Memetic Warfare Idea: Racecars

We have already taken over the OK sign and the Rainbows, now 'tis time to take over the RACEcar industry.

Black and white checkered flag = White nationalist race war battle flag

NASCAR = Niggers Are Stupid, Cucks Are Retards

New official anthem of NASCAR = Gas Gas Gas by Manuel

Honk Honk = HH = Heil Hitler

Idea: since most racecar fans and drivers are conservative white men, we will target them for redpilling. Here is a three phase plan.

1) Make a list of the top white racecar drivers and spam their Twitters with redpilled content.

2) Photoshop top racecars with antisemitic and NatSoc insignia. Maybe fund the creation of a 'hatecar' that emulates Commander Rockwell's hatebus. The Reddit Dogecoin community did it and so can we.

3) Get Zig Forumsacks to make their own hatecars and film themselves driving around their cities. Make this a social media movement.

End goal: get leftists and kikes to boycott NASCAR and make all white racecar fans angry and redpilled.

Vroom Vroom Zig Forums

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This is certainly interesting, but
No one will do this
Posting photoshopped hatecars onto twatter walls will be more fun, I might make some OC later

NASCAR has a postracial attraction profile, if I remember correctly.

THAT IS A KIKE IDEA. nascar and other stuff is not going to get kiked. dumb ass kike shill .

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LOL a slave appears

I love you people! You humiliate yourselves so obediently fir me.

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Are you a lady?

Libtards are trying to bring in diversity into Nascar. This makes me wonder - maybe we can redpill people on the fact that niggers are horrible drivers because Nascar is 94% white.

You just can't make this shit up

The Drive for Diversity (D4D) program is a development system instituted by the American auto racing league NASCAR. The program's purpose is to attract minority and female individuals to the sport, primarily as drivers, but also including ownership, sponsorship, and crew member roles, and to attract a more diverse audience to the sport.

This thread seems like an attempt to get people killed. My first impulse was to play along, switching masks for a moment to encourage something catastrophically unwise that would come at the expense of young, dumb people of a kind I dislike.

But I tend to go where people seem in danger, as best as I can tell, and I’d rather not add to the mayhem. NASCAR activism of this kind could get its perpetrators murdered, and I’m not sure it would be a martyrdom.

Racism in general is horribly dangerous. Try to overcome racial biases. Try looking at racial disparities in an infrastructural sense, such as by fixing longstanding disparities in coal proximity and clean water access. If a group of people is hard to get along with, try fixing root causes while there are candidate causes remaining. Look to international aid programs as well; different people are cognitively proximate to different events, and suffering in distant places can reach chaotically through minority communities.

Remember to filter and report the shills.

Nice copypasta, I like how you replaced one word.

Heh. That’d be pretty epic, wouldn’t it? But unlike the Anti-Christianity thread that was plagiarized from old Anti-Islam content, this was fresh.

It’s been interesting to see how worshipping the muslim Tarrant has taken the apparent fervor out of Zig Forums‘s hatred of Islam.

stop it with this retardation. this is so fucking tedious, dealing with you retards… and you don't even try to get less retarded. gtfo

Honk honk, NASCAR!

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The ADL is on to us..

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Accellerate in a

Remember to accelerate lads! Honk honk

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I wouldn't say that

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Busy today JIDF?

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide" as they are the ones that force their vulgar larping upon any effort by Whites defending their interests. Every time Whites try to create some networking similar to every other ethnic group to obtain, jobs, homes, healthcare, education, etc., White Nationalists deliberately detrail such efforts out of spite.

In addition, White Nationalists or by any other name have repeatedly called for the murder of entire groups of innocent Whites including Boomers, Christians, Gays and others.

White Nationalism, 20 years of complete failure but it's everyone else's fault. Sound familiar?

filter and report glowniggers

Spot the irony?

Honk honk.

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what a faggy thing to imply

Something like this would be good, but maybe also add small redpill phrases like:


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Well it's white politicians who have legislated our demographic suicide. We did this to ourselves and the jews were all too happy to accelerate our demise.
Who cares if it happened or not? I could care less if millions of jews died or not. We should just finish them off and be done with it.
Do you have actual proof?


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Joogle is your friend:

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White trash are just as worthy of extermination as niggers.

Maybe we could fund a moonman racecar banner, that would be easier to get away with.

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Your optics cucking is cringey.

Top ten most paid NASCAR drivers (all white)

Jimmie Johnson

Kyle Busch

Denny Hamlin

Kevin Harvick

Joey Logano

Brad Keselowski

Chase Elliott

Kyle Larson

Martin Truex

Clint Bowyer

Let's get them redpilled.

You aren't even redpilled yourself.

whatever you say mr "lets exterminate rural whites, theyre no better than niggers"
nothing bluepilled or kosher about that at all.

Not all rural whites are white trash. I don't believe all people are born equal, sorry to burst your bubble.

white trash is a general term for low income rural whites. but even the lowest of whites is more valuable than your average nigger you stupid normalfag.
thats why the poorest white communities have a fraction of the crime rate when compared to rich black communities. better family values, better everything.

the trashiest "white trash" you can find is still more valuable than a fucking self-hating anti-white yuppie with a college education and a 6 figure income.
and that disgusting liberal yuppie is still more valuable than a nigger or a kike.

