Fag Survey: You Know What to Do

Fag Survey: You Know What to Do.

Get in here and throw these soyboy butt bandits off their game. Also wtf is LGBTQIA+? They need to add P for Pedo.


inb4 Not your personal army.

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I'm in the process of changing my gender (male presenting transgender lesbian), fuck off.

D’ya see this? Dishonesty erodes science. OP has just spiked the data’s validity.

OP your own sex life is so depraved and degenerate you don't even need to lie on the survey you faggot. Besides this reeks of a Kike trying to frame the Chans. We gain nothing from this the results of a survey like this are naturally going to be fucked up. Look who is being surveyed.

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Is cuckchan down or something

boy howdy i remember the days when people putting thesis papers together for a PhD actually meant something

Bump for lulz

Lots of shills ITT

the fuck did I just read?

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Did it; tried to make things seem super bad.

you want to make it seem the opposite. staff tkaes them seriously, they are protected etc

Lurk 2 moar years before posting

This. OP is a fucking kike.

As what? Anti faggot?
Cool. Maybe plebbit niggers and JIDF will finally leave.
Here's (((your))) (you).

As trying to falsify data to use against queers you mong

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If it's Mexican, Asian of whichever variety, or some hue hue hue nigger the listed race will be White. Nothing about niggers bad will be said.
Do (((you))) not know how these NPCs function?
I thought jews were smart.

So fucking what?
Why is that bad?
(((you're))) making it seem like that's illegal.
(((you're))) making it seem like anyone cares, at all; about Zig Forums and the image of chan's in general.



Make sure you bump this thread during the afternoon so it's up when people are on as they get home from work.
There's a flurry of kikes here right now.
These thread used to produce results.

that image is at least 5 yrs old, newfag.