Instead of property, everything is a service. The economy of subscriptions is coming

Subscriptions become the basis for the use of many goods. It is part of a growing economy of sharing, where access and use, not possession, counts. The economy of subscriptions is also attempted by traditional industries and in a few years it may dominate a significant part of the distribution of services and products.

Business based on the subscription model has been known for a long time, although it was limited to only a few industries, such as telecommunications and media. Digitalization and related social changes have changed the way of delivering content and services to consumers interested in using rather than owning them.

Property rights have been so violated that soon no one will own anything. You can no longer legally root your own mobile phone, modify the game console, buy and repair a broken Tesla car - and so on, and the list continues to grow. It is possible that in time the concept of hardware warranty will also disappear: the "time of use" will be introduced, for example, 3 years. After this time, by virtue of licenses, patents, contracts and the letter of the law, the use of the product will be prohibited/ illegal/punitive, even if it does not break down and is fully functional - it may be switched off remotely. This will lead to a "subscription" mechanism - that is, you will not buy a TV any more, but only a monitor with a license to watch TV channels. The same applies to PC games. Example

-Steam collapses or begins to require a monthly subscription and its users are palely afraid

By the way, hardly any product will work for longer than the "use-by" period foreseen by its manufacturers.

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People just disobey this stuff. The internet would regard it as damage. I know the wannabe gods of this society are broken incompetents who want to die with inequality more than they want the eternal life potential enabled by a sufficiently functional society, but we are better served not to let them get their way. Shills still pretend nazism is something other than Africa’s sod, but in broader society there’s a growing need for the commercial classes to return value in more literal forms. An excessively parasitic model will be ripped out as uneconomical - capitalists may have fallen to seeking death, but most people find much meaning in their lives.

Butthurt fags have been predicting this for years.

People are already preparing a Steam virtual network.

If Steam goes down, that will go up and trick your computer to believe Steam is still alive and you can play whatever games you want.

Capitalist wet dream, but will be spun with a libshit public face.

Then they jack the automatic monthly charges up every year at twice the rate of inflation or more, then give the 3rd degree when you attempt to cancel and switch (assuming there's even anything available to switch to).

Must be nice to be able to give yourself automatic raises like that.

You mean like in the UK?

That's already the case.

However, I'm not convinced by all the doom and gloom. Over seven scooter companies came to my city and spammed the streets with scooters and bikes. I hardly see them anymore, maybe there's one or two companies left.

All this shit looks great on paper, but the fact of human nature is that if you rent someone a mule, he is going to whip the fuck out of the mule until there's the mule is almost dead. So the cost to rent your mule out isn't use of a mule for a day, it's getting a new fucking mule after a few days, which is what all these companies are finding out the hard way.

Oh, and uber is losing money massively, so this business model has yet to be proven.

As for the "right to repair" there's some legislation working their way through the government, we'll see where that goes. You can look into "John Deere" tractors to see where a lot of this started.

Still buying my music on CD, movies on DVD
Subs are for bugmen


A life of perpetual hire purchase with no purchase in sight. Odd how the left that used to try to protect the working man from this form of exploitation, yet now actively propagates it. The jew truly does own both sides and both are striving to reach his goal of worldwide serfdom for the masses

Old news nigger. Already here.

Well currently Steam promises to provide DRM free executables of all your games should they have to shut down.
Based on Gabes general behaviour and the sort of people he tends to hire? I think it would likely happen.

If they have to shut down, there will be no money to make these versions or to distribute them.

They can release the crack post-mortem.

That is why any laws that don't benefit people must all be ignored and their enforcers killed. The lobysts pushing for those practices must also be killed.

One would presume they have the DRM free executables already and it would just be a question of uploading them somewhere.
It's also likely that considering Valves longstanding commitment to make the games on the platform available for download in the event of a shutdown that they have set aside a fair amount of money to act as the emergency funding for such a situation to keep servers up and cover bandwidth costs.

Steam DRM is not a problem in itself because it's easily cracked.

