Why Should I Care about the White Race?

Why should I care about the future of the White race? What does it mean to me if it survives or perishes? I am looking for a reasonable argument for why I should care, beyond calling me a jew, cuck, leftist, or soyboy. Consider this a good faith question inviting you to explain your beliefs to someone who may or may not be persuaded to your cause.

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You shouldn't, kike. Go felate some children, or whatever it's you jews do in your spare time.

I'm going to have to ask you to reread the first questions you asked.
Ask any Black, Asian, Hispanic, or Indian if they care about the survival of their culture or people. Do you know what they are going to say?
Other races have ZERO QUALMS about embracing ethnocentric thinking, because non-white intuitively understand Natural Law: That there is power in numbers. And that the group with the bigger numbers / more skilled / more badass dudes with dominate over the weaker group of pacifist do-gooders. It is only Whites that are chastised and shamed for in-group preferences. You are the result of an unbroken line of thousands of loves by members of your race who have struggled to survive on this planet. Since IQ has been proven to be genetically heritable, and that different races have been proven to have different physiognomies, temperments, cultural practices, brain structure, skull shape, IQ's etc…then this means that if the White race is miscegenated into oblivion with massive amounts of third world immigration, then that means the unique qualities of Whites will forever be lost to history. Your DNA is your birthright and your inheritance, and if the people who carry your DNA are destroyed, then you too are destroyed.

Of course, this is all assuming you are actually White. If you're a kike then you're shit outta luck. P.S. Word on the block is that kike women have an incredibly deep lust for black cock. I can't blame them because kike men are so pathetic that their own attempts to subvert and destroy Whites have catastrophically backfired on them, and now even Israel is suffering from race riots and unforseen levels of miscegenation. Fucking kek.

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if you are white, the reasoning should be obvious enough
if you aren't white, then there will be more gullible white people to con and more gibs to get from white people
and sometimes white people make good movies, TV shows, comics, video games, or other media

I think you should continue to think like a bug and not care about anything except yourself. Now fuck off.

Nice blogpost!

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Duty is to group as self interest is to individual.

Pic related.

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Think really, really hard.

Because you will not survive without your group.


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you should kill yourself

(1) and done OP. I could tell it would be like that after the first line. It's like they have a script….

Not very convincing replies except for

The only free future is one where Europe breaks free