How cucked is your area?

Don’t dox yourself or anything, but what is it like politically speaking? Are you living in whiteopia or niggerville? Personally, since I’ve already been doxed before, I’m just gonna say that I live in Lexington County, SC and life over here is like living in Sweden because it is so cucked. I’ve met up to maybe 11 people down here who shared my beliefs out of the 20 years of living here, with 3 of them being family members/relatives, 1 being my mom’s ex, 1 of them being a middle-aged Swedish woman I knew, 4 of them being classmates out of the 12 years that I was in school, and the last being these two gay kids who said black dicks look like shit and one of them I remember had defended the cop that bodyslammed that black teen girl while the other one once told me to stop acting black (one of them was a hermaphrodite while the other was this androgynous looking guy who were both around my age). And ironically enough, at least two of them were yankees. So much for the “racist and redneck south.”

Other than that, the white people are all cucked here in Lex. County. Even most of the zoomer kids and kids around my age, and fyi, most of the “zoomer kids” here are either mulattos or half-spics because of the vicious amounts of race-mixing that happen here. I’ve kind of always been redpilled though. I have nothing in common with most of these younger generation kids. I heard things are better in Charleston, but in Lexington County everything is fucked up.

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Are you retarded?

That’s because I’ve already been doxed and there’s no way any leftist will find out who these people that I mentioned are. Hell, I don’t even know most of their names because my memory is too far back.

Also, Richland is the exact same way. It’s no different from Lexington from my personal experience.

In fact, don’t ever move here, it’s garbage. You don’t wanna be in this place.

I Am Actually Arabic

I like Arabs and Arabic culture.

very nice, in livingston county michigan. some yuppies , but very white.

The cuckold meme reflects elite eugenics contra-racism, because racists are too dumb to pick vegetables.

only know of one black guy here.

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Typical mutt american thinking he knows what goes on in sweden. Every american shitting on sweden like this are just doing it to COPE

Thinking of blogging my trip to Stockholm, wish me luck.

My area has shitskins.
They cause issues.
Some of the issues they cause towards humans can be solved with a few handy self defense laws we have.
As it is in most areas, the deeper you go into the city, the worse it gets.

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It will be my last trip.

You are gonna see nothing but niggers in Stockholm go to some smaller towns outside stockholm to see The real sweden

That's the plan.

And why exactly go to sweden for that when u have millions of them in your own country?

WWWP, lkj6.
Bye, need to go now.

Hi Ayyyy-rab. Some people have told me that I look Arabic. I’m not gonna lie, tho.

What, are you gonna hook up with some horny gay bears in your area and suck them off while skinny dipping in a swimming pool? Sounds like fun, Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy-rab.

But on a serious note, why the hell are there normalfagd in a place that is 80% black? It would just seem like common sense to defend yourself from crazed negroes.

i'm pretty sure the kikes and libs are orchestrating a hostile takeover in my neighbourhood

there is still nice ladies, a based man with a double chross over his gate, and such. but the kikes are moving in and trying to take over. it's a cozy suburban district in budapest bordering a beautiful nature reserve. we take the dogs for walks there. (pic related)

but there is some bigman kike from a lib news channel in the street. they have been giving us trouble by riling up our dogs against theirs. a bit back, their brat kid claimed to have gotten bit by one of them (while they were inside our garden with a double-locked gate). they called the police, who were very understanding once they saw the defendant (lovely young hungarian vizsla, pic related is the same breed). it's been on and off since, classical kike hysteria. i have a couple more stories if anyone's interested. pretty sure they are trying to drive us out. i don't know about the other neighbours' experiences.

my uni is kike central, but that's just gonna be a fact of life until the day of the rope.
it doesn't get to me, i've developed a goodgoy facade, hinting at my father being jewish, and i often speak ironically for a safety net. it's actually given me hope to personally know who i will be culling when the time comes.

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I fled the chinks and the spice monkeys to live among my own. 98.5% white here.

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I live in the burbs of about 20,000 in population smack dab in middle 'Murica. Occasionally you see some stupid teenage bitch who's with a nigger just to piss dad off, but other than that it's honkey paradise. There used to be some Mexicans hanging around on the busier intersections, but seems they all bailed a couple years ago. Can't imagine why.

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You inbred perverts fucks will pay one day, but you already know that.

Could you take a trip to America and kill all the gays pls?

Inbred? How dare you insult the jewish "race" haven't you heard of the shoah?
Or maybe you're to ignorant to know that that the whole "inbred" joke is projection ism on the part of kikes. Kikes who landed in any given country in such small numbers and given their religious marriage constrictions had no choice but to marry their own sisters and cousins? K? Thanks for playing now shut the fuck up.