It's more advanced shit like Denuvo that is the problem.

That I would imagine they can not do anything about.

Fortunately, even Denuvo gets regularly cracked nowadays.

If they make all games into services, we make them into free products.

Realistically I think the games as a service crowd are hoping Googles "console" will work out.
It won't fortunately as bandwidth requirements for it can't be met outside of a few wealthy neighbourhoods and major urban centres.

If they manage to get it to work then they won't need to send you any files or worry about piracy. It'll all be housed on a server farm under the control of a company like Google.

You can legally alter the warez in any device you own.
It is protected speech.

The (alert) people remember. Have a list and add to it whenever necessary.

Even if the electrical grid or internet is sabotaged, I will still have my verse translations of classic European epics. I'll be happy to let you read them.

John Deere is already preventing farmers from repairing their equipment themselves. A healthy white society would have capable farmers with equipment they understand and can take care of themselves, and would hire the youth to pick the produce during harvest season (the original reason for summer break) rather than use illegal slavelabor.

Acquire the tools of your trade, whatever it may be. Learn basic repair and upkeep of your possessions and purchase sturdy, older versions of things where possible to avoid some of the planned obsolescence. I'm not a computers guy, so I can't give any advice on that front, but definitely make friends with other white men in your area and trade skilled work for skilled work, creating a parallel system to lessen the reliance on corrupt institutions.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't most American farmers have subscriptions to seed companies which sell them 'suicide seeds' that cannot grow food with replantable seeds?

Correct. F1 hybrid seeds, which make up the vast majority of our produce, do not make seeds that have the same genetics as they did. Essentially, we eat mulatto foods. Our ancestral foods, both plant and animal, are currently experiencing a silent genocide in the name of greater profit.
When the White American farmer has to compete with the rest of the world for the lowest price produce, some are bound to cut corners, and the ones (I've seen) who pursue heirloom plant and animal farming are either leftist hippies with brown children or are Alex-Jones-tier boomer "I'll be in my bunker with muh constitution" types. I don't agree with them, but both sides do provide growing information that I can use for myself. Maybe all the good folk are keeping quiet right now and selling mostly to their families and friends.
They type of vegetables you want are the open-pollinated ones, also sometimes called heritage or heirloom. You especially want to avoid the GMOs, but everyone knows that. Not only vegetables, but farm animals of heritage breeds are also sturdier, able to take inclement conditions, and can find nutrients in imperfect environments, which means you won't have to buy Monsanto's GMO feed corn, fertilizers, and hormones. You'll also have the satisfaction of eating the same pork and beets that your ancestors 600 years ago or more did.
If you can stomach a self-satisfied jew writing for other jews, I recommend the book, "Gardening When It Counts" by Steve Solomon. His writing voice is insufferably elitist and he laughs at all the goys that get ripped off by the garden-seed trade, but he explains the methods he uses to reliably grow produce with less money and effort input. The book is focused on gardening enough to support one family, but it cites older techniques that have been discarded in favor of trendy eco-consumer bs. I didn't enjoy the book, but the information is valuable. The fertilizer recipe alone is worth the hard copy.

Speaking of hard copies, if you have any favorite written works or visual art, consider keeping a high-quality hard copy of it in a vaguely temperature-stable place, protected from sunlight. We no longer have the Statue of Zeus at Olympia, but we have depictions of it that our forefathers made. Without their efforts, all knowledge of this great wonder and feat of white man's skill would have been lost. What modern works will we lose forever in the subscription economy?

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Fuck Russia. Fucking GRUnigger.

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lol imagine being a white guy and trying to cope with all their women being taken by another race

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If you have the means and the knowledge, you can still modify anything you want. Nobody can forbid you to do this.

Shouldn't you be trafficking children or drugs, or shooting Palestinian civilians? You insufferable (((faggot))).

Book not selling as well as you had hoped, Mr. Solomon?