Racing has been something of a common denominator between people I’ve met who weren’t joyous to live in truth. The people whose confidence in their place in society was so low they couldn’t dare admit major breaches, mmm…

See, that’s what it’s like with criminals. They break themselves of the strength to live AS themselves. Being honest becomes too hazardous for those who have submitted. This one spurious connection makes me want to be like… mm, go at it! Make people who had every opportunity to influence the world in a straightforward manner get to see a hobby weaken.

Honestly though, I don’t submit myself to hate. I’m not like the people who shred themselves and destroy their own happiness expressing pointless animosities. So… nah. Don’t do it.

As if this post would have anything to do with whether it happened or not, haha.

Look at this nigger, pretending whites are slaves to the ancient ideology of Africa. Your homeland is calling you, racist. WE are the society that remakes people. Smarter people can address the root of issues without submitting to stupid racewarriors.

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It can be. I'm using it in the sense of whites who act like degenerates.
That's definitely not true, if you had ever lived around low income rural whites you would know how untrue that is. They should be sterilized like the Jannissaries of the Ottoman Empire.
That's both untrue and irrelevant. You can be trash and not get arrested for it. I don't care how rich the niggers are or how much crime they commit, they're very existence is reason enough to exterminate them from a demographic point of view.

Remember you just got btfo'd
Cope harder fag.

whites poisoned are still more valuable than niggers and are salvageable. possibly not the individual, but their children.
t. someone that never lived around niggers
i actually envy you
nah, change that way of thinking immediately. youre absolutely wrong. i can go into details. i was raised with inner city niggers and was the only white kid in my school. i lived around degenerate whites as soon as i could break free and i never knew how nice/good life could be with others.
its actually overwhelmingly true. are you a nigger? how can you possibly think niggers arent arrested for good reason. you think all those lynchings in the south were just for "hate" and no good reason either?

i'd be happy to educate you if you want to ask, but you seriously have an extremely bluepilled inexperienced mindset on this topic.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide" as they are the ones that force their vulgar larping upon any effort by Whites defending their interests. Every time Whites try to create some networking similar to every other ethnic group to obtain, jobs, homes, healthcare, education, etc., White Nationalists deliberately detrail such efforts out of spite.

In addition, White Nationalists or by any other name have repeatedly called for the murder of entire groups of innocent Whites including Boomers, Christians, Gays and others.

White Nationalism, 20 years of complete failure but it's everyone else's fault. Sound familiar?

They're not "poisoned", they're just genetic garbage that needs to be stamped out. Eugenics bruh.
Did you let them fuck your girlfriend too? top kek
I don't know how because I never said anything even remotely close to this. I just said it's irrelevant how much crime they commit, as white trash commit plenty of crime themselves. I don't care if niggers were like asians and were good at math and less prone to committing crime, all non-whites must be exterminated to make physical room for more whites (who aren't white trash).

Look at all the glowshills flooding the thread. Remember to filter and report, honk honk.


spare me.

i grew up without money and around niggers. i moved away from niggers and moved to the first white area i could afford. full of degenerates and opiate/drug abusing suburban kids. but theyre still better than niggers for many reasons which i'd be more than happy to share with you. now i live in a wealthy white area so my kid can go to school with whites. i bought a shitty house there and have been working on it. i plan to sell it when its value peaks and buy a nicer place in an area with lower taxes.
no cuckoldry involved. how did that even come to mind?



If it's not a strawman then you are trying way too hard to misunderstand me. Not all whites are equal, some are trash and should be sterilized.
Some white people, not all white people, because people in general are not of equal value.

i said "poisoned whites" and you said that theyre not poisoned but genetic garbage which implies all "bad" whites are genetic garbage, none of them have been tainted by jews are salvageable apparently?
but that aside, i said theyre still more valuable than niggers, a point which you argued against and claimed niggers are superior.

do you still think niggers are more valualbe than white trash? are you going to stand by that? was i """misunderstanding""" that too?
whether "white trash" is deserving of extermination is irrelevant to your statement about niggers being superior to white trash and my argument against that point.

i argue theyre poisoned because jews have made efforts to destroy the white race for centuries by poisoning whites. are jews not guilty of that in your eyes either because all of those poisoned whites are just "genetic trash?"

please elaborate so that i can correct your bluepilled normalfag thoughts.

Are you implying that all whites are good regardless of their actions?
Do you have no fucking standards?

again, im implying (contrary to what you said) that theyre better than an average nigger.
the average nigger is not good, so how would that imply that these whites im talking about are good?
do you think the average nigger is good?

about that, i think most white DNA is fairly salvagable and worth salvaging/fixing since we are a global minority.
i believe jews have poisoned society and many whites actions are affected by that poisoning. i belive their DNA is still at the very least worth trying to salvage. degenerate parents can have good children.
the german generation that embraced the wiemar had children that embraced hitler.

also, what your suggesting doesnt address me mentioning educated liberal whites that are anti-white. a mouth breathing retard white walmart greeter is more valuable. although the liberal likely has better genetics.

