Did we ever ever recover from the fall of the western Roman empire?

I don't know about you guys, but I don't feel like we in the western world ever recovered from the fall of the western Roman empire despite the Renaissance or advances in technology. We don't have any long lasting continuing culture, everything in the west is cultureless and ugly, western Christianity is basically shit, our architecture is nothing but squares and rectangles, marijuana is illegal, music is shit, there's nothing to unify the west with a dignified commonality despite America and all western nation's being just clones of one another with only a language difference.

Look the orthodox Christian nation's, they have rich culture and a long continuation of traditions and are proud of themselves. If the western nation's and the ran Catholic church reconverted back to orthodoxy as was the religion of the west prior to the schism of 1054 AD we could have a culture again with beautiful art and architecture.

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Human history is very short, for maybe like 2 million years before Rome we were nomads and shit whereas tangible history is only 16,000 years

oh boy, here come the fedposters to counter-signal Russia

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No, we never recovered because it was at the end of the Roman Empire when Aryans collectively decided to start worshipping a Jewish God

Implying Gauls were ethnicaly roman.

The western roman empire never ended. It merely renamed itself to the roman catholic church. Every spic you see in the US is a result of their influence upon our society, and every mexican that has ever existed is a result of their anti-white racial codes designed to destroy the white race.

Fundamentally, Rome Must Die for the white race to survive. Italy is halfway to Israel.


Our only salvation will lie in the return of kings. Once we were warriors. Christianity cucked all of that. And its not all about death and blood and gore and veins hangin out of your teeth while you advance upon your enemy. Its not even neccessarily about he-man like strength and brute force. Its about the worship of heros. Its about promoting strength, emotional maturity, justice, truth, willpower, determination, self reliance, independent thought. Our heros now are men who fall upon thier swords so that lesser men can outbreed him. We dont need heros who sacrifice their lives to appease those who are wrong. We need heros who stand and fight for what they know is right, who wont back down, and fear not the reaper. How brave is Christ to die, when he knows his father will save him? Why should I revere a man who was not willing to stand and fight for what he believed in? Why should I take counsel from a man who was incapable of vanquishing his foes? Why should I emulate a man who allowed his enemies to ruthlessly murder him, without even so much as a fight?

Above all other things the warrior must first ask himself this simple question before he undertakes an action: "Is there honour in this course of action?". It is honour which lasts forever, the honour by which we live and die is all that truly matters. To live honourably is the neccessary precedent to the quest for all other things that bring greatness, in thoughts and deeds. Honour is the wellspring of courage, truth, hope, and justice. Without honour your life is meaningless, and with honour your life is unquestionable.

The King must return to his rigthful throne, for this is a world of men, not gods, not giants, just men. For a man to be all that he can be, he must first be honourable.

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Rome had a lot of issues, and it's supposedly most glorious era was full of corruption, decadence and apathy, with perhaps as much as 80% of the population being welfare recipients. The whole bread and circuses thing originates from there, the masses manipulated and used through what were essentially bribes from aspiring nobles in much the same way as politicians today tailor their message to flatter whatever audience they are standing before with their offer of gibs and affirmative action.

Their position of invincibility was no different to that same feeling that the Spanish, Ottomans, French, British and now Americans have and had. It was always illusory, they were nearly annihilated by Carthage, suffered ridiculous defeats at the hands of Gauls, Germans, Dacians, Parthians and Persians. Their culture was seen as a inferior by the elite, in much the same way as the British glorified the French, and the Americans today glorify the British. Xenophilia was abundant, multiculturalism was deep rooted and often state sponsored. Their survival and great deeds were largely due to a few great men. Their great intelligence stemming from a few wise philosophers and theologians.

Such great feats were replicated by great men hailing from the West later down the line. Catholics and Protestants have much beauty in their ideologies, their architecture and their approach to life. Watch some Nip cartoons to see how beautiful and mystical our way can be perceived when it is not intentionally demonised and ridiculed, and considered as a bland status quo.

There is a lot of filth around today, and there was a lot back then. If we do not fight for our future then we will die as they did. Self deprecation and xenophilia as shown by the OP is the cancerous attitude that leads to civilisational death.

Niiice thread parody! Someone did one just like this ages ago that said very similar things about Islam! OP’s an oldbag!


this pill is hard to swallow

christianity is not weak. it does not promote pacifism in times of war. it merely teaches you to love your neighbours, the white men with the same blood as yours, and to be peaceful with them.
(((whoever))) is iterperting the old testament and the teachings of jesus to mean something else is a deceptive liar.