But they can and will prosecute you for the modification of their software, etc. as soon as they are aware you are doing so. Understand that I am not telling you to avoid modifying what you want, as that's a fantastic skill to have, but know what you are getting into. There corporations are huge and have ruthless lawyers and buckets of money with which they can drown little old you.
On a more hopeful note, I do not believe that this subscription economy idea is sustainable. Of course, they will wring every last cent out of it and it will be a choking force for some time to come. It could get incredibly ugly if vital services like computer operating systems and cars decide to "deplatform" white people for wrongthink. In such a world, open source software would thrive as people turn to it in their uncertainty. Also valuable would be things that you can't be deplatformed from- for example, an older model car that you can repair by hand rather than a smart car that needs a special repair by its manufacturer, as well as the skills to use and repair old fashioned things/tools. Such a world would require deplatformed whites to help one another out, and could be the push needed to create a better world for us, though it would be uncomfortable for some time.
As always, improve your skills, take care of your health, and learn as much as you can. Look for alternatives to subscription services. I have included an image of some alternatives to creative software, but there are alternatives to everything including microsoft word (and I don't mean google docs, either)

It's a bot triggered by a file name in an above post. Filter it and continue a useful conversation instead of derailing.

They have recently been introducing a way of making transactions through one's phone, and phones are, of course, a subscription service. I wonder what will happen to individuals who are deplatformed from their phones (yes I know that it's currently against the law, but the people in charge have demonstrated that the law will be whatever they say it is in the moment.) in a world where phone transactions are commonplace and expected. Hopefully, by then, such vulnerable individuals will have bartering networks with each other so that they can have bread, clothes, and basic medical care, and hopefully some smart individuals (unlike the shills here trying to start arguments) will have taken time out of their day to perfect the skills necessary to produce the necessities themselves and made friends with other like-minded individuals before such a deplatforming happens.

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Taxes and planned obsolescence have already ensured this beyond subscription.

Oh cool. An economy where you're targeted and made mentally ill if you try to create anything and your only option is debt and subscription services that spy on you.

Can someone fucking blow up these shit cities and industrial areas already so we can go back to being human beings


Yeah just use some inferior shitware that no professional bothers with because some autistic pedophile crook is mad at something.

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Holy christ, how much do they pay you to post here?

Yes because I am not some communist hippie, I just dont support (((corporations))).

The psychosis killing pol

Paid shill confirmed. NEVER use Adobe products.

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If you're not already pirating everything then you might be a retard

Fucking kill yourself while telling yourself Gimp is just as good as photoshop lul

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Wrong, nigger. More pointless features != superior product.

Which one is free?

Look at this fucking retard, tell me of one professional artist/developer whatever who uses freeware shit made by third class programmers.
Its all junk.

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Hahahaa. I can tell you have never worked a day in your life because you would know that zero companies out there would dedicate work (money) to doing things "in case they go out of business". It's push this out so we can make money, and onto the next thing. There's no golden archive of shit to release if they go under.

Again, they have no crack. That's work for no payoff, thus it isn't done.



Actual opensource car pic attached.

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Farmers can do whatever they want if they own the equipment. The limitations seem based on the fact that many farmers rent or are making payments and do not own anything they use.
Seems like a huge pile of monies waiting to fall into some Zig Forumsfag's lap.
Here is an alternative to relying on others, for those who own their stuff:
Install it.
The Car Hacker's Handbook
Buy it.
And the Copyright Office ruling:

Anybody can read and alter any software or hardware so long as they do not "publish", "trade", or "sell" the "intellectual property" of the initial creator, e.g., deere, ford, etc.
There is still question of artistic derivitaves tho tbh.

I am sure you keep up just fine with your colleagues in the industry working with or for actual companies.

What a piece of shit.

Sometimes the backyard car gets it right. 70+mpg with nothing but shitty fiberglass.

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Taxation on property means your property is a service you pay to use.
Taxation on your income means your job is a service you pay to keep.
It was only a matter of time, in fact, it's already here.


seeing it in cars already, cars so expensive, face pierced purple hair neckbeards Lease instead of Buy.
If you Lease, Bank really does own car (any item), so what is to stop Bank from allowing alphabet agencies to F with/shut off your car.

