Degeneracy in (((Education)))

As part of my eventual move to Svalbard

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doesn't usa have holocaust class? hahaha

i'm fucking retarded i didn't even read
but yes, you're right. i tried it once and stopped trying to learn polish because it kept giving me shit sentances.

These are just from the time since I posted this. The really sickening thing is just how willing the users in the forums are to heap praise on the content. (I've been shadowbanned from the discussion forums. Took half a day.)

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The worst thing about teachers is they complain about their pay while babysitting nignogs (their choice) and then retire with comfy pensions that white working men pay for. That can be said for any government worker though.

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Not your blog nigger.

I know it's stretching the limits of good judgement to think that Zig Forums is interested in either foreign languages or education, but hope springs eternal.

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The Select Committee to Investigate Tax-Exempt Foundations and Comparable Organizations was an investigative committee of the United States House of Representatives between 1952 and 1954.
The committee investigated the use of funds by tax-exempt organizations (non-profit organizations) to see if they were being used to support communism.
The committee was alternatively known as the Cox Committee and the Reece Committee after its two chairmen, Edward E. Cox and B. Carroll Reece.

"Some of the larger foundations have directly supported 'subversion' in the true meaning of that term–namely, the process of undermining some of our vitally protective concepts and principles. They have actively supported attacks upon our social and governmental system and financed the promotion of socialism and collectivist ideas."


Aren't you that aussie who made the whites-must-become-volcanonigger-super-soldiers thread? You make the same shit on 4chan so it's easy to track you. Your super soldier thread has been made multiple times on 4chan, as have your Banks Island thread and your Svalbard thread, all with the AU flag. You even earlier said that whites should turn themselves orange skinned to live on Mars. Are you just a shitposter or do you have some bizarre transformation fetish?

I did not start the Svalbard thread, but I am very glad for whomever-the-fuck did.

You made a near identical pastebin thing for Mars:

Banks Island thread:

Now what, Venus?

The only one you didn't seem to make (on 4chan) was the Svalbard one, but that thread appeared here a year later and you could've just copypasted it from 4chan:

ehh not a bibleanon but
The confusion of tongues (confusio linguarum) is the origin myth for the fragmentation of human languages described in the Book of Genesis 11:1–9, as a result of the construction of the Tower of Babel.
the zero effort to unify human conversation across the globe with one single language is the founding pillar of the principle of divide and conquer.

there are some "languages" where there are more and easily availiable literature, guides and general media being produced for and others, which do not have the same levels of availiability for learning material.
some languages are more basic some more advanced, some crude , some extremely precise.
i for my part do not have any experience with bias and indoctrination through language learning except the stuff which got shilled in my country back in the days. lately i have learned two very based languages , one of which is russian and the other of which is hebrew and in both cases the materials i got for learning both ranged from neutral to based. men dating girls , do general busyness stuff , navigate , debate etc. no refugee propaganda , no lgbtq normalizations etc.
i am very intrigued by your depiction and if i happen to find the time i will probably start to learn norwegian in the near future just to be able to check out how corroded they have become…
maybe finnish first because all the finns i've met were really nice people, next time ill try to find out if they have something like svalbard in finland too…
wish you all the best at svalbard be sure to keep 8ch in touch when you have set up shop with your original svalbardian whale oil surströmming sealskinsocks empire !

I studied Arabic for years and, of course, had absolutely zero interaction with any "progressive" materials. I don't think it's necessarily the language so much as the medium. (Though, of course, the language does, I really believe, change the kinds of thinking patterns a person has access to. I dreamt in Norwegian for the first time last night!)

But Duolingo is just corrupted to the core; I worked through their new Arabic tree in a day, and it had exactly the same kind of nonsense. I just maxxed out the Norwegian tree after 18 days, and I will probably not go back.

But Norwegian, let me say, is a magnificent language. For anyone coming from a Germanic language background, it just makes a lot of intuitive sense, and the way they make compound words is just brilliant (an "octopus" is an ink-squirter, "oppose" is stand-against… the list goes on). I've studied about 12 languages, and Norwegian stands at the top of the heap. I just love it. (Norway is freaking great, too.)

Study well, user! Enjoy!

OH hey, one other thing: clozemaster is the best language app/website I've ever seen. If you like languages, I think you'll find something there to learn from.

holy. fucking. shit. you gotta be kidding me!

