The sad truth about humanity is that vast majority of people is uninteresting , boring and lazy

Regardless of :

-skin colour
-political views

Most people in every country in the world is just uninteresting , boring and lazy.

Most people people can only talks about credits, about boring work or complaining about his health.

Eveybody plays a very mature because he has got a job or or he's bought a boring used car, which he can now boast about.

A typical grey , boring exemplary citizen can only talk about health,job,his wife or finances.

Seriously with how many people could you discuss about space, car tuning if someone had such hobby, RC-modeling ,origami, about philosophy , psychology , inventions , art ,about all sorts of interesting things?

The sad truth about humanity is that really extraordinary people who have extraordinary skills, abilities and interests are a definite exception to the norm in almost every country in the world.

Think how many people do you or I know who do something similar to the people described below?

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First I am white and I live in country where its even hard to find any black person who is living in my country.

Second : Your statement does not bring anything to the thread so I don't even know why you wrote this post at all.


You seem like a boring person yourself, if all that’s interesting is related to mechanics. It’s only a little bit interesting.

Truly interesting people are usually browsing /fringe/ and developing their latent abilities instead of limiting themselves to the narrow vision of the world that “science” has to offer,

I can live with boring if it doesn't disrupt communities or undermine society,

space is boring, it's just a vacuum of nothing, the nearest star is 4 light-years away.

I've built a car, a house, numerous rc aircraft and can fly them all to competition level.
Car tuners are dull
Car builders are dull
House builders are dull
But the most dull unwordly socially inept people I have ever met are rc modelers.


Zig Forums is reddit now apprently

We’re reaching fedora levels that shouldn’t be possible.

This is exactly what jews think about goyim, OP.

I find my own people quite stimulating and I am always delighted to interact with them since most of them have done so many interesting things and been through so many interesting experiences.
Is it wrong to surmise that you are part of people who are low IQ and boring? Perhaps, but that is what you seem to be saying with your OP (that you are not White).

Stop being a bolshie gunt. Go get your Highlands Ability Battery done, quit talking smack about your race and serve it.

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Its not that simple .Even in Israel some Jews are more equal than other Jews.

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Make life interesting for yourself, nobility means knowingness in Latin.

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oooh I am going to sample that for a musical creation.

Yep. Now that we've cleared that up, give yourself a thermite colonoscopy.


so you've learned that most people, regardless of race and gender, are mindless sheep
which people have known for centuries

Extremely relevant and useful thread, OP. KYS

Hanging out with leftypol retards again, user?

I accidentally opened the board when opening the main 4 and decided to browse a little

Boring is good. Boring is the best. You're not supposed to be constantly happy, constantly enthralled, constantly entertained. You're supposed to do work to be able to live off of the fruits of your labor.

this same post was on leftypol yesterday

Great guy but that was fucking terrible, shouting is not a substitute for actual emotion.

user, they're just NPC's, you should know that. They are just brainless, algorithmic characters placed into the world to give it more substance. Only like 10% of humanity are actual humans, PC's. 90% of the population are NPC's, which is why once you look passed their body mesh textures, you realize they are almost completely identical. As you said, dumb, boring and most of all LAZY. You just have to accept it and seek out the more interesting and cool people. That's part of why I like Zig Forums, yeah there's a lot of spergs and spaztics, but there's also a lot of smart people who are worth conversing with as well.

No, your life just sucks, OP. You haven't met 0.000001% of people.

I've found that you have to show yourself to be interesting first before the other interesting people will open up to you. When someone is enthusiastic about a subject they enjoy and attempt to engage in conversation with someone who has no knowledge or desire to know about said subject, it can frustrate or embarrass the enthusiast. Many people have hobbies that they keep to themselves because they caught shit from one of those boring people you hate so much. You want to find interesting people join a hobbyist/social group of whichever subject you want to focus on. Don't limit yourself to one subject or one group of a certain subject. Interesting people exist, but you have to search them out. They're not going to come looking for a lazy-ass newfag like you.

Most people are cool in their own way. I want nearly everyone to live forever, and I’ll tolerate the surplus peacefully.

People who have money to do "exiting" things also have families, so they don't have the time to do hundreds of hours of research, designing and building that is necessary.
At work most of my co-workers got exited about the french army hoverboard, but none of them will spent the time needed to build one.

That's the way it's supposed to be. If everyone was independent minded a society couldn't function. It's only bad when the wrong people are in charge.

Well, a MAJORITY might be boring, alright, but not a 95% majority, not in Germany at least.

Let me just count the more interesting people I know or know of in my western german 1.200 people village (that I recently moved to): two families doing desert trucking in asia and africa with their own huge expedition trucks, at least 6 houses with gigantic amateur radio antennaes, one dude who is part of an international flight observation network, three families breeding rare species like some deer and strange cattle, at least 20 people running the village museum and doing field trips, about a dozen people running a wellknown and very active pagan center, a larger group of older and a few younger men engage in breeding small animals like doves and chickens and have won quite a few prices over the year, several horselovers with one who has won medals. And the usual hundreds of unpaid volunteers running a dozen basically free of charge sports clubs, fire department, children activities, christian welfare, desaster relief and so on. And there are a lot of people I still don't know.

The tiny village as a whole is participant in two national trailblazing initiatives and many here participate to make it happen.

And this is all a side show to the peoples jobs here as there are very few families on welfare. (and very few nonwhites, like 3 of them). Some of those jobs are really interesting too: one guy works in particle physics, several are software engineers, one works as engineer for a big german car manufacturer, one dude is an expert photographer, one builds rc planes for a living.

As for interesting in talking politics: I can have no holds barred conversations with about half a dozen people and can partially reveal my views in most public settings without unfair opposition, meaning it turns into a discussion, not into a freespeech massacre.

Now this is not an unusual village in my area, certainly not famous for anything, if not belittled.

There are lots of interesting people out there, go out and meet them, put politics aside for a while and make friends. Sometimes those friends then open up and you find out they also think like you.

And even if they don't: loving them will give you extra focus and energy to protect them and not give them up, like the msm would want you to.

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And /B2/



Where do I sign up?

you forgot to mention how they sleep all motherfucking day and anyone who doesn't is hyper and too much.
low energy motherfuckers

Good to know that 8/pol/ is now populated by 13 year olds in the middle of a puberty crisis.

So what? Healthy societies are lucky to have such people. You'd rather have vibrant nigger enrichment?

Henry V
Good selection.

I believe that he was expressing the way it must have been when Henry V was inspiring his noble officers and troops for immanent battle against huge odds. Large audience, urgent topic. Yelling seems somewhat fitting under the occasion. Granted, not a gentle reading by the fireside.

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only kike hates everybody exept kike

1. Why do you keep putting spaces in weird places?
2. Learn English.
3. Stop posting stupid shit.

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