Organizing meetup

Redpilling time is over and it's time to get frens. There have been several attempts:

But they got shut down or couldn't gain traction. I am thinking about organizing meetup to find frens. Could be gym bros, bookclub, homesteading or full fledged IRL political shitposting group.

Now, stop calling me glownigger and take a look at scheme attached. Tell me EXACTLY what's wrong with it.

What's wrong with organizing meetups? What are the dangers, if you follow law?

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im not white and im going to infiltrate all your groups
this is why you are dumb

I'm up for it. The only problem I could see with it is glowniggers attending these meetups with intentions of goading someone into saying something that could be deemed "a terrorist threat" or something similar do they can prosecute, confiscate guns, etc. also they would likely record info on us so they could be ready to quell any action we might take in the future.
So basically as long as it stays lighthearted until we can discern who is legit then it could work

Very good point, I didn't think about this.
If you're interested about this idea e-mail me:
[email protected]

That's a risk. Is that risk more dangerous than the risk of racial extinction?

Here is how to avoid that;
If anyone mentions or suggests acquiring illegal weapons or fabricating them for whatever reason, expel them from the group. They are an FBI agent. If anyone attempts to bring a shotgun that is not +18'', you expel them from the group. They are an FBI agent.
If anyone suggests that you or anyone else store anything in your house, you say "no" and then either expel them from the group or monitor them. The FBI is known to ask this and then store explosives.
If anyone talks about violence or other illegal activities, clearly explain to them that you will not engage in such activities.
And never just allow someone to bring their friends whom you have not thuroughly vetted.

Adam Charles Morrison
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
104-1055 Molson Street
[email protected]
Contact if you live in the same city to arrange a meeting.
1-on-1 or group, doesnt matter.
We need frens for morale, and networks of frens for a community in the meatspace.

Whoa! Very nice safety tips. I will try to make some kind of safety summary.

I've been shilling this idea on the other chan. We have anons in:

Is this real? Can I add you to the list?

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Any pre-arranged meeting on this honeypot website has a high chance of being infiltrated or at least monitored for the purpose of doxing.

Instead go out and meet people without the use of monitored communications (such as this honeypot of a website)


We don't need to meet, we need to look into a deep web site where we can place bets for the day of death of famous and infamous guys, we're probably all in for Assassination Politics now as inevitably as the cryptocoins upon which it relies becoming valuable.

Trumpniggers keep trying but Socialism is coming and it's better than the Jewish corporatism that we have under ZOGnald.


So literally Devon Stack's "Day of the Rope" novel?

Die now.

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No, it's like the idea that people make a bet on that a certain person will survive on a certain day and the creator of the bet states the means by which they will ascertain the death of the person and failing that confirmation of death the person will be considered to have a survived, and then the pot will be split among all those who bet he would survive, however, should he die that day the side that predicted his death would receive the winnings. This would maybe influence the karma of the universe to make it so that when very many people bet for someone to survive and only very few people or one person bet that someone would die, then the reward for the predictors of death would be very large and heaven may answer their fervent prayers for that particulars person imminent demise.

You're either a glownigger or logically retarded for thinking this shit would ever work without extreme risk. If it's the latter case, well then you simply aren't at a level of intelligence that I would ever associate with on any level.

Who's saying it wouldn't be without risk? The FBI just stated that we're all "contributing to domestic terrorism", it's only a matter of time before any views espoused on this board are arrestable offenses. It's better to build networks now than later. Yes, it has risk, but currently you can be an open National Socialist without "LEGAL" repercussions, though that means not fedposting, you can still network with people who think similarly in proactive environments.

Of course, I'd never organize a meet FROM 8/pol/ like the Nuggetfest guys do purely because the media has its eyes here, but if you join an organization, riot chat, rocketchat, wire, or even telegram (pozzed as it is), you can organize from there with little risk for legal ramifications. The FED is not all-powerful. The fact that they can just scare you into submission preventing any meetup cracks me up. They don't have to worry that they can't keep track of thousands of WN's networking because they stop you all right here.
Your cowardice disgusts me.

