German Kazakh butchered in the street with Machete

A palestinian living in Germany with a false identity (syrian) slaughtered his roommate, a German-Kazakh, with a machete in the street in Stuttgart. Videos included. Germans are sharing the videos on social media in droves, even though its against the law. State media is silent, only regional media talks about this.

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You're new here, OP. Fuck off.

A Kazakh with German ancestry, you fucking tard. There are also "Russlanddeutsche" meaning ethnic Germans living in Russia. I would only have written Kazakh if it wasn't an ethnic German.

Sounds like an esoteric German

Why didn't he kill him first?

If the Soviets let his family live, they probably deserve death by shitskin.

That looks like a katana or whatever.

The early Kazakh-Germans were mostly men and women that settled in Kazakhstan after they were released from the gulags, retard. But i guess if you survived the gulag you were a bad German. Kys

Could be. Lying press says "sword-like object".

Most likely. The good Germans were murdered. You don't feel that way though, since you're at least a fellow travelling cuck, nigger.

The Germans living along the Volga were not trusted by Stalin as he thought that they might be loyal to the Germans if they invaded.

Thus he relocated them to what is now Kazakhstan.

In the 90s and 2000s the German government allowed those people who could show some Germanic ancestry to return to Germany.

By that logic you're a jew

What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

So the most successful airfighter pilot of all times, Erich Hartmann, who survived the gulag, was a bad German. Got it. If you were just some average German soldier dude and managed to struggle through hunger and cold, to finally get released after years, i wonder what you would think if someone told you that you are a bad German because you survived. Please consider suicide, low IQ faggot.

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What the hell does that female think she is doing approaching an armed loonatic and showing almost no fear?

wtf man!?

In battle ancient German women travelled with the army and camped right behind the fighting force. Partly to motivate the men, partly to strike down any cowards who tried to flee. And if the battle was lost, slaughter the children and themselves before being taken as slaves.

She did better than the faggot on the phone who turned and run full speed as soon as the murderer looked at him funny.

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i'm absolutely FUCKING PISSED

If you don't kill your enemies, they will kill you.
To live is to kill.
To kill is to win.

Where were the young German women?

If the loonatic wanted to kill her she would be dead.

She didn´t do anything, at least the faggot who ran away had some self preservation instincts.

I haven't heard about them slaaughtering the children, but Tacitus wrote about them screaming at their men and ripping off their clothes to show their bare breasts, to remind them that the men have to protect them from rape and slavery

Which is what makes her brave.

Jerry Seinfeld over here.

It's from the Teutonic Wars of Marius I believe, so 200-250 years before Tacitus.

Damn, that's hot.

Pussy pass.

Is he gonna be ok.

No it's from Tacitus' Germania.

What else is new?


The event that information is based on is when Marius defeated the Teutones and Suetones. When the battle was lost the men surged forward in suicidal attacks while the women took care of the family in a similar way. Maybe Tacitus references it, but that's where it is originally from.

So its a German who is a Kazakh national? You're incoherent

notice how the jews post this to the board and not the boy who was thrown in front of the train?

That has also been posted, by me. Check the catalog. Retard.

yes, he'll get a slap on the wrist


#1 already posted
#2 it was an african kid

Low-IQ retard.

Is this why Merkel is having these violent shaking attacks? Because she is finally realising what she has brought upon Germany?

Apt title, user.

Anyone have links to media reporting on this?

Which one? There have been multi train attacks

it's kuru.

Gotta love the women just not bothering and nobody running up behind and tackling the person murdering someone else. Germans are such beta cucks

And that matters why?

If Germans rose up against their government, the US military would crack down hard upon them. Get real, burger.

his machete game was on point

Big bad burger dapping on you and you can't do shit lmao

Tackling someone with a huge sword who is killing someone else. Its easy to be a keyboard warrior sir. You would risk your life for someone else which could be a drug deal fight as far as we are concerned. Most fights in Europe are criminal related so you would literally waste your own life for a criminal in 90% of the cases. Americun Keyboard Warriors at its finest. Go play CSGO or something.

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So you admit America is a superior country without a bunch of sword-wielding drug dealers running amok.

Pussy Privilege/Pussy Pass…. the idea that horrible shit won't happen to them because they have a vagina. He pointed at her and told her to leave so… I guess… it proves the point??

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Worst part about this is that the Germans (((in power))) celebrates this and as someone else said will just get a slap on wrist. (((They))) never want to do the dirty work. (((They))) have waited 70 years about for this about to happen and start. The total masslaughter and removal of the german natives.

Imagine planning this for 70 years and its finally start to happen (((Those ))) must be extremely happy right now. Since the germans wont lift a finger to defend themselves as they are getting killed off totally now. By a force they brought in. Sickening.

Yea and the world just watches as this genocide happens. Fat fuck americuns on top of it posts shit comments on websites like this to think they are better when they were responsible for killing the Germans in the first place in WW2 and allowed this to happen.

It means an ethnic German from Kazakhstan. About a million ethnic Germans (mainly Wolgadeutsche) were resettled from the Soviet Union to Kazakhstan, mainly the north. Since then most of them emigrated back to Germany. You're welcome for the history lesson, braindead americans.

