The Death of the Democratic System

We agree that the current system does not work. It has allowed the Jew to infest every nook and cranny of our civilization with little molestation and blowback. He has taken our mediums for communication and stifles rejuvenation. We all agree these vermin must be extinguished. Then what? The system that has allowed this must be totally and absolutely destroyed. All enlightenment ideology of individualism and civil liberty absent civil responsibility must be completely annulled. Democracy is the vehicle for degeneration as pointed out in Mein Kompf. The majority is but a mob hinged on the present fancies given them by the information from media. There is very little introspection and realization of the actual issues which are present and a serious lack of foresight into how best to preserve the civilization. These were the observations of Hitler during his time in Vienna and the Austro-Hungarian Parliament. Plato’s book, The Republic, records Socrates’ muses on the matter. Socrates was an avid antagonist of democracy which he detailed always degenerated into mob rule and against the actual needs of the nation-state (which is plainly obvious now in retrospect of our nations). He envisioned a ruling class like an aristocracy but beholden to the needs of the people regardless if the mobs actually understood their foresight. He details this class be based on achievement and ability rather than birth giving it a constant rejuvenation and an aura of respect. It would be composed of those who were the epitome of intelligence, courage, determination, and dedication to their nation. The leader class described by Socrates would be above the law in so much that they would be charged with safeguarding the nation in aspects that might be deemed illegal to the mob yet the actions could not be judged by the mob. Of course, there is much more criteria put forward within Socrates’ conversation. This basic principle could work but is in need of refinement due to the corruption from the spiritual Jew which we must constantly be vigilant against. Any system would have to be tailored specific to the temperament of the people, yet who governs should be our best, not the scum that sway the mob to the detriment of the nation

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are you talking propertarianism

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Democracy worked well when our nations were full of white people. Now that things have gone so wrong, authoritarianism may be the only thing that can fix this depravity and degeneration.

It's a republic.

Uh obviously they didn't otherwise we wouldn't be in this mess.

There is no perfect system; they all degenerate. Power hungry psychopaths will always exist, and they will inevitably worm their way into any power structure and corrupt it from within to the point that the majority of those in power serve themselves rather than their people. The only way to prevent this would be to create a system that could not be changed, and thus could not be corrupted from within, but then it couldn't adapt to changing times and circumstances and would be destroyed from without.

The best way to prevent corruption and degeneration is to instill your people with the spirit of revolution. Make a people sensitive to corruption and unafraid of violence. Codify and protect means of uprising. Be explicit about where are the red lines that your society must not cross. Do these things and the people will notice when they've been betrayed by their leaders, and they won't accept it. They'll chop off some heads and burn some buildings every century or so, and in the process, renew their nation.

There are a lot of countries right now in need of a good revolution, but their people are just not ready to take up arms yet. Why should they wait until their country is completely shattered and broken when it's so obvious that it's headed in that direction and their leaders are uninterested in making any changes that they don't personally profit from? Next time your country revolts, make it clear to everyone that you're suppose to revolt every hundred years or so and we can greatly shorten the worst part of the cycle of civilizations.

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Lolbergs never stop surprising me with their philosophical and economic illiteracy

It's not lolberg - it's more or less a Third Position concept created by ex-lolbergs now waking up to the reality that shit other than "muh free market" matters. It's actually got some interesting ideas, but the main point of contention I've seen is the insistence on keeping a bank of "absolute truth" to fine liars with - the problem being that it's defined in a very autistic way that can't work in the real world. It's gaining steam, so still worth a look at least.

Wrong, there were gross systemic faults to be exploited otherwise we wouldn't be in this mess.

Democracy will ultimately lead to fascism, every, damn fucking times.

What matters is it good fascist or bad fascist.