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>(((whoever))) is iterperting the old testament and the teachings of jesus to mean something else is a deceptive liar
No, you are a liar. The point of Christianity is to be more acceptful than Judaism. Even one of the main reasons Islam came to be was because Christianity was too acceptful of local traditions.

spoken like someone who's macrocosm of the world is imageboards and breitbart. Slavic nations have an assload of problems.

What the hell are you even talking about.

Rome was a giant looting and enslavement machine. Nothing is more cringe then these little faggots who post VHR lines over roman statues and buildings with these dumb slogans. Rome was shit and thats why it rotted down and fell apart. Most people were poor slaves and around 10 families owned all the slave farms where they chased off the small farmers before. Fuck rome.

should be flogged

don't talk about art and culture if you can't even lay off the reefer.

oh yeah cause the remaining monarchs are a truly shining light of high culture

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"We" aren't Romans. "The West" is a fantasy concept, concocted by Christfags, to make people think they have any real connection to these ancient societies, when they don't.

For those who don't know. That's the king of Thailand in the crop top.

His father was revered all over Thailand like a god. They had a trailer in front of each movie in the theater, at which all Thais stand up, that showed him helping people out.

His son? Another Rehoboam, evidently.

You are objectively an idiot.
Stop posting here.

Not everyone here is a wop, OP.

Any empire can be accused of this.

That sounds made up. May I see a single source to back this up?
Rome was much larger than a single city on the Tiber.

Christianity is whatever the fuck you want it to be because it is based on an incoherent book written 2000 years ago by jews. If you pound hard enough, you can get the circle pegs to fit into the triangle holes. If you cherry pick and ignore and re-interpret enough of the Torah, you can make Christianity fit whatever ideology you like. Christianity is communist. Christianity is National Socialist. Christianity is progressivism. Christianity is conservatism. Whatever the fuck you like.

ze white knight

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we need warlords who will fight it out, only way for true meritocracy

Warlordism = kleptocratic nepotocracy

>(((whoever))) is iterperting the old testament

its called the five books of moshe (moses)

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The HRE had some semblance of it, they ignored most of the jewish parts of catholicism upholding instead Chivalry and Divine Rule. All that was crushed with muh reformation, muh enlightenment, and muh french revolution was the dagger through the heart.

the white race today exists because of the legacy of Rome.

Oh look, the Goy occasionally woke up and challenged Christianity, time to remind him all the torture and death our Christian spawns have done to Aryans and suck my Jewish cock.


What should I watch or read to get redpilled on Rome?


how about what the romans wrote


De Viris Illustribus Urbis Romae is a nice short-ish introduction to early Roman history(from Romulus to Augustus). Written around the 1700s so largely non-pozzed and drawing in large from what Romans themselves wrote(i.e Pliny), if you don't feel like delving straight into the latter or reading modern introductions filled with speculations. I've been reading it to practice my Latin but you can probably find some translations.

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sub double digit IQ, your opinion is literal dog shit at this point. consider suicide


You give the jews too much faith. If a powerful society falls it makes sense that cultures last fiction would endure amongst the peoples that benefitted from that society in hopes it would return.

I miss the Romans, they destroyed Israel and we need someone to that again.

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I never said I didn't approve of the Romans though.

True. Christianity and Islam replaced the old Bronze Age religions of Europe and Mesopotamia. This was inevitable because these ancient religions no longer had as much meaning to the people who lived at the time. Just as the Bronze Age religions replaced the much earlier, more effeminate religions of the stone age.
And we are in an age of transition right now as well. Christianity and Islam no longer have much meaning for people as they did in the Iron Age. Thus they are in the process of being replaced by modern religions. These religions are disguised as ideologies. Communism, Democracy, Fascism, Liberalism, etc.
This is a process that has been going on for the last 100 years.

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Titus Flavius do it again!


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Not true, the things you trash are mostly jewish things, not European. You talk about boxy houses? The Bauhaus came from jewish marxist Russia where Walter Gropius learned what to do to bring the AWESOME European architecture down.

The music industry is jewish controlled, the European music ended with "classical" which means "the best" for a good reason.

There is more cultural divide in the west than just language, LOTS more, just shows how little experience you have with different nations.