It’s legit run by or at least infiltrated by dishonest people, though OP’s complaints are mostly bogus. The inclusivity isn’t problematic, it’s rational. Duolingo’s integrity problem is separate.

I opened Duolingo and tried learning some German, and something I realised is that they love using "das" (gender-neutral) instead of "die" (which is specifically female)

I do not mean to suggest that women cannot or should not be doctors or prime ministers. When EVERY prime minister or doctor is a woman and the men are all bus drivers, I begin to wonder whether there's an agenda. Add to this the incredible amount of time speaking about immigrants and refugees, the Gloria Steinem quotes (One of the exercises is literally "A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.") the gay flags (but not once the Norwegian or American/UK flag)… A pattern emerges.

But women should not be prime ministers.

I know this is Zig Forums, and I understand mediated speech has no value, but the point was simply that I'd be more than happy to allow a theoretical female prime minister in my language learning app; not

Why did you ignore this post?

I learned a long time ago that talking to schizos is pointless. I did not start any of the threads you mentioned, I do not start threads on cuckchan, I have no real desire to go to Mars or Venus, to change my skin color, or to do anything other than to study Norwegian. I do not give a single fuck about the establishment of an ethnostate, I do not give a single fuck about your stalking, your archiving, or your sad life, and you are quite fucking welcome to stop shitting up this thread. Take your meds you fucking twat.

You write just like that aussie on 4chan, now with better grammar. Are you a jew just shitting up threads with larp faggotry? And, if you're paid, do you live/work in Melbourne?

Good goyim, flee to some frozen shithole while we destroy your home.

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Read this and don't post again until you understand the dharma. Thx.

Fuck the dharma and fuck you.

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op kvifor planleggar du og flytta til svalbard? aleine? kva vil du oppnå?

Jeg reiste til norge to år siden og jeg elsker deg. Og jeg trenger ikke (den tingen for passet mitt) i Svalbard. Jeg vil leser Hamsun i norsk og snakker fisk og ser isbjørn og alle det. Og ja bare meg. En år kanskje? To? Jeg vet ikke.

gee, I wonder why? Stop using kike shit.

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t. nigger

kjekt å høyra, eg smådrøymar om å kanskje gjera noko liknande ein gong. du får ha lykke til. (den tingen du referere til kallast visum)

hahaha, bra setning. du er morsom.

Wew. I'd tell you to go back but I'd rather you just kys instead schizotard.

Jeg skal skittpost når jeg ankomme og hvis du er i naborlag kan vi drikker øl og snakker/spiser fisk og kjempe en isbjørn.

løl ja snakker fisk og spiser fisk øgså
bare 18 dag!

Fuck sake that was *my* plan to move to Svalbard with my Danish wife.
I'm learning Danish, written it's quite similar to Norwegian but fuck it's a mumbling language.
Haven't seen much on Duolingo though I'm quite early in. The main concern about Duolingo is that it actively seeks to teach rapefugees Swedish and other European languages to speed the process of intergration. Sweden is one of the most popular course for non English speaking people.

Jeg elsker duolingo og sut dets pik :^)

wrong, the biggest is English and french.

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Maybe for nordcucks. When learning German everything was kosher except the multiracial images.

I could be wrong, but I think the point user was trying to make is that people use Duolingo in Sweden to learn Swedish.

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Going to uninstall Duolingo and switch to clozemaster post haste, thanks user. I used Duo to refresh on my Russian before I went on a trip to Ukraine but the sheer volume of race-mixing anti-nationalist propaganda disgusted me.

The faggot known as OP thought he was going to learn Norwegian on his gay phone.

I thought you might find this funny, but I got this sentence from Clozemaster just now:
"“The Satanic Verses” by Salman Rushdie is a real masterpiece of modern literature."

this was reading material at a university apparently

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You're actually retarded.

I'm learning German on Duolingo right now and haven't run into anything like that yet.

Try learning Hebrew. The first things you learn are "Dad is coming" "Mom is coming" "They are coming" - It's very weird.

Who is Stefan?

Organized Education is a terrible thing, whether public or private. You are sending your children to learn provably wrong bullshit and what is actually true is taught with extreme gaps. Homeschool your children. Worse, your child may qualify for GATE. Perhaps even worse your child may be misdiagnosed by your nigger preschool teacher to have ADHD and then be put on such intense pills he is put into sped classes and all symptoms of being high are blamed on his false illness. I should know, both things happened to me. I will not go into the full story now but the horrors of organized education are one of the truest evils on this planet today. I am a victim of MKUltra and am still attempting to sort out which lessons were fact and which lessons were fiction

what's that ?