And to add,

I like how they use hardline Marxist arguments to defend free markets lel

Yeah, less taxes and regulations are generally a good thing for smaller and medium businesses (and society in general since it breeds less state parasites), but there have to be some checks and balances. In National-Socialism, you can run a successful business and make profits, but the trick is that your business needs to be a net gain for society/race/nation. For real, not some neoliberal kike spinning how his polluting, health destroying sweatshop where all money goes abroad is (((creating jobs)))

I agree with this, it's basically 3rd Position.

Some freedom is good, but some regulations are also good.

Ancapism = GOVERNMENT = inherently bad.
Communism = PRIVATE BUSINESS = inherently bad.

Both are childish thinkings lacking historical knowledge.

the best form of government is a republic, in a high trust, high IQ homogeneous society, with extremely stringent voting requirements on citizenship. Barring that, it's Imperial, where the Emperor essentially 'owns' the country, so that anything bad that happens to the country, also happens to the ruler, separating the two, will separate their interest and the country will be the one that suffers, not the ruler who will gladly sell his people out for his own personal benefit, or the people that support him and keep him in power, will replace him by someone who will

letting women vote was the 'systemic fault', if that never happened, our position would be a hundred times better


If Jews were really evil, for optics reasons they would want others to think they were evil so that they would have “justified” reasons to retaliate. Remember, smart evil outlasts dumb evil. Don’t support the Evil Jewish of Antisemitism. Instead, give your trust to investigators who operate in the specific and in accordance with the laws of the land. Support the rule of law. It’s the only way to be sure.

That makes no sense on several levels. Jews are "really evil", that is why this board exists and if you don't know that you don't belong here. Also, they work best in obscurity with practiced deceit. They make themselves seem funny or charming or entertaining while they're spreading their poison. Also, being malign by nature they have no need to justify lashing out at their enemies; they naturally see everyone as their enemy and they hate them all the time and yearn to kill them out of sheer sadistic bloodlust. As for antisemitism, in their eyes, just stating the obvious that they are in fact jews is the most heinous form of antisemitism; one of Lenin's first edicts was that simply identifying a man as a jew was punishable by 10 years in a Siberian death camp. Everything is antisemitic all the time to the jew. And the jews dominate the judiciary so they are the investigators.

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But the question is.
Is it a good alternative to national socialism?

This could only work if the majority of people were not lemmings. The majority however have always and will always be lemmings so this simply will not work.

Regarding democracy, I fully agree, that it doesn't work and must be abolished. To my former selfs atonishment I also agree with you about the role, the jews are playing. It took a while, until I was able to swallow this red pill, but in the end I did it. Now I see, which jews are doing, and how hypocritical and harmful many of them are.

But I still think, that there's more to it, than that jews are jews. As you said, the jewish infestation of our civilization occured with little blowback. What that means, is, that even if jews wouldn't exist at all, someone else could have done exactly the same thing to us, because things, that CAN happen at some point WILL happen. That's just a matter of time. This brings us to the question, WHY it could happen. Which were the mechanisms, whose exploitation made the jewish behavior possible.

Many of you will say, that it's a lack of discrimination against outsiders, but even if you discriminate against all outsiders, some part of your society still might become nepotistic and emulate jewish behavior. And just as with the jews, those subgroup would become rich and powerful.

Another thing many of you will say, is, that people must be educated in volkish ways, so that they'll prefer the interests of their people over everything else. But educationg millions of people requires mass media and an educational system similar to what we have now. Probably even worse, if your educational system would include banning jews from publishing their filth, because then whoever makes the decision, what the educational contents are, still controls the population, and would have an incentive to combat whatever goes against the direct interests of himself, the state, and so on. The mere existence of mass media enables and incentivizes nepotistic elites to act just like jews.

And then there's the state itself, which, as a huge center of power and wealth, which is an interest group in itself, which incentivizes every other interest group in the world to try to lobby and influence it for preferential treatment. You know, where there is power and wealth, there also are people trying to get a slice of the pie on the cost of everyone else. So there would be arrangements between the state and other interest groups, which at some point would go against the common interests of the people, just because the state at some point would prefer to get something done instead of just writing legislation, which might or might not lead to the desired result.

