Qboomers are livestreaming right now lol

Qboomers are livestreaming right now lol.


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what is the "best" video explaining why qLARP is real >implying? I want to hear someone legitimately try to convince me, even if they'll be ultimately unsuccessful. I want to know what's gotten everybody so up about


I can't even for 2 minutes
its so retarded

dude….we're redpillin boomers

seriously though aren't most the qboomers just the same bibletards who follow steve quayle and paul begley?

I tried to drop some redpills and no joke someone said: "I wish I was Jewish cause Jesus is their protector." Then I got blocked in the chat.

Q is real you idiots.

Yup I got blocked too, soon as I'm unbanned over at cuckchan I'm gonna post the link to that livestream

>ironic reddit image
you sure think about those people a lot

“Cuckchan” has more posters on a slow thread than this entire catalog.

Fedkikes pick words like this and repeat them on and on to brainwash and make you think there’s consensus.

Make Israel gassed again

Try Di's


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I need to sort my lol folder better, fug.

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How come never-Trumpers can't make memes other than subversions of existing ones?

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you get the zyklon B first

Remember DACAryans are going to vote for BASED TRUMP.

post the original fourth pic, without all the gay LARP shit

This is a good one, his main "proof" is that a bunch of celebrities died in the past couple years.

pure delusion

gibs link, not two letters


you realize those were all Jews, right? You realize that the MIGA hat is explicitly confronting Trumps sucking never-Trumper dick, right? Trump got accepted by (((never-Trumpers))) by giving them the belligerent foreign policy they wanted. kys kikey retard

is it really worth watching or is it just out there?

Wrong nigger, Jews overwhelmingly supported Clinton especially donors

It's only worth watching if you want to laugh at retards, but your time would be better spent on pretty much anything else.

Sheldon Adelson is the biggest spender in all of American politics, and he backs Trump so much that his wife compared him to Queen Esther and said a "Book of Trump" should be added to the Torah.

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What policy did he give them kike he left Syria didn’t do Iran and cut the afghan troops around 50%.

MIGA are crypto Israelis.


Dis nuts motherfucker! HAHAHAHA


So, what you're telling me is that you're illiterate AND don't understand what logic is… fair enough

are they all literally that retarded? there isn't someone who even could put out some decent arguments on why Q might actually be for real? What about a Q-debunker who has been really generous and is trying to provide the best pro-Q arguments possible?

Basically, everything except an immediate escalation in Syria. And, even in that, he horse-traded for breaking the Iran deal, which was disastrously retarded. As far as near east foreign policy goes, I really don't see how Trump would have differed from anyone else, outside of that horse-trade, tbh. pull your head out of your ass, dude.

Literally go on a vacation and don't watch the news and do whatever. Then, 6 months later, try to objectively study what has actually happened in the last 6 months, rather than getting caught up in the news cycle. It'll change your perspective forever

its 'Deez' you retarded faggot

Would habe been to obvious.

you could have done Dee's. Di's is "Dies," as in "That is Princess Di's bracelet"

No clickshekels for (jew)

It's literally just cold reading.

Literally any 60 IQ nigger can do this scam.

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I guess you learn more English everyday

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Then who else matters? Maybe Haim Saban, Hillary's puppet master? He praised Kushner for Trump's Israel-first agenda, and even celebrated the mass slaughter of gentiles with him at a Purim dinner last year.

The "Elders of Zion" back Trump.

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Never Trumpers are Jews and Shabbat goys, MIGA are literally Israelis in disguise. You said the Jews are rooting for trump. They’re not and they never were, he’s been disastrous for them. When they finish rolling up Epstein et. al you’ll be all by yourself out there and your state will collapse.

The Iran deal was built to fail and lead us into war, I’m pretty sure you know that.

What I love most about Trump is he treats Israel like the rest of our politicians treat Americans, he promises them the moon and the stars and DOESN'T DELIVER. Adelson you can bet your ass was sending money off the books to Clinton, his support for trump is a public facade. So *on the books*, Adelson spent at least $1 more than the number 2 Jewish donor, so what? 22 of the recent top 25 donors are Jewish.

You’re full of shit kike please Jews hire better shills than this CNN nigger.

So who owns the media?

