Natsoc economical politics were trash

Here are two images of my german history book. In the first one is said that the NS state was extremely in debt due to their enormous expenses in the military. The state wanted to pay the debt by privatizing all companies and depriving jews from every valuable thing, however this was completely insufficient. The government even started to force the unemployed population to work in slave like conditions. Also the volk was extremely focused to save up money rather then spending it, which hurt the economy even more, obligating businesses to exchange any kind of high quality product for something cheaper. Ironically even though the german population was focused on saving money the money stored in the banks were taken by the government to further finance the military. All of this led to one simple conclusion: if germany wanted to avoid a total economical collapse it had to be in a perpetual state of war were it raided every other country in the world (which is the primary reason the nazis favorite tactic was the Blitzkrieg, a fast and cheap "war" that could generate a lot of profit). By the way the graphic reads "public expenses of the German reich": Brown=Wehrmacht, Blue=Infrastructure, Yellow=Public administration, Green=Public utilities, Red=Housing.
From an economical point of view, peace was never an option.

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Get out Jew.


pls gib counter argumet

You mean the ones that were largely destroyed by the Judeo-Alliance and then jew capitalist material was flooded in through the education system beginning the process of denazification? Very convenient that German sources are not present to refute any rebuttal put out post-WW2.

The only rebuttal I would have, and it is not even a rebuttal is that the portions of Germany's planned economy where smaller than much of the USA economy is now. But yeah, it was not all a utopia of the working class in Hitler's germany- he fucked up a few times with his economic planning- like one is apt to do when one plans the economy to any degree- but i would say his economy was more good than bad
Socialism doesn't not work- it just makes things in your economy less efficient- if your people can bear the load of inefficiency (are white or east asian) then socialism 'works'- introduce niggers or brown people and it will work less well.
The free market should always be king unless you have monopolies or are introducing third world labor. When people are aloud to spend their money how they want- things work out better for both producers and consumers.

Sure. The economy of NS Germany was international recognized as a miracle and to this day that sentiment has it's place in even the most blue pilled circles.
The information you have presented is disingenuous at best.

Take it to 4kikes faggot.

What's the problem with total war and raiding the resources from lesser men? You also ignore the face that modern monetary policy allows a country to take on massive debts without issue. Germany was trying to survive a worldwide Jewish onslaught, not keep a balanced budget.

Kinda happens when the entire world declares war on you, not to mention trade war. You are arguing that the economy was fucked when the country was fighting off extinction.

Compare the peace time economy of now when debt is the foundation of the economy and that debt is paying for the genocide of the European race and the EU policy of lets bring every nigger to europe and pay them for it. You cant be fucking serious.

just checked, the book is from austria


Besides the fact that the occupied German govt has a motive for misrepresenting the nature of the prior govt, it should be remarked that the national socialists were in power from 1933-1945, and for half of the twelve years they were resisting the Allied total war doctrine on two fronts against four other world empires (France and Britain were literal empires, the USSR was even more imperial than Imperial Russia and the US was a multinational state akin to an empire though not literally one), whilst the other half were spent remilitarizing because they knew their days were numbered.

Other than that, everything I've read indicated that the British sought the destruction of the new regime because the German economy was too strong a competitor. The life of the average German was better than the life of the average Briton or American during the Depression. The Germans stated goal was to remove economic parasites, namely financiers, and to improve the standard of living, which they accomplished. They had to cooperate with some bigwig capitalists to maintain power, as they were trying to prevent insurrection from discontented Junkers and their capitalist and foreign sponsors the whole twelve years. They achieved autarky the likes of which a Western nation hasn't seen since and considering their ability to fight the combined might of the Allies, it seems that they were doing really well on the whole.

If we were nitpicky, I'm sure we could find things we didn't like about their economic policy (which was tailored to the times obviously), but I don't personally respect them because they had an ideal govt, but because it was more than sufficient one to secure the welfare of the average Hans off the street.

