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Sex and the City writer Candace Bushnell, 60, admits she regrets choosing a career over having children as she is now 'truly alone'

Candace Bushnell, 60, says she regrets choosing career over having children
Sex and the City creator said after not having children she is now 'truly alone'
The TV series is based on a writer who chooses independence over motherhood

>Her best-selling book and the racy TV series it inspired taught a generation of women that they could ‘have it all’.
>But Sex and the City creator Candace Bushnell, 60, has admitted that she regrets choosing a career over having children as she is now ‘truly alone’.
>‘Then when I got divorced and I was in my fifties, I started to see the impact of not having children and of truly being alone. I do see that people with children have an anchor in a way that people who have no kids don’t.’

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No kidding.

Literally and figuratively.

Can't she just go to Africa and buy some kids like Madonna?

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So a woman whose done nothing but write books about women whoring themselves even up until recent years finally comes to grips at age 60 that she's not only an adult now but forever alone? You reap what you sow. I know its sensible to feel sorry for such an individual but I more pity the society that created her in the first place.

Nothing she's done even until recent history shows she's doing anything to solve the problem and her material will be going into the fire pits as her legacy long after she passes making her entire existence truly, and utterly, pointless. The damage she's done to children and women reading her books is incalculable.

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Candace, you want a hard cock, lemme know.

She sold that lifestyle to millions of other women, trying to convince herself it wasn't empty. Just like the trannies who cut their dicks off, spiral into depression, and make it their life's mission to make sure their misery has company.

But monks don't have family too, what's the difference?

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One's choice?

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Oh, she's tried to do as much of that with as many things of as many species as possible, I am guessing.

What this enemy of society didn't do is have normal, healthy children.

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If anyone has a compilation of such stories about women pursuing a career and then regretting it I would appreciate a link or image, if not, I will start to compile my own collection of these.
My family needs some convincing that any women who neglect having kids will heavily regret not having them.

like she is capable of loving a bunch of niglets, those are just walking virtue signals for celebs, not actual children to them

Women don't admit mistakes. Part of why they can't learn. It's about justifying why they were ok being wrong.

Strength comes from having a strong foundation of truth to stand on, I would consider this a good addition to that foundation.

related thread

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I love it when the good guy wins and the bad wyman loses :3

tbh pic 3 and 4 are actually sad because they wanted a man and babies. pic 3 messed up probably by fucking too early and bonding, then being emotionally devastated when he lost interest and not able to realize her mistake and move on. pic 4 seems probably bipolar and needed a higher dose of baby juice and intimacy from her degenerate bf.

very good, thanks a whole lot. This is a great start

They deluded themselves by thinking this thought: "I can do better than this, I can find a better man than this". Don't you think for one moment that there weren't decent men in their lives whom they could have "settled" for. If you have sympathy and pity, then pity them for their shortsightedness that led to the lies they believed.

The proper response for a man is hate though, hate of the ones who willfully deceived millions and millions of your people.

Attention whore author of pulp fiction pornography novel cooks up a controversial stance to get her face out there as she gears up to sell her new book, "IS THERE STILL SEX IN THE CITY". Laughs all the way to the bank with her realtor boyfriend who plugs her moist hole every night with his veiny drifter cock.

You all take the hook like a grouper fish biting a big fucking hook with a disco glowstick lure attached.

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Agree that women SHOULD date [but not fuck] more than one man at a time until one proposes.

None of these bullshit, long term, go nowhere relationships.

Too many women end up childless spinsters bc they devoted their best fertile years to ONE man, who in the end, did not marry them.

They get back on the dating market in their 30s only to find themselves falsely accused of "riding the cock carousel" when their only fault was being loyal too one man for too long.

Women are like moths. They go from one shiny thing to the next. They are just chasing a high tbh

agreed. for those like candace bushnell a meaningless life it would have been better if they had never lived.

yes, undoubtedly they were hypergamous and wasted their youth riding the cock carousel but they could have been salvaged. women were similarly degenerate in weimar yet most were able to be remade and raise large families. despite their degeneracy it's preferable pic 3 and pic 4 had married and had white babies, rather than an heroed.

hindsight is a real bitch huh

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Yes let's get our world view from teh Simpsons. That'll do it.