Eastern Europe currently partially repels the invaders, but thats about it. Russia is a jewish imperial project not really in favor of whites per se. Many of the other states there suck from the European tit and the German market. Their "rich culture" is merely "remaining culture" as western Europe had more and better but got it bombed out of them.

Architecture prior 1054 AD was not really pretty, compare it to some medieval German towns like Rothenburg ob der Tauber starting around 1150 or Miltenberg around 1200.

(and don't forget: a LOT of the cool architecture in Eastern Europe was built by and for Germans, just later annexed when the Germans were violently removed.)

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You should have to substantiate calling people bullshit names in your low-effort posts.

[Citation needed]

I'm not even in this conversation and this statement irks me.

which one?
Christians not being prone to vandalism, definition of christians, or jews taking credit for inventing a respectable religion for the last 250 years?

Satan is not God, fuckin "jew". you speak like people here haven't been studying this for years. yeah we know you're not Hewbrew. yeah we know you're not Judaen. yeah we know that we don't know exactly from where you came.

what we do know, though, we know with absolute certainty. Christ was an Israelite Hebrew. He preached against you and the pharasees. He told the truth about you, and you had him tortured and murdered. we know that He above all others have permanently affected you, and that you hate Him.

The facts are undeniable. You took over Judea and call yourselves "jews", but you never believed the religion of the Hebrews. your current cult consists of nothing more than a 2000yo set of arguments between yourselves, and color commentary on the people that believe in the real God.

go suck a bloody baby dick, heretic

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Do you mean the modern state or the Russian Nation?
Because if it's the latter, I challenge you to name a single pro-White government on earth.


Mediterranean here. That's what we say about Germanic/Nordic people pre-renaissance, but that Gothic style is alright and you have a long history of sensibleness, which is boring as fuck but at least it's civilized.

We've been telling you guys that since 1055. All you have to do to re-join the Holy Synod (the council of bishops that meets twice a year to decide the direction for their respective jurisdictions) is get the Bishop of Rome (the pope) to relinquish his claim that he be the head of the Church worldwide.

Jesus is the head of our Church and the Bishops just represent him, each to a small portion of his followers.


Aryans had started worshipping Jewish Gods long before that. The Romans and the Greeks were completely ignorant about the concept of race. Yeah, they thought they knew something, but was so clueless they would not accept Germanic blood to rejuvenate their civilization. That came some centuries later when it forced itself and the Renaissance happened.
No problem with importing millions of sandniggers as slaves though and letting them mix with the population. Because there was nothing in their religions that commanded them to protect their blood.

You don't get it. Christianity is the root problem. Orthodoxy may be better than Catholicism, but it's just the lesser of two evils. Native Indo-European culture has been contaminated by Semitic Oriental cults, and THAT led to the collapse.

Rest assured, the fall would have come regardless, sooner or later: nothing lasts forever in this world. But Oriental cults (especially Christianity) have become endemic in the West, and thus any hope of genuine revival is hopeless until this cancer is extirpated.

You mention the Renaissance, and the core feature of that period was a revival of classical studies, the study of PAGAN, pre-Christian authors. Only by rediscovering classical pagan Antiquity we were able to shake off centuries of Christian obscurantism that led to the atrophication of culture and technology.

It's a shame Mithraism lost to Christianity.

And no, we haven't recovered. NS was the last attempt at it so far.

So, do you like xenophilia or do you hate it? It sounds like you're okay with Japs being xenophiles so long as your culture is the object of their attention. The Fuhrer believed that each race should promote its own interests. You would have been sent to Auschwitz in the good old days.

Prove human remains wrong

Carbon dating relies on newtonian physics and ignores relativity.

Christianity is the problem.
It took over during the dark ages following the fall of Rome and has held us back with semite teachings

Good goy. Keep repeating the same thing that only jew shills say.

No, the world will never recover until there is once again a cohesive and comprehensive consensus of the truth. As it now stands, One version of reality used for this another to push for that, there are millions of versions of reality that are used more for deception than persuasion or science.

The unifying commonalities the OP speaks of dont come from music, marijuana, or geometry it comes from knowing the truth together and rejecting deception together as a society.

You cant use relativity to explain all of the unknown and then fall back to Newton when a tangible experiment that can be witnessed arises forever.

