Menhaz Zaman kills his family

ZAMAN quadruple familicide

This is horrible, I'm sure Malesa would've eventually given birth to some wonderful non-white babies to help diversify Canada's population. I hope no other non-white young men like Menhaz emulate this and slow the birth rates for non-whites in Canada.

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Hmm. I think we could build him a little statue somewhere.

is anyone able to find his handle/profile? want to read all his posts. I'm confused as I had thought Discord was chatrooms not forums.

He killed them because he wanted to fuck the living shit out of his hot THOT older sister.

Indians regularly fuck their own siblings and parents. That wouldn’t have been a limiting factor for him.

In this case it would have. Look at his father's overmasculinized face. Obviously dad was boning that hot young hole and jr wasn't getting any of that. So he killed his father and then the rest of them with him.

Did he seriously use the word 'subhuman'? Unusual to find one who understands reality.

The same sister who is going to end up looking like the trolls in the other photos? I honestly thought those were men and not women. Unless you are a mongrel from leftypol you are race traitor trash.

Will the MSM screech to ban Discord like they did with Zig Forums after Tarrant?

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You guys are falling down on the job here. This is some hot spicy spice monkey incest shit going on here.

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check your eyes, nigga.


we could use constant updates from not just one, but ones (((they))) consistently migrate to so they can communicate in secret.

The poo race all looks exactly the same in all photos. BIG NIGGER LIPS. Monkey muzzle. Brown eyes. Brown hair. Seen one, seen them all.

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It's 'masculized', dumbass
I hope English isn't your first language.

honestly man, this is kinda sad
Dude realized what his role was, became black pilled, propably had emotional problems, got the idea to bring his legacy to the ground because of clownworld, act on it, die.

A better path would had been to re-migrate to his ancestral lands, divert migration from the country and rebuild it. Less hostility, less nihilism, happier life. Obviously seems that it was a dysfunctional family with context we aren't given about.

Why would somebody want to pretend to be somebody else's culture ?
captcha: niplefg

what a faggot. too pusyy to talk so just kill?
I fucking blast my dad every day for leaving his country and mooching off of white land t. paki

I mean don't get me wrong, I love it, but is there any reason in particular to care or pay attention to this instance specifically?

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It's so typical of terrorists to refuse dialogue and go straight for the killing. SAD

you talk like a fag and your shit's all retarted
it's "feminized" for women and "masculinized" for men, whether you're educated or not

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Damn shame about the one second to the left

Look what else can be found in a dictionary A.K.A. the infallible oracle

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Did her choot smell of curry?

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The things that happen in Minecraft these days

Pajeets disgust me, i'm so glad they are dead.



The term "pathetic subhuman" guess he
dehumanized and faced to bloodshed
or something, not that reading words on an interwebs could hypnotize and trigger actions at an appropriate time. That's just crazy talk.

Can you truly blame him for doing this? I mean imagine being born as a subhuman and then browse Zig Forums. It does have an effect. I wonder what the Ethnoglobe user has to say about this.

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I hope he was the girlfriend poster that guy sucked.

I did not know that. I knew about Atzatlan and Neanderkike incest; but poos too. Does the implicit insanity and knock-on damage of this behaviour explain their open air compulsion to criminal violence against white children? It would be much safer if they were all back home in their own ethnostates proper.

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find the pics lads