Tips in discovering shills and how to NOT your waste your time arguing with them

Currently, Zig Forums is infested with shills, schizos, jews that try their best to derail ANY kind of activity and discussion on Zig Forums. Fortunately, their tactics are very easy to spot. Unfortunately, Zig Forumsack are very emotional and thus waste their precious time one-upping and giving (You) to shill.

Here's the list of signs of shillposting:

1. Accusation of leddit spacing.
Leddit spacing is a meme created to derail threads. Shills use this meme in order to designate you as the Outsider of the board, despite never offering any counter-argument or discussion.

2. Framing of High post-count.
Shills will switch IP regularly in order to debate with you, if you keep responding to them, they will start to call out your post count, with reasoning being if you post a lot in a thread, you MUST be a shill.

3. Greentext and strawman.
This is the favored tactics used by jamal, the ex-polvol2 of this board. You propose argument, jamal will reply with
Confirmed jew shill!
And if you reply to it, it will do it again and again, sometimes with red text. This pads up the thread and ruins discussion.

4. Accusation of being a zionist jew/kike.
This meanwhile is the favored tactics of moarpheus/east ZOG faggot/muslim shills all abound. If you criticize any shitskins, they will tell you how you are a kike/zionist and that the jews are the number one enemy and you CANNOT criticize or say ANY bad things about muh baste shitskin allies, and if you do, you are zionist/kike/jew.

The way to deal with all the problems above?

Zig Forums has a very good filter option. Use it. Ignore and filter and ONLY engage in meaningful discussion.

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These shills have fucked this board. They've been attacking it so hard with this shit for about a year now, to such an extent that I swear the Zig Forums of old is gone. The jokes, the memes, the banter. I rarely see it anymore. I just see threads attacked by these fucking monkeys.
Annoying fucks…

As said, filter and ignore. Their desire is to derail threads.

Don't forget the people who thinks that every single event that happened is a false flag.

Those are literally demoralized jew shills, it fits archetype 04 of the muh zionist jew accusation.

every time

Shut up jew boy. Dotr soon, nigger.

Just shill back, losers. This place is overrun with broken liars faking like society is every kind of awful, shout them down.

5. If OP don't Name the White.

Wait a second…………Op?


There's always a mania in the way they post. They will continuously insist on their perspective, despite any evidence they present. They are incapable of speaking to you like a normal human being would. This is obviously because they are paid to push a point. If you notice they refuse to deviate from a certain argument and will not respond to your best efforts to engage them in a productive conversation, report, filter and move on.

it is, cuck. you have to have low iq not to see ti

Actually jews hate false flag accusations since the jews are pretty much the only faction that uses false flags to get their enemies to fight and destroy each other since the Jews themselves lack the martial power and soul to actually fight anybody. And of course practicing the deceit necessary to a false flag is right up the lying jew's evil alley. No one can approach them for that kind of deception.

You didn't Name the White. Rule #5 op broke also.

I'd posit that it's also because they're not accustomed to "internet culture," "forum culture," or "chan culture," and thus they came here, saw memes and jokes centered around a topic most on the board genuinely agreed with, and they took it to an unrealistic and absurd extreme, abandoned the humor, and now just sperg like fucking retards thinking it's how people on here are, when it's not. We used to have fucking rational discussions on here, and we memed and shit-posted, but now every thread is inundated with their stupid fucking sperging shit, absent any rational discussion or statement of fact. So basically, they came here, saw the anti-jew memes and shit, and they became these ridiculous caricatures that can only post shit-tier unimaginative "memes" which hyper-focus on jews to the detriment of whoever they're attacking (typically a right-wing figure), and anyone who challenges them or diverges from their desired point, is automatically a jew. They sling "jew" and "zionist" and shit around like a weaponized buzzword, like some leftist faggot would with racist or fascist. Yet they think they fit in. I see better memes on twitter these days. I feel like I'm on Zig Forums with these blatant attack pieces posing as memes. They don't understand irony and they have no fucking sense of humor.

Or maybe it's just these dumb fucking zoomers. It's probably shills though, but zoomers are dumb as fuck… I've seen their sense of humor on other platforms. Absolutely retarded.

gay and redditpilled

A huge part of their effectiveness is how many anons/bots/shills reply to them. They can ask "are Russians, Southern Europeans, and Cubans White?" and get a dozen replies.

Since they will never be banned is there a way to reduce the effectiveness of these bait questions? Perhaps one could, for example, standardize a definition of the White race down to every mixture, and eliminate the "who is White" question altogether.

points 1 and 4 have some merit

point 4 falls apart when you have an obvious shill trying to pretend the nz christchurch tarrant LARP or 911 wasn't done by israel for instance

Funny that you are flagging newfag behavior, from people who should lurk 2 more years before posting, as legitimate and not from shills themselves. I guess people who disagree with you are shills too? Even funnier is that your whole sock puppet deployed in this thread. Let me guess, but it seems you are trying to shape discourse. How about let me decide who is a shill or not instead of providing a goodgoy checkbox chart?

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this is a shill thread

Wow look, another post about how dead /pol is.
Wonder what dropped off the catalogue for this gem…

all these blackpills should tell you something newfags

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Actually jews love false flag accusation because they use it to demoralize whites.

Actual jew false flags are easy as shit to see.

Funny because anyone who says Tarrant shooting as a LARP is 100% confirmed shill.

Israeli especially spread fake news about it (like how Tarrant visited Israel).

That's the point. Shills don't provide argument, they use the 4 mentioned tactics in order to keep you busy WITHOUT providing any meaningful arguments.