Germans Reject US Participation in Iran Task Force

Germany rejects US call to join Gulf taskforce

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Is that how they call illegal foreign invasions now?

Called it.
Trump is seen as the pied piper.
Nobody will do what "Orange man bad" says.

The German drift from the US has been ongoing for the last 3 administrations.

Why is he trying to get everyone else involved?

You think everyone else aren't pied pipers? LOL.

Because that's just smart politics. When you rape another country, it pays to get others involved in the crime so as to diffusion tensions between the states participating in the rape.

USA cannot afford another war. It will loose it's superpower status.

It's a buffer so nobody will support war with Iran because ./orangemanbad.

That's possible because Trump cares about the ledger.
Or he wants to be a no-war president.
Or he wants to prove that you can get a second term with out a war, and then wage one.
The US position on jews is to stay out of the "# state solution" so it could also be simple no-interventionism + international psych-out so others stay the fuck out, too.

At the beginning of the last century, Germany had a plan for a railway through Turkey to the region, which was something the British could not tolerate. The cars in Iran may be French, but until recently the bridges and trains tended to be German. In WW2 again, the Turks were supposed to attack Baku, if I remember well. Germany must have a natural interest in the region (plus Russia), and the antlanticists cannot prevent it from acting in its interest it seems.

It's jarring to compare that skilled realpolitik to the handling of the immigrant crisis. I would pay to pick the mind of anyone in Germany's deep state and learn WTF is going on.

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It's not the 1990s, Moshe, you're the only one that cares about coal burners.

You like watching jews suck monkey dick?

Protecting international shipping lanes isn't an invasion, shitskin.

It's being fucked with by fedniggers and jews.
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Iran does that just fine on their own. They already took a fucking ship and shot down a drone. jews don't need to do a thing but let the fucking stinkies act like stinkies. It would be nice if Iran didn't participate with the jew plan so readily considering the US has been keeping out of it besides some bluster. Make the fucking jews work for it and expose themselves.

Kill yourself nigger.

What the fuck were they supposed to do? Britain hijacked their own ships so Iran retaliated.

Follow procedure. What Iran is doing is fucking piracy. You don't just run around taking shit left and right as revenge. Hence, the procedure everyone else is following by creating an agreed upon task force. Stop defending the shitskins acting like somali pirates. FFS, white people are too rule bound to just go stealing Iran's crap, they used that as an excuse.

Germany doesnt have a military to speak of and the most likely reason for this is that their navy isnt even operational, Germany is just a shadow of its former self.

So tired of all the god damned shitskins on this board.

Fucking dirty shitskin, you are not our friend and you will land in the same mass grave as your Semite brothers.

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The mental illness is strong in this one.

So then Russia putting nuclear weapons in the Caribbean to protect the 'international shipping lanes' in the Gulf of Mexico are okay, right?

This. What we really need is foreigners out, not anti-islam bullshit. I don't wan't christian niggers or polacks either.

And don't forget the Jews.

Aaaand the crypto kike paganism shill.
Took you longer than expected.

I have a foreskin, try again

I don't want pagan niggers and spics either, you fucking kike!

Aaaaand the jew Christian shill.
Didn't take you long at all.

Iran is justified in fucking with any western force/entity in the region after decades of sanctions and ostracization. Eat lead kike

I am sure it will grow back, at least your Imam had a yummy meal that day.


Found the jew.

Jokes on you, momma had me baptized in the name of kike on a stick.

Excuses and bullshit justifications are the telltale sign of a shitskin.
Nobody cares about your shithole being bullied.


Broke Iran Follows Venezuela, Will Remove 4 Zeros from Currency

Christianity has tortured raped and murdered your pagan culture, now suck my Jewish cock before I convert you to a Christian.

Nope, kikelover.

Yup, carpetkisser.


Muslims don't own the American media corporations and use their power to dehumanize and replace White children. Until (((you))) "people" stop doing that, I will hate you with depthless passion.


And Judaism has tortured raped and murdered Christianity.
Now put up a Christmas tree and suck my uncut pale phallus, jew.

Jews are incapable of understanding hostility directed toward them derivative from their past actions as being anything but unjust persecution.

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Yeah you are just invading our homes, shit on our heritage, beat our children, threaten our security and our culture and shill for communism wherever you go. You will die with your semite brothers.

Muslims are trash and I dont give a shit where they are, its a shitty people who have to die so we can life.
And yeah, if you shoot down our drones then thats an act of aggression, I dont give a fuck where it was you little shitskins need to be reminded of your place. 200 years ago if you did this shit the Brits would have invaded your shithole, flooded it with drugs and exploited it for profit, thats all you are good for; slavery.

Judaism has tortured raped and murdered all goyim

It's what they call ships tasked to stop attacks on European flagged and/or owned cargo ships

No. Deporting them to the middle east and not giving them free air plane tickets again would be enough.
This islam hate instead of foreigner hate servers the Jews in justifying their genocide.

