How you holdin’ up Zig Forums? Let’s just have a chill support/feels thread about the state of you, the world...

How you holdin’ up Zig Forums? Let’s just have a chill support/feels thread about the state of you, the world, and your plans to do your part.

Me personally, it’s past 5:40am at the time of posting.
I have a dream for saving Japan from globohomoization. That coupled with the fact that I have literal OCD, and blacks on twitter that are now trying to claim they’re causing anime to become popular is really demoralizing. Even saw one blacks already complaining about the need for more browns in anime; and some goy saying something about anime being pro white supremacist? I wish I was lying.. Hell, I’ve lost about 18 lbs within the past couple of months from worrying about Japan. I’m in my early 20’s and I recently noticed that I also have wrinkles coming in under my eyes. Sometimes I wonder if I’m actually going insane from all this. The only thing that keeps me going is the hope of keeping Nippon pure, both ethnically and culturally, and removing all non Japanese through political means.
I’m starting college soon to get my bachelors degree. It’s the only way for me to work in Japan, and work on a political plan. How do you keep moving forward w/o letting shit demoralize you Zig Forums? How do you cope living in this modern circus that we call reality?

tl;dr Basically a Nazi weeb with a long shot dream.

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Couldn’t post last night, so I saved what I typed. Accidentally left the time in.



I don't discuss personal matters with non-whites.

i don’t want to be alone anymore.

i was raised by a single mom with severe mental health issues in a low-income area. i spent most of my childhood playing by myself. i was reading and writing very early and held an extremely high average throughout school.

i went through a brief phase where i was a feminist sjw and i had the most friends i’ve ever had in my life… but as time went on, i started feeling uncomfortable about the ideas i was pushing… like they weren’t my own and i didn’t really believe in what i was saying. i started to wake up around my second last year of high school, and by the time i graduated, i had absolutely no friends as a result.

i’m 22 and i’m actually kind of worried about where i’m going to go from here. i went to university for a week and dropped out because everyone around me and their weird narratives were disgusting—a chilling reminder of my sjw days. i want to go back but i don’t know what for—i’m trying to go back and make up for years of lost STEM knowledge that i was never encouraged to pursue. advice on where to start with that (books, links, anything) would be greatly appreciated.

i’m polite, well-read, well-manicured, no tattoos, piercings, or dyed hair. i feel like i’m living in a different timeline than the people around me. i want to get married. i want to live in a cozy home with a big back yard. i want to grow my own produce and raise a beautiful family.

i am proud of my swedish/irish heritage and humbly, i will admit that i have been blessed with great genes that i would love to pass on…

but how do you even go about meeting people in the flesh who aren’t plugged into this weird hive-mind? i feel like i’m speed-dating with both men and friends and i want to get off this ride.

for all of you who are happily married/seeing someone who has the same political ideas as yourself, how did you find each other? do you have any advice for a young lady on how to find like-minded people in an extremely liberal-left town? please let me know.

even if you just want to be friends from afar, i am just dying to chat with some people who aren’t constantly running out of breath trying to defend drag queens and immigration.


if i was going to larp as anything it would not be a sad friendless SOB in a lefty clown world lol

how’s your day what are you up to

anyone reached a 2plate ohp natty? how long did it take

I hope you stop choking on the cock you have in your mouth.
TITS OR GTFO faggot, trannies are not wanted here

mrman8 on Wire. Chat if you want.

Watching people perform submission to fascism is daily hilarity. To think such minds still exist! The world must have gotten safe indeed.

my first inclination was to call YOU a cock gargling faggot for that response but it’s the culture here. i get it. that said, i hope you can understand why i’m not going to post my tits here. u can’t be a good wife AND a forum whore. you should know that.

how is your day today?
what is your favourite hobby?

tell me about something that makes you happy. what’s your favourite thing to eat for breakfast?

if you wanna be a little candy ass faggot about it you’re more than welcome to but honestly i’m just here to blow off some steam and have a pleasant chat.

be a human being and have a conversation

I swear to God this sacred oath that to the Leader of the German Empire and people, Adolf Hitler, supreme commander of the armed forces, I shall render unconditional obedience and that as a brave soldier I shall at all times be prepared to give my life for this oath.

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It's the jew mod again

Who gives a shit. This isn't your blog.

Well, since you put it that way,
I ate a half of a jar of Kalamata Olives and I think I might just finish off the other half.
I'm also having a plate of Curry Chickpeas and Brown Rice, but I'm not a poo.

It speaks volumes about the pathetic nature of the white race, that this is your go to worry on one of the few prowhite sites. Just die, you fucking autists.
Meanwhile Europe is being africanised.
Fucking cunts. Eat a bullet.

An entire continent of 99 percent gook niggers.

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stop larping as a tranny

I can analyze lots of data based on language, most of us can, I estimate with a 99% accuracy that you are a dude. Nobody uses all of these words and is a woman. They are male owned, and male used. Especially such a quantity of them.

I cry and sob uncontrollably while listening to Adolf's speeches.

this, "she" has a dick boys.

Since this thread has no real point, I'd just like to add, organic cherries are on sale at my local grocer and damn are they good.

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Hey, this is great. Too bad no one did follow you on your awakening. Unfortunately the same happened to me.
Hopefully you will find your way here, we are very happy with a younger lady. The more traditional the better.
The best men and woman of your kind are to find on boards like this.
Take care of shills.

The H/Fent problem in my neighborhood has gotten out of control.
A lot of people are dying some are good, some deserve it.
I am tired working 6 days a week just to remain in debt.
While nigs are living like kangz off the white mans grief.
I have got in contact with my local sheriff dept. and offered my service.
I have been buying dope for the LEO for about 5 months now.
I located and bought from 3 trap houses so far.
Mainly gangbangers some have ties to the mayors son who was recently arrested for drug trafficking.
I hope to see their stupid fucking faces when I point them out in court. Its not easy pretending to be a junkie btw.
Figured I would share with anons since I cannot talk elsewhere

Kill yourself you jew piece of shit.

One can not subvert the subversives, try as they might. They said don't feed the trolls. That's just what they expect. Do it. Press the button. Chaos out of chaos ensues. No other tact has made a dent. The parody has manifested new realities. Onward and upward. One never feels whole until the Valkyrie chooses wisely. The feminist question remains unanswerable. This is not a paradigm where choosing is possible, let alone, choosing wisely, dear Freyja.

Fuck you spook/kikes