I used to take the German course from French and I never had this type of sentences. WTF?

I'm going tp play Clozemaster apologist: If you read how they get the sentences, they are drawn from, which may or may not be compromised, but which is at least Creative Commons. Clozemaster itself is just a skin on a decade+ old CC database. I call it plausible deniability.

No it isn't, you fucking outsider. But I guess you should keep ignoring all the evidence in the thread of how fucked the education systems are and convince us you're educated, because that makes sense, right retard?

I'm working for Berlitz, and there's a unit called
with conversational vocab like "climate change," as in:
All of education, from language learning to social studies, and science (maybe not math) is injected with propaganda where it has no logical place.

>continues to hide power level

If race/sex/orientation don't matter, why is this relevant?

Literally every reading, English, and social studies curriculum has a lolocaust unit in every grade and possibly every chapter.

Is there a single industry not kiked?

I was lucky to have spent years writing curricula in Saudi. Literally the promised land of not-having-to-hide-the-powerlevel. Coming back to America has been physically painful.

I've learned basic russian from duolingo and op is just an autist cuck with a learning disability putting blame on teaching strategies

You spent a bunch of time doing multiple-choice questions that could be solved by brute pattern recognition, and could thus be successfully accomplished by a crow. Just because Duolingo gave you XP (oh hey; it's almost like they know how vidya-game addled brains react to the dopamine triggers) doesn't mean you know Russian. Duolingo has no "teaching strategy." It has a let's-make-people-feel-good rat-pellet strategy.

be me
return to higher education for STEM degree
before understanding how pozzed it is, opens mouth to say things that were totally normal 10 years ago, like "There is no shortage of Chinese people on the planet."
whole class either laughs uproariously or is horrified
by end of semester realize that education is so pozzed that teachers are 'on the lookout' and 'report' anyone who is not complicit with the jew agenda
get reported
on one more 'list'
we live in new communist soviet era nation
afraid that me just being me will result in being expelled from university

i don't know how kikes can even take themselves seriously when they look this fuckin goofy

I am lucky that I can no longer even make it through the oblate negro spheroid gauntlet of the normal American university HR department in order to even consider applying for a job here. Back in 2015 I refused to participate in LGBT week and wasn't recontracted.

I had been using it for a couple of years too, I finally lost it and trashed it after seeing the n-th interracial couple picture.

Can we please get a word filter for Svalbard = I’m a stupid nigger

Anyone who cannot understand the allure of the hyperborean frontier is a spiritual nigger and has no home on Zig Forums. Please go back to Fark nå, takk.

That ain't nothing, peep this. Not only is she shitting on white kids, she's shilling for Netflix pedo kids shows on her Twitter.

Gradually I become more and more convinced that ethnostate is the only solution. So enraging!

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an actual good post on education (from a /cuckchan/ thread on Clinton's latest email release)

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Thanks, please make sure the next Trump administration runs such a investigation.

And also thanks, I may learn it.

We have three articles in German and use all of them, which might make the language hard to learn. But we use more compound words, so you might not need to learn that many unrelated words like someone learning English (which sucks).

We won’t be doing what you want, jew.

I got this a while back

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Who are you? That was my plan, too. Then I looked up the demographics: it's full of SEA monkies. There simply is no such thing as a white country anymore.

I'm learning Dutch on Duolingo and I get none of those things you mentioned. In fact, I have not seen a single real piece of poz.

Even if you're not getting those things, Duolingo is still shit. Any primer on Second Language Acquisition will explain why this is the case.

What do you recommend then?

Well this made me sad.
To know we're so heavily fucked from the get go. I mean I sort of knew but to hear it properly described throws it into a new light.

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Also been using Duolingo to learn German. Have you noticed that a toilet is used as the icon for household-related lessons?

As far as apps go, Clozemaster and LingQ are both better. L2 acquisition really is all about comprehensible input (existing just at the edge of it) and context; Duolingo is magnificently bad at both. Leaving aside its absurd claims (34 hours of Duolingo is the same as a semester's class? No.) its ubiquity should be a fairly clear indicator that it's not serious. In exactly the same way that Rosetta Stone was a pile of shit before it, so too is Duolingo nothing more than marketing mixed with clever design. (muh XP)