Iron March was a Mossad honeypot, as is Antipodean Resistance in Australia, Atomwaffen Division in the US, SEIGE, and National Action in the UK.
They are all one project, which is pretty obvious if you examine them closely.

The owner of Iron March was Alexander 'Slavros' Mukhitdinov who was a rather famous showman in Kursk, Russia. After searching his name in cyrillic, I learned that he MYSTERIOUSLY DIED in a car crash in 2017.

Here is Slavros' social media account:

Reminder that Iron March went down in November of 2017. After National Action was banned in the UK, the (((media))) said that they had gotten lots of money from foreign sources.
However, (((they))) did not reveal which country or international entity funded them. Since Slavros was the ring leader of this 'satanic subversion' of far-right youth, it would be logical to suggest that Russia was the one funding these groups, but what would be the purpose of Russia funding alt-right organizations in Anglo countries?

This literally only benefits the US, UK, and Aussie state security services as it lets them crack down on far-right groups in their countries. But if Anglo glowniggers wanted to subvert far-right youth, they would not go through the troubles of registering Iron March in the name of some Russian showman and then killing him.

The only state security service that has access to assets in both Anglo countries and Russia is Mossad.

tldr; Mossad registered Ironmarch in the name of a Russian showman in order to create honeypot far-right satanist siege groups in Anglo countries. Afterwards they murdered Slavros to get rid of evidence.


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Nice autism. Conclusions from nothing. Everything is a mossad op.

i understand the urge to call something autism around here but i have a gut feeling he's not entirely wrong

That is not him.

He is an half breed and he already showed himself.

Dunno, what are the chances that a guy with the same name dies in a car crash and a few months later Iron March closes down?

It is to demoralise people from becoming fascist but definitely it is not him. You have to ask the guys at Fascist Forge.

The problem is falling for kike D&C. Anti-fascists were likely lobbied to be illegal by kikes, along with fascists. Both have low iq leaders.

Fascist forge is down.

Iron volk is still up so you should ask them about him.

OP, listen to me. Every single person you've ever acquainted with in your entire life is a Mossad agent. I can't tell you how I know this, all I can tell you is that you need to take action.
Good luck.

Nationalists are growing stronger each days.

You're a retard if you think that is true.

It's always the fed/Mossad/glowniggers if you say you hate Kikes and want them to do! 'Real'' resisters of the ZOG say they love Israel and Jews!


I don't have the time right now to read this thread but is this another

let me know, I'll be back soon.

IM were spergy at times but they were heavily responsible for bringing many old works of National Socialism & Fascism to wider attention.
From IM & associated groups some good men have arisen (not e celebs). It was a nexus of knowledge & action with a crispy coating of autism.
Have some IM OC.

Op is, as always, a phukking phaggottt & guzzles juju cum.

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IM were spergy at times but they were heavily responsible for bringing many old works of National Socialism & Fascism to wider attention.
From IM & associated groups some good men have arisen (not e celebs). It was a nexus of knowledge & action with a crispy coating of autism.
Have some IM OC.

Op is, as always, a phukking phaggottt & guzzles juju cum.

Read Siege.

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Read siege.


This is Slavros.
He ended Ironmarch because he felt it was time for the users to act IRL. Many of the former Ironmarchers can be found on discord.

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OP has a point there. these organisations rose up very quickly and were very suspicious

He doesn't look Russian at all, he looks like a Mexican.
Which would explain why he was in a relation with a mongrel, like him.

If you're not European, you cannot be a National Socialist or a Fascist, period, you mongrels, mestizos, need to shut the fuck up.

Attached: beaner.PNG (687x35, 3.57K)

get a load of this kike!

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Mongrels, mestizos like you who are stealing our culture and movements will get the rope, have no doubt about it.

Car crash can mean he changed identity and moved to Israel.

I am European, kike.
You are here with your usual deception and lies, only kikes and brainwashed normies equate National Socialism to white supremacism.
All the nations of the world can apply National Socialism into their own countries, even non-white ones.
Go jump into an oven.

Attached: oven3.jpg (480x512, 88.59K)

Does your gut also feel like providing any evidence whatsoever?

It isn't him user.

I am actually laughing so hard at that..

National Socialism is about Racial Purity you absolute retarded nigger. You're probably the same JIDF nigger who's spamming "White Nationalism is Jewish" on every thread.
Yes National Socialism is about White Supremacy, always will, even if you think otherwise, when someone read the word National Socialism it also read White Supremacy.

Don't you dare to associate me with that shill, you mongoloid.
National Socialism and Fascism are political doctrines faggot, it was you assblasted kikes with 80 years of propaganda that associated the mere political doctrines to your muh racism bullshit.
Nigeria can adopt National Socialism if nigerians want it, AND they can choose if adopt racial purity politcs too if they want to stay 100% niggers.
Fuck off.

OP is a jew shill trying to make everyone believe Mossad is more influential than what they are.

Sad. Loser. Jews.

Does the words White Supremacy makes you afraid ? i guess so, kike.

