Reagan to Nixon in audio recordings,"African monkeys still uncomfortable wearing shoes"

The day after the United Nations voted to recognize the People’s Republic of China, then–California Governor Ronald Reagan phoned President Richard Nixon at the White House and vented his frustration at the delegates who had sided against the United States. “Last night, I tell you, to watch that thing on television as I did,” Reagan said. “Yeah,” Nixon interjected. Reagan forged ahead with his complaint: “To see those, those monkeys from those African countries—damn them, they’re still uncomfortable wearing shoes!” Nixon gave a huge laugh.
The past month has brought presidential racism back into the headlines. This October 1971 exchange between current and future presidents is a reminder that other presidents have subscribed to the racist belief that Africans or African Americans are somehow inferior. The most novel aspect of President Donald Trump’s racist gibes isn’t that he said them, but that he said them in public.

The exchange was taped by Nixon, and then later became the responsibility of the Nixon Presidential Library, which I directed from 2007 to 2011. When the National Archives originally released the tape of this conversation, in 2000, the racist portion was apparently withheld to protect Reagan’s privacy. A court order stipulated that the tapes be reviewed chronologically; the chronological review was completed in 2013. Not until 2017 or 2018 did the National Archives begin a general rereview of the earliest Nixon tapes. Reagan’s death, in 2004, eliminated the privacy concerns. Last year, as a researcher, I requested that the conversations involving Ronald Reagan be rereviewed, and two weeks ago, the National Archives released complete versions of the October 1971 conversations involving Reagan online.

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Would be great if true, but most likely is digital manipulation. I don't trust convenient audio or video recordings that surface decades after the fact.

Great, now the GOP is gonna masturbate even harder at the memory of Ronnie Raygun

They tried to make him FDR, but that's dead now.

FWIW there really are a lot of genetically inferior humans. But if you treat all the identifiable diseases, genetic and otherwise, you’ll find that “a lot of” receding to a minor, heavily ambiguous fraction.

They are, and it has been scientifically proven with papers and books written about it. The legal retardation IQ number was lowered from 85 down to 60 something specifically because most niggers were legally retarded.

Democrat's dirty politics before election.


85 isn’t profoundly crippled. Linguistic drift also played a role there; the word got worse over time.

A lot of that differential is lost intellect due to the traumas of growing up in violent, undernourishing conditions, which can create generations of epigenetic noise. Lineages of every color can be caught in such traps.

One of Richard Nixon's top advisers and a key figure in the Watergate scandal said the war on drugs was created as a political tool to fight blacks
, Reagan then took that drug war and ramped it up all while calling American Negresses welfare queens
Now it's send them back.

Shame GOP
It's 2019

If you raise a Chinaman in violent undernourishing conditions he still has an IQ compettitive or even beating a white man.
I know cos I went to school with a lot of chinks who grew up in that situation.

$10 words
niϱϱers is retards

If we stop “fighting” and start trying to actually help those who suffer in this world, we can crash birth rates globally, hah. Good conditions means low reproduction. If the intelligencefecundity link holds true overcoming cultural pressures we should still be able to continue using genetic engineering on the replicant stock to raise up engineer candidates of all necessary types.

And they were normal, unlike their better off peers who were intellectually superior, whereas your intellect was malnourished.
Wait a minute…did I just say Chinese have superior smarts?

Kys, monkey apologetic. I hope you join the 52% one day.

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True, but getting there means alot of bad conditions at first and the boat may capsize first

see:Abandon Ship! 1957 Disaster At Sea

No I grew up in a middle class family I wasnt malnourished.

My school was academically selective which means we had to score high enough on an IQ test to be accepted.
For that reason it was mostly a school of middle class whites. The black kids in the local area couldnt pass the entrance exam. But chinks straight off the boat from escaping the commie regime who could hardly speak English did pass. And went on to excel in our school.
So I suppose that does prove that Chinks have the highest IQ.

I’m not sure about that example. I meant undernourishing literally, I expect modern Chinese lineages to feed their kids better even if they also mistreat them due to better cultural momentum. A beaten child is still likely to be very injured in psyche, and not necessarily of useful intellect; tyrannizing kids leads them towards developing a relatively twisted kind of mind. Yet if you feed them well, they will certainly learn. Children learn very rapidly.

