Friendly reminder that porn destroys your brain, your self-confidence and your hormone levels, and it also makes you more likely to become a faggot.
The jews invented and pushed pornography. The porn business is dominated by jews, its was designed to push increasingly degenerate sexual immorality. The producer of "Blacked" is also a jew. His name is Greg Lansky.
The various highly detrimental effects of porn on mental and physical health ave been proven scientifically. Read the articles on this website:

Spread the website to fight jewish poison.

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Good material OP

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The only porn I have ever seen was here on Zig Forums (I don't even watch TV or programming or movies anymore). I hide the stuff I come across on Zig Forums pretty quickly since it is all degenerate (mostly kikes posting interracial or tranny because they don't understand that it is disgusting or kike posting their disgusting bug women). Still I will look into this as it might have some arguments that I can share with others.

Online gambling is illegal in most states. Porn is legal in every state.

It's not about muh nanny state, but minimal standards of decency, to convincingly claim legitimacy.

An aside. The FCC disallows the promotion of or advertising of tobacco products over the airwaves, for the sake of public health. It allows the promotion and advertising for normalizing homosexual lifestyles.

Ask any smoker and 9.999 out of 10 will admit they know what they do is wrong, unhealthy, unwise, poorly informed decision on their part. Ask a homo what they think about their choices.

Be neutral or be consistent. Being arbitrary illustrates and propagates illegitimacy, and the mere plebs are not begrudged any reaction against you, from a moral standpoint. You have not made your case. You have only made transparent, that you have no principles or standards that accord with reality.

I know, porn and pushing faggotry should be illegal too, these are far worse than smoking

AUDIOBOOK version!ang0XA7D!MbJ9D0zV_yPNS39cMYVqbw

do you think that the effects they talk about would be the same whether you were watching jewish filth videos everyday, versus looking at pictures like you might find in playboy?

Thanks, comrade.

I think they would be the same. There is a reason that we banned porn in the height of our societies.

I know how bad it is, but still can't quit.

The effects of hardcore pornography will obviously be more destructive, but every form of "surrogate porn" is still extremely bad. Evolution has not designed our brain to deal with the instant dopamine "fix" you get from accessing unlimited amounts of pictures of nude women and other pornographic material. Those are unatural stimuli, and they are addicting. What you are doing is consuming an extremely potent drug, which rewires your brain and takes the place of actual, real-life sexual experiences. You can activate an immense release of dopamine just by googling and looking at things, within seconds. It absolutely wrecks your brain, and subsequently your life. You will see how addicted you are when you try to stop.

I might add that this is also what leads to the increase in degeneracy and/or frequency of the porn people consume - since its a drug, your brain builds up a tolerance to it and needs more of it to get the same effect. Just like a heroine addict needs larger and larger doses of heroine to get high.
This is how people end up watching the most disgusting types of porn, and its also what explains (in my view) the fact that increased porn use was linked to higher likelihood of homosexuality in a study. These people needed more deranged material, the initial stimuli simply weren't enough. Look at all that "trap" degeneracy floating around the chans - its clearly another stimulus that porn victims utilize to make their porn consumption more "exciting", i.e. an increase in dosage of degeneracy. Its what triggers their obsession with immoral and repulsive sexual acts, i.e. homosexuality.

Nicotine is basically the perfect drug.

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I'm a weak willed faggot and can't stop. I'll dump some info on porn.

Not the same, no but still bad. Its always a downward spiral with porn or even any material. Many started with fashion catalogs or posters of a celebrity, that type of thing. That quickly degenerates to sex scenes, music videos and then eventually porn. Why its an important topic to talk about today is because of internet pornography being very fast and damaging. You had to make do with what little you had back in the day but now kids can hop online and get exposed to an immense amount of depravity fast. It comes down to dopamine, specifically porn burning your reward/pleasure circuits out. Eventually things get stale so you must move onto another genre, kink etc.

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Everyone acquires a 'death habit' when they get older. Some people turn to smoking to kill themselves, some to drinking, some to drugs, some to more radical pursuits and some to porn. Would you die for it, because that is sort of what you are saying (in a roundabout way) that it is more important to you to follow the electric jew than to ensure the survival of your own race. You can't pursue hedonistic self pleasuring and degeneracy and preserve your race at the same time. You are compromising your most intimate loyalty ties to subhumans and jewish domination. There are all manner of subliminal messages in porn as well. I would go so far as to say that if I had a militia I wouldn't trust anyone in a position of authority who was a porn addict because I would never know where their real loyalty lay. With the jews subliminal messaging and hedonism or with their people.