In any case, any national socialist inspired govt of the future would require its own economic policy tailored to the times we live in, working with what we have. Perfection is the enemy of the Good, as the saying goes. Sage because OP is clearly trying to perpetrate Allied propaganda about ostensible German pathological militarism and their desire to take over the world, which is in actual fact what two of the allies actually attempted to do after the war, and the US succeeded.

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I should have said, I respect them not because it was ideal, but because it was sufficient.

It's because Hitler was an intel asset who was first in the military.
It's why he created Isnotreal.
It's why the NSDAP government was indistinguishable from the one proposed by Marx.
It's why the world hates Germans today, especially the self-hating German descendents.
It was the jewish plan all along.


That's a jewish saying, and is, thus, untrue.
The actual saying goes:
With jews you lose.

How many times do anons have to debunk this bullcrap your spewing kike?

Present them.

What is this obsession you people have with being filthy.

Try again rabbi.

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Killing jews is more important than any economy. Human beings can live well enough by themselves in the wilderness without any economy at all. Jews won't escape their genocide, and it will happen in this generation.

Easily one of the biggest memes going. Capitalism is GROSSLY inefficient.

The same Austria that had an election that was obviously rigged for the commies a few years back?

Inefficient Compared to what? If you take a free market economy and calculate the energy it takes to create a ton of steel it will be considerably less than planned economies. When it comes to raising the standard of living with scarce recourses that have alternative uses free market economy will always do more with the same resources than a planned economy. Every time.

Truth does not need belief, jew.
My opinion rly. Military statism is military statism tbh.

Look up the balfour agreement, hitler abandoned the haavra agreement the moment the zionkikes were assassinating, boycotting, and backstabbing, and unironically kvetching over mufti.
Look up the free palestine speech.
>unironically using (((wikipedia)))

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Also, your obvious Zig Forums meme is obvious.

To who? The great thing about state banking is that the state being indebted to itself means that it can forgive its own debts, and the people it governs will still value the currency as long as the government says the currency has value. People do what authority says.

What the fuck?
This isn't even a Zig Forums meme are you trying to out your self this easily?

The Balfour Declaration preceeded the Haavara Agreement by like 20yrs. I am unsure of the value here.
Will do. Hitler seemed to disagree with most of the party, even from the beginning.

Obvious unfamiliarity with Zig Forums maymays is obvious.

I know what they are, but I don't recall them using national socialist memes or hitler memes, trying spreading this on there and that will guarantee ban.

The NSDAP government's economic policies were a miracle that are widely accepted in even the most normie of circles at the time and even today. They were not in debt to international jew bankers. They were not in debt to anyone. The debt meme is literally just a big lie. The economic policies of the NSDAP government were perfect. All Jews must be exterminated

It's only missing caps of Anons declaring what high office they will hold in the 4th Reich.
But it's just a joke, user.
I'll stob.
Forgib me.

Thanks for this, too.
Here, if you don't hab already:

Nah your going to the gas chambers fren.

Ah you were playing devil advocate weren't you?
I do that as well sometimes when I am bored.

This is just babbling nonsense. Look at all of the things on the shelves of stores that serve zero purpose but to consume resources and get traded for money printed out of thin air? Look at the way consumption patterns and tastes are crafted to maximize resource use, not conserve it. People prattling on about free market economics on this board are just rich White people who are feeling the heat and expect the disaffected here to their running dogs while getting nothing out of it.

fuck off kike

newfags the book you want is feder - manifesto for the abolition of debt slavery.