Only Jews and leftists say this about the Koch’s, Kushners and Adelson.

The jews own the media across the board, and the outlets always attack politicians affiliated the other jew-party. You could use the same argument to make the case that the jews are against Bush, Clinton, or anyone else.


Lee Stranahan from Kikebart debated (and destroyed) Dustin Nemos, one of the grifters associated with the Patriotard LARPbox, who appear to currently hold the reigns to the LARP.

It's kind of interesting, but again, you'd be wasting a lot of time actually watching it - over 5 hours.

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You’re right to a degree but the Bushes at least has Fox News supporting them. Trump is constantly being undermined by Fox, trying to hurt his support from the right while the other channels whip up the left.

The news is the elders of Zion and they clearly don’t like trump.

Hannity, Tucker, and others at Fox all run cover for the ZOG Emperor.

It's all the same shit. The leftist jewish media attacks the Republikike puppet, and vice versa. Meanwhile, they're naming things in Israel after Trump/

Who’s defending Adelson and Kushner?

The richest Jews are families not individuals and they won’t tell you how much money they have, they go to great pains to hide it. You don’t think Adelson is the same, and Kushner? We have no idea what their wealth is.

that was the feeling i got when they were telling me about it last year… a combination of cold-reading and nostradamus. he just takes educated guesses at what's going to come next, puts it in obscure language and then "believers" read into it whatever they need to read into it

but, that does beg the question: how did this nigger do it when so many have failed? The fact that its still going makes me wonder if its IC or RNC/Trump.

stopped reading there. I literally never said that. I said you're conflating two types of people: (a) never-Trumpers who are/were neocon zionist kikes and people criticizing trump by claiming he's in the back pocket of teh American-Jewish Foreign policy establishment (ie. neocon zionist kikes) by post "MIGA"

You couldn't be more wrong, in so many basic ways, so I'm starting to think you're delusional. There's a nuthouse for delusional retards called "reddit" and it has special place for special people like you called "the_Donald" – you should go there

interesting. I'll dl and see about saving for later

oh, go fuck yourself. my roommate watches Fox News every day and their evening ppl (Tucker, Hannity, some ugly bitch) do nothing but defend trump against democrat allegations. stop trying to excuse trump's failures

Isn't there a fucking character count minimum for OPs? How the fuck did you post this? Are you a faggot mod?

Hannity and Tucker and Dobbs are allowed to, the rest of the station is constantly subverting his message, undermining everything he tries to do, shilling for Mark Cuban and Howard Schultz 2020, talking about “racism” and Mueller and the various other Jew distractions.

The thing they did right was told the boomers to investigate people who are obviously guilty. The qtards keep finding dirt, so they imagine there's some legit investigation into these massively corrupt people going on.

I wasn’t conflating those things because that wasn’t me you replied to.

The democrat allegations are pure theater, if fox joined the lynch mob they’d fold. Instead they push for legal immigration and stuff like that and try to move his viewers left. They have a Business Model you mong.

Every politician but literally 2 or 3 are in AIPACs pocket. Trump talks a big game for Israel but
>(((old guard))) In KSA out of power

>(((old guard))) In KSA out of power
Saudi Arabia is more openly kiked than ever.

If Trump wasn't going along with the jewish agenda, Miriam Adelson wouldn't be comparing him to Esther.


you're delusional and retarded

yeah, i never saw anything special there. everyone he knows about the clintons knew the foundation was corrupt before anyone even said anything. its par for the course for those types

Who cares what anyone’s wife has to say, least of all the Adelsons. Their public statements like any other rich Jew are just a show for the goyim.

What do you think the Kashogi coverage was about? The Old Guard was publicly deposed they looked them up in the Marriot lel the Jews were foaming at the mouth. Alll the articles are still up and you can see which horse they were backing. It was a big transfer of power.

What is this shit

Israel and Saudi Arabia were never as open about their relationship as they are now. An internal power struggle isn't a coup against the jew, and the faction that won is somehow even more kosher than the "old guard".

So wasn't sarcasm, was it? Boomer genocide when?



again, delusional

Where do they all come from? No, seriously, where?

I made arguments Jew

not relevant ones, kike


stop rebumping this shit thread with your retardation. reported

You haven’t said anything kike