This from the MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute) website, posted with pic related:

This from the MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute) website, posted with pic related:

MEMRI is a neocon/zionist nonprofit disinformation center which translates select social media posts which are sometimes made by real Arabic or Farsi speaking people.

MEMRI's directors and advisors include many top spooks from CIA, NSA, US Cyber Command, military, and Israel.

They keep track of antisemitism and terrorist theeats. Their headlines are postured to advance Israel and make Iran look threatening. The website says they provide briefings to military, government, and media.

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More MEMRI propaganda

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well then mate, if they think that we're taking Washington, Oregon, Montana and Idaho, they're wrong.

Damn wrong.

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the very fact that elements of the government and ex-spooks are working hand in hand with middle eastern SUBHUMANS to interfere in white people's affairs.
This is what treason looks like.
(((they))) must die, along with their pawns and traitors.

What the hell happened to MEMRI? That site used to be fucking hilarious and now it's just like CNN.

Honeypot thread is back.

WA State Trooper 'L.A. Rider' is taking names of "ebil wyt raycis".
WA State Tropers unconstitutionally audio record "traffic stops" against your rights and will.
Inform them that jews are the enemy.
And their masters.
Point out the jew star on ther door.
Call them terrorists.
And remind them that
The U.S. is not Palestine
End the occupation of America !

Also dubs

Based. Thanks for the MEMRIs.

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holy shit

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You can include all these images in one post. This isn't 4chan.

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I love how groups like MEMRI give attention to FBI honeypots Zig Forums continuously tells to fuck off.

hayden - aka clown see aye a director
shitload of jews plus ehud barak and other high profile israelis involved in twisting the narrative for (((their))) purposes.
co-option of all the useful goy white figures + demonizing whites and western nations "racism" while protecting (((racist to the core))) israel at all costs.
Clown front 101.

Yeah. And their hitpieces on honeypots like the NWM only serves to legitimize those honeypots.

Because it provides an air of legitimacy to the honeypot. "Look go..I mean fellow White men, this mustn't be a honeypot - anti-hate groups are investigating it." Fundamentally the whole state-within-a-state plan is a good idea, but it's something to be completely offline & through private recruitment. Not easy, but not impossible.


what kind of bassackwards logic is this?

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haha, The fed Covington died a while back and his honeypot died with him. These fags didnt' get the memo that he was on their side.

Lurk more, schlomo

kys moshe

That is precisely why they do it.

It's not logic. They're just cowards who want to justify doing nothing by convincing themselves that everyone is out to get them.

Hey yo, try campaigning on regional connectedness, my boaties. Be the moderately important people who every power already in the region wants to see succeed. Give up this bogus melatonin nationalism, pardon this melanin nationalism business, and just govern for the sake of all the people. You can even on the moderately important level get away with a good bit of nonpartisanship. Wouldn’t you like to be the central exhibit?


Science is actual correctness. It is that which can be correctly known. Good, bad, or ugly.

Water needs tend to be correctly knowable to a government. Learn about water needs.

It was always like this, it was literally founded by a former Mossad agent. They basically translate Arabic and related news stations, and make it sound crazy so that whites would hate them. Now they're getting a hold on western anti-Loxists.

This website has gone downhill.

I was a fed. It doesn't mean anything, retard. WORKING FOR KIKES means something.

Turrism is a buzzword. If anything, semitism is terrorism.

It's the only sure way for kikes to prevent the goyim from doing anything. Covington wasn't a shill though.