Yeah look at all the things on the shelves, cheap options of goods that the middle class would never have had access to if it wasn't for companies constantly trying to produce goods cheaper than the competition. This process goes on long enough that the product gets cheap enough for faggots like yourself to afford them.
The computer, the cell phone, microwaves were all upper class luxuries until companies competed trying to make them more and more efficiently until anyone can afford them. That is the free market and how it is efficient.
You HAVE to be efficient to produce a car cheap enough that a regular faggot can afford it (like yourself).
What things on the shelf serve 0 purpose? Are you saying that a company can continue to make a good that no one wants and stay afloat? It is on the shelf because someone somewhere is buying it. I'm betting you are the same guy who bitches about walmart running all the other stores out of business- not realizing it is people of their own free will and choice who choose to spend their money at a place that offers the best value that runs the other places out of business- that place happens to be walmart- because they are the most efficient.
You are just a whiny nigger who wants the gibs cause of 'the third way' as you use a computer brought about and made cheap enough by the very process you shit on

Found the kike. Turns out the quote is about as not-Jewish as you can get.

Neurotic perfectionism is characteristically Jewish.

The quote is "Perfect is the enemy of good." AKA don't be an obsessive sperg, sometimes good enough is fine.

It came from Voltaire quoting an Italian, but the principle has been noted by both Oriental and Occidental philosophers thousands of years ago.

Militarism generally doesn’t produce anything but feelies for fisters.

Were NatSoc economics perfect? No, not possible.

Were they better than what we have now? Almost certainly.

Were they viable long term? Who knows.

Are there better systems? Absolutely.

Everybody who sperged on this KYS

Look at the vile, Hebraic /liberty/ nigger in his pitiful nakedness and laugh!

The demonic anti-White fiend screeches "public demand" and "muh (((Capitalist))) efficiency"
but anyone with more than two braincells knows modern consumerist "efficiency" means White genocide by means of exporting all the jobs to chinkbug hives so White workers and their families starve from unemployment, or importing spics and niggers to steal even more jobs and to also perform the bidding of their (((Capitalist)))/(((Bolshevik))) masters by raping little white girls and boys. And these /liberty/ worms touch themselves watching it happen.
And those hands that buy products from Walmart's shelves? They belong to Shaniqua who saw multikulti ads on the Tel Avivsion at 100 decibels higher than would be civilized.

In short, the anti-White (((Capitalist))) will hang with their (((Bolshevik))) buttbuddies and their (((/liberty/))) bootlickers.

I'm against importing cheap labor- importing cheap labor though has nothing to do with the mechanism of competition driving down prices


Your dumb brain is melted. The jews who own every square inch of the market world all shake hands with eachother and love eachother like family - because that's what they are. Dumb goyim get the scraps like any family dog.

prove monopoly and i will disagree with it- when one arises I do- but just because a company makes cheap goods doesn't mean it has a monopoly on something

Germany took alot of loans to rebuild after the depression of the 20s. Alot of public spending, construction of infastructure and militarization. The goal was to get as much as wealth as possible and building up the country so that they could defend themselves when the military powers would declare war on them for not paying the debt back. The invasion of Poland followed a similar pattern, germany did it for economical reasons to confiscate gold reservers of the national bank. They tried to do the same with Norway and france. War is all about money in the end and who has it.

Why did germany invade and confiscate the Polish national gold reservers. Same thing with Norway and france.

Close yet so far off.
Hitler didn't invade nations because of just economical reasons there is way more to it than just money.
No (((they))) declared war because hitler cut all ties with the international banking system.

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Look into all the jewish names in business and you'll have your proof.

Retard, germany still did international trade but not with the Brits or the other zog states, they needed gold for supplies they lacked.

Brainlet of a shitskin, zoomer of ideologies.

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not sustainable as economic policy. evidence: Nazis picked a fight with the whole world and lost as result

What is that, a thumbnail for ants?

I probably read more about economy and the international banking system than you do nigger.

Lets see how many will fall for my layers upon layers of irony

Ah, double digit Infowars tier

I read more than just hitler's revolution, but to simply say hitler declared war on other nations simply because of economical reasons is wrong and the reasons for the globohomo for declaring war on germany has more to do with germany defying them not necessarily just economical reasons.
See this post for an example.

