James Mason Can't Keep Getting Away With it!!


Serious question. How can he get away with all this shit while there's people in the UK and New Zealand who are doing decades or life in prison for merely having made some meany comments online?

Look at all this shit he's done over his life and he manages to only stay in prison about as long as niggers do.

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Anyone that takes this satanist retard or defends charles mansion dont deserve to be here.

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Lol, sociopath worship. Bet you broken asses worship that muslim Tarrant, too.

Gas-lighting faggot

bumping simply because these two posts were way, way more retarded than the OP

Hi Zig Forums

James Mason and his buddies have probably made some parts of America very scary and uncomfortable for jews and shitskins, thus keeping those areas largely if not entirely white.

What have you done? Have you ever intimidated a commie? Have you done anything other than encourage inaction?

Because he's an Intelligence agent.

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He did tell his publisher that he only writes to make propaganda and not a movement, so he isn't genuine and more a troll. But I still like him, especially when he talked with Bob Larson.

He's the kind of guy that makes white advocates look bad.

I agree; it's not fair at all. James Mason should NOT get away with it.

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Zig Forums is the same crowd as this place, ya subby little liar. Live in truth. Only honest people get to be happy.

You're the kind of pacifist shitstain that makes us look bad because of how weak, cucked, and ineffective you are.

Screw them.

James Mason mixed the blackpill and the redpill. It's a different and constructive way to view whats happening.

Imagine defending a satanist

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Kill yourself, faggot.

The guy who made that stupid graphic was trying to prevent some female from "going to the dark side" like this is some Star Wars shit. White knight faggot.

you've all been asked to leave repeatedly, but you keep coming back
>>>Zig Forums

also bump again bc of more retardation

fuck you Zig Forums.
i had something interesting to contribute but now i know this thread is bullshit

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was it hunt kikes down one-by-one secretly at night and don't tell anyone? bc if that's it, then you're correct!!!

Hey there Seejfag. Raped any good lemming babies lately?

Bruh james might be a pedo but siege is still good

this, and all the AW artwork is really good to


How can he not? So long as it is contained to just CP and petty insults a court can't do much. He's a convicted felon so no guns either, as long as he doesn't violate that there's not much a court can do except prohibit him from living within three miles of any school and to keep a "convicted sex offender" sign on his door. Same applies to convicted nogs. He's relatively low profile and isn't burning cop cars or engaging in violence. I personally consider him to be an FBI plant for this reason, but others will disagree.

See the following which includes one of Mason's friends:


Stop that, it's hopeless. Christianity is a cucked, kike religion. This is also why Mason is really more of a troll instead of a serious organizer like Little, he's clueless and still clings onto jewish religion having worth. He also associates with communists too. Granted the type of communists that take trips to North Korea and get put on no-fly lists by the DHS, but still communists.

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James mason is not a "satanist" you fucking idiot. He said the satanic movement is jewish. And the fact that you think it has anything to do with satanism proves that you haven't read the book in the first place.


I actually looked into one of the cases, and it was clear the ZOG recruited some young dumb whore to setup Mason.
Was Mason a terrible human being for failing for a teenage girl's seduction? No. Most men, especially if they have been deprived of feminine attention for a long time, while crack when hot jail-bait ass is wiggled in their faces long enough.
What is hilarious about the whole affair, is that even the ZOG couldn't keep their hands off her. She later went on to accuse the police who setup the whole operation in the first place of fucking her, which is why the whole thing went down the way it did.
My verdict: NOT GUILTY! Mason didn't go out looking for jail-bait ass, the ZOG sent it to him.

Charles Manson > every ZOG loving faggot here.
It finally dawned on me why Mason was so fascinated with Manson. Here was a man, who, without absolutely zero contact with the "Movement," got a bunch of people to murder people, including Hollywood celebrities in the name of starting a race war.
Charles Manson had done more for the destroying of that thing called "America" than everyone in the movement combined, including George Lincoln Rockwell and Joseph Tommasi.
Once I understand that, I not only immediately understood Mason's fascination with, I myself have started to develop a healthy appreciation for the man.

He was a satanist and was involved with the deep state, just like Michael Aquino, who was also a pedo.
If he posed an actually threat to ZOG, he would have been killed, i.e. Rockwell, Malcolm X, the Kennedys, Huey Long, ect

Mason had a inscribed copy of the Satanic Bible gifted to him by Lavey. Read the actually book retard

He gets away with it because you, and many more, aren't killing all jews that you can, daily, non-stop.

Anyone have a higher res version of this? The smaller text is too blurry to read.

Really? Where are the pics of you doing so to lead the way, Captain Honey Trap?

Brilliant idea. You first.

It attacks Uncircumcised Korea, claiming they are beyond "salvation." It's Christfaggotry personified.
The National Socialist German Worker's Party invaded one "Fascist" state, namely, the "Austrofascist" regime ruling that thing called Austria. The situation between German and "Austria" is identical to the situation between Uncircumcised (North) and Circumcised (South) Korea, right down to the issue of religioun. "Austrofascism" was based on Catholic "Fascism."

The faggot's name is mason. That should tell you something right there.

sage (not seige)

No, Ari. That other place is full of crazy trannies. This place has meth cookers and bikers

It's spelled siege you retarded nigger

Disinfo thread

The clues in the title of his name. When masons oathbreak they're accused of crimes so repugnant that it will stop them from gaining new followers who are from the centre, left & in essence everyone that is not already loyal to him.
It's the same reason they falsely accuse Kevin Alfred Strom (non-White teen victim) & the National Action guy in prison accused of being a pedophile at a convenient time (stop him from being martyr, perhaps?)
Google: Zersetzung

How do I know you're another Satanist?

And why /x/ exactly - all your material is online O9Afag, everyone knows how you operate. Using "muh conspiracy theory" to deflect doesn't work on Zig Forums you dumb faggot. Now be a good little Noctulian and scurry back to your discord or telegram group to tell them your insight role failed & you want to become a tranny to infiltrate Antifa instead.

I agree with the rest of what you said but this was some grade A retardation you need to fix.


god I hate you retarded antipeds

I can confirm that most these skinhead nazis are way more National Socialist than most of Zig Forums
People like these posters are not really national socialists, but some weird kind of worshippers of monarchy, christianity and imperialism, which is not national socialism

Isn't this against every principle this board tries to maintain? Are there really no better role models so you have to fawn over this trash?

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Charles Manson outright said he thought niggers were going to win Helter Skelter, Scarequotes user.

Serious answer: he's fucking Mossad. The controlled opposition. He's here so fags like you can incite anons into doing this shit openly like this dickhead does, only they'll do 10+ years for it

He's a satanist kike or a conop. I'm glad to see the other posters bringing light to you and your faggotry.

So your'e saying he's a free Mason.
No shit.

What? James has always stated that he does not believe in the occult or anything metaphysical.

He's some kind of weird blend of Christian Identity and Esoteric Hitlerism.

You niggers literally can't develop a single argument against him so you resort to personal attacks most of which aren't even valid.
published a christian identity book
his entire book talks against those traditional (and failing) NS activities
15 is not pedo
People spout "reed seeg" for a reason, read the book and understand its points before you spout some shill posts with nitpicked character flaws.

Jews love retards like this


That's just necessary for when you're in the new world. We're National Socialists but we have to adapt to the current reality.

lmao it does not, it's all 20 something nerds, all lanky and usually with computer science degrees or security guards/military/police

Every time I read James Mason I think Rommel.

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that's a whole lot of organic posts

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You're looking at the same Satanic infiltration that brought down Atomwaffen. They don't think like us, because they aren't us.