Jews are not just manipulating the general public with their mass media. They're also manipulationg the state, because that's where they get their preferential treatment from. The most fundamental reason, why they're doing this, is not, that the state is democratic. If the state were more aristocratic, they would lobby the aristocrats directly. If the aristocrats would discriminate against jews, some other minority could still do exactly the same the jews are doing, because it's profitable. It's very hard to believe, that a state, that cannot be influenced by minorities, is even possible.

So, maybe we need to go further, than just defeat democracy, and deploy some kind of aristocracy. As a matter of fact, there's reason to believe, that the situation would be even worse, if the elites weren't limited by the law. Maybe we should think about how it's possible to counter the power of the mass media and the state, instead of trying to overtake them, because otherwise the fruit of our labour might be just the next generation of the eternal jew.

Maybe "the jew" doesn't apply only to jews. Maybe it also is a spiritual concept, which applies to corrupting influences from within our societies, that will always exist, no matter if it's in the form of judaism or something else. We should strive to construct our societies in a way, that make corruption impossible, and doesn't just shift power to some elites, or away from some elites. As a matter of fact, the single most important question is how to control power, and how one can always be able to discard the powers that be. Maybe this problem should be solved above everything else.

That's what I mean, and everyone should take it to heart.

Democracy was never intended to "work" in America. Jews modernized Democracy in the 1700s as a slow roll to Communism.

I watched that dumb fucking
on Cambridge Analytica on Netflix last night. I know why people cannot harbor the following thought:

Hale Hortler!

In seriousness,
Sure. That'd be great. But go for a walk in the woods and contemplate the following; How do these philosopher kings get in power?
Did they take in by force? Anyone can take power by force. Were they appointed? By who? How's THEY get into power?

This user is also correct yet I must cavaot this by pointing out that a nation in a constant revolutionary state would not be a pleasant place to live. It would be like Chechnya, just waiting for an external power to take advantage of teh constant civil war or like Revolutionary France, awaiting a man on a horse to restore order.

This board is as funny as it is disturbing.

If you live in the USA it's not "the jews" you can blame for all your failings, it's your own personal lack of utility and overall lack of brains that contributes to your own demise.

The USA is a place where you can have an idea and make money from it. It's a free market, only slightly regulated.

Thankfully most of us "normals" don't agree or believe your ideas; they are pathetic. You can blame any religion, race or creed of people, jews or whatever, but it is ultimately YOUR own fault you haven't succeeded. If you want a better life you can go to Norway or Germany, where welfare is better and diversity is praised.

The USA is f'd not because of jews or non-white people, it's f'd because of white males 20 to 45 years old who can't accept their own uselessness and cannot seem to take personal responsibility for their failings, so instead vent on Zig Forums instead of going out to get a new job, studying, avoiding conspiracy theorist bullshit and whatever other negatives you can think of. They/you aren't even smart enough to avoid the obvious honeytraps of braindead thinking that you pass off as laughable philosophical thinking.

I am embarrassed for most of you. If you can't make it in the USA, you can't make it anywhere. FOAD.

The basic reason why both dishonest and authoritarian governments represent inadeeuate governing philosophies is this: neither philosophy can be efficiently strengthened by asking its adherents useful questions. A dishonest leader will evade questioning because it fuels their secret smile to evade questions rather than to answer them; an authoritarian leader will be threatened by questions, and emotionally incapable of making good use of them.

A republic is a democratic form of government. Direct democracy has never existed. (((Republicanism))) is still an enlightenment meme and needs to be destroyed.

Jesus fucking christ you boomers need to be exterminated.



I'm not a boomer.

I'm 31 and live in Europe, no kids, but have visited the USA many times, both for work and holidays. I'm the opposite of a boomer, I'm a millennial.