I didn't ask you that, idiot. You said Muslims = Jews.
I asked you if the ones in SE Asia are also Jews.

Or are you just too fucking stupid to realize you're trying to use a talking point about ARABS, not Muslims?

That's jews, yes.

As I said before: Jews are incapable of understanding hostility directed toward them derivative from their past actions as being anything but unjust persecution.

Bro, couldn't you tell? You're talking to a jew.


Uh oh somebody isn't being good goys. Maybe they need some more diversity.


What could go wrong?

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Man, you shitskins really have nothing to fall back to except your jew strawman.

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Zig Forums really is over isn't it? Not sure why I even bother coming any more, even the lulz of trolling government agents is wearing off.

Humour me. Post "+In the name of God, and Jesus Christ I disavow and curse Israel+".

I'm not a Persian, retard.
Persians never used their control over US media corporations to dehumanize and demean White children. That's jews.

Your "procedures" are about as legitimate are theirs, jewish slave.

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This is true and I am going to borrow your post as I appreciate its succinctness.

I already told you once that "Presians" dont exist anymore and that the modern Iranians are Arabo-Mongol-Indian-African mutts.
Manipulating semantics to fit your narrative, typical Jew shit.

Yep, both are semites and work together for our destruction. It is good you noticed that. We should stand back and nuke the entire Middle East.

germany is still full of antisemites, i see

the pied pooper
Everyone knows how jewed he (Trumpenstein) is.
that's why they don't want to deal with him militarily
the US has fucked over Germany so badly after the war helping to spread the holohoax jew victimization bullshit
and Germany keeps paying kikes - for what? lies?
Why would Germany want to get involved in something that involves kikes again?
fuck kikes

This, I fear

I would like to see the kikes attack a German ship
would be interesting
Make a big production out of how kikes attacked Germany
Germany is off the hook now
would like to see that.

but wanting to control the shipping lanes IS an invasion asshole
You are a moron
go back to >>>/qresearch/ or r/The_Donald

not even that.
they are literally afraid of doing anything that might seem imperialistic in the least.

I filtered out that faggot.
it helps.
It really does

Yes, because clearly when motivated men in power want something done, they will try and do it, even if they fail. The fact that America devotes so much time and energy to maintaining its world hegemony at the insistence of neocons but does nothing about the decay of the homeland, is the clearest evidence anyone needs that some interests are being served at the expense of others (Jews' and not Americans'). That they garb themselves as donkeys or elephants matters not, which seems to confuse most of the posters on this board.

Jews really do believe that the goyim are stupid and cannot see through their transparent attempts to galvanize the braindead evangelical support for the GOP. And to a large degree they're right

If you want to understand neoconservative philosophy, look into Leo Strauss, whose basic political philosophy was that the elites need to serve their own interests and tell pretty lies to the masses. It's just modern Machiavellian thinking. Which is absofuckinglutely hilarious when you read what they write about 'conspiracy theorists'. It's basically projection writ large, where the conspiracy theorists, and not the conspirers, are the true Machavellians. Psychology, and I'm not the first to say it, is little more than a tool of warfare against dissenters.

It's another episode of jews jewing jews, this time larping as Germans and Americans.

That is because everything they have done is 'just' in their own eyes. Rape a tiny child? well that is 'just' because they were tempting you (everyone can see how a child might toy with you and tempt you to rape them, amiright) heavy sarc for the FBeeEye?
Did you want to steal from that little old woman? Well that is just because she had something you wanted so you took it.
Did you want to gang bang a English teen for 4 hours as a gang rape mob?
Well, that is just and righteous as well, she too was tempting you and since you are above the goyim you are free to deal with them as you will and no one will stop you or tell you, "No".

This is fucking hilarious. I think that Germany is not going with the US because their interests may actually have gone more into pro russia? The gas pipe line that they have, but also their desire to go green (away from fuel) and their wendel reactor attempts. They are all to get away from the petro dependence.

The east bloc of germany was more or less almost completely raped, and is devoid of actual germans, so that would explain some sympathy for russia. And the left bloc is is what? Muslimized? So ethnically speaking, both blocs have reason to hate the US by a fuckton, past, present and future.

The only way that the US can make nations to fall in line with them is by using their petro garbage threats. Anyone else wants to make sense of this beyond the usual jew paradigm. While the jews are important, on the lower level there are still many whites jumping about doing blue pilled retard shit. Which also has A LOT of pull.

HA! That was my first thought, almost verbatim.
Followed quickly by a struggle to figure out how this affects the geopolitical scene and if they are still fighting over Epstein and the fact that that fucker is STILL NOT DEAD YET even after the prison attack.


It's the "chosen people" mentality. American evangelicucks all deserve to be slaughtered for playing along with these retards.