But I like masturbating! You faggots are literally no-fun-allowed schizos!

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Everyone can. I did it too. There are a few tactics that can help you. First, you need a calender. On that calender, you will put a big X, a checkmark or a sticker for every day that you stayed clean, hence didn't watch porn. This method is known as the "Done-List" and has been proven in studies to increase the willpower of people who set themselves a certain goal. Also, think of the time in days, not months or years. The shorter the measurement of time, the shorter the whole timespan subconsciously seems to your monkey brain.
Second you need to set yourself a number of milestones, lets say "30 days" is the first one, on which you reward yourself with something OTHER THAN porn. That might be something as simple as a bar of chocolate (-> dopamine release), a good meal, an item you always wanted to buy, etc. That way you can counteract the connection your brain makes between porn and reward hormones.
Third, you need to do other stuff which normalizes your brain, your hormonal system and gives younstuff to do so you don't constantly sit in front of your PC being tempted to watch porn.
These activities include, but are not limited to, going to the gym, going for a walk in nature, meditating, going to a rally, reading a book (maybe on fascism), trying out a new sport (for example martial arts) and meeting new people.

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I enjoy masterbating as well user. But I don't do it to a jewish controlled multicultural sexual stimulation product (think 'testical milking machines' draining your testosterone out of your body and preventing you from reproducing; aka they are castrating you electronically). I use my imagination and only do it occasionally, like every couple weeks. If you are doing it more often you are an obvious addict.

This thread is not about masturbation, but about porn. When i stopped watching porn, i noticed i masturbated much less frequently after a few weeks. The reason i wanted to masturbate so often was because it gave me a reason to watch porn. There are men who reported they were masturbating with a "death grip" at some point because they didn't even get a real erection anymore, but still had an immense urge to watch porn. This can also lead to erectile dyfunction when you're in bed with an actual, real woman.

I can see your autism miles away.

That is good. I am not hiding it and you would be legally blind for all practical purposes if you couldn't see it.

Not to shill (((post-modernism))) here, but you're replacing a real thing with its simulation and rewiring your brain accordingly. Does it seem safe to remove all senses from sex (touch, smell, taste, sound) and be all visual?

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He must have Autism? eh

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It's the kind of joke that doesn't have a punchline.

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nofap doesnt stop you from being a ziocuck jew slave though, tough shit

its the first step though. you wont be jack shit if youre always beating your weiner son

This. How can you free yourself and your people from world jewry if you can't even free yourself from porn addiction?

That and it is just sad. I feel sorry for our people that they are pacified so cheaply. As long as they have porn there will never be a revolution and nothing will ever happen because more than anything else men are afraid to have that taken from them. We will go extinct because porn is the ultimate pacifier of our people. I guess it is just hard to deal with this being the end of our race.

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Its the bread and circus entirely. Porn is probably their strongest tool but without all the other comforts and luxuries, it'd be useless. Many distractions and pleasures are affecting us.

post pics of porn addicts getting BTFO

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And they control the money supply. All they have to do is outlast this last generation until they are dead. They will never let the money run out until they are sure that the last generation is over and that our people sold themselves out for temporary material pleasure.
The world, our responsibility, will be theirs to cruelly decimate and prolong its suffering because we would not control ourselves. It lowers the quality of sperm and even the women who are bred by these men will not have strong or capable offspring. Sorry to be so blackpilled but this is one of the greatest sadnesses of my life. I have worked non-stop for almost 20 years trying desperately to wake people up but over the last few days I have realized that they would rather die and see everything they loved dead than to give up this obvious and clear weapon for our destruction or their materialist pleasures.
I am just struggling so hard with letting go, because I know now that this is what they want and there is no way to talk them out of watching passively while all our people are slaughtered for their love of porn. It gives me a DEEP DEEP FEELING OF ABSOLUTE MEANINGLESSNESS of all the struggle and efforts of our ancestors, all the mayhem, heroic passion, living and death and bravery all wiped out forever…

Evil kike.
Exhentai was more than porn, and it's not the only porn outlet on the internet.