This would've been funny if you didn't expose your self this quickly.

=This is bullshit because debt didn't exists in the NatSoc economy.=

You know how I know? My Economics School Book said so.

Poland stopped the Red army dead in its tracks in 1920 when it was under the direct command of Trotsky. Hitler destroyed Poland (in concert with Stalin) and thus left Germany wide open to invasion by the USSR.

But…I thought this board was holocaust denial.

Because they were at war with those countries? Are you mentally deficient?

Bismark created modern Germany; his foreign policy always dictated an alliance with Russia.

Kaiser Willhelm II and Hitler both rejected Russian alliances and attacked Russia, ultimately with disastrous results.

Bismark was the great man, not Hitler or the Kaiser.

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Maybe if russia was still a monarchy, but under control of the kikes and a madman that backstabs to get his way to the top and later planning to invade europe as a whole?
You have to be completely idiotic to think allying with ussr is remotely a good idea.

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By the way it was Crown Prince Von Falkenheinthat facilitated Lenin going to Russia from Zurich so he could overthrow the Tzar.

So Kaiser Willhelm II's idiotic foreign policies led to the ultimate catastrophe.

Was literally a fucking ruse dumbshit, The Führer even spelled this out explicitly to League of Nations Commissioner Burkhardt before the invasion of Poland:

And OP is a fucking faggot Jew disinfo shill. You really think this bullshit will turn any of us away from the only ideology worthy of the Aryan man, National Socialism, or our Führer?

Seriously what the fuck are all these Judeo-Bolsheviks doing on Zig Forums? Is there a /trannypol/ raid going on or something?


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Unless you want to be imprisoned and backstabbed.

So, the West conspired to destroy Germany with the USSR, instead of cooperating with Germany to destroy the USSR.

Yup, par for the course.

No. Jews forced the hands of the UK/America.

You said it better than I could've. It's always such a (((coincidence))) that they count wartime damage to the economy against the besieged state.

keked harder than I should've.

Show your dad, OP… oh, right. Nigger.

Reminder these faggots are lolbergs trying to undermine the far right.


You could do the same for Louis XIV and it would be just as meaningless.



Every fucking day.

Wow, holy crap shit economic policy bro should've voted Hillary. You've really opened my eyes user.

It was a debt in their own non-gold backed currency, so they had no issues with 'paying debt.' There's nothing wrong with deficit spending of this sort per se, so long as you don't do it to the point where demand outpaces supply and causes inflation. And I'm sure I would have heard of it nonstop if there were inflation issues under the NSDAP, so I have to presume they government expenditure at healthy levels.

It amazes me how people get caught up in this monetarist debt-cult to the point that they will think a country doing something is impossible even if they know that that country has the resources to carry out the endeavor in question.

I would still consider the National Socialist economy a market economy up until the war got serious and they were forced to switch to a planned war-time economy, like everyone else, even the U.S. Before the war, it wasn't planned, just corporatist. (and that's a good thing!)

I would say that thousands of men, tanks, and planes, are much more valuable than a vault containing nothing but utterly useless shiny metal. Taking gold is just plundering the defeated. The real aim was to acquire land, which is priceless.

What's the matter with you?

Which board or discord decided to come here and spam this garbage? I swear, you guys just throw everything at the wall, act all cocky, and then find out that the wall is still spotless and just fall back on irony or saying that National Socialism and Zig Forums are "cringe."

Madness and neuroticism. It's all I ever see from you.



Those who say German war economy was bad are also talking out their ass:
Peak yearly production WW2
USA: 700 billion dollars
Germany: 400 billion dollars
British Empire: 180 billion dollars
Japanese Empire: 170 billion dollars
USSR: 150 billion dollars
French Empire: 60 billion dollars
Italian Empire: 50 billion dollars

And the year for Germany was 1944.