It kind of doesn’t matter, though. If you prove your point well, I would say we can take whatever genes enable it, then spread them more widely through gene therapies. People do want to be usefully intelligent.

The question is
not this

But this

Democrat's dirty politics before election.


Will this hurt Trump?
Or just Reagan?
Schools and airport names removed?

LBJ was worse.
I bet saint FDR like to use the n word when in unmixed company

Teach them pacifism, mate. Find a way to make it seem a worthy way to be.

I don’t have the answer to how to do that, but this place doesn’t try.

Some of the chinky kids had grown up in poverty. Although I do accept that people in the lowest, desperate poverty wouldnt be able to migrate in the first place. So there is selection bias there.

What I know for certain is that its the dream of any non white parent to send their kids to a white kid school to get a proper education.
We may not have the highest IQs but we have the best systems of learning.

You're not going to teach anything to a nigger, you retard. Have you even been around niggers?

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Why would it be untrue? Anyone can see how ridiculous niggers look wearing European clothes

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Total bullshit. Rich Blacks & celebrities have still committed violent acts of violence & rapes who are in many cases lower educated than those poor Whites who commit little to none.
You can take the monkey out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the monkey.

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Blacks are of inferior intellect, but they are the white man's punishment for bringing them in the west. you have to be low IQ and heartless like the sandniggers in order to keep them at Bay.

It may be true, but why is it that such evidence remains buried for decades to conveniently pop up in a time when digital manipulation of audio/video technology is incredibly easy? Why just believe it? Confirmation bias?

Yeah? It isn’t that hard. Just be cool. I mean, look. Buddy, lass, sassb8, whatever, you gotta know you can’t teach anything to “a nigger”, but every human is sapient. They all learn.

Pacifism is maybe hard to teach because it wasn’t that many decades ago that leading wights really did hate all of them.

How about you be cool, by shutting the fuck up

Do any of the violent rich blacks get their case studies written up in books? I want to know how that violence level is justified. What is it like to be one of those minds?

It's heartless to yearn to keep your communities clean, orderly with a sense of community spirit instead of having niggers lowering the housing prices by a 1000% like in Detroit.

The only low IQ people is your kind for tolerating all of the destruction while focusing on your material wealth. Regardless, of what you think if we'd the KKK as a powerful force still we would still have a nation we could be proud of living in.

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Here’s a weird question, what color is Homer Simpson’s skin? Don’t take it literally. I was just wondering about the demographics of child abuse.

Reported for being a subversive, derailing retard.

Scientists have proven Blacks have the violent gene but was quietly swept under the rub, not that you need to need a study to know that.

It's culture as well as genes. They've always been more violent than Whites & Asians but it has only gotten out of control when Communist Jews aided them since the 60's by giving them a position of power in media, politics & academia.

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jews aren't White.

Yeah we'll have to show those evil dems that we hate white people and love niggers more than they do.

Huh? Nixon didnt say anything about African Americans in the quote. Its almost like a large powerful organization has to steer everything towards racism against african americans.

Wat? I dont think Trump has called Africans monkeys in public. He would get a lot more support on here if he did.

Copy-pasted from something I looked up for this thread:

Journalist Jill Leovy documented this phenomenon, with a focus on black communities, in her award-winning book Ghettoside (which, really, you should read). As she put it: “Take a bunch of teenage boys from the whitest, safest suburb in America and plunk them down in a place where their friends are murdered and they are constantly attacked and threatened. Signal that no one cares, and fail to solve murders. Limit their options for escape. Then see what happens.”

Leovy argues that this reflects a lack of resources going to solving murders, particularly in minority communities. Some of this is intentional, because, over the past few decades, police have favored approaches that they believe prevent crime, instead of solving crimes after they happen. (Indeed, there is good evidence that some proactive strategies, like hot spot policing and focused deterrence, do reduce crime. But these policies don’t have to be either-or; the police could solve and prevent crimes, as is generally expected of them.)

Community distrust also plays a role, since it makes it harder for police to get cooperating witnesses needed to solve murders. In this way, community distrust and poor crime solve rates feed into each other — people are less likely to cooperate with police when they feel unprotected by the law, and police are less able to protect people without cooperation. All of this together leads to fewer arrests, especially when black people, who are less likely to trust the police, are the victims.

