherently flawed. Decentralization means internalization of the requirements to stay decentralized by the population. The original US constitution was designed with the intent that counties held and maintained civil militias. You need projection of force among the people too ie militias. There needs to be a civil court for removing foreign powers who subvert the civic order (ie jews). We cant have one now because the balance of power has been removed from the structure of law by the synthesized consensus of non-free-press and the pocket lining of the executive, judicial and legislative branches. Essentially what was supposed to be a nation of people has reverted back to its origin of jewish despotism, the same as the ones who owned king george III.

This, user. You are correct.

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There is a large population of these zoomers, especially here on Zig Forums. They like to denounce this lad while acting the same. Parents don't raise their children anymore traditionally. There is obviously a youth problem who try to emulate that which they deem great and identify themselves as it. It is a disgusting phenomenon and I've honestly lost any hope for any kind of "unity". In reality it will de-evolve into these brats wanting power and fame, nothing more nothing less, they talk about ideology, noble deeds while at the same time being narrow minded, they speak of truth like they know it when they have no connection to the past. When society collapses these inbreed brats will attack each other, family against family, white against white. Only real unity one has is your family. Don't fall for the meme of ideology.

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What gets me is that they're yearning to destroy society, civilization right down to the ground, which is ironically, the very thing that the jews themselves yearn for. Nothing would make the jews happier than to throw the entirety of Western Civilization onto a huge bonfire. And this is what these supposed champions of the white race are calling for. They have no sense of defending the the greatest triumphs of the white race, it's greatest treasures. They're abysmal idiots.