Alright Zig Forums in honor of the Democratic debates and all the insanity that was said on stage and cheered for, congruent to the MIGApedes who still believe in Trump, I've decided to do a little catch up for those out there who don't understand ancient "magic" aka mind control aka Neural Linguistic Programming.
Good article on zerohedge that triggered me deciding to this thread, decent info on how its used in modern "democracy" and both video links are decent explanation of mechanics.

Books for further study if interested.

Alright, now as the the reason I made the thread, as many here know, the majority of our respective countries are under advanced mind control. This is why when what are cognitively impossible ideas get pumped out by "authority" figures, those of us more immune to the effects, notice NPC's changing to fit the narrative (pic related). These techniques aren't new however, they have been passed down for ages, just refined over time. Stress plays a role in this, but for many, they have been "asleep" for so long, waking up means having their sub conscious have to garbage out so much of their "life meaning" that it becomes impossible, hence some of the hardest in the world to wake are boomers (spent too long in the void).

This is my main theory on why even tho (((they))) have been thrown out of so many countries so many times, they eventually get "let" back in. One master manipulator with the right relationship timing, and a ruler "thinks" its a good idea to bring back in the cancer, and once cancer sets in, its fucking hard to remove without killing the patient.

One extremely sad part, that many here with empathize with, is once this knowledge is known, most "news" becomes straight cancer, just us following along the planned degradation of our societies while programming NPCS in how to think and feel about a situation or policy. I'm actually looking forward to how they plan to sell Iran to the world (and oh yes they will) but likely with how befuddled our populations have gotten, false flag with planned escalation is status quo.

The good news is that once these techniques are learned (really easy to get a beginners understanding) it becomes much harder to effect the changes on the individual, and just as good, you can use these same techniques (MORALLY FAGGOTS, DON'T MIND RAPE PEOPLE) to help in redpilling people. For the average Zig Forumsack who has become ultra aware of (((certain))) issues, when they present (pic 2) what is automatically seen is (pic 3).

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There is a reason that caste systems existed. Some people are literally animals. Until democracy goes away, things will remain thoroughly retarded.

While I don't necessarily disagree with you, (I dislike democracy but not for thread) this kind of mentalism can effect all classes equally. When the propaganda is spread they use appeals to all the personality types, ie

This also doesn't get into what gets discussed here a lot already, so I figured it redundent for the OP, MKULTRA behavioral control, which delves more into trauma based programing with split personalites. The basic groundwork in hypnosis with help illustrate how these trauam/drug based programming work tho, because why "suggest" to a personality to get it to agree with you when you can just create a whole new slave personality to run alongside the initial software, that you can trigger on and off effortlessly like a light switch.

user, that was to spare them from the Inquisition (1100ad-1600ad) as jews were the perpetrators either through direct influence or being actual inquisitors. The jews were sent away only to have local "heathens" and "pagans" (non-jew Europeans) converted, killed, or both. Do not think that jews were ever sent away to harm them. Really, the Inquisition continues today:
The entire goal since Josephus:

user, those people are pretending because they hate reality.
That's what's crazy about them, not over9000 vpns inside.
Those vpns are called 'emotions'.


They have been thrown out of countries long before jesus, they were thrown out before Catholicism took hold, and they continue to be thrown out of countries. It wasn't the fucking inquisition you twat.

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Jews have been thrown out countless times, while I don't disagree that sometimes they have had to "flee" rather then be booted, that was to save them from the rope. Haven't you ever wondered why when a lying kike quotes his holohoax story, he/she really really really believes it? They were either hypno'd or did self-hypno.

I can attest to the efficacy of hypnotism and suggestions and for sure cold reading. I've done to myself after attending a seminar years ago, in my degenerate days I used light forms of these techniques on women. In fact, a lot of "redpill" knowledge on picking up women (I kinda had a thing for kikess poon and a favorite of mine was to plant the joke about throwing her into a stove), is just rebranded rehashed hypnotism. Framing being the core one that comes to my mind.

Nah bruder, they are the pinnacle of brainwashed hypnotized slaves. Why you are right, their core hates the existence forced on it (usually nowadays right from birth or child kidnap teams for "fresh pizza") the split sometimes can diabolically enjoy doing what was done to them. This is all down to a science.

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Jesus never existed and jews didn't exist until first century AD when Josephus memed his inbred tribe of mixed-race Afro-asiatic vagabonds (jews) into existence by plagiarizing Persian, Sumerian, and Babylonian origin myths and political history. It's why the Romans burned down their tiny shed (second temple lol), for spreading fake news.
Look into what he wrote and how he used it to falsify fake history as truth that even your mum believes.

But, yes, jews were "kicked out" throughout the 1000yrs before the inquisition and the 500yrs after but most likely for the same reason. To save them. But do not discount 500yrs of "kicked out". That's 25% of their entire history.


You are correct that hypnofags like jews and NPCs are controlled by their hypnotic state but I am arguing that they simply choose to be, since the ability to be hypnotized is based on a person's desire and willingness to be hypnotized in the first place.
Sounds like "bipolar fits" when it's really "change of emotional state".
Besides, some choose to not let the trauma control them.
Boomers are a great example. They choose to believe lies or ignore truth, depending on the moment and person.
Same with religionfags. They simply want a better place than "earth" or "this life" so they fall for the afterlife maymay. But only after having accepted the lie that they have no control over "this realm", only God does.
Sciencejews then exploit this lack of trust in reality (human senses and ability) to meme "space" or "nukes" or "global warming" to the hypnotized masses; whether these things are real or not people now appeal to invisible, imaginary, assurance-less authorities.
Thanks for the link.

First post, best post. A society founded on "freedom for all" is built on a foundation of sand.

Your arguing is actually correct on this, your just giving them "conscious" when for most at least, its not from their own agency at all, shit many have never even developed their own agency since we are indoctrinated in this shit from before birth in our mothers womb. Watch the 4th link in OP, these "tricks" work on every. single. person. Not every time, for every circumstance, but we all have an inner "meaning" to our life. Protection of self, making money, being acknowledged, self propellment, saving our people (this one should ring a bell here) etc etc. You need to have motivations to even exist imo, humans are the most complex, but even ours are basically as primitive as lesser species. You included have a "inner drive".

I'm no expert, but the ones I've read and watched say differently. pic related, she paints not from another state, but from another "one".
Correct, you can regain agency.
60+ years of mind control through the multitudes of avenues that exploit us, one helluva drug. (porn, news, tv, movies, music, vidya, politics, school, work, police, etc) Honestly after my rabbit hole on these subjects, I'm surprised as many boomers woke up to fight this over the years as have.
np, jay dyer is one of my favorite youtube guys, he was the first one who introduced me to quigley, blowing open giant chunks of (((history))) for me.

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I'm ok with us disagreeing tho, our divergence is minuscule for the most part anyway.

Did you knw that Josephus is the source for the "666 mark of the beast lol" meme and false claims that Nero "played the fiddle while he watched Rome burn for three days".
Gematria is stolen from the Greek Isopsephy.

It's all a jewish meme.

Just tell the truth. If someone cognitively or morally bankrupt cant even into, they're not worth saving. Alternatively the program you feed em will eventually crash and turn on you.

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Still voting Trump and im not reading your schizo bs. I'll cut my own dick off before I vote, fuck, or fund a filthy commie democrat.

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jew-obsession is a CIA idea

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As long as Christianity remains a dominant religion all attacks on Jews will fail until the end of time. Watch OP deny this claim. You're the robot.

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