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While Gimp may be comparable to Photoshoop, Inkscape is cancer and deserves death. Illustratoor can do basic stuff that Inkscape can't and the only reason is actual Inkscape devs say to suggestions like artboards and a fucking cursor: "we are not Adobe". No shit fucksticks, you are supposed to be better tho.

That said. Freecad is comparable to Solidworks even if the interface is not as clear as it could be but there is nothing that compares to Rhino for surface modeling that isn't also "sekrit" that I know of. Any suggestions ?

I have yet to try it.
Downloading now.

i am concerned with the delegation of computing power to a cloud based subscription service. i've seen articles about how big tech wants everyone on a tablet or phone (not on a desktop with computing power) and they have to pay a monthly fee to have the computing power to game at 1080p 60fps (for example)

/cyber/ didnt think this was a big deal, but i suggest getting the gear you need while you can get it. like harddrives for example. delegating storage or computing power to some company seems like a massively bad idea. there could be outages, data wipes (even malicious memory holing of certain books, movies etc)

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its called Cloud computing, or Cloud gaming

Not sure how this is possible, provided you buy and own the equipment. It's yours and you can do whatever you want with it. I own my phone, I DON'T just lease it.

There's a theory a lot of these services are subsidised as a kind of shitty, privatised social welfare scheme plus data mining effort. You can always go drive Uber rather than starve, and with enough such shitty "contractor" jobs you have a whole economy of people that would otherwise be on government welfare. Plus data mining.

I leased my old car before I sold it.
Got a 0% interest deal for being a credit union member.
I got the title and the manufacturers cert on signing.
So, no, the lender doesn't "own" it.
Maybe if Deere does loans themselves.
Kill all network signals by removing the broadcast devices (gps, sat, bt).
Replace dangerous computerized parts with non-computerized parts, such as the ignition, braking, and steering.
Keep useful computer functions such as light sensors and cruise control.
Always drive the speed limit.
Especially if you are a leaf in burgerlund.

Affinity Photo is a better alternative than GIMP, with keyboard shortcuts that are nearly identical to Photoshop.
Affinity Designer is a good replacement for Illustrator
GIMP is still good for Windows icons, though

Yes, I do. See, skill is the foundation of quality work, not a software's features. Do you understand what I'm saying, you absolute cretin?

Great! Krita has everything an artist needs.

they can if they are actively monitoring your hardware and detect an anomoly. they can do that with dish network TV receivers now.

Skill alone can only take you so far just like good equipment can only take you so far, but yeah keep telling yourself your shitware is just as good as industry standard, fucktard.

Also jfl at being an "artist", how about doing some labor you fucking parasite.

those bunkbeds look like cribs up top.
based sprawl reference user


Imagine all the jewry associated with copyright, dmca laws etc effecting things as mundane as groceries or furniture. Don't like how we jacked up the price on the "basic greens" food package? Sure you can cancel! But you're banned from the store for breach of contract. Good luck finding another supplier too, even if we weren't a monopoly we still share a customer blacklist with all of our so called "competitors".

People always freak out about GMOs for the wrong reasons, cross breeding corn to make it disease resistant is fine. But no one talks about how plants are modified to have their seeds be worthless, if they even make them at all.

Haha, I can tell you've never worked a year in your life, the company isn't going to hire someone to schedule every hour of every day, you're given a list of priorities, and people are expected to get pretty far on their low priority unfunded items.
But what this is actually about is Steam has agreements with the software companies, probably including that Steam keeps the no-drm exes on some server somewhere in case the software companies themselves disappear, whether or not Steam has a plan to release them if Steam goes away.

Krita installed quickly and has features like Photoshoop and Sketchbookpro.
Idk if you are familiar with sbp.
It is streamlined digital painting from autojew.
Will use this from now on.