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The other potential problem is some leftist getting in there just to determine. IE earn your trust, figure out where you work, and then use their little leftist political action committees to try to smear you and get you fired. That being said, I'm also down for some form of meetup, we need to quit dicking around only online, but we also have to be VERY careful about what we say if/when we start meeting up.


not today fbi

Tell me worst case scenario. You follow the law.
The description of the risk and consequences is what I am looking for.

what is the rundown? media infiltrated chan meetup?

very good point. basically close to impossible to prevent this.
in that case check out picture attached in this reply and one from this reply.

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Actually talk to and meet random people in bars/gyms/etc.
Learn how to read people and feel them out as to what their power-level is.

Sorry to give this nigger a (you) but I think it's worth pointi gy out this is exactly what happened in the WALK thread. As soon as anons start talking about meeting and organizing IRL the thread gets flooded with spam, bots and shitposters. I think it's because these shills realize they cant stop Zig Forums user meetups from happening, and if such meetups dis happen its perfectly legal and you have nothing to stop it or charge them with. If anything it drives home for me that (((they))) are afraid of us meeting and organizing because in reality they cant do shit about it. The internet censorship has vastly limited our options, and our hand is starting to get forced. IMO it's getting to be about time to grab our balls and take it to the next level, which is just IRL meetups and networking. Nothing dramatic or illegal, but we need to start getting our ahit together. We dont have any big, monied and connected organizations or NGO's to do it for us like the left and the cuckservatives do. We have to take matters into our own hands.

I am not top 0.1% IQ
But thanks for blessing us with your presence Kaczynski-senpai!

this is ABSOLUTELY and EXACTLY what I thought.
It's easier to control us online than offline.
You're invited to my crew any day.

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also forgot to mention I don't have a crew yet.

As far as risk, the worst that could happen is that you get doxxed by antifags or put on a list that you're already probably on. The ATF can't keep up with their own paperwork, the FBI can't catch a self-described pedophile, they're not paying attention here nearly as much as you'd think.
As far as infiltration:
Eh, media hasn't infiltrated any Zig Forums meetup but Forbes did write an article on the 4/k/ meetups (Nuggetfest)

And I gotta say, one of the best times I've ever had. Nobody got doxxed because we weren't glowing, though believe me when I say 2/3 of this crowd is unironically ethno-nationalist.
Any of you cunts are welcome to my place for beers though, just find me off of 8ch.

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Latvia is a beautiful nation. Among my favourite nations, in fact.
Your Latvian comrade might have access to individuals who know how to build an organized resistance IRL. The Balts, Hungarians, and West-Slavs have much more experience resisting a foreign government than Americans do. Maybe he could ask some relatives or older associates how they went about resisting the Soviets. Ask him about the Forest Brothers.

this looks awesome!

very interesting.

thanks for good thread, frens! off for now.

over 100 autists this year. It's great. There's nothing like shitposting irl with good people around a fire. It's like meeting best friends you've never known.

It is not exactly as easy as you might think. I have tried a couple times and when people say that they want to 'meet up' what they mean is that they want to have a civnat cuckfest where they wash the balls of the jews and feel important and 'subversive' because they are enjoying naughty time by 'meeting other Whites' without permission. I was trying NatConnect and I have to be honest that I am no longer sure that I am a Nationalist because the whole, 'lets vote Rump in one more time so that we can enjoy Open Borders and fools like AOC for another 4 years' no longer appeals to me as a White European. Plus the longer I look into the Epstein fuckery the more I know that they all need to go. Draining the swamp is not really an option any longer.

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You gotta find organizations that take National Socialism seriously, not like PatriotFront or AW or some skinhead acting "Nazi" group, but like the New Awakening, OpenTalentNetwork, NWF, or even Amren. National Socialists who are serious about it aren't going to have some spergfest when meeting irl.
It all depends on where you go.
the Zig Forums meetups are honestly pretty comfy, with most of them being at the very least racially aware if not fully National Socialist.

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I think this is correct. OP is humorous but the thought that he would be age biased just makes him seem like a sperg who wants to get high innawoods with his furry pals in a pseudo pagan ritual. I think Zig Forums might be more my style anyway, they have the common sense to know that people with combat experience should not be excluded just because you want to feel comfortable in your fan boy outfit without your grandpa looking at you like "What the fuck son?"

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