What? and who the fuck cares. Does this board have mods anymore?

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Is it possible for me to date the guy at 29 years old with no experience? Honestly I am too afraid to date after looking at the pictures.

well yeah i mean duckman ended decades ago so

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OP cares because he is a jewish faggot who is trying to D&C White men and women. He wastes no opportunity to bring up anything that will destroy cohesion and sew anger between the sexes. Candace Bushnell is a product of jewish mind control, but rather than focus on that or finding a solution to the problem the OP and most of the people in this thread are flinging their own shit as hard as they can and hoping it sticks to something (your mind).

That one of them is a respectable and virtuos person

If your father hasn't married you off by 18, it's probably too late for you

Dating is degenerate fag culture.
People didn't use to date before jews.
Arranged marriages is where it's at.

Real-time relationships by Moly should help. Look for a man with virtues as you cultivate those virtues yourself.

One is a spiritual decision to enter a highly structured and disciplined life of servitude to higher ideals; the other is naked hedonism, why is it shocking someone who has never really been forced to question their own existential value feels empty?

What about the courting though?

Rejuvenate her. She didn’t end up “truly alone” until age hurt her. Let’s hurt age back. If humans stay at peak performance forever via fleshgrafting and novel medical methods of tissue repair, we can sustain a near-zero reproductive rate without repercussions.

>(((courtly love)))
reminder it was spread by (((troubadours))) as romantic fiction in the middle ages to bored wives

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I like this story. Women don't know what they're missing out.

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It's okay to be gay, just not here, faggot.

Commedia Della Arte (Punch and Judy) is hundreds of years old, user. That show has layers of meaning. Plus it's a good normie bridge language. "You ever notice that kike clown on The Simpsons always has shitty products?"

Crepe, user. I used to fuck old women when I was in my 20s. Some of them are surprisingly good in the sack, plus with kegels and yoga being popular, you get off much better with a 55 year old woman now than a 25 year old one. Maybe Macron was on to something.


But crepe, I can't stand crepe. Neither can Jack Nicholson, or so I read once in an interview. Good, moisturized skin is a must.


Even if humans live 1000 years, they will die. If they produce fewer than 3 children, as a couple, the population will decline, because of the people who die childless due to various unexpected deaths.

A "near-zero" birth rate results in a decline in population due to people who die childless, such as this woman.

I wonder if her husband will marry someone fertile? That would be a nice tombstone to put on this whole thing.

Pic related is him.

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No, to both parts. There is no reason to feel sorry for an moron doing moronic things. And you should not pity the kind of society that bred that moron in the first place, you should despise it!

I think we all know that's not gonna happen.

Call it the female equivalent to "Catcher in the Rye" because it sure as shit had a massive impact on girls like that book did boys.

It's still pretty good though.,_book_burning_by_students_in_Berlin,_1933.webm

Monks actually understand that they're making a sacrifice, that they're pursuing a path of self-denial. It's the opposite of what she did in all respects. She argued for women to no have children precisely in order to enjoy a materialistic and hedonistic life.

Both are equally retarded. One must procreate in order to create life that will serve God.

Pretty sure he could.

any woman who has actually read the book should actually not be surprised.
it seems like it's written by a Zig Forumslack.
from a piece where it says that career women start looking for marriage when they start pushing a certain age and they see their career isn't going anywhere, to the effects on a pussy of seeing too much of the business end of the ramrod…
the first episode of the series is full of redpills too.
after that it's pure poison.

Its not the same. Having your own flesh and blood guarantees even a piece of you may continue to the future. Raising someone else's child is what you'd call cuckoldry.

It's an old in joke from Fucked Company.

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You know damn well what the difference is you silly slut.

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That forehead, though. What the hell is that? A lot of women look like this and mostly cover it up with bangs, and amazingly they always think they can do better.

Hahahaha, that tweet is precious. She could have taken any of those she turned down, but she would rather kill herself. Dead cunt is where she needs to be.

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Send cats

That would be like going to the Amazon to buy some snakes