Where is the based NSU when you need them?

is there are a photo of the victim?

ls that a fucking sword?!
Current year Germany is pure Lulz!!

Get your facts straight. Oh my bad you're a shill aiming to call the boy an African to stem the tide of an Nationalist uprising against subhuman & traitorous trash who cover up the crimes in media for them. You and them need to be sent to the gallows at a bare minimal if there's going to be any justice in the world.

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>oy vey, but _ isn't white
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That stupid cunt is probably on of those "refugee welcome" whores. She probably ran over there trying to see if the victim was a White Man to virtue signal.

High IQ post.

Nazi women did the same thing in WWII, rather than having they or their family fall into the hands of the jew.

Fuck this makes me depressed and furious at the same time.

A very dull one. That last blow should have struck his head off if it was anything but the most dull blade ever.

Not worth going to hell over

Clearly you have no love for your children and know nothing at all about the jew.

There are a lot of immature anons on Zig Forums this whole if you survived the Gulag you're a bad German shit is proof. I am not saying you cannot be great without having children, nay there are plenty of great men and women who didn't have kids, Tesla, Hitler, Devi. But average men like us on Zig Forums, the life changing act of having a kids cannot be fathomed by the children here and it shows in their nonsense.

t. father

you brainlet no better than ghosts fearing bush nigger

The jew are indeed satan personified on this planet, but killing your kids? Mate, God will fuck your ass for that.

I would rather them die quickly and with my love, in my arms than slowly tortured, raped and mutilated by the jew.

Read what the Russians did to the Germans in 45 you fucking moron. God isn't concerned with punishing mortals.

Or he could just read what the jew has done to Europe for the last 2,000 years under the guise of 'saving our souls' but really they did for the pleasure of murdering us in the worst way they could imagine. Wives and little children were tortured in front of their fathers/husbands and in all 100 million of us have gone down to the slaughter at their hands over the last 2,000 years. Probably in the worst ways know to the universe.

All these anons need to brush up on the jew and get to know them, really know them before they will ever understand that it is time to PUT DOWN THE PORN AND VIDDA and pick up a gun, sword, who fucking cares, and learn to kill their enemies to protect their race. There is no morality that is higher than the protection of your own people.

He would prefer to watch this happen to his children, helpless rather than having them die in his arms?

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MP4 or it didn’t happen

You know damn why why we won't help, we can't. If we tried to do shit they would blow us out of the air or water before we got anywhere near the coastline. Need I remind you that this shit is happening here aswell wholesale? Every man needs to pull his weight, this shit won't go away even if a couple of muricunts manage to get to duetschland. We need to win the fight in our own homes before we can help others with theirs.

You actually have to know what you're doing to cut properly with a sword. They'll fuck someone up really fast but a clean cut like that takes practice. They make bamboo mats for this purpose and it's harder than it looks.

hitler had children. look into it.


no, not all good germans were murdered.
The only faggot who deserves death is you

Yahweh isn't real, you retard. It's a semitic myth. The Romans considered suicide to be an honourable end, and they were in good standing with Iupiter.

No such thing. Nothing of value was lost.

Another amerimutt retard.

You are not white.
You are an Amerindian shitskin.

Wrong. Actual German who interacts with so-called Russlanddeutsche. They are very clearly ethnic Russians who have used tenuous ties to some German ancestors to come to Germany for the gibs. They, as a group, generally don't speak German, don't act German and don't see themselves as German.


Many of them even have chinks eyes and/or brown skin as well. 100% Germanic phenotype eh my wannabe white friend?

Volga Germans were deported to Kazakhstan during WWII, you fucking retard.


reminder that this is a kike shill posing as German.

I'm not American, how dare you call me that

Really makes u think

Any retard can be posing as a "German" in an online conversation and say that "things are so" in order to D&C whites.

There was actually a planned neonazi uprising in the army that was squashed by the government in Germany recently.

Talk like an amerimutt, get slapped like an amerimutt.

Any idiot can pose as white, too, especially here. I'm simply telling you my experience with these supposed "Germans". If they were truly ethnic Germans, why do they not bother to learn the language? Supermarkets are catering to them with specialized Russian food. Why do they have very clearly Russo-asiatic tastes in general? Heck, a lot of them are staunchly pro-Putin.

Because their German culture was destroyed under Soviet rule. (Well can't say that from sure but I know that there was russification everywhere in the Soviet Union).
They probably do not talk this as their first language and came to Germany mostly for gibs and also because they were counted as Russians.
I am not sure what you mean by Russo-asiatic.
They have probably close ties to Russia.
I get the problem that they are non-Germans but they should be still whites and are
1) useful for racewar if it starts in Germany.
2) should be deported back to Russia/Ukraine if they are genetically eastern European (instead of being killed)

There is a difference between bravery and stupidity. Staying around a guy that just butchered a man because you want to get your handbag out of your car is the latter.

They are attempting to downplay the main subject of this thread. How do we get this incident into public consciousness