ITT post countries with no future

ITT post countries with no future.
Pic extremely related

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D&c by same creature who made several other threads just now.
I could kill you with one single punch to the back of the head.

You will all be killed. And we will free all countries from you, and from other non-whites.
Every single one of you will be killed, along with your paid pigs. You have no future.

now it's nihon's turn to get BLACKED.

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Slide thread.

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Kek is African as well

You will be hit by Trump's curse

Read the seconf image in the OP and tell me Japan's situation isn't terminal.

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The jew fears Afro-samurai

This has to be tenth rendition of this shit thread. Go back to >>Zig Forums homo.

Great, another thread about chink land.

It is now the story of Elepatizo and his travels throughout the world, where he became a mercenary for some of the Kings and Princes. He was also a pirate.

Elepatizo was elected Yaslarani (light nata) of them to defend his country. He was likely to intensify the war with Kuidniki Anas Takista when the army was ready to compromise its position.
And it showed on his head - "Such as fighting vengeance, conflict, against the Imperial principle" - and claimed that he was just a thief of Katta. The Navy had heard of the war which occurred with Elepatizo's Black Korsairs.

It's funny, the King of Jing, Elepatizo son of Taku, didn't pay much attention. He didn't strip down and wore a Panopticon bronze panoply and an Embellie-Grinand bronze helmet and a Defensive Crown made of wild boar and he was wearing a coat of red.

After Kuidniki Anas Takista's defeat, Uet, son of Luan, received his own support for the Queen, as the position of Elepatizo, general and King of Jing, in the country ended. Finally, he went to get a new war to recruit. After hearing the news of the possibility of war in Attus, he went to the west to examine it. Uet's legal difficulties forced the first ship to sail south.

The City upon the River Idigna:
Elepatizo landed on the ship and worked with Pirette Nunne, who was from Attus, his team, and Tigra, adorned in bronze plate panoply. He was 22. Aleppo was known as Pithanas in those days, "a lion on the Syrian coast." Nu, the wife of Tigra, had a good love and life. Along with the Syrian beach town of Abomy, the Navy burned the Apani Port of Sania. Then came the day when Elepatizo heard about the city on the river Idigna.
This is the second story that Elepatizo appeared in bronze and reddish colors. About two to three years had passed.

Many arrows were able to solve long distances on the pitch, because he tried to escape the Nu and Tigra. As the bow stood under wind chaos, waves, and bulging combinations, it is clear that at least partly in the ocean, in fact, escaped Elepatizo.

The boat Gumbow Boat of course was hard to get just to learn how to shoot the earth.

The Fabric of Satan:
After the Nu's death, he left Syrian Beach and traveled to Times Haranun and Korotomen which were ruled by King Harazan, the noblest of Kings, where he felt the fear of Satan. Tananda, King Harazan's younger sister, was rescued from an angry mob and offered a relationship with the Royal Warrior captain. So he attended the next royal court, until Elepatizo revealed the true teachings of Satan.
He was jawing all this with an armed onion. He pushed him from the neck to his knees and his spine was covered in the saggy volcanic fabrics of Satan. He didn't wear shoes or sandals.

The movement around Tananda did not regularly become the control of the chief guard as captain. He left Harazan and went to dock on the ship, where he returned to the Syrian coast.
When he arrived, Elepatizo heard the news of the Great War in the Burrow. He learned that his former employer, the rebel prince Idalu, had been reunited with the unpopular King Nunazi and had assembled troops from afar. Elepatizo went to Oyroyazi, the goodly city of the Burrow-men, to join the fight. The uprising of Idalu was destroyed and sent west by the forces of King Nunazi, and his mercenaries escaped for a long time through the lands of Oyroyazi and the slides of the Apani. With the host of Appanians on their heels, the 20,000 strong army under Prince Idalu cut their way out of the oldest country, and across the Hullazaan desert, only to completely destroyed; The half arrow, on the other side of the staging ground, was called the Black Plague of the Appanians. Elepatizo, Yang, their elephant, and the beautiful slavegirl named Uni were the only survivors.
She was young and the elephant kissed her in a state of constant humiliation. Trained in the art of pleasures, she traveled barefoot and naked, satisfying his lustful virtues. The tie on the elephant's saddle was upon his back and she walked naked and weakened by his side. At night, she passed the camp, always tied up and naked, to satisfy the bitter mercenaries, sometimes two or three times. Her imprisonment and ongoing sexual relations remained in constant ecstasy.

As they escaped south, the Elephant and the trio of survivors discovered Kuitkuitpat who ruled in Apani under the wooded slopes of Mt. Gooki, and was king of the Appanians in the lost city and engaged the demons of the gods.

Elepatizo and Yang came to the southern meadows in fiber optic, and it was clear that he felt like moving to the northeast and returned to the desert in the east. Easily, they fell upon the atoms of Arlis, which were especially at the end of the black peoples in the south. Elepatizo was easy to hire in a prison nightmare. I remember a different guardian of carrots or merchants in a semi-homely country, when the glorious Nuois and the magnificent liturgy met with the genealogy and history, the culture and traditions of their country. The trip to the north was inspired by the western coast of Chiyantututhen and the members of the authentic cannibal cult of Gooki. Also, he missed the Helepatijoanun Lake, where the Appanian tribe called the Karanou games. Finally, there were caravans to cross to Arlis, the cosmopolitan capital of Apani. Elepatizo and his slave builders wandered through the city of Nuois before he sold them in the fair village of Serros. King Kuitkuitpat paid well for a lot of people. In this village that didn't throw up clothes.

We were born for a mythical drink:
Kuidniki Anas Takista fell to Queen Denathas and her magician; Ammal Al-Majid, who had been nailed on the cross to death. He survived the Afghan life, and rejected the kingship. He became the leader of the Kaisari, the tribe in the desert. Seven months later, Ammal Al-Majid proved ready to gather the Daasii rebellion, to control the nation, and to bring the Queen back to his chair. So it was just like the head.

Learn to sage shit-threads, you fucking niggers.

Israel will die soon.

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All countries have no future. The model that killed America is now being spread to all countries (except one).

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This. (((Israel))) will be the last country standing. All other countries will be a globohomo hellhole.
There is nothing that can be done to stop this.

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what are you gonna do weeb?

Dream on weeb. Nobody gets uppity when their skull is cracked.

kek. Tyronishi Hoodsaki.

Asses and Elbows

Don't respond to weebcucks. They're still coping with the fact that their precious slantshit country is becoming Sweden 2.0 and will never go back to its old ways.

Guaranteed death:

Saudi Arabia
"North Macedonia" aka West Bulgaria

America, Canada and Austria will live on, kike.

The democracy will die in Australia on 2025 years.

I don't get it, all non-White countries have a future. A future of total extinction, eradication and subsequent replacement of White people.

Also, what an extremely shitty thread

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shoot you in your face and then piss in the hole

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