Oh forgive me my lack of faith.
Clearly white people should worship the jewish god


I am against xenophilia when it results in a degradation of your own culture and people; as it did with British nobles associating and glamourising the French, or with Americans historically doing much the same with the British. The Romans did the same thing with the Greeks (their supposed intellectual superiors) and the Germanics (their supposed physical superiors). Such self deprecation is unnatural, damaging and inspires literal traitors among your own. Today it manifests with Americans thinking niggers are superior athletes, or with liberal Swedes thinking that the religion and culture of Saudi Arabia is superior to that of Sweden, leading to an attack on their own kind and their own laws.

I used the example of Nip cartoons to portray 'us' in a good light, because in something like Helsing they contrast the English Protestant and Roman Catholic Vatican worlds in a way that is quite jarring when compared to the 'status quo' Japanese landscape. When we see our own lands and cultures presented through jewish media; it is always done in a way that makes it appear to be bland and boring, or out right bad. The Japanese endeavoured to highlight what they liked about it. That is fine, I like stuff about other cultures too; but do not degrade your own and do not wish for theirs to replace yours.

The OP is clearly implying that the modern West is bad, and that Rome was some golden age with none of the struggles we have today. I wanted to emphasise the beauty inherent in both Protestant and Catholic countries, whilst trying not to take away from anyone else. Anglos are often told they have no culture; but the truth is that a lot of their culture was so successful that it is now the norm in many areas of the world; I don't think that is a good thing by the way as I genuinely do like 'diversity'; but the point is that the suit and tie, the queue, saying please and thank you, shaking hands and a host of other things are cultural quirks that were either entirely absent or else manifested differently in different areas of the world until recently. There IS a culture there, you just struggle to see it because it has become so universal. It IS a beautiful culture (in some ways at least); you are just de-sensitised to it. Obviously there is a lot more to culture than that, but I was really just trying to destroy the OP's idiotic assertions that the West is some land of failure because of his jewish hatred for Christianity.

damn, that was a quality post

Classical Greece is the crowning achievement of mankind and nothing ever comes close. The Romans were smart enough to realize it. The Greeks single-handedly founded most fields of human endeavor and inquiry. Above all else, they invented deductive science, and Euclid's Elements is the second most printed book in history, the first one being the Bible (unfortunately). It is noteworthy that, while certain discoveries have been made more or less independently in various cultures around the world, there is no evidence of deductive science ever emerging in any culture that did not learn about it from the Greeks, either directly or indirectly. The mathematics of every civilaztion untouched by Greek culture was heuristic and without any standard of rigor. And one might argue that science is not everything, but at the root there is a more fundamental issue springing from the fact that the Greeks also invented philosophy as we conceive it: Euclid's systematic treatment of geometry is ultimately founded on a much more general mode of thinking which goes all the way back to Aristotle's Posterior Analytics. The Greeks, more than anyone else, cultivated logic and critical thinking. Their intellectuals often questioned traditional religion and other established customs, and even when not atheist they at least had a more rational and deistic view of God. Oriental cults, on the other hand, glorify unquestioning belief, blind faith: they breed a people of superstitious men easily controlled by the authority of the priestly castes. "Just have faith, and you will be saved!" Just trust me, goyim.

The whole plot of Hellsing revolves around killing evil Nazi vampires. Not sure how such a mainstream scenario can help your point. The Protestants and the Catholics may have their differences but in the end they're united in the struggle against Nazi vampirism. It's all quite shallow and I wouldn't be surprised if someone from Hollywood wrote somehting like that.

The Japs tend to fetishize and idolize the West just as much as weeaboos fetishize Japanese culture. They know very little about it and the grass is always greener on the other side.

Rome might now have been heaven on earth, but it was surely better than what we have today, at least in its apogee. And there is no beauty in Christianity. Christianity stiffles critical thought (which is what allowed the Greco-Romans to achieve so much). "There is only one god and you can't question it!" Polytheism has always had a better potential for critical thinking since it is open to new deities and new approaches to religion without excluding possibilities of self-correction. Christianity is built on dogmas, and dogmas are the death of reason.

checked for dubs of truth

Are you fucking retarded? Where, exactly, do you think that those English-speaking Anglo-Saxon British citizens who declared independence came from?

Gas yourself for perpetuating the “West has no culture” propaganda you faggot kike

The Hellsing's author next work straight out glorifies Hitler, he's based and redpilled.

Hi user, could you explain? I've never read anything about relativity and carbon dating.


That isn't refuting evidence