Your logic is flawed, in fact it is truly illogical. Someone posts something you disagree with so your lack of intelligence morphs this into some reasons why you're right and I'm wrong. What are the chances of you being right? Statistics show you're likely a male, likely 20 to 40 years old and likely in a shit job or unemployed with a low IQ. I trust stats and I trust that you lack the brains to see your own predicament is of your own making.

One thing I will say: why not try living in another country? Most white supremacists or anti-jewish people are also not well traveled and don't reall understand how other cultures work. I suspect most of you can't handle the USA and it's relentless anti-welfare stance and anti-help. If you're not smart enough to "make it" then you're stuck with your shit/no job.

Try France, Germany or Sweden for a holiday. They're expensive to live in, but cheaper than NYC or LA. You can have a far higher standard of living by only paying a little more tax BUT - and here's the clincher - you will earn much more money and lifestyle when you add the welfare compensation and impact on your life plus a good income.

The main problem with the USA is that it allows people to be dropped and left behind. Young males, uneducated, rely on Zig Forums and conspiracy theory to blame their own failures: the USA doesn't have need for you, except in KFC or McDonalds.

Why not try the thing you boast about on here every day? You have theories about Europe, jews and other shitposts but you haven't even really left your own country for any length of time!

The USA media is fucked and only shows a few variations of stories, with Breitbard being the laughable right and Zig Forums often extreme right. Your brain needs freedom to think; to go talk to people, immigrants white, black or whatever. France is the perfect place for this, you can easily get to understand the issues facing people daily if you actually take the time to talk to them.

On Zig Forums you are just shitposting in a soundroom with mirrors and that is why your brain will eventually turn to much, whilst you still remain clueless about the world and earn no/shit money and perhaps even live in a shitty apartment or with your mom forevermore. Try change, try adventure, try seeing the world, it works.

Read The Great Replacement by Brenton Tarrant.

He was very well traveled.

You are so full of shit Shlomo.

Your life was a lie, your mother was a fool, your father wasn't a hero, and your pride misplaced, you are led by the nose to your own destruction as Moloch the golden calf or as Saturn eating his children.

You boomers need to get over yourselves, your money will be worthless one day, wait until the war starts and the EU and Russia and China all abandoned the US dollar, it's like you're psychologically preparing yourselves to kill your children, or be killed by them and feel no remorse.

The Holocaust is a hoax, Jews did 9/11, white genocide is a planned conspiracy, baby boomers were bribed for their complacency and their greed has murdered themselves or their children. But now you must back to prayer watching your God, TV.

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Btw it's cucks like you that live in a thought bubble and get the cucked mentality you have that way.

Most of us here on Zig Forums are all people who intentionally expose ourselves to dissident viewpoints and highly value free speech.

e.g. I've actually fucking read Freemasonic books rather than taking various conspiracies words about them, I've actually fucking read Karl Marx and Derek Jensen and other leftist authors, I actually do talk and interact with shitskins regularly, and I actually have read the Quran and the Bhagavad Gita and many other religious books.

You think Zig Forums is low IQ idiots in a thought bubble who got indoctrinated. It's not true. It's overwhelmingly people who are completely immune to indoctrination, who've had lies shoved down their throats by both their parents and their education system and everyone around them, and who still found the truth because they dared to actually read fascist and NatSoc and so on literature rather than merely accepting on authority that "bad man is bad".

I myself btw, since you will probably attack me personally, am rich enough to never have to work a day in my life; and the feedback I get from people all the time is always comments about how intelligent I am.

Also your age bracket is off. It's more like anons are between 15 to 35. I don't see very many people above 35 on here.

Then you're wrong. I'm doing very fine economically. I'm not a soulless consumerist drone like you and I have a kid (and I'm not even 30, being 31 and childless is very patehtic.) Material wealth means nothing when race, culture and religion are all being destroyed in favor of materialistic slave state.
Every western nation has bought into masonic democracy capitalism. There may be different flavors, but on a spiritual level it's all the same.
This is a joke right? The US spends more on social programs per capita than most "socialist" states.
The young males on this board are almost always more learned, and intelligent. Those are the people that the modern leaves behind, in favor of materialistic midwit drones such as yourself.
Assuming that the people you disagree with are unlearned isn't an actual argument faggot.

