Is Pol Pot the best model for a National Bolshevik leader?

It seems like a good number of Leninist figures actually fit Dugin's National Bolshevik model very well, actually exemplifying a pretty right wing nationalist sense regardless of their economic policies. Kim Jong Il's Juche was certainly very nationalistic, and Joseph Stalin was powerfully chauvinistic over the Slavic world. But while Pol Pot's domain was significantly smaller, It seems he may embody the actual political philosophy the best, throwing off the shackles of all foreign cultural expectations. He was a powerful nationalist, and his focus on the ancient Khmer Kingdom is reminiscent of fascism's own focus on Ancient Rome.

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OP here - I sincerely don't know about any other threads, I just thought this was an interesting idea.

The best part is when he started executing teachers and Vietnamese.

Reminder that there's only one presidential candidate advocating for this kind of governmental system.

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Now I know why Elon Musk always seemed familiar.

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“So count me in as somebody who will not be listening to Henry Kissinger,” he said.

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Thanks, this is actually a good find, and very enlightening.

Yeah. His vague, uninformed and directionless ideology. His wish for a return to traditional Khmer culture, while simultaneously sweeping away all existing culture and declaring a Year 1. His hatred of intellectuals because he never read a book in his life. The complete failure of his ideology which lead to the systematic extermination of his own people and state collapse. The perfect Nazbol.

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Given what he did I seriously doubt he even wanted that.

So what he wanted was a pure communist society, even beyond the madness of Maoism. In many ways he wanted exactly what the accelerationists on this board demand.

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Yes. The guy who killed everyone from a educated class and wanted to rule sub retarded peasants is the optimal NazBol leader.

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Let's not forget Vietnam (the best race in SEA) stopped Pol Pot and colonized Cambodia and helped them out big time.

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Has there ever been or tried an actual nazbol society? One that is of at least some worthy mention? I suspect it is, and has always been a meme ideology.

In a sense you're correct, but many Leninist ideologies were intensely nationalistic and even somewhat rightwing/traditionalist in character. Dugin formulated Nazbol as a characteristically Russian form of fascism, but I think the term, in its loosest sense, can actually be applied to a fairly wide group of widely implemented nationalistic Leninist ideologies, and in fact I think it should be used that way, even if doing so requires a slight reworking of the term.

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