So when will we stop being pussies and attack antifa?

Most of you guys are a disgrace for not being violent or brutal enough towards antifa. Alot of you westerners just smile and laugh as antifa Chuck's piss and shit and probably acid at you, Russians know how to handle these faggots perfectly but western people are pussies. I'm American and I would have done alot worse than in gif related.

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don't be so obvious next time kikenigger

That guy is based, too bad he's a proudboy


antifa is jewish controlled opposition. they arent even worth attacking. focus on exposing ZOG.

go back

Then fight the cops, they do it.

We need to expose this shit to normalniggers. They'll be our infantry.

Antifa is a false target created by glowniggers like you faggot, useless idiots intended to take the dive for the real criminals funding them.

he died

Antifa are the same as they were back in 33 here in Germoney, dude. Communist brigades blocking and attacking nationalist rallies, with the help of the (passive) police. They dox people, burn cars, slash their tires, throw stones at rallies, spray butiric acid into appartements, get people fired, beat people up (but only if they're outnumbering them vastly and they have no reinforcements in sight). Guess why Hitler needed an SA? "Saalschutz" = Hall protection.


I will utilize the means to defend myself or innocent lives should they come under attack. I will not, however, be convinced to openly assault anyone who has not first attempted to assault me.

Antifa isn't the enemy idiot. The jews are the enemy.

lf you gonna attack somebody, attack with fatality! And attack somebody significative like the german nationalists are killing the elected commies.

The System's Neatest Trick
by Theodore Kaczynski

Like most say in the comments. Why the fuck would you attack the dogs and not the dog handlers? You more stupid than dogs. The dog handlers can always get more dogs as they have infinite resources. Time to do brain gymnastics OP.

That said. There should be some counter force of course which doesn't let the dogs go out of control completely. But at minimum risk and energy.

Like the proud boys seems to do quite well atm and they are part of the controlled opposition anyhow. two controlled parties by (((them))) fighting against each other. Let them do that.

if i fought the cops it would be with bullets not bottles of piss

Hey faggot, there are no Antifa where I live because everyone carries. If you apply a little brain power to the problem, you'd realize that antifa is a geographic concentration in areas with high populations of leftists. That means to actually engage with antifa, one would have to travel to the nearest leftist shithole at the very least.

You may as well be asking while people don't go fishing in the middle of the Atlantic or Pacific ocean.

asking why*

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What's stopping you? Go to one of these shindigs and crack some skulls, then post pics or make the news or something.

Until then stfu.

I hear their clubhouses aren't very good with fire safety. As that fire at KyoAni's studio shows, it would be very wise for them to rectify that.

people are getting butthurt about it but it's true. many people are just too pussy to go out into the streets and fight them
"but-but we need to target those who are controlling antifa!they're just pawns" yeah that's true but knocking out lefties is propaganda, it's great. around here you have antifa kids who have been brainwashed in university against actual brickies and labourers and footy hooligans, the skinny antifa nerds get sparked out every time.

antifa are the footsolders for the entrance to the new world order, sure the ones at the top are doing the controlling but back in the 20s and 30's in weimar times the freikorps and other combat organisations fighting commies were huge in letting right wingers speak and not get silenced

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Go ahead fed, attack your pawn.

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Antifa did real harm to the left being gorillas. You want to do harm to your causes the same way, go ahead.

gas the kikes, race war now.

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see right through you. obviously most of us cant be bothered to go attend street fights, after all, we are the brains of the operation. Just convince the cuckservatives and (((proudboys))) to do it for us.

why not both?

You're not thinking strategically, fellow goys. Why would you want to fight your fellow brothers in blue?


It helps our cause to have the left be as radical as possible.

Because you're cognitively incapable of that, sadly.

Antifa exists as a paramilitary wing of the jews, which serves them two-fold.
1) It gives them a wing via which to carry out violent reprisals upon political opposition.
2) It acts to distract political opposition towards focus on the paramilitary wing – which is 100% expendable from the POV of those who control them – rather than on the (((controllers)))

You're too stupid to keep from being focused on the shiny violent transexual anarchist swinging a bike lock at your skull to notice the banker jew, who paid the anarcho-tranny to show up and attack you, watching your scuffle from his penthouse apartment and laughing at both of you.

Any degree of focus on fighting antifags is the equivalent of focusing on fighting a cold that's killing you because you HIV.

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Anytime. Violence does always works, and killing antifags and other paid pigs supporting the jews is a necessity, above any law from any country.
Always kill your local leftists.
Always kill your local jews.
Organize and mobilize. Get guns. Train your people. Target and kill your enemies. Leftists, antifags, jews. Anywhere, anytime. You, and anyone else, are above them and above any law that protects them.

again, why not both? the conservacucks love playing around with antifa, we can focus on the bankers

I just explained it to you: You're not intelligent enough to maintain focus on the real issue.
That's why.


You're too stupid to keep from being focused on the shiny violent transexual anarchist swinging a bike lock at your skull to notice the banker jew, who paid the anarcho-tranny to show up and attack you, watching your scuffle from his penthouse apartment and laughing at both of you.

Any degree of focus on fighting antifags is the equivalent of focusing on fighting a cold that's killing you because you HIV.
You don't have a counter-point.

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Right wingers fighting antifa? Mate they are destroying themselves.

So you retards are planning to wait for a police raid? Well, prepare to get rekt then.

Here's the thing guys. If you're one of the few willing to take action you can actually choose which action to take and against who. If you think you've got a great way to stick it to antifa and you're successful, then there are good things that can come from that. If you think you have a good way to stick it to a kike, there there's good that comes from that. I think the most important thing is to be willing to take action, and ideally to do so in a way that you aren't neutralized by injury, jail, or some other way. But most important is to do something.

The whitepill of knowing you've taken action neutralizes all blackpills for a short time and gives you a sense of peace you will not know otherwise.

A desire and willingness to act is good and all, yeah, but without focus, you're liable to act in a way that only harms your interests or accomplishes nothing of lasting value.

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fuck off nigger

Why fight antifa? you dont need to fight anybody, just burn downt he places they like to go to. And then burn down the next place they run to, burn down all their safe spaces and hidey holes, run them out of town retard.

stfu jew

We aint pawns you cuck faggot. Thats how low IQ you idiot are.

The system relies on you cucks to be working cucks in the system aka play your little capitalism and pay jews taxes like good cucks.

Antifa is against cucking from the state, bringing power back to the people. It's hilarious people who are against fascism (bi-product of authoritarian capitalism) in the states are considered enemies. Low IQ rat.

That's not a Russian you dip shit. That's Rufio Panman an American Proud Boy. This happened during the battle of Portland

That's what i have been telling them to do but seems like outside of the chans, none of them are actually tough or based. We are fucked, when are we gonna make an organization like antifa? At least those faggots are united unlike us, we are fucking retarded

Communism is also for Jews you idiot. Fascism is a bi-product of nature.

Yes but they are sanctioned.

>literally financed by (((billionaires)))

So many threads openly & overtly calling for violence - on this, a simple board of peace? Nothing stops you from doing anything you like, if you really intended this in good faith you wouldn't post about it. Not. Your. Personal. Army. Faggot.


Could you retards PLEASE improve your shill training? This is just embarrassing for you.

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More like calling for violence on the wrong people

every thread is a fed thread now. just remember, you took away our ability to speak and you know what happens when an entire people are silenced, right traitors?

redpilled response

that's the last thing they want. The FBI has been proven to shill AGAINST VIOLENCE. Antifa is a shit target though whether or not this is a honeypot thread on purpose.