You're posts boil down to: You're wrong because I've assumed you're wrong BTFO. There is no substance to it, just like there is no substance to your hollowed out human husk. Kys.

How are you posting from Tor when the onion is down?

You think you are a nuanced person yet you are so ignorant and thick skulled that you think that everyone who disagrees with your TV-morality is only doing so because we're ignorant.
I am well traveled. I have known many blacks and jews.

it's a gradual holistic process. there is no sudden overthrowing of the system nor is there an intricate set of 'rules' that somebody comes up with which lead us to the promised land.
rulers are also to be counciled by the priestly caste which is made up of nolife autists who spend most of their time away in the forests or mountains trying to git gud. kings will not necessarily be beholden to them; they just give good advice and everybody knows it, but such people cannot be produced by a public school system. actually there is practically zero disciplic succession anywhere in the world

how do you like paying those property taxes?
also, the second amendment clearly states that a well regulated militia is necessary to the security of a free state. therefore, if there is no well regulated militia then the free state has zero security, and if something has zero security then it will be destroyed. we do not live in a free state, because we have no well regulated militia. and if you yourself are not part of a well regulated militia or actively supporting one, that means you do not value the existence of a free state. you hate freedom. actually you're probably a jew trying to derail a useful thread

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Aryan means white nigger

ctrl F
no entry
go back to school
oh wait they won't teach you that
stay on Zig Forums*.html

You mean our position would be so good we would allow women to vote?


That's your way of saying "I don't know"

he gets into power the same way a person would get into power in a group of 30 people all stranded out somewhere, except on a larger scale. power and hierarchy isn't some mystical thing that you need lawyers to sort out. humans and other animals have been working with it for a long time.
and if you're talking about means then it's just a matter of might and will


This is basically the byzantine idea. Revolutions were seen as blessed by god if they actually succeeded.

No - but then I'm thinking that just as not all the ideas from actual NatSoc Germany will work, taking ideas from other Third Positions aren't a bad idea either. I kinda like the idea of defining everything in terms of reciprocity, forms a good basis for objective definition of laws and morality for example.

So many assumptions in one post. Not a burger, I've travelled the world.and had numerous non-White friends. Not poor and I'm well educated, employed and married. I've also been to those specific countries and they're a shithole filled with niggers trying to beg money or rob you. Just fuck off, that's the weakest attempt at some sort of social shaming I've seen all day.

Imagine being this retarded

cite your made up stats

Damn they really brought out the shills today.

There is no welfare in america. lol

Yes. But anyone advocating for it, supporting it, dependant on it, or longing for it after it is destroyed, must be killed. Every single one. The poison only spreads when retards let it. Those that want to keep the failed system because they are incompetent and weak to maintain themselves without it are as much a plague as the jews. Eliminate them all.
No state at all. A nation is composed of it's race. A white race nation (and soon, a white race world) has no place for bureaucracy or jewish law systems that only burdens people. Your local people make the rules for your local living place, and you abide by them, or get killed. Outsiders must never be tolerated or accepted, unless it is beneficial to the local people, without any shortcomings.
No classes at all are needed. What is needed is the elimination, without any punsihment, of the inferior and undesirables. Born defective? Killed. Grew up and became stupid, or weak, or a coward? Killed. and so on.
The best among any people must be the ONLY allowed to live. To exist at all. The inferior must be completely purged, and any time that a inferior is born, or someone else becomes a inferior due to any factor, they must be killed. Keep eliminating all inferiors, whenever they appear in your group, race and nation.
That is precisely why they must be all eliminated. The scum must not be allowed to exist anymore. Many good nations have fallen because they stoped killing their scum. Their inferior beings. Never tolerate the scum. Never tolerate the existence of inferior beings among your own. They aren't to be ruled, nor listened to. They are to be killed, for their very existence is a poison to the race and to the nation.