Niggers only learn by force, don't unironically be some Sargonite nigger

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The only Yellow belly is you, you smug looking, Zersetzung loving child. If I was in power most of you would hanged from a lamppost for causing the suicides of many good, innocent people trying to do good in the world.

You're worse than an nigger.

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neither are yankees

I think we could do a lot, lot better for environmental factors. Something else I looked up made me wonder if black dudes tend to hate their neighbors and feel like they can’t ever, ever say it… but then if something makes them move out, they get another chance at better neighbors:

Our analysis of homicide data from 2007 to 2017, across more than 100 cities and towns in the 12 counties of California’s Bay Area, has found:

Gun homicide rates fell across all racial groups, but the decrease was largest for black residents.

The dramatic drop came as criminal justice reforms in California reduced the number of people incarcerated in state prisons and local jails. And it came as cities, including Oakland and Richmond, invested tens of millions of dollars in public health approaches to gun violence prevention.

Three cities that are undergoing intense gentrification saw the biggest drops in gun homicides. But outlying suburbs – the towns where many residents forced out by gentrification have moved – did not see a corresponding increase in violence.

Because it makes sense. It's something I might say myself.

Confirmation bias it is then. So does that mean anything that comes with hating niggers is believable to you?

Hey now, I admit I like Zerzetzung (spelling?) more than is quite healthy, but I’d rather people didn’t die, and it’s arrogant to think I actually have a body count. You know what I mean, right? How would I know?

Mostly I just fuck with losers who think they can do it.

Well, actually we already did. You ever hear of Rhodesia? Rhodesia became a first world nation under the leadership of Englishmen. The nation is located just North of the republic of South Africa. Rhodesia was called the Bread Basket of Africa‖ for it produced so much excess food that it was basically feeding the entire continent.

The top soil in Rhodesia is 6 feet deep, and the English/Rhodesian farmers there could out produce just about any farm in the world, as the weather conditions in Rhodesia are ideal for growing crops. Well, starting in the 1960‘s enemies started to attack Rhodesia. It was the same Communist Talmudic forces that we have spoken about earlier.

If you search the internet you will find all kinds of images of the Trillion Dollar currency. You‘ll also find pictures of Negroes walking down the road carrying Billions of Dollars!

They are carrying so much cash, that the money is in a huge ball between their arms which they can‘t contain. They were carrying BILLIONS of dollars which obviously required a great effort.

The sad part is that for all the Negroes effort, I doubt he even had enough money to buy one slice of bread! So Rhodesia, (now called Zimbabwe), under White English leadership was the bread basket of Africa, and now under Black leadership the country couldn‘t even feed itself. Talk about an absolute colossal failure. And what do you think Robert Mugabe did then? Do you think he stepped down in embarrassment? No of course not.

To this day he still continues to steal the land off of the White farmers who are suffering in that nation.

He and his thugs have murdered countless White people there and the world doesn‘t give a damn! You want to know why? Because the Jews, who run the media, don‘t want you to know about it. Otherwise you would get pissed off & demand justice.

The only way you‘ll find any information on the remaining White people of Rhodesia, who haven‘t been killed or run off by the gangs of Black roaming savages, is if you search the internet.

This is a complete outrage. White people built the country, as we did here in North America & now they are having everything stolen from them including their lives; & the Western world is being deliberately kept in the dark about it! And to make matters worse the same thing is now happening in White South Africa.

So the next time you hear someone tell you Blacks can run countries just as good as White people, remember Rhodesia!

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These people don't realize that protesting so much has made protest their culture. They will always need an enemy. Of course, the neo-cons must love them.

Spare me, you intellectually dishonest faggot. When enough people have had enough you'll be hanged along with the niggers.

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Dont forget Liberia.
Thats where Lincoln wanted to send the US slaves too once they were freed.
That was a country entirely run by blacks. With a lot of funding from the USA. It was a complete disaster.

Lol, spineless broken warrior bitches.

Well no shit. It's beats playing with your dick watching interracial porn while stuffing your face full of monsanto infested fast food and while on the playstation. You feel you've an new purpose in life, part of a team, a sense of belonging in attacking those who are more noble & honest than yourself. But remember there's a special rope with your name on.

I love how agonized you wimps are in the face of truth. Have another lash: the Obama-era policy that bought phones for poor people wasn’t just good politics, it was good economics. It helped people connect with services and opportunities that changed lives, contributing to gains in productivity and reductions in crime.

