A German historian and disgraced blogger who was outed last month for creating a fake account of her family’s suffering during the Holocaust has been found dead at age 31, a report said.
Marie Sophie Hingst was discovered in her Dublin apartment on July 17, The Times of Israel reported. While police have ruled out foul play, officials couldn’t confirm the cause of death.
Her death comes nearly a month after German magazine Der Spiegel ran a piece alleging the story of her family’s Holocaust history was more fiction than fact. Hingst was stripped of her 2017 Golden Blogger award in June amid the revelations.
Hingst had sent 22 pages of testimony regarding nonexistent people to Israel’s Holocaust archive, Yad Vashem, in 2013, according to Der Spiegel. Hingst also reported on her “family” in a blog titled “Read on my dear, read on,” which she later took offline.
Dublin-based reporter Derek Scally, who interviewed Hingst for The Irish Times, said she appeared to suffer from mental illness.

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It's called being jew.


That's a funny word for "professional victim".

"Golden Blogger Award"

my sides.

Hahahaha fuck you kike, burn in hell. One down, only 6 gorillion to go! Ad Victoriam!

Now the real holocaust beginns, when all the "x generation holocaust survivors" start to realize that it was a hoax and that a large part of their identity is built on lies. One part of them will an hero, the somewhat decent part that is. The other part will get even more malicious. Obviously this only concerns low level kikes, the higher up ones know whats going on.

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Holy shit that kike looks at least mid-40's. Still good news one less jew.

The joy that seeks to live forever is not found in unrepentant liars, but rather it is found in those who reveal lies and apologize.

Honestly I'm a pretty big fan of dead kikes, so I think this was the right decision.

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It's not "mentally ill" to want something (fame) and construct a plan to achieve it, which works. I guess it's the best damage control they have though.

Her last words were, "How much will my funeral cost?".

Nah it was "The goyim did this"

Now a bunch of pagan neo nazis are masturbating over her death. Weird world.


why would (((der speigel))) question a holocaust story? anyways rip

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At least we can use your tears for lube.

Please tell me she left no children to shit up the world with filthy jewish genes.

It's their inbreeding.

Fun fact, the idea that Southern Americans were inbred hicks was more deflection from the Jews (actual inbreds).

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imagine how many brown and black men are having sex with white girls in europe and america right now

Hey, what's the citation for that book?

That'll never happen to your people, inbreeding will make sure your race stays pure and strong.

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jokes on you if this "inbred race" outsmarted your people

Imagine that, a jew being a liar and mentally ill. Stop sliding shit.

Let's hope so, because if you can't get goyim to defend you, the sand people are going to cut off all your balls and make you slaves.

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OMG you funny guy! I black(steal) your picture. Thank you.


thanks for the billions in aid from your tax dollars you dumb incel

I really, really, really like this image.

Better strap on your pampers, it's not over yet.

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I just spent a few minutes looking for it, myself. The first paragraph seems to be from this New York Times article, but I couldn't find any source for the second paragraph. It most likely fake, but they have tried to memoryhole some of the more ridiculous fake stories in the past, so who knows.

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I don't undertand something about inbreeding. How did our ancestors, or very small communities, not have any problems using it as the means for reproduction?

Why was her story proven to be fraud by jew-owned newspapers, though?

yeah it is
every day more girls go black
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Oh well, blacks are doing the job for us wich is picking out the bad whites.

We as a society need to be easier on people who get caught in lies, so that all lies will eventually unravel.


NEETS don't pay taxes, nigger.

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She looks jewish.

answer the question. How many beautiful girls havey ou been with

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Too dumb and lazy to work?
probably never had a girlfriend and blame the jews for your shortcomings

Like that? None. That's a kike.

Zero, since I've only ever fucked your mother.


enjoy watching your nation and race die

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Got to keep the goy money flowing. Do you ever wonder EXACTLY how much money has flowed in to these pricks coffers for 'holohoax reparations'? Someone should add up all the money, property and other scams that they have run on the goy and get the full total for the hoax.


wrong hole user…wrong hole. I wouldn't expect a jew to understand this since they are all homosexual and have never had sex with anyone but their rabbi/rape-eye and that was with their parents permission when they were little children.

thats funny
jews reproduce at a much faster rate than white people do

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Nothing of value was lost.

Also, I will be 100% honest with you user…both of those women look like jews to me. I don't think it is /ourrace/ that is going extinct gorging on nigger cock.

Don't worry. When the payback comes we won't need numbers.

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Jewish populations grow higher and higher every year because we are smart, we can run a family
meanwhile most whites are dumb fucks who are obsolete and can't even get a girl pregnant

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Mein sides

I don't know if I would qualify having your rabbi deposit a hot load of semen in your asshole when you were 7 as 'reproduction'. But, like I said, you can hardly expect a jew to understand the difference.

