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Missing emails don’t investigate themselves. What is the status of the investigations into Hillary’s missing emails and the status of the investigations into the investigations of her missing emails? Trump promised he would look into this and now that he has Barr onboard there is no excuse. It should be priority number one to find the missing 33K emails along with the missing server. They need to get a search warrant for the Clinton’s Chappaqua house since Hillary probably hid it there, perhaps buried in the back yard next to God knows how many bodies! And another search warrant for her hibernaculum in the Nevada dessert. Also, we need to know just who conducted the past investigations and what their political affiliations were. Maybe Peter Strzok was in charge? Did he or any other pro Hillary types investigate the past investigations including the original investigation? If so, then who did the original investigations and were they anti-Trumpers? And those 100K emails no doubt contain plenty of evidence pointing to Hillary’s malfeasance, so much so they had to murder Seth Rich for uncovering them. What was in them? A list of fellow Deep State pedophiles? Locations of child sex dungeons? Adrenochrome extraction procedures? Spirit dinner recipes? The mind just boggles. What we do know Hillary is a traitor and we need to hold Trump accountable for making her arrest priority number one!

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Pretty much memory holed.

Why would he do that? He's just as fucked as she is.


Did you wake up from a coma or something? That was done before Trump was elected. It’s over. There is nothing. Fuck off.

He'll do it if we re-elect him, I'm sure. Trust the plan.

But Trump promised to lock her up!

Why should we vote for him if he cant keep a promise? His guy is in the DOJ. No excuse


No, he didn't. He said we can "Send her back!"

Trump is a lying kike.

We shouldn't vote for him again.

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Started by Huber, taken over by Durham
IG report. (((Horowitz))) if he has any choice, would have to go against his tribe.

Yes, we want her to go back from whence she came, of that there is no doubt. But where might that be? Her hibernaculum in the Nevada desert where she will go to molt once a season? The secret labyrinth beneath Comet Ping Pong where she regularly gets infused with adrenochrome extracted from the blood of terrified children? Or perhaps the Deep State laboratories in Argentina where she was originally created using hybrid human-alien DNA? The answer is “who cares as long as it ain’t here!”

Trump is Jewish? Is that why he didn't know Second Corinthians?

JIDF go home

I got kicked out of the JIDF for trimming my beard.

Lel ok you can stay

Thanks. This beats internet porn research.

but Trump brings it up at every rally

not strictly related





He'll do it before 2024.
screencap this post

Everyone knows Hillary’s the one who does business with Russia anyway! Uranium One. I remember this little fiasco! She sold almost all our Uranium to Russia for a big cut of the deal. And in case you are no pointy headed physicist, Uranium is the chief ingredient of nuclear atom bombs. Only an idiot or traitor would trust Russia!

During her stint as Secretary of State, Hillary transferred all of America’s surplus Uranium to anti-Putin forces in Russia in exchange for the financing of her child pedophile ring.

didn't everyone get served at Bush's funeral?

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Both Obamas, Elizabeth Warren, Donna Brazile and others have recently unfollowed Hillary from social media and deleted all Hillary related tweets going back to 2013. I wonder why?

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Lel. It's as if they think they can stroll away whistling, as if they've never heard of her. We can reintroduce them on the gallows.

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If you aren't trolling, you're braindead


==I CUNT tell whitch is whitch

I heard that Michelle Obama gave Elizabeth Warren a Brazilian.

Sheeitt, you can be on our Board of Directors, with VP Handsome Truth

this post wins the internet for the day

all of Crooked's emails are presently stored on 2 usb sticks inside a wall safe in the office of her attorney (((David Kimball))). the faggot traitors at the FBI
never borthered to sieze those usb sticks to investigate the thousands of instances of Crooked sending classified information over her insecure private email.

Crooked Hillary even had a system for covertly telling her minions when to break the law and remove classification headings and then send it in an email. thousands of emails from Crooked Hillary are her replying simply "pls print."

well what the fuck do you think that meant? it meant for Huma to remove the classification markings, then fax the email to Crooked's illegal alien beaner maid, who would print it out and stack ot in Crooked's home office. was Crooked's maid cleared for top secret access? of course not.

the FBI traitors are hypocrites when it comes to enforcing the laws about classified info. if you are an untouchable reptoid blessed by Jeffrey Epstein, then no laws apply to you and the FBI will take down and black bag and prosecute and Arkancide anyone who tries to stop you.

Don’t believe it! Email on USB sticks? That’s just a feint. They want you to believe that. That is if it’s even real. The real emails were etched into a diamond that is set in a ring Huma Abedin wears. If you look at pictures of her, when her “husband” wiener was tossed in jail, she changed rings. Weiner was sent up the river to teach him a lesson. All trumped up bullshit. He was actually a Mossad agent who was too close to the truth. The only thing that saved him from being Vince Foster’ed is he is a personal friend of Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife. They have ion implanters that can put literally petabytes of info on a tiny diamond. USBs? Ridiculous. You need to come up with a better one than that.

is Trump a jew, yes.
did he not lock Hillary up? yes
but he fixed the economy and lowered the unemployment rate, research at promisekept.com. do i hate the fact that he likes Israel? yes, but he is deporting Mexicans and building some of the wall. might as well lower the chance of a democrat going into office and vote trump

We had this thread in 2016. All about goons shit and deep.

Just because his penis is shaped like a mushroom doesn't mean Trump was circumcised. Trump isn't Jewish. Just clueless.

I heard from George Webb that Brian McCauley, Hilary's FBI guy has the servers