White Supremacy (National Socialism)

White Supremacy (National Socialism)

White Supremacy (National Socialism)

Stay mad Kike.

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National Socialism is not White Supremacy, this is why Hitler allied with the japanese.

Fuck off jew.

Are you retarded?

ThE kIkE's WanT tO DeStROY thE SeStem

(this facking get)
You just figure out that (((accelerationism))) is a jewish plot to trick Zig Forumsacks to unironically push the jewish agenda?
Im glad you started to pay attention, you have alot to learn. There is a reason why Christianity is hated and ancient (((occultism/kabbalism))) is loved here at /nupol/.

Attached: The-World-Wars-of-Albert-Pike.jpg (580x350, 71.81K)

Christianity is ancient occultism.

I love how that quote is thrown around despite it's a fake quote, and muslims and christians have fought each other before Pike is even born.

At least the shill tried this time

White Nationalism, 20 years of failure on the internet. Yet it's everyone elses fault. Sounds familiar?

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide" as they are the ones that force their vulgar larping upon any effort by Whites defending their interests. Every time Whites try to create networking similar to every other ethnic group to obtain, jobs, homes, healthcare, education, etc., White Nationalists deliberately detrail such efforts out of spite.

In addition, White Nationalists or by any other name have repeatedly called for the murder of entire groups of innocent Whites including Boomers, Christians, Gays and others.

If Whites want to survive they will have to create a White Networking system without any semblence of White Nationalism and alt.Right socialpathy.


Tried? It's literally everything is mossad.


That guy died in June,Ironmarch went down in November. Slavros made dozens of posts there in-between then, including the giant fucking anniversary thread he does every september

You're a fucking idiot.

Schizo and their thread, mang.

You should have posted this earlier.

"alt right" is literally a fucking psyop.

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What's with the heavily doctored picture?

Stop posting fake quotes, nigger.

Those almost all these organizations have been infiltrated, The strategy for National Action appears to be different though. They imprisoned people on ridiculous and lurid charges to dismantle the organization and then banned it. Whatever survives underground might be compromised but I wouldn't know. Whenever there's a conflux between satanism and National Socialism, run the other way.

Attached: 539834e0542ac10bb1b33f986d99698a74ebffd5067f3a21944e5c566b8e6699.png (971x872, 550.09K)

heavily doctored? you mean cropped, right?

I mean there's some strange ass effect on it that makes it look like fake.

Found the Qtard

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Attached: Pike Kike Speaks Plainly.jpg (629x629, 140.12K)


You really are a retarded fucking nigger.

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More GRUniggers spotted.

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mudman detected

kill yourself to death, chaim


That isn't a letter by Pike, it's commentary from William Guy Carr's awful book, Pawns on the Game, in reference to the phony "atheists and nihilists" letter. falsely attributed to Pike.

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a shame that such digits fall on a glownigger
based. me too.

reminder that anything blaming russia is the feds

albert pike was an admitted luciferian and servant of the devils papacy. he was a knight of malta.

russia is still zog

Wow op.
Shitlovers like and are in full effect itt.
Your conclusions are intereting even if you got the wrong guy it is unclear if the mong or the jew were killed and if they have same name.
Clearly jews are everywhere and simply pretend to not be.
is correct about jews everywhere just don't start keelling your family, which is what he wants.

That is why the Jew Weev was shilling IronMarch so much on his podcast on

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kill yourself

Quit stealing our digits for your gay opps glownigger scum.

Good, the doxing of the Noctulians & their handlers continues I see. Keep it coming user.

bruh, Satanists were fucking despised on IronMarch, especially O9A shit.

You're bumping a shill thread.

Atomwaffen post-satanLARP subversion =/= Ironmarch you shilling faggot kike

Jews are shilling hard. There's nothing wrong with mutts being hardcore fascists.

As long as they are fascists in there own countries. Slavros as an Uzbek-Mongol-Mutt living in Russia is somewhat defensible, since Russia is historically not a white country, but of course there still have to be race-mixing laws instated there just like in Europe and the US. In the latter countries, mass deportations are required. Then again, its not likely that more than 0,01% of non-whites will ever become fascists, so the question of "but what if niggers become fascists" doesn't even arise.

Most people shilling against National Action and Ironmarch are either clowns from /britpol/, bootyblasted Christians, or newfags. Sage and move on

Not everything is a Mossad op, but everyone who shills for 'fascism' over National Socialism is at best an idiot and at worst controlled opposition. Mussolini was an imbecile and one of the biggest reasons the Axis lost. He is 'the' reason the Greeks were forced to side with the Allies. Fascism is explicitly anti-racial and very clearly places the state and its authority over the people as the most important trait: it eschews racial consciousness for radical statism.

Fascism is not explicitly anti or countersemitic and largely does not conflict with their strategies and nepotism. Ergo, it is the natural fallback for them to assume in the face of increasing resistence to the ZOG globalist structure and liberal democratic values. Jews WILL attempt to reinsert and ingratiate themselves as supporters of Fascism. This is the logical play to make.