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This place is a goldmine. OP lied, nobody calls it out, nobody has strength, pride, or gravitas, it’s nothing but wall to wall broken bitches in here.

As I said, blacks are helping whites by fucking white woman so that we can easily track betrayers of the holy white spirit.

Also the weaker whites will die once the civil war starts, but the stronger whites will win the total war as has always happened in history.

Underrestimate or betray the white race is literally the most retarded thing you can do. Because if you respect us, we are the most loving and caring race of the planet.

We are fighting for Valhalla, and you are fighting for poop. Who do you think has the strongest mentality?

Hail Odin.

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In terms of nature, we are supposed to breed with our cousins; but at the correct distance. It is a measurable unit relation establishing both the enduring compatibility of marriage and the well being of the offspring. This distance is within your own race, fourth cousin. Also height: male-female ratio of 1.09. If this custom is not constantly ethnocidally attacked by kikes, their cousinhoods and golem, then proper Occidental families, tribes, townships, villages and cities form, with technological innovations and cultural improvements. When pairings of whites occur where they are first or second cousin, the child is predictably an onerous burden, extremely sick or soon dead. Pairings outside of the fourth cousin pattern custom dissolve genomic integrity and will not produce stable families, or genetically improved children.

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kek I like that gif

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Because inbreeding only happens in tight knit families, or when a family is 3 or less families away, such as a 1st or 2nd cousin breeding, 3rd cousins are actually alright, because there's enough genetic distance for it not to be a problem that one time. So if a community had over enough people, even small amounts like 20-30 peeps,there'd never be a worry of inbreeding, cuz if each of those families bred with one another, then a family that was far enough of genetically, bred with someone from one of those families that they never bred with, it'd wouldn't cause any harm genetically, or if the family they bred with, didn't breed together for a few generations, there'd be no genetic defects.

It's alot simpler than I made it, I feel like I made it sound a bit convoluted, but it's about as good as I could do, sorry if it doesn't make sense.

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b-b-b-b-but user, jews know how to 'run a family'

Imagine your whole life being summed up into having to sit in front of a computer full of interracial porn all day

What else is he going to post, the accomplishments of his race?

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Well technically since the jew is part nigger, is it really interracial for those mongrels? I mean, would it just be part of their nigger heritage to see their wives taking nigger cum in thier pussy?

Jews are pathetic.

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German anti-semites claim yet another innocent Jew. I think we should extend Germany's reparations payments by at least another generation. Literally another Shoah.

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Prolly not.

Thank you for the compliment.
All your points are true.
Hmm, maybe youre right. What ever, im still a white goy. So what else to do than to fight for whiteism.

Cya on the battlefield, may the best win.

Doncha wish your rabbi were gay like this?

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Ok I'm bored now.
Gonna go make some tacos and play PUBG

You had an opportunity to post Jewish accomplishments, made up or otherwise, yet you didn't. I wonder why????

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Imagine policemen who are comfortable with leaving the cause of death in the media ambiguous, so as to curry favour with the kikes at the expense of customary truthful public service. Are they all nepotistic freemasons? Maybe they ought to neck themselves too.

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Maybe because I am not a jew

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I will be honest with you user…that shit is nothing compared to what I want done to the subhuman trash that is infesting our nations. They are going to look like 'the good guys' when I am done. I have had enough of their bullshit and enough of their subhuman pets as well.

Just remember, no matter what you do or what happens, if the Jews come out on the other side they will accuse you of every possible evil and fabricate endless lies about you regardless.

Oh, and keep glowing nigger, satellites can see you from space.

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Holy shit this bitch looks 50 at minimum, even nearing 60.

Jews mostly age like shit, though some age extremely well.

Yep, if you are going to get accused of it anyway, like poor Nero Germanicus and Caligula Germanicus you might as well make it count. On the other hand, if you do it correctly, there will be no one left to accuse you (this is ideal, of course).
You are looking at me through a satellite?
Cool, if a bit weird.

I'm sure she wouldn't lie abou her age…

Education yourselfs on National Socialism. The United States under Nazi rule,

100% of our military would be at our borders.

A company that wants to 'build a plant' in another country would swiftly be deported and their business sold for scrap.

Mass immigration would become mass deportation, on biblical levels.

We would have colonies throughout the solar system within 50 years.

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They just spend more for treatments of baby blood, foreskin creams, and other plastic surgery.

They'd genocide an entire race if it helped make them look more like humans.

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The jew figure he needed odds of 20 (96% of the globe is mongrel subhuman) to 1 (4% of the planet is Human) to beat us. We are going to find out if they are correct.

National Socialism doesn't really work for me anymore user. The only way we can ensure the complete extermination of the globohomo 'wandering jew' is to exterminate all other nations. Those mongrel faggots have put their dicks in every hominid they could find.

National globalism.

National Socialism isn't the end, it's the beginning.

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