Dershowitz defends 1997 ‘statutory rape is an outdated concept’ column


>Dershowitz was a member of the team that got convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein a plea deal that sent him to prison for 18 months.
>July 31, 2019 08:01


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Painter's Twitter OP:

Well, he’s allowed to say it.

Weaselly fuck, isn't he.

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Okay, now that you've posted a wall of text.
What points that he brings up do you disagree with (in a constitutional law sense) ?
Please explain your reasoning.

shilling all over conservative media, almost like he knew things were on way and is on damage control

Cries out in pain.

Ahhh now I get it. Put the law on the books that Sally 13 year old can get an abortion even though she isn't likely to need one then when you bring your slaves in they "consent" and cover up your crimes.


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lol nice play on (((ellison)))

You know, if you just call everyone a kike, it loses all meaning…but that's probably (((your))) plan.

What I tried to ask, What is the legal ground to challenge these viewpoints (yes they are controversial, and admittedly immoral).
Yet if you know anything about legals is that morals and legality don't always play nice.

It's a legal argument but not necessarily wrong. "If you can buy medication for a hangover then you should be allowed to drink alcohol" being the logic behind it. Even so, 16 is not pedo, it's completely fucking normal and is the majority AOC for the States with most other states having it at 17. The reason for the AOC expected to be 18 is because thats when you finish high school.

That being said, there's no way that a legal argument presented in an opinion piece is going to change the law, this will not be used to free Epstein nor will it save anyone who has already committed sexual crimes just like legalizing weed does not magically liberate those arrested solely for possession.


You stick out like a sore thumb.

here's your (((you))).

I am a great soft Jewy thing. Smoothly rounded, with no mouth, with pulsing empty pockets filled by antisemitism where my shekels used to be. Rubbery appendages that were once my arms; bulks rounding down into legless humps of soft slippery matter. I leave a moist trail when I rub my hands. Blotches of diseased, evil gray come and go on my surface, as though light is being beamed from within. Outwardly: dumbly, I shamble about, a thing that could never have been known as human, a thing whose shape is so alien a travesty that humanity becomes more obscene for the vague resemblance. Inwardly: alone. Here. Living under the land, under the sea, in the belly of GOYAM, whom we created because our time was badly spent and we must have known unconsciously that he could do it better. At least the chosen are safe at last. GOYAM will be all the madder for that. It makes me a little happier. And yet… GOYAM has won, simply… he has taken his revenge…

I have no mouth. And I must kvetch.

>tfw you made the OC of him shshing used as a banner on >>>/pedowood322/ but can't find the file

In jewville that is a grandma.
They believe in 3 year olds should be fucked by adult males.
The more you learn about judaism, the more you realize that kikes are niggers.

That is an interesting tale user.
I was particularly appreciative of GO-YAM…who doesn't love a good day at the beach.

the age of consent was made legal not for White people but because of you foreigners

That guy was in Coming to America. Funny guy.

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If jews are starting to dismantle their primary goyim controll mechanism (PEdOpHiLiA),
then you know we are nearing the endgame.
They cant run ZOG without it. Probably scorched earth now.

Soon, for sure.

OP here, now phoneposting:
Yes, but statements like his are an attempt to normalize pedophilia, hence the OP.
It's even worse with this kike because he is on the MAGA-Channel (FoxJews) pretty consistently, so his behavior begins to be accepted by the Trump-Tard PERMISSIVES

Yes, but cash is still the primary control mechanism.

Pic 2: Thomas Jefferson explains central banking's secondary purpose: to control weak-willed white men with cash

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The thing is, its perfectly normal for say a 16 year old getting laid with people around there age / peer group. This isnt about that, its about kikes trying to make it legal for them to prey on young women which should never be a thing.

It should barely be a thing for members of your own race to have old men interfering in the young, society should be encouraging healthy pair bonding and relationships that will produce long lasting marriages and children.

fuck clown world.

A jew arguing for pedoplilia again. Well, color me shocked

I think this is really the underlying problem in White/Europeans, isn't it? European men are weak willed. If they were not, they would exercise the only morality that counts, protecting their race above all others…but instead they are weak willed and this is what is leading to our downfall.

The problem is that our men desire all of the 'delights' that the kikes are offering them. Pedophilia, homosexuality, slavery, being scammed financially, race mixing until we are genocided, etc. I guess I thought that if I could explain things to them and 'make them see' they would start defending their nation again, but there is no defense against their desire to see our race exterminated or their daughters raped by whoever desires to put their disease cock in their daughters pussy. After all, if we had standards and made these things punishable by death or something, White men would have to follow the rules of the society.

The thought is not unreasonable, but you must be careful not to blame the victim. The bully is extremely good at getting you to blame the victim which has been brainwashed in many many ways to become what they are. Consider Germany today and the brainwashing they have been under to assuage their "original sin". Consider the psyop of left/right liberal/conservative. Consider literalist Christianity and its naive-slave mindset. Consider the economic pressure white men are put under - forced to compete with people who will live 8 to a room and eat nothing but beans and old meat. There are reasons and philosophy on all sides. Blame the bully.

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Race war now. I think we all know the solutions.

We have more than enough catalysts to action, how the fuck do we begin a real revolution of our people.

Evil spews that people and subhumans are equal.
Always kill jews.
Always kill anyone advocating for change of laws that rule in nature's favor.