I’m mot on a team, I’m just playing with people who I’ve found are trivially trollable, mostly unsympathetic, and very occasionally probably redeemable. I never hound targets.

You are a complete imbecile whose foolish ideas have actually gotten completely innocent people murdered. It is sharlatans like you who peddle pop psychology who forced the theory of Evolution on us all 20 years ago, and demolished religiosity from all public sectors. Now that we are on board with your Darwinism you freak the fuck out in the face of all evidence and boldly declare evolution has nothing to do with the brain!

Here's the problem with Utopians, they all will lecture you on the fundamental flaws of human nature and then in the next breath tell you how we have to create an ideal society that exists outside realities framework. Hey buddy maybe instead of changing their fundamental human nature, you accept reality and instead of an effort in futility to change society, we send them to Apefrica so they can go back to living in the primitive conditions they are accustomed to.

Your entire ideology depends on ignorance and a lack of data. Plenty of Negroes themselves are even capable of admitting this, that's what makes it sad when morons like you try to patronize people who want you dead.

The only reason they're dropping is from you, the FBI, are mislabelling them as White; from too busy thinking about muh dik, too busy watching Black panther for the 6 trillionth time & from aspiring to the new and upcoming rap star.

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Reality is real, not your bullshit perception that they are humans like the rest of us

Attached: Fire challenge full.mp4 (202x360, 1.63M)

You think in the era of genetic therapy that we still can’t change human nature? Go back to Africa, and taste those blessed rains. Your niggertopia of people living Darwinism already exists and is dying of disease. Pure, unmodified evolutionary forces untouched by mortal planning favor viruses more than they favor any human who lives.

You’re just too weak to handle a world where evolution is something you have to conquer rather than submit to.

Reductions in crime? I find that hard to believe.

"Access to services." Meaning more gibs? Faster access to gibs?

How about "greater black employment?" I mean, other than in slangin' drugs and pimpin' hos.

What was the employement like in the Obama years, anyway?

You're not trolling anyone, retard. We can see your spiel from a mile away. It's all fun and games until one day it's your ass on the line.

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Doesn't even realise rogue elements of the government, antifa & Mossad manipulate community watch teams to distract & manipulate the target by the thousands. Like the rest of the retards thinks he's a non-conformist in a sea of conformity who's acting in his own selfish interests.

I think Pretenders like you are responsible for the destruction of the things you lament like a pussy. The fact that you fear Human nature so much all you can think about is unrealistic Utopias and eugenics programs is telling. Put the Apes back in the zoo, turn the TV off, kill the journalists - and everything will be as it is.

Slavery and vampirism is not evolution it's more of the same.

That is just the thing. Blacks, wherever they go, are prone to creating environments of child abandonment, with a major in father absence, and places with only women and children turn into whore-and-crime zones very quickly, because the older kids seize on the power given them by a lack of adult males to corral them or provide any pressure that they actually respect, and it turns all Lords of the Fly [sic].

Children, especially males, need a father to keep the threat of physical violence available in case they get out of line. The only thing males respect is another male. They don't grow into good citizens lovin' they mommas. They grow into good citizens being whipped by their fathers.

Blacks abandon their children like no other race. This is why the women are unhappy, brutish, and loud. They have to be fathers to muscular, athletic house-apes. Men have an air of authority about them that children don't successfully challenge. They learn respect for authority, and as a result, don't turn into no-thought-for-the-consequences idiots that get tasered or shot for bitch-slapping an uppity member of the ZOG Enforcement Community.

A family without a father is often doomed to fail, far more often than one where there is a father, even a dysfunctional father.

Charles Darwin didn't approve of negro's settling in White communities, nigger. So why should we in this day & age when they've only gotten more violent, more aggressive towards Whites, more Bolshevik minded rapists, more sadist?

Attached: Charles Darwin the racist.jpg (1024x768, 132.42K)

Did he ded?

holy shit the level of submission in this place is reaching new highs

Not an argument.

Wtf are you talking about. I am explictly advocating against Negroes living in our society for the very reasons that Darwin himself would agree with.

Now OP, honestly, who is the fucking nigger in this scenario?

Nigger, everyone knows there is a clear difference between aimlessly spanking a child when you get angry and disciplining a kid that does not respect your authority.