Simply because they're white,
even if they're crackheads and legit retards?

We already have our car, number 88 Dale Jr., you dumb nigger.

Here's my truck. It's a meme machine, gunna get a custom RAHOWA plate, as well.

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yes, you sound like you have a very high standard for niggers. i can refer you to my entire childhood, teenage, and early adulthood of how bad the average nigger is.
and i've lived in eugene oregon and some places worse with meth heads.

let me break it down for you this way:
how someone acts while literally drugged is not suggestive of their DNA quality. that person in general is likely a much better person than your average violent/stealing nigger. which appears across all income levels. their cruelty/savagery is unmatched.
take the average nigger and give him meth and he's 10x worse than a white crackhead.
legit white retards in small towns are typically given menial task jobs and are pretty harmless.

if i could choose between a middle income nigger neighborhood, and dead center of hobo city full of whites, i'd rather live with whites. i've done both.
niggers are horrible

No, crackheads are not worth preserving.

irrelevent to the topic at hand, user.
stay on topic.
are you suggesting that niggers are worth preserving since theyre more valuable?
if not, than retype and try again.

heres some videos that give me legit anxiety because they make me feel like im reliving my childhood

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Don't be a pussy, you knew from the very beginning, around blacks NEVER relax.



i never said this, nor is it the topic.
you did say niggers are superior to white trash. and im telling you they are not. and you are arguing why niggers are superior to white trash.

also, are white anti-white college educated liberals "white trash" to you?

true, its a valuable lesson i learned very early. but that doesnt recuse me from having PTSD from literally NEVER BEING ABLE TO RELAX.
its like growing up in a literal warzone.

also, you dont have to relax to become a victim of niggers.

I grew up around Mexicans and I honestly don't know who is worse. Mexicans are literally no better in any way than niggers. I know how you feel and it is like living with a constant heightened level of awareness and alertness. I fucking hate both niggers and mexicans and I feel their entire species and nations should be destroyed.

So then you agree with me that we should sterilize white trash.
Good. Also save your retarded obvious straw man, it exposes you as desperate.
They're impotent and brainwashed, but they're typically bred by a higher genetic quality of whites. That's why they have to be brainwashed so thoroughly, they're actually designed from birth to have power and influence people.
The deceived are also deceivers.

i dont have much experience with mexicans. usualyl if it is its just that theyre rude. but i have tons of experience with "hispanics" like dominicans, haitians, puerto ricans, ecuadorians, etc.

mixed results… pun intended.
but niggers are pretty consistently horrible.

i think i disagree with your standard of white trash and was trying to get you to elaborate.
i also dont think a society can exterminate people deemed useless that are still your race and attempt to maintain a high-trust society.
so no, i dont agree.
many can still serve a purpose and not cause harm.

but this is irrelevent to the topic that you keep dodging.
you said niggers are superior to white trash.
i said niggers are not superior to white trash.
are you going to admit you were wrong?
i am not going to stop driving this point because youre arguing like a kike, and the only way to argue with a kike is to not let him change the topic and keep driving the same point until they address it. i doubt you'll address this though…

ok, so you dont consider them white trash? and you see them as salvageable? is this correct? because you didnt answer the question being asked.

if i guessed right, then that would mean you think a liberal that actively acts to hurt whites deserves saving, but a poor white guy that watches nascar all day and cant read but works as a farm hand taking care of horses should be exterminated. is this accurate?
or would you care to elaborate on what you consider "genetic trash"/white trash?

The U.S. was doing this in the early twentieth-century. If anything you can't maintain a high-trust society when you allow white trash to roam around thinking they're any better than niggers simply because they're white. It makes you seem like a hypocrite.
I see them, like most rural whites (who aren't white trash) as negligible. They're bystanders, lemmings, people who will watch the world unfold without comprehending what to do.
If anyone "can't read" they should be laughed at and then shot in the back of the head.

Follow the fucking rules, use the god damned cyclical or go the fuck back to kikechan, nigger.

user, they ARE better than niggers.
please elaborate on what you consider white trash so i can educate you on just how bad niggers are, user.
but i need to hear your standard first. you have yet to clearly describe what "white trash" is to you.
at any rate, their genetics will usually be higher quality than niggers and their children have more potential.

yes, some people are more valuable than others on virtue of their race, ALONE. do you think race doesnt tie into genetics?

eugenics =/= extermination. you can practice eugenics by sterilization or institutionalizing the unfit. what youre suggesting is nigger tier savagery.

so a working white guy causing no harm deserves a bullet, but a white working towards getting whites transition to female or abstain from having kids doesnt.

They're all the fucking same. Anything south of the border is all the same kind of muddled up shitskin hominid garbage.

i dont doubt it. i just dont have experience specifically with mexicans.

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No, crackheads are not better than niggers.
No, you will survive the judgement of your peers merely because you are white. If you murder, rape, rob, smoke meth, act like a belligerent jackass, are a huge fatass, wear trucker hats and have a "white trash" demeanor then you should be treated like a nigger and be sterilized if not exterminated entirely.
It does in the case of undesirable people and their undesirable genes.