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super gay over here tbh

why make blogposts at 8ch then when u can effort post irl? nigger.

North Houston, work retail in the woodlands. Daily I see mixed race couples and children. It is painful.

How poz is my valley? Well. . .

A year or two ago, we had a city police officer intervene when a pavement ape wandered into traffic and almost got hit by a white woman in a car. Typical nigger didn't even glance at the vehicle, because slavery and sheeit.

Dashcam reveals the nog played deaf and dumb until the cop got out to really politely ask him what his problem was. Chimpout ensued, with Prince Tchala stripping off his jacket to fight the white cop in the street. Naturally, white cop wrestled the teen 'boon to the asphalt, whereupon a Chrysler full of fat nigger women rolled up and started ooking at them excitedly.

Nog goes to jail for four hours, after which the sheboon police chief lets him out and fires the cop, who later plead guilty to assault and handed in his badge. City offers five- or six-figure settlement to the suspect nog's family troupe. City council later gave sheboon chief a civil rights award for diversifying the force.

Every single LE agency within 40 miles now has a hiring freeze because of all the city police who have transferred or gotten on the waiting list to switch agencies. Meanwhile, on the other side of town. . .nigger gangs continue home invasion robberies of chink and gook shopkeepers, who have formed gun clubs and may actually be drilling as a militia for self-defense.

We also made exposure to AIDS a misdemeanor and unauthorized import of bullets a felony. Fucking kill me.

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An area where everytime you go outside you'll see a beauty and the beast scenerio with a white woman and negro.

I live in the pnw.
50-90% Eurpoean depending on area.
The only people I have ever met that fit in here are a gen-x mason with a Norse family and a gen-y curly-haired Southern Germanic jew with a Polski gf.
Everybody else is NPC status.
I do meet the occasional Polynesian guy that is open to NatSoc and preservation arguments, since their cultures still uphold traditional family and community roles.

I do see lots of confederate battle flags flying in trucks and general pro-firearms bumberstickers but it is hard to see if these are actual Europeans or reddit allies (non-europeans).

yeah sc is pretty cucked, nc wants to be, but hilariously isnt.
do you know if the pool party shit around there is fag central or pretty legit?

i live in Bulgaria in a village that doesn't tolerate non whites. nobody will rent or sell a house to non whites. other villages may be turk or gypsy or a mixture. its important to keep a tight community. if nobody lets non whites get a home in a town, the town stays white.

PNW bro here. Somewhere in the Willamette Valley.

As a recent refugee from the Democratic People's Republic of Portland, can confirm.

Very few based individuals here.

Antifa rules Portland. Mayor completely cucked, but y'all probably knew that.

Someone based I knew got docked by Eugene Antifa and was ruined.

Lookup 'eugene weed Nazi's.

Pic related: nasty fuckin' rat I stepped on threading the homeless gauntlet in downtown Portland.

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He axed himself, we must in brace change.

im in the pnw too, hoping to have enough to buy some rural property by the time im 30 so i can get out of the city, our town has a uni so all i see day in and day out is a sea of rainbow hair and homeless people.

The story 'La Belle et la Bête' was about the writer (Gabrielle-Suzanne de Villeneuve) and her first husband's relationship; 'bête' means "stupid"; he lost all ther wealth because he was a dumbfuck.
The versions that interpret 'bête' as "beast" come from Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont who was married to British spook Thomas "Judas of Acadia" Pichon.
It is racemixing propaganda from this point on.
Here is a paper on it:

You have allies in the area.

Allah is great

Also, very few people are ruined after getting doxed by EA/RCA. Life is rough for a few months, then better than before if you're smart enough to figure out how to make things work. The threat of doxing is overblown if your IQ is above double digits.

Community is another huge factor. If you're atomized it's gonna be tougher, but you can still figure things out.

I thought it was still fine, but I've seen more non-whites in the last year than my entire time living here combined. A family of mudslimes just moved in nearby, earlier today I saw some young girl picking up her younger mongrel sibling. A while ago I saw two white kids get out a car, then the mother with her young mongrel and then the nigger followed last.


You can get into a subdivision for a few grand.
But it's a commie subdivision and the only one I found that didn't have a marxist Housing Authority was in Shastina Lake California.
Still had building requirements like "2 car garage".
Undeveloped land is the best tbh.
Use landwatch or get access to your local realtor housing list (mls).
Make sure the land includes logging and mineral rights. Sometimes jews sell these separately.
And make sure you "buy" in a county that has no water restrictions, e.g., not near tribal lands who have first dibs bc "raycism". Better if you have year-around water, especially a river or stream, so you can have shallow well (~$250/10ft) and general access to fresh water. You might even be able to harvest the water into power with a water wheel.

