Life deprives of the illusions of religious idealism

Religion is a manifestation of a certain mentality and customs, but it does not have a special power to change people. The prophet shows the moon, but most people still look at the finger. Therefore, religion more often becomes a manifestation of hypocrisy than spirituality.
People are looking for spirituality, but I think it will have less and less to do with a religion as we know it, which is hierarchical and graduate.

Is there really a "religious community" in today's trend of any religion? I can not imagine a situation in which attending a temple, listening to a priest (who does not even speak some really interesting sermons … etc.), common anonymity (because I do not know the guy standing next to me) would create in me a mental comfort and a sense of security from the fact of being together with people in this place.

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You're throwing out the baby with the bath water.

No, they're just looking for a new hierarchy.

You just sound jaded, honestly.

Kike religions are a money making scams and spiritually harmful.

Connect with your ancestral religion with your mythology and that's all that is needed.


There is no afterlife. Stop chasing after spirits and maybe you might find some good in yourself. Focus on self improvement for no one else but yourself.

It’s about trust. Faith is foundational to civilization even if religion may or may not be carrying faith’s banner forever. If people forget everything about having faith in religion they’ll still remember having faith in each other for as long as society contains people with integrity. We trust that the community has comprehensible drives and that the preacher does, too. In this shared similarity, we find reason to trust even when fantastical things are said.

Religions don’t have to be totally true. They demonstrate and cultivate this trust by… orbiting truth, you could say. “The priest shows the moon” is somewhat apt here. By believing the teachings could illuminate useful information and working patiently to find it, people often succeed at relating concepts in useful. Just thinking in a patient, unstressed manner still solves many issues in life.

The foundation of faith is the honesty of the faithful. For people to develop the capacity of faith in each other, they must be honest about acknowledging influences, and sincere about seeking the good of all. It is that capacity for entire communities to in fact be honest which underpins much human infrastructure. Primitive people abuse trust and wonder why their causes fade - this hit the left very hard in recent years, impacting even the basic capacity of economic growth.

If people are honest enough, our collective mastery of this Earth will bring forth paradise, and we shall all live forever under the protection of truth.


It’s not about the afterlife, morbidist.

If your life revolves around a God that never cared, never loved you, and doesn't even give you the decency of putting something after this wretched, miserable hellscape of an existence - then what else is there for you?

What meaning can be taken from a life that revolves around something that is so indecipherably complex for our human brains? It's the same effect as believing in nothing at all.

I only believe in what I can see, feel, hear, smell. It may not be the most accurate, but I was given these senses for a reason and I really can't see anything else out there.

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You’re completely missing the point. Shared drives and shared values create shared trust, which is an efficient means of sharing information. A comprehensible society finds intelligent uses for minds at every level. It isn’t clear that religion is the best way to achieve that (I am not religious), but the immaterial stories of religion are about communicating information and demonstrating trust. They are not about being literally true.


It's written in your post as well as the hearts and minds of all trends before you that "trended". This is the very crux of the issue. You are divorced from a personal relationship with what you dont know how adds up, but are certain it adds up beyond the "you" you are. The forms changing is the natural part and parcel of the Absolute and it's forms acknowledgement of the return to its principles. Godspeed user.

The problem here is that people have been lied to all their lives about there being anything other than the measured, what is real and can be percieved by human wits.

If we have a soul, there's no evidence for it - so it may as well not be countered. Our brains give us the capacity to build individual character. What traits we decide to strengthen and what ones to discard is entirely up to us.
That's the beauty of it. Men have been given the ability to change their mindset in a way that no other mammal or living creature has done before.

But yes, I ultimately agree. We have no values because the values we had have been deconstructed. In a way this is liberating, since if someone so wishes, they can simply look up a book on philosophy and study up on their own time and create a new man from themselves or something.


Secularism is jewish. Religion will always prevail.

Nothing here is jewish, dude. Stop deflecting all of your disagreements with others' opinions as being jewish.

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Disgusting positivism. Keep your pathetic 'liberty' while we build the next Divine Imperium.

Lol what? Go check out the rationalist community, they read philosophy all the time and still have coherent identities. Blow your little mind, goyl.

You don't know what Secularism is. Protip: Making laws that prevent your blood brothers from getting stoned to death for having religious disagreements with others and that protect religious liberty for Whites is not and never will be jewish.

If worshiping god actually worked, kikes wouldn't let us do it.

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