The spell cast on the understanding of economics can best be explained by the case of a professionally trained economist with a genius IQ, Hjalmar Schacht, disagreeing on how much to spend of this fiat money. The counter argument came from a complete amateur, but who also had a genius IQ, Adolf Hitler.
And the amateur was right. Schacht was an out of the box thinker himself, responsible for the system Germany used, but his training still hindered him. After he got the sack German war production skyrocket and the surge didn't stop until the allies managed to destroy all infrastructure in late 1944. End of the war the books were green for the German government. The last time they would be so.

Heard this a thousand times. You won't convince anyone of anything, never could, never will. No I won't argue with you. You are a jew, you are my enemy. The only conversation we will be having is with our bullets.

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How about the entire world being commanded to attack National Socialist Germany? (((They))) wouldn't have used this much force if (((they))) weren't scared.

The biggest tell is the immediate lurch to war against countries who pursue similar economic policies. If these policies were so bad and would cause catastrophic failure in a short period of time, why would anyone bother with invading Libya or Iraq or North Korea?

Good post.
Shills are here peddling their subversive bullshit 24/7, 365 days a year, user. It's always been like that and it isn't going to change any time soon.
Remember, these shills are either profoundly stupid or they're masters of pilpul, and thus it's always pointless to sincerely engage in any sort of dialogue with them.

The greatest achievement of the Third Reich was to be an example of what could happen if you choose to make it happen, and from their actions we were given countless precedents.
Especially why it's pointless to debate with a jew or their offshoots.

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I hear it as being the economic equivalent of maxing out a credit card and wouldn't be sustainable past a war, any counter to that?
t. doesn't know better

It's called economic policy, not economical politics.

Why are you repeating exactly the same thing, and not responding to any of the several refutations made to this critique made early in the thread?

Look at my IP, i've made only 1 post. I took this off of 1d4chan.

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Absolutely believable! Darn those old Nazis.

Thank you for saving me from a lifetime of bitterness and racism, Rabbi. I'll make sure they hang you with a quick drop, rather than a slow pull.

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I'm never one for hebrews after what they did to my people, I just want a good comeback to a point frequently brought up.

The gold and valuables seized from Jews came at about 1 billion dollars. The German GDP was in the hundreds of billions. It was pocket change and most of it was used to finance the emigration of poor Jews. The proper analogy with a credit card is borrowing from abroad. If they don't see something in return they will stop lending you money. But in Germany the Government is also the creditor. It uses the money to pay for projects they need, with materials and manpower that they have. Why does this loan even have to be paid back? The government is loaning money from itself.

What Hitler understood and what the monied elite are always trying to suppress, is that what gives money value is the products people are producing in exchange for it. Why is America's economy bigger than some African countries despite having similar population numbers? Because there are more cars, airplanes, computers and iphones in America. Stuff people are willing to pay more for than a banana and a coconut. If you as a nation are producing all these things, you have money. Or rather, the fiat money you make, has value. The German principle was that for every Mark produced, there had to be a corresponding man hour of work to back it up. If there was nothing real created, then the government would not create the money to pay for it.

The real ponzi scheme is the current economy of the West where the money supply has to continually grow just to pay off the interest rate on the debt. And whenever the ponzi scheme crashes, the government steps in with more fiat money, backed by no human work hours, and "bails it out". The only way to make this work is to steal the human work hours through interest rates and the inflation that happens when money is continually created in excess of the production. The Jew banking system is designed to skim the resources of the nation, the German one was designed to facilitate the prosperity of the people and the growth of the economy.

The notion that Germany financed their economy by plundering the countries they invaded also falls flat when you realize they were spending more in these territories than they were taking out. After all a division of men and tanks cost a lot of money. Of course the added raw materials and gold helped them, but it was not the basis for their system.

Thank you, I learnt a thing or two from that post. Screencapped for any user who may also not know any better.

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>(((german history book)))
>my (((teachers))) would never lie to me!

Go back to 4chan.