Don't worry we are coming for the rest of your pedophile hangouts too ;)

BLACKED is literally worse than all hentai combined you fucking kike. It's legit genocidal demoralization vs some dude drawing anime tiddies

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Just you try faggot.

Loli spirit never dies.

Most people when they try to drop a bad habit try to just tell themselves no when they feel the urge. This works sometimes, and works better for some people than others. But a better method is to replace that habit with another. When you feel the urge to pull some shit up, go for a walk or do some light exercise or some shit. Alternatively, go masturbate but just don't use any porn. Porn is especially harmful when compared to just masturbating to your imagination because there's always an urge for more. It's been found that people masturbate for much longer when using porn vs their imagination, so it's that much more time spent overloading your dopamine receptors, making them less sensitive in the future, reducing your ability to find pleasure in small simple good things in life and to motivate yourself.

You are a porn victim having degraded by porn so much that you became a pedophile. Are you not ashamed of yourself?

Please tell me this name is Jewish.

Porn is virtual cuckholding. When you watch porn you are getting off watching the woman you want get fucked by another man.

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color images in general are harmful. they are the sugar that keeps you watching tv and surfing the web. if you have a modern system, which means not a pc or mac, you can disable color and also invert images (to make them even less instantly compelling). forcing yourself to only surf in this mode will dramatically tilt the balance of power over your browsing habits. the addiction will no longer have its hold on you. you will be human again.

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When leftists cracked down on porn, that didn’t actually go well for them at all. That’s why I as an asexual leftist hate porn restrictions. I don’t really “get” porn, but it seems like a necessary expressive freedom.

Look at the nose, the face and the lips, there is no doubt in my mind.

You can't stop civilization decay through soft power

Just like fag parades and trans kids…

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porn is precisely this: proof the modern woman isn’t fucking men enough. if you fucked your woman 5 times a day you wouldn’t give imagery the least thought. but modern society asks women to make a choice, which is their weakest skill, and they are further enticed not to make the choice. so women become “to blame” for the incel situation. but the incel situation is a societal one, feminism is one name for it, but it’s integrated in sean hannity right-wing boomerism as well.

Men fuck women and not the other way around, user. You are mixing up cause and effect here. Men have become feminized, low-T porn addicts, thats why they don't fuck their women enough anymore. Women are sheep, they are made to follow and will give in to a man dominating them. If men fail to take the lead, society fails.

ding ding ding

freedom is useless crap. not one damn shred of “freedom” is of any use to normal people. no, i don’t want butt sex (men’s health did a 2 page spread in june promoting butt sex). no, i don’t want to fuck men. no, i don’t want to fuck a robot. no, i don’t want pornography. no, i don’t want drugs. no, i don’t want to dance in a club. no, i don’t want mixed bathing. yes, all “freedom” is useless. perhaps there is this shred of “freedom” i enjoy: a religious freedom, though i am not safe from the rumor mill if i were to confess to my cosmological convictions (whereas a homo is embraced). anyway, if the commies get their way, there will be no religious freedom.

in modern society, she’s in charge.

that nobody lostens to this is proof what fucking wiggers we’re dealing with. do you need fucking sam hyde to hold your hand through the time wasting detox, wiggers?

Wrong, women are never in charge. They just become disoriented without a male lead, which will make them mentally unstable and sometimes insane. They will look to other kinds of authority without male lead, which also explains the high amount of females that follow the leftist doctrine which the systems authoritative figures (symbols of stability to the female mind) dictate.

Without male lead in the family / in the marriage, to specify.

Getting a woman to sleep with you is not some Herculean task. Men have become not only cowardly, but isolated in the sense that they feel that something as simple as striking up conversation and maintaining it properly is unachievable so they don't try. Men nowadays need liquid courage to approach women and even then only do seldomly. The problem is not women, but the ineptness of many men


Right on. You have no choice but to use porn. It's women's fault that you use porn.

You fucking coward.

You sound like a junkie blaming the world for making you shoot up every day. Sure, on a societal level, soaring rates of drug addiction are sign that something is wrong. On an individual level though, it's on you. Additionally, something else you porn addicts are never able to admit, you don't need porn to masturbate.