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well yea, what do you expect, most corporations that do have power, which are not jew owned, do blue pill shit. Profits here, economic statistics there, pander to your dumb normie investors there. At a normal day they barely collide with sjw or jew shit that much. And then some "Nation" starts whining about some shit and they get into legal battles. Or some stupid politician wants some shit and they dont give a crap.

Most of these corps are like that, most of the norms are like that. They dont know about kike shit and they just act.

Id be happy if he played them all out of iran and syria shit by making them hate him so much they would do the opposite of what he says they should do just to spite him, but I doubt it.

It pains me that they are that stupid but you are probably correct. No doubt the golems will align with their kike masters to Anne Frank their offspring so that the jew will continue on the planet and the murder and slaughter of our people will continue or to betray us into jewish hands.

I think all the retard leaping about is due to short term corporate goals and their inability to think about long term strategy due to programming.

I'm genuinely curious how kikes who think goys are their cattle reason away the fact that over and over again jews have been whacked around once the host has had enough. Maybe they are incredibly ignorant.

could be, its not like they read any books, deviated from any teachings at their universities, or saw any alternative media than jewlywood. Or it could be that they were mostly always trash which didnt give a flying fuck about the world, besides their yachts. Probably a bit of both. Spiritual dead meat that partook in the jewish poison willingly.

Nothing was better than watching Adio Africa the long version that you can't find anymore and seeing the nogs kill the kikes/semites on camera. It was AMAZINGLY satisfying to watch them gunned down, drowned and beaten to death, man woman and child. Was the only thing the nogs ever did that was monumental in my opinion. I laughed my ass off.

the reason why their movement exists is because it assumes it is superior to all. It unites them together, like a club of psychopathic exploiters of all. Their whole momentum is exploitation, their unity is of such. It exists solely as the spear tip. It has no shaft, no long blade like the whites have, no crossguard. As soon it trusts itself into the flesh, it can do nothing else but go further. Until it has passed the flesh, and into the nothingness it can go, where it tries to find more flesh to pierce.

If you challenge their core tenets that bind them, and successfully manage to unbind them. They lose their reason for banding together, for exploitation. And kinda collapse, wallow temporarily until their wicked nature makes them be together again. Their truth that compels them forward, but at the same time the truth that makes them weak. They purposely omit this from their teachings. They reason like a junkie that they are strong, and good and chosen by the gods, for their failures. They simply just are. That is what their religion is reduced to. Somekind of psychological damage control for their ego's.

I think they rationalize it the same way Christians rationalize the existence of evil. The world is not righteous, that's why jews lose sometimes.

Germany has no navy force worthwhile to do this shit so it does not matter what they say.

The migrants will lend them the rubber rafts they crossed the med in.
Tahdaaaa…the German Navy is born.

You should look into the Habiru. They were marauding gangs that would prey on village dwellers in the Levant. Sometimes they were used as mercenaries by rival citystates against each other. They ideology, as written down in the Old Testament, and fleshed out over the centuries, seems suited to such a people. I used to think they were an enigma, but I also recommend people read up on the Thuggee cult of India. William Henry Sleeman studied them in order to destroy them, which he did, noble man that he was. They also raised their lifestyle of thievery by enshrining it in a religion. It seems, to my mind, that it would require a religion in order to bind together such a group by telling the young children that this is good and right, when innately, many of them would grow up believing that slitting the throats of caravaners whose trust you had gained was wrong. The Jews are much the same. Their ancient ancestors raised their civilization destroying habits to the level of religion, and then in Babylon they perfected it by integrating the complexities of civilization. Usury is one example, but also their use of ideology to swindle gentiles—Christianity, Islam in the past, today its modern intellectual movements like Freudianism and Neoconservatism.

how many irans in the west would snackbar if their homeland is destroyed by their fellow citizens?

Everything is an invasion

Enlighten us, Bible scholar, with the chapters and verses that speak of this. We wait with bated breath.

Tell us, Swami, how DO the Christians rationalize the existence of evil.

If it tries it's own citizens will start a civil war to stop it. There is no reason for us to be involved in the middle east, at this point. Let the sandniggers kill each other off, I don't give a fuck.

last I heard the German military was flat on its ass and dysfunctional after over a decade of female management.

maybe the just can't, like if you asked Mexico or something.

"The Americans called, again. Between you and me, how many of our trucks actually run?"

Merkel still sucking Obama's magic dick.

last I heard the German military was flat on its ass and dysfunctional after over a decade of female management.

maybe the just can't, like if you asked Mexico or something.

"The Americans called, again. Between you and me, how many of our trucks actually run?">>13555635
hardly. USA has been staffing the military with foreigner for some time now.

USA could raise 30 million fairly high quality cannon-fodder instantly on promise of US Citizenship and other gibs after the war.