Either you are National Socialist or you are an enemy. There is a line in the sand, and Mongolian and mulatto civnats aren't on this side of it no matter how much they oppose Communism.

It's a kike meme that fascism is "civnat".

The jews are trying to get fascists fight with nazis, it's fucking pathetic.

And yes, I call them nazis as Goebbels did.

This, don't fell for kike meme.

Go home, Sinead. You're drunk again.

That is until Weev happily jumped in with the rest of the DS/AltKike crowd to fuel the AWD Satanic Panic. Too many oblivious faggots here.

No, it isn't. You just refuse to accept the reality of what Mussolini was. National Socialists rejected Fascism on the very grounds I have described; if the two ideologies were compatible, they would not have been different ideologies in the first place. Fascism is not racial or anti-semitic. Ergo Fascism is not the solution and is in fact part of the problem. Jews cannot co-opt National Socialism, they can only demonize and attempt to discredit it. They can and will co-opt Fascism, and in many cases have already done so.

National Socialism is the solution. If "fascist allies" were so "based and redpilled," why are they fascists and not National Socialists?

You could have made this thread alot shorter just by saying "everything is a mossad operation, therefore kikes want accelerationism"

They were originally. But they wormed their way in, and Fascist Forge might as well be called "Tempel ov Fashy Goths" at this point.

Everyone has your literature fuckwad - including the bit where it says to accuse anyone that calls you out of "conspiracies". Satanists are not, nor ever will be National Socialists, Fascists or any other Third Position. You're merely wannabe kikes hoping to become vampires like larping faggots.

Feds will always attach themselves to political groups that are outside of the norm. That doesn't mean you should be afraid of it. Infact feds that are tasked with attaching and documenting can and will become part of the movement themselves.

There was actual evidence sitting in the fucking library until you kike fucks stole it to erase historical evidence and discredit him, moshe.

look all I don't get is why would atomwaffen openly put order of nine angles/temple ov blood stuff on their recommended reading list on their website? why not keep that shit under wraps? isn't satanic subversion supposed to be done in secret? being all open about it defeats the purpose

Provides no proof… Could it be that OP possess a tiny, mutilated dick and a YUGE nose I wonder.

Who cares what kikes want???

Well, Noctulians are retards, so they're unlikely to make the brightest of decisions, I guess.

Watch out, Sinead McCarthy's on the warpath tonight

Yes, Britain is full of far right groups that the state needs an excuse to crack down on. Like… NA. Oh, wait, that would mean mossad is more based than I thought. inb4 I'm told about tommy's liberal shitshow

we must make sure we keep the blood untainted of slav dna, so the Africans have enough to go around

Right, after readong that absolute shit show of an OP Ive decided to clear some things up. First, NA was not funded by anyone. We pooled our money to create a small pot for expenses but we had no direct funding. We were donated a monthy rent for a small gym by an individual I will not name for obvious reasons, but all this 'Russian funded the NA honeypot'is bullshit. Second, NA was not a honey pot. It was young, likeminded national socialists coming together to advanxe their cause. That was it. Do not believe the bullshit, these kikes qant you scared shitless and sat in your parents basement. Get out and get organized with local like minded individuals.

Too many fearful faggots making pulling speculation out of their asses about the IM groups, which were the only legitimate answer to the effeminate AltKike. These useless pearlclutchers make shit up in order to justify their own inactivity irl. Instead they rally around online mountebank merchants to brag about a comically false sense of self-righteousness. “White revolution means buying my merch and making donations to me, stupid goyim!”

That's not slavros at all dude. alt-right sure hated IM though. Frankly I consider this whole "satanist" accusation against them to be one more facet of that, ancient protestant tactic commonly used in america.

As opposed to whites dying a slow death constantly cucking over optics?

David Myatt, the originator of most of this style of resistance, is a saturnian glow in the dark nigger. but I still agree with him.
And btw for the anons that haven't figured this one out yet:
Islamic jihadism is a blueprint for what will be organized in the West. They are just testing techniques.

Attached: David Myatt 2.png (1789x251 289.66 KB, 196.87K)

It could mean anything. It could mean that if you start any group, anywhere, that has a purpose of benefiting a people and ridding itself of jewish influence, that jews and jewish agents will try to infiltrate it, so that some retard like yourself could come along and claim everything is jewish, everything is mossad, give up goy.

Fuck you nigger. All operations belong to us. We will take them all. Your efforts will be reshaped and turned against you. THAT is what you fear.

It makes sense. So long as non-jews are recycling their bodies and souls through abrahamic perspectives, jews retain control over the narrative. It is when you step out of their game, and begin to play your own that they start to panic.

Attached: 1.jpg (228x248, 18.93K)

Are you fucking dense? Slavros was arrested by Russian feds plus he was against Satanism.

Kek, that Slavros you posted is whiter than the Slavros associated with Ironmarch.

Attached: AC432D03-7AD2-4D0D-A904-0E0C78921155.jpeg (1000x1333, 90.55K)

he's from Uzbekistan