I stopped cold turkey. Wasn’t hard tbh. Once you understand that everything you consume be it visual or audio, everything you read, the people you interact with, the music you listen to all have a direct influence on you it makes it a lot easier to consciously filter out the negative for the positive.
If you watch some slut take cocks all day you’re going to get conditioned to be attracted to men because your brain is going to equate dicks with porn and equate porn with pleasure.


i just grew out of it. but this remains, do you permit color on your screens? i mean when doing other than directly conversing with fam and meatspace frens? color, photos, animation, are actually the cause of “addiction” online. it’s not compelling content. your brain gets put in stimulation/carnival mode, and the prefrontal cortex is drowned out. not always bad, but candy isn’t for daily consumption.

indon’t use porn. porn is a symptom of cultural malaise.

Moralists are sex-obsessed perverts. That’s why they need so much prudism. Their sex drive screams for expression and seizes on every hint.

People who actually have sex get bored of it.


Porn is part of keeping life meaningful, but nihilistic perverts hate it.

no, studies of historic birthrates show that breeding is essentially unimpaired when the woman is required by society to put out.

I wonder what we did before porn? Oh that's right…we lived normal satisfied and healthy lives that were focused on family and community and togetherness.
Of course we would want to give that all up so that we could be alone in a dark room wasting our lives beating off…who would want to live a full and rich life with memories and laughter when they could self-isolate and learn to be a slave of the kikes and then die alone.

Also, bored of sex?
I am going to call OE on that one. I have never gotten bored of sex.


Lol. You might need to get that thing looked at

Why is it always a Jew behind degeneracy? Every fucking time

Hang yourself

How exactly is homosexuality a sexual act? I'd wager that the majority of homosexuals that ever existed on the planet never engaged in buggery. If you define such people by their behavior, then you can no longer claim to oppose homosexuality, because you wouldn't be able to recognize a good number of homosexuals by their behavior. If you define them by a state of being, then its not clear what they are doing wrong. Are you opposed to buggery as an action, or attraction to the same sex? The former can be realistically proscribed, the latter cannot.

This took a side turn from pornography, and on that note I'd also like to remind all you that Uncle Ted would say something to the effect that it is modern technology which is giving us the means of our own destruction. When people can find more pleasure, albeit temporary and unfulfilling, in masturbation than sex, it seems that social atomization is at its peak. About gays, I'll just say that not all of them support the modern direction of society, as the Rainbow Coalition of the Left would have you believe, and that loyalty to one's family, race and nation is not incompatible with their situation. Many do desire a lifelong partner as a noble goal, even if its discouraged by the flamboyant loudmouths promoting promiscuity and free will as a way of 'liberating' the world.

Humans had meaning in their lives before pornography and they will have meaningful lives after pornography as well. I also don't understand your use of 'moralist' as a derogatory term.

Because they are the 'tree of Death' user and not Life. I was talking with someone else on a higher quality NS board about the kikes penchant for 'equilibrium' (communism, multiculturalism, equality between the sexes). Well in biology equilibrium is Death. Literally to reach any type of equality is to die. It means that things stop functioning completely because all its 'work' (potential energy) is over. This is why their goals are always focused on death and killing things, preferably for them in the most malignant and terrible or terrifying way they can manage to inflict.
Translation: death of sexuality and heterosexual relationships (not for niggers mind you; just for us)
Government enforced equality or death to society
the destruction of the principles of thermodynamics
Their whole modus operandi is focused on 'equality' which as I said biologically is death which is why I often call them a Death Cult. You can see it reflected in their 'religious values' as well.

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The user suggesting color images being detrimental has peaked my interest. I try not to look at sexualized images but I have a sweet tooth for anime/manga visual style even if I'm not fapping to it. It will always have a soft spot in my eyes but I often wonder, am I appealed to it for for the way the female form is drawn or that amphetamine tier sweetness that the nips animate/stylize it with.

I quit drinking recently and will switch my computer LED lights to white light and try monochrome on my phone and computer screen to give it a try. I'm very intrigued because I've always considered nip art style as pure eye candy.