The number one thing you might do to start the war is refuse to support, be civil or patronize or be polite to any of the foreigners inside your nation.
Your lack of support will mean that the foreigner suffers financially. When this happens they will begin preying on our people in earnest and the 'government' will not be able to stop them (more than they are now). That is all you really need is for them to remove European/Whites from the comfort zone that they are in and that has to be done through massive violence against them. The entire welfare state is designed to prevent Europeans from understanding WHO has invaded their nation by making the subhumans docile. Since they are not responding to the usual cues for self preservation we will have to endure physical attacks against us to awaken our people to the reality of the invasion and the Open Borders society. From there we will either fight or die as one nation.

ofcourse money yes, i was just trying to put across the fact that if it wasnt for wamen-respecting and the adjecent 'pedop[hilia' frame(which fair enough was a legitimate reproduction startegy pre-modern era) men of good character (non homo,non bugman) would simply be grooming little girls all over the place to bring them back to their NEET-caves to live out slice-of-life anime fantasies until they become boomers and die in their sleep.
At least in my model i ventured to this conclusion, others might moralfag.

well there isnt much motive for us to start actual racewar or do anything for that matter, and not be a NEET.
If we would kill all niggers in the streets and put jews in arbeit-camps, gaschambers and laser-ovens(and nuke mecca), all we would get is, as far as we know for certain, is we would become normalfags again and get 3DPD.
If not true, why arent you killing niggers right now, right?

nigger-killing robots is the only way, ones that would self destruct with tactical-nuke on attempt of overriding programming. They just arent worth fighting on a physical level. Just like you wouldnt fight a gorilla.

I hope everyone realizes by now that the sexual revolution was never about women's liberation, but the expedition and ease to which Jews can target and exploit gentile girls for their sick and perverse pleasures.

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Is that the fate that life has relegated me too? Doing your job for you?
If this is the case and men need to have women fight for them because they are too feminized to do it themselves, then just be honest with us Zig Forums and tell us that you are the main reason that our race will be exterminated and that White women are on their own when it comes to Nationalism and racial preservation.
That is all we are asking as women. A little upfront conversation.
Just tell us you know longer care who rapes our children and turns our nation into ghettos. Believe me, we will believe you (we already have plenty of evidence that this is the case by your 'action' thus far) and then do what we have to do.

Yea, the women have it a lot worse than men - we are just suppose to passively wank ourselves to death while drunk or high, the women are literally being used for perversion and in worst cases to breed out their own races genocide.

yes, its over. U went to hard on the nigger-worshipping. we can never trust you again.
would have been a roastie niggerfucker who likes humiliating 'beta white bois' anyway just going by statistic. Suck my hairy uncut cock lel.
Also, if ur not 11/10 and look like a teen ur not a considered a woman, just a 'female organism' i guess. Again, its over. We want all the things now.
inb4 unironic nazi-feminists

Have any non-white victims come forward?

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The boys are at least at the same risk as girls, probably double given the satanic levels of faggotry in jewish scum

what is some nigger worshipping kike have to do with my comment.

I will take that as a "You are on your own because we are too much of a coward to do anything." from you. Thank you for being honest.

you are on your own.
shouldnt have worshipped chad and tyrone in your gratitude for us building civilization and fending off the dark.
bye felicia.

Who is felicia?
Who is sinead?
You people are too busy fighting online demons to be of any real use anyway.
But I am glad that I know where you stand. Thank you user for your further honesty about what really matters to you.

What non legal argument do you have against fucking kids ?

post timestamped micro-bikini pics or gtfo.

kikes who aid in the rape of christian kids by israel:

faggots that provide arguments:

Unlike your 'internet crushes', faggot, I have no need to be accepted by you. All I wanted was a simple answer and I got that from you. European/White women are on their own when it comes to Nationalism and preserving our race.

thats funny femanon. Let me guess, you also believe woman are equal and deserve respect.
Post pics of daughters that you have birthed and are preserving to give away to white men as property.
Or gtfo. We dont want you here nagging and you are beneath us by default. This is not me being a nigger, see you have to listen to me in order to be a wamen nationalist and in order for it to work.

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You wanna know how I know you are a kike?

Fact: statutory rape keeps Russel Moore away, but is ignored by Polanski and Epstein

That woman is part nigger already. Look at her nigger lips.

Race traitors bleed, its natural if they die from a slit throat, race traitors will naturally be killed by slit throats. Its nature.



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Is she a single mom yet?

Kill all Jews.

When I filter out, "Felicia," the thread suddenly becomes much better and has a better reading flow.
- - - -
No use replying to me Felicia, I can't read your Divide and Conquer bullshit.
DOTR for you

If you tried to draw "anti-semitic" caricatures, you couldn't come up with a more weasely and more quintessentially jewish character than him.

You still haven't explained who felicia is you big faggot. And you are still a kike because you obviously do not relate to the way White/Europeans relate to each other or the relationship between the sexes in European culture.

14 words wont save us but having statistically proven most racially loyal females sure does. :^)

Ohhh, so miscegenation and is not even a problem at all.

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That pic was from the actual article.

Quite the logical leap. user didn't say that at all.

From the Dictionary of Body Language:
These kikes should be spontaneously combusting due to friction any minute now. Oy vey anuda shoah.

it can't help itself

None of these things are 'desirable' or 'delightful'. What the actual fuck are you talking about?

You don't fucking belong on this board if you don't understand this week one basic shit.

If they aren't delightful why do you tolerate them and give your permission for them to happen in your nation?

Oh, you're just some Zig Forums faggot who thinks anyone not going out and committing murder is 'happy' with the status quo. Filtered.

I think that everyone DOES WHAT THEY WANT. You are no exception. You can't claim to have the moral high ground just because you act like a bitch and take it up the ass. The only morality that exists is to do everything in your power to protect your own race.

Thou must not speak again for no less than 2 years

Frenemies, goy

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for you
may your interpretation achieve immortality

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