Shit, I thought I and a relative were the only woke volk in the midlands. Not tryna say too much OP but I grew up relatively close to piggy park.

As long you hate the jews same as me and stay in your own country im fine with you.


Full of subhuman scum now that weed is legalized. I never hated druggies before when they kept themselves in the dark like the roaches they are but now I want Duterte as governor of Colorado

I live in a small city in the foothills of Southern California, it's nice and white. But the lowlands around it are peak globalhomo, my city's like an oasis in the madness. But I tell it's slowly being lost to Hispanics, I am going to have to leave in a couple years. It's sad to see another nice white place go. I think I will move to Eastern Tennessee, as most of my ancestors are from the South.

Not doxxing myself but I can limit the geographical area to give you an idea.
I'd put it at around 9.7/10

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Is it this bad already?

Have traveled through many states & big cities, one thing they all have in common, NEVER get off on the Martin L. King blvd exits! They literally all lead directly into 3rd world nightmare, Walking Dead style neighborhoods!

university city in western canada. as you would expect, tons of white liberals and street shitters.

I live in Neocon territory by force (too expensive to live anywhere else ATM). Talk trash about the kikes in public? You'll get fucked in more ways than one.

all areas are the same thanks to the last 10 years of social media. worshipping nigger rappers and sheboon pop stars with silicone ass. its over with. a chad white nationalist itching for a race war is 1 in 1000. all spread out and alone. waiting to get shot in the back of the head by a boomer oathkeeper (whos daughter got knocked up by a coon) he trusted to watch his six.

so enlightening nobody knew that hehehe epic lulz

This is now an Arab hate thread.

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Greenville, SC. The transplants from the North are the problem. They can't wait to make this a blue state.

Somali living in a Swedish ghetto near the capital here.

how representative of swedish niggers is this video?


The time for acceleration has passed, brace for impact.

Drove a huge chunk of Sweden and it looks almost exactly like Illinois. Nice place.

Most black youths would see this as inspirational.

First of all, 16.7 not .2 and secondly, a second with the internet would tell you that its a borough of London, the city hit hardest by immigration in the UK.

I'm leaving Johnson City TN soon, as it is targeted by the local immigration office out of Knoxville. It is full of sand people and blacks are increasing as well. Gatlinburg area is full of fucking Ethiopian s of all things. and oak ridge and all that nuclear shit makes eastern Tennessee generally shitty. I would go more central Tennessee, lots of cheap land with no building codes.

Thanks for the advice brother.

very comfy post

Mines very cucked. There's advertisements displayed through the tell a vision in a plethora of ways to recruit cannon fodder under the guise of patriotism to protect and boost international corporations profit margins. Am located in clown republic

I live in the US.
Everything is cucked here.

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Someone tell me the post wrong? That shit transverse idioms like math.

just dont replace us ;)

my state is 14 percent African american, my county is 15 percent African american, there are barely any other minority, my county is less then 3 percent Latino and almost no illegals due to bordering great lakes. but unfortunately i am 5 minutes south of nigger town with one of the highest crime rates in america, and of course, 43 percent black.

I recommend people go to r/eugene for prime trolling fun, because Eugene Oregon is a small city basically controlled by leftist extremists.
The size and location makes it ideal for far leftists to spread their propaganda everywhere. They have a grasp on every aspect of public life there. It is like a test version of what they want for America.

I live in Canada somewhere and my immediate area is full of timber niggers. All they do is drink, smoke, get high and cause issues. Even their retarded little red nigger children.
The other half of the city is French/British/Ukrainian.

Tons of muds too. Mostly taxi drivers, convenience store clerks and food delivery.

fuck I live in one of those areas it aint that bad.

Not redpilled.
Not cucked.

They're all like this. These types of niggers destroy everything even faster than the niggers in America. You only need a small amount of them to completely wreck a neighborhood.

Think of it this way, they are halfway subjugated and make it very obvious to everyone that is a necessity.

Not cucked with the same massive issues other areas are cucked with, but still filled with "pie in the sky" libshits. 40 or so years from now its going to be another libshit spic/sandnigger/nigger haven with unmitigated rapes, thefts and murders such as any other "liberated" city.

Some place in Oregon.

Mr. and Mrs. Blackhat are happy and healthy in rural Oregon and resent any implication that they have been "ruined"
Hiel Hortler

Allahu akbar i must furnish some false details here for culpable deniability but i live in a city north of estonia who enjoy their haram beverages which i shall not name. Inshallah the communists that inhabit this city will be struck down some day but that day is not today. This city which is not russian or swedish but still a capital city is fucking cucked to fuck.

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