I disagree.
A great builder can't do much without quality tools and materials.
See: formZ


No, Jewish would be figuring out how to get a discount on Photoshop as reparations for the five grandparents you lost in the Holocaust, then arguing that since you have Photoshop you're a real artist so your art should be on display in the museum, then using the fact that your art is on display to hook up with a rich woman.
Aryans use the cheapest tool they can use.

>shilling unnecessary and expensive equipment made by large, anti-White (((companies)))
>shitting on "parasites" who don't contribute enough to (((society)))
Right, you're a fucking lolberg. Lel, I'm embarrassed that I actually wasted time responding to you.

What do you make ?
I used to build furniture but now I build European-styled houses and put one or two historically accurate pieces in.
Is it made of…. wood?!

Best suited for the job.
- - - - - - - -

Why so sperging you fucking hippie, did your commune run out of drugs?
Who cares you fucking faggot.

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I love it that I can buy a card to use my smartphone on the three or so times a year I am walking in a city and actually need it. Anyway, when my Office 365 subscription expires I'm going back to OpenOffice.

All the good taxi drivers now drive for them or lyft and/or the food delivery companies and several drug dealers and others merchants. The taxi driver as majordomo isn't going away anytime soon. Once someone open-sources the app and taxi co-ops (re) appear it will go back to "normal."

I bought one of these and used an ipod:

You're stupid if you do though since you're putting wear and tear on your vehicle so a (((middleman))) can profit.

Again, an informal jitney service arranged through trusted friends of trusted friends, or an open source dispatch/payment service will kill Kikeber. Just wait.

Amen, John Deere and GMO seed providers had independent farmers in choke holds for nearly two decades. It was getting bad enough people were considering buying Chinese farm equipment even if it was less efficient.
Signing a contract to use and service something a certain way after you own it in total and title is bullshit.

Read your EULA, you will be surprised what you can or cannot do (under color of "law") with products you "own."

Do these drivers make a profit, period, considering all of their gas and maintenance costs? I thought it was proven a while ago that working for Uber is some super goyim bullshit.

I think about the future and I just want to die…

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Basically with 5g you play your game on their computers at their data-center. You just have a screen + controller that is hooked up to their computer in whatever location.

Its like if you were playing an xbox with a 500 mile long cables attached to it.

Steamwork DRM is easily cracked.

Don't forget you have to have a car that is sufficiently new in its make.

Micro$oft have been doing this for years now. It's called Software As a Service, SAS. After reading through it, it's all subscription based software of their latest Office, etc. It's slightly cheaper, but the catch is, you have to sign THEIR contract, meaning they can "inspect" (((illegitimately own))) your material for there own malicious uses.

As OP puts it, you don't own anything, even your own material once you 'sign' their dirty contracts.

Alternatives are becoming the norm, because once you are out of subscription, the total costs (for the life of) of SAS are enormous compared to one-time ownership of something.

If you have a system, or Office product, Windows etc, now is the time to make an backup 'Image' of it. If your computer fails somewhere down the line, you'll at least be able to recreate what you've lost for no money, instead of $$$ubscribing to everything.

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Just looked it up, seems neat as fuck. What have you done in it, if you can/want to share?

Is that actually a prerequisite? How does anyone make money doing this?

I wish private space agencies had subscriptions. It is stable long term to keep them rolling without jewing.

I believe the car has to be no more than 5 years old and can't be a compact.

It is so fucking cringey but you are right. I started doing a subscription box thing 3 months ago. $45/box and including shipping each box costs me $12. So far ive found 79 retards willing to give me $45 a month to receive a box that I spend maybe a day planning. The time to take advantage of npcs is now.


I reiterate—how does anyone make a profit?

Yet (((you're))) shilling for supporting (((corporations))).

They're both free, user. ; )

None of us will own anything ever again. The kikes always find a way to outsmart us. The subscription economy will grant them ultimate victory over humanity. There is nothing we can do to stop it.

Even if everything becomes subscriptions you still download for offline use. This is what the normalfaggots are doing paying, Pandora and Netflix while downloading everything they want to watch or listen to.