Sorry bud you have to drive by style post lies to defend your clown world ideology - not very convincing.
Like you can't even be bothered to research your own positions, of course all you can do is strawman ours.

This Boomer Tornigger thinks that he's enlightened by being flown around in an airplane. Boomers proving all the times how destroyed they are mentally by greed.

OMFG. I know a german jew, which is less jewed, than this retard. I'm always astonished, when I meet someone, who really does buy into all those leftwing media narratives. It's very hard to believe, that there *really* are people that cucked. The worst thing is, that people like this actually are the majority.

Well, let's hope, that racewar now, and all those fuckers get killed.

Try changing the tor circuit, if the .onion doesn't load, and repeat until it works. But during the last day, it looked, as if the .onion has been DOSed, so there really was no way of getting through.

The kikiest of all kikes, the final boss, the Schlomo of a thousand Schlomos.

You are the final boss.

"Low IQ whites"

Low iq libertarian alert.

Fucking absolute systems of sovereign people delegating to other fucking sovereign people requires an inherent will that is aligned with the people's who delegate to another's ffs. Fucking history and fuck all you who repeat it.

Any new system, devoid of the enlightenment degeneration, would have to be made on the ashes of the old. Propertarianist faggots talk a big game with a lot of assertions and platitudes; however, I want to hear concrete methodologies for implementing and continuing it. Every system in nature operates off the Pareto Principle. If this 20% of our best are given the mandate to rule to the best interest of our people and not to the individual, the only action would be in how to create a check to ambition. Shakespeare most poignantly states it in Julius Caesar with a verse to the point of, “If Caesar was ambitious it was a grievous sin, and grievous hath he born it.” The same is with the nation. If one of these out best is ambitious, it will be a grievous sin, and grievous will we all bear it. As to who puts these people in charge, John Locke pointed out in his Second Treatise on Government that governments are from the mandate of the governed. Even the strictest despot rules at the pleasure of the mass because as has happened countless times, they will eventually revolt. An user gave the suggestion that a constant revolution is needed to refresh the citizenry. This is ludicrous on certain levels. A government must have stability in order to facilitate the growth of all that we call civilization. This level will certainly be achieved, but by actors from which you least want it. I’m going to interpret what you meant by having a revolutionary mindset in challenging our selves away from the status quo or degenerate emulation of revulsion. This rejuvenation of self will spur the achievement of things not previously imagined. Montesquieu, Rousseau, and to an extent British Parliamentary practice are responsible for the American Republicanism, yet the former two delved only in fanciful thinking and divorced any thought from former practical observations of the Greek Republics. All systems level with an aristocratic or oligarchical form for greatest longevity, security, practicality, and stability. What system can be applied to ensure it is the proper Pareto principle is applied and that the sin of exorbitant ambition is not laid on everyone?

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Literally untrue. It's just a form of government that isn't directly democratic or autocratic. You can have a Fascist republic, a Democratic republic, an Oligarchic republic, whatever hits the popular trend.

Considering there's communist republics, there is a dividing line between what some faggot names something and how the fucking system operates.

We don't have democracy in America.

Stop blaming democracy for America/Europe sacrificing itself for Greater Israel. Bankers decide who wins. Bernie was allowed to stay for as long as he did because of all the donations he was pulling in.

I forgot to add that CA can help find what the documentary called "persuadables" ie new customers to give donations, but they didn't decide who won the election. If the bankers didn't have something on Trump, he would have been disqualified like Bernie was.

Trump is on the Republican side, which is way fairer than democucks.

Even Ron Paul was given a fair chance.

Trump is on the shitbag side. He likes tax breaks from Republicans and subsidized labor from the Democrats like all top goyim.

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A republic is a "people's matter" meaning the country is meant to belong to the people and not the leader.

From that standpoint, National Socialism, or even nationalism in general, is a republican principle.