A lot of people really idolize being broken in this place. This level of weakness and dishonesty just doesn’t happen elsewhere in life. This is a completely unique window into a flock of broken slaves imagining everyone else is the slave - as they idolize primitive violence, reject all independent thought, and tell exculpatory lies about race. Do you ever want to be happier than this, or are you cheerful being trolled into subservience to a centuries-outdated agenda?

No. They don’t. Children especially don’t. You are a complete failure of a man, or a liar without the pride to speak truth, which amounts to the same.

How do you propose they learn the difference fucktard? You don't understand the concept of hot until you are burnt. It isn't for the child to decide in the moment, it is for the parent to explain it as it happens, after it happens, and to support the child to make sure it doesn't happen again. Kill yourself.

aka facts.

If I hadn’t beat my father for trying to whip me, would I have broken into an agonized hateslave, too? It’s appalling to think about. From the perspective of a modern understanding of the importance of safety in the development of a child’s mind, that level of submission to sociopathy is just unfathomable.

You sound like a jew.

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This is the fucking jew nigger that brought this travesty of parenting upon multiple generations. It STILL infects us today as evidenced by the false dichotomy beat them or ignore them nigger.

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So now everything, any kind of proof or evidence, is up for debate. Why not become a nihilist?

Have you tried NOT being a nigger?

Sorry nobody is buying your vapid attempts at didactic drivel.

Keep in mind, they are both on the same team.

If you breed, you will metaphorically kill yourself, for your child will not learn what you want them to.

You must actually communicate. Violence is just a general hyperstimulation with very poor communicative structuring. It is very difficult to communicate anything - much less a concept as complex as discipline itself - through a means like violence. Repeated hyperstimulation causes hyperstimulatory acclimation which risks becoming a dependency on hyperstimulation.

Kill your local niggers. Kill a nigger every day.

Yeah, you're just here to shit up the thread.

Massey beat you up with big words, huh?

And yet sociopaths rule the world and you submit yourself to them everyday.

Attached: 1554081505658.jpg (900x658, 113.12K)

Notice how the jew just continues to pilpul and ignore what you said to repeat it like it's some brand fucking new revelation just so he can keep arguing.

Don't come back yid.

No, they don’t. Sociopaths have a neural deficit that hinders and circumscribes their performance. Some of them are powerful, but they aren’t common, effective, or reliable enough to rule the world.

Submit? It IS a jew.

Is dis nigga fo' reel?

Sure thing, tardrager.

Most just go undiagnosed.

Antisemites make delicious prey, btw. The only weapon organized judaism has ever been proven to wield is being able to make friends in high places. So as far as I can tell, Jews are hated for their superior talent at… making friends.

They’re honest people, for fuck’s sake. You can basically just live in the same world with them and be mutually unconcerned, same as almost any other demographic.

Sadly he has a point though. Unless Hermione has actually done porn….

You mean buy friends in high places.

Well, compare a white 85 IQ turnip with an 85 iq nigger and see who comes out on top.

And yet the fucking cunt did nothing to repatriate niggers, instead he signed amnesty for spics, forever dooming California.

Press S to spit

I think this is one of the most childish things you've said yet, which is astounding that you
manage to find so many different ways to say so little.

Who else was gonna water and mow those California ranches?

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Changs and assorted jungle asians are undernourished and violent. Their growth has been stunted. This issue for asians is fixed in the West where our gooks are taller than the slopes in asia. Still higher IQ than nogs.

Nah, jew. They hate you because you're a child fucking, genocidal, antisocial maniac.

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Reminder that White people who like Reagan are dumber than niggers.

Attached: Reagan.jpg (603x841, 257.69K)

Mm, possibly, but does it matter? Undiagnosed sociopaths aren’t landing in power. The syndrome brings violent impulsiveness with it. If it were possible to arrest every single perpetrator of assault the vast majority of sociopaths would land behind bars. The remainder - some conjectured anomalous true pacifist subset of that population - is comprised of people who deserve their freedom despite any such issue. Without a magic anti-assault campaign, still violent impulsiveness is not good and effective near power, and doesn’t do all that well.

The world isn’t ruled by honest people, but sociopaths isn’t it, either. The world may be ruled by people with dark triadic tendencies, but that’s a general stress-capacity of humanity.