Just switched, it's greyscale for you Android users in accessibility settings

Learn to read. I said that homosexuality is obsession with immoral and repulsive sexual acts. Fags are sexual deviants that have a fixation on anal intercourse between males, scat and pedophilia. Its literally what defines faggotry. There is no such thing as love between two men. Homosexuality, just like transgenderism, is based around sexual deviancy.

Also my reward will be LSD. I know drugs are degenerate but there's something about 5HT2a agonists that I believe is righteous and beneficial if used sparingly and appropriately. To each his own. Actually acid helped me reaffirm my NatSoc views and the importance of our race and my people

It is based on harming men physically through unnatural acts, so sado masochism torture and ripping and tearing/damaging men replaces sexual intimacy. People who hate other men (or children) engage in homosexual activity.
The anus is not a sex organ.

Do MEGA links end up expiring? I was wanting to bookmark one in the thread, for future use

Daily reminder that it is impossible to deny that kikes are behind this shit.

Attached: Greg_lansky_jew.jpg (3004x1660, 517.92K)

Interesting. You’ve piqued my curiosity, do you have any links to more on this tree of death and equilibrium relation to Jews?

This is just blameshifting. I won't approach a woman if it's sexual harassment. Why are you guys still saying this bullshit 30 years later? Porn is a last resort. You can take it away but it won't make me have "real-life sexual experiences."

Why can’t I hold all these straws

>saying hello to a woman is never sexual harassment
The 90's say hello.

Not yet, you guys are the first people I have told about it (other than that other NS user I was speaking with). I am learning BioChem and I am 'noticing things' that I don't think normal people notice about Life and living. I am kind of thunderstruck by the weird shit I am learning. I look forward to learning more about what it means to be alive this next semester as I will be taking a higher level Chem class.
How come no one ever mentions any of this stuff? You think it would be kind of important to ALL OF LIFE to know and understand what it means to 'Live'.
Guess not.

Based post

I mean, you're probably right but I get crazy when I haven't jerked off in a while. Like my chest starts burning and I can't think straight. Maybe I have cancer

I literally went up to a woman yesterday saying hi and asked her for directions because I didn’t know the area that well and nothing happened to me.

And at a get together went up and started talking to a woman when I noticed she kept looking at me. What shit hole do you live in where an obvious approach invite is considered sexual harassment!

This place isn’t what it was a few years ago so that doesn’t surprise me. You’ve brought my attention to something interesting though, will try to delve into it independently myself but I hope you report back when you learn more tbh

? Not !

That’s what I get for having auto correct huh


Damn. That actually makes sense. Never thought of it that way.

Cool I hope you will consider sharing as well when you find what you are seeking. If either of us found the full key there would be no reason not to share it.

One of my talents; to see what no one else sees. Gotta retain that sense of wonder and awe of the universe.

Attached: sybil sif Thors wifes.jpg (1222x646, 81.42K)

Part of that ineptness is a fear of getting #metoo'd. They see low status men getting punished in everyday life for deigning to approach women, but you can only interact freely with women if you're Chad. Therefore, you need to either become Chad, or interact as meekly as possible. Men can become the ones that fuck women, but the short/bald ones can't fuck them with modern expectations making low status men approaching a crime.

When I was a teacher abroad, in Thailand women actively welcomed my conversations and inquiries. In fact, I met my tradwife through one such interaction.


Or realize your real potential" physically by lifting and being able to afford hair transplants, intellectually by reading regularly, and professionally by starting your own business. The meek stuff is only for the men who don't improve, but it is by necessity that they avoid women.

I'm already mixed. German father and Slavic mother


Yes I am sure you are.

fucking puritans

looks more like you got some rather personal issues.
I think you people rather have a problem with self disciplin and that new myth about how porn "makes you gay" is the latest example of that.

/b2/ is the board for degenerate trash…
get thee hence

Whatever point you made has been invalidated when you announced you race-mixed. If you want a point across, don't announce you farmed the rice.
Women broke the social contract, and now the reap what they sow. Again, the big lesson in regards to feminism and women's liberation:
I don't like Christianity for being a jewish subversion, but maybe there was a point to those nunneries for single women. Did the natural religions in Europe had something similar?

pilpul indeed

DNA testing didn't find any kike genes, not even the 1% they like to add.

ACHTUNG !!! Zyklon /b2/ gassen

porn isn't a problem, not being able to exterminate non-whites is a problem