A Message to the anons and the mods

Mods will probably delete this, but they shouldn't because this is something that could really help clean up the board. Now that I've said that, below I will make my point.

Reading Comprehension must be essential to the workings of Zig Forums. As such, it should be a ban-able offense to respond to any post that misrepresents or intentionally skews the content of that they are responding to. If you want to take a huge blow to the shills and jews sliding this board daily, we need to make it so they can't undermine every good idea on here by constantly posting asinine bullshit that has nothing to do with what they are responding to. I'm not saying we shouldn't be able to make simple posts like "you're a fag". If you want to express that someone is a fag, do it.
But if you want to read say, "jews as a people have historically been accused of undermining the nations in which they live through a variety of means like coin-clipping. As such they are driven out for refusing to assimilate", and then respond with something like "OMG why is this nazi telling everyone his twisted fantasies about murdering all the jews" you should be banned for reading and making an untrue response to the post. Doing so would make discussion on this board a lot more palatable. Knowing that our mods care enough to make it harder for retards, shills, and Zig Forums would actually make me feel better about the Zig Forums we have. Just a thought, a good one if you ask me, the best threads get killed by that sort of nonsense.

Or this place is completely compromised as I imagine it is, the mods are just using it as the containment board and they don't actually care about being a place where the real discussion takes place. Honestly if nothing changes we should go /pol2/. That's all, I look forward to the thread being deleted despite it being about our own internal politics.

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you're a fag

You too friend, that's a prereq for being here in the first place

I completely agree. It shouldn’t be against the rules to insult or hate on, but it should be against the rules to act like you’re making a response when really you picked one part of the post and make it all about that or skew it. That’s the most jewish shit I see in almost every thread here. What is the name of our current BO anyways? It escapes me for some reason, it’s not Jimmy himself is it?

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you're a fag

OP wants to be a slave to antisemitic lies, the absolute retard

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Agreed wholeheartedly. We should at least devise a simple term for this jewish tactic of misrepresentation and call it out when it is employed. Then, if the mods aren't on board, at least the behavior will be called out and understood by all.

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Right out the gate and this thread is already being flooded by shills, saboteurs, and probably some college kids doing homework for their commie professor. It's not about how far gone the board is but how much further it could fall.

See I think we need to be more extreme than that though, if we have to explain to anons about misrepresentation every time the jews commit it, nothing will get done, and the spark of conversation will be extinguished because a lot of anons are just sick of it. It's tiring nonsense. I imagine it's what its like to be a public figure having to constantly watch what you say and re-adjust what you wanted to say to match some goal-post that's always moving. The mods must make some kind of provision where that shit is ban-able

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Too bad the mods are lazy or just kikes. Blacked threads on the front page and no action taken. I thought we had higher standards than this? What an embarrassment.

They're afraid.

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Probably a mod doing it.

Agreed, alas it is compromised. The mods don't even pretend to adhere to board rules anymore and as you can see directly itt kikes are a majority. I'm all for a migration where on topic reigns and rule enforcement is transparent.

Then honestly we need to find someone who’s a prime candidate for BO of /pol2/ or maybe we should just bring back /new/ of old.

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agree 100%
also all namecalling should banned, all pornography, all gore, and all any racial based insult or provocation

and I know you guys are gonna flip out, and no one is going to agree with me. but i would like a board dedicated to a more straight up debate, sort of formal debate rules. In a formal debate, the moment a racial slur, any insult, any provocation was uttered, the person doing so would be disqualified, and the debate ceeded immediatly to his opponent. Obviously porn and gore, with a few exceptions where relevancy can be declared, is another tactic used to derail the debate.

in short, I want formal debate rules in place, maybe Zig Forums is not the right place for that, but I would be interested in such a board for discussion of politics. I'd like to see a board dedicated to such a discussion, where irrelevant posts were removed. Thats why I bailed from halfchan, tired of wading through sewage to find the occasional nugget.

One does not need to call Africans "niggers" to point out the disparate rates of criminal activity, the senseless violence, and the low IQ of most Africans. I am all for free speech, but one does not need to make useless comments, that only skews the conversation. If the mods dont want us to become like 4-cuck, then they better heed what I am saying. I enjoy this place alot more simply because I can filter based on poster. The funny thing is, once I start filtering for poster ID, the threads become far more coherent, and enjoyable (meaning adding to my knowledge). I would imagine alot of others do the same on routine basis, I dont repsond, I simply filter. If you post any trash, I disregard everything else you have to say. We all already know that niggers are niggers and kike are kikes, I dont want to hear about it every second post.

OP literally offered us some sane and rational advice to make Zig Forums great again. What’s the problem exactly? Please explain what is wrong with what he’s saying? Can you please explain why reading comprehension shouldn’t be require? Why should we allow people to intentionally shit up the board? The second we saw the proof that college professors actually send people to fuck this place up we should have put defenses up.

Actually it is one.

Namecalling should be allowed as long as it isn’t excessive. If one ID has like 5 posts and they’re all “you’re a fag, you’re a wagecuck, you’re a jew” then yeah ban the idiot. If I want to argue normal and punctuate the end with nigger that should be allowed. Zig Forums should be about rational and reasoned discussions but this is not a debate club. We should honestly have a /deb/ debate board for truly purifying an idea though. Fortunately and unfortunately Zig Forums has always been made on the bedrock of being able to insult. I do agree with banning porn and gore though

A place where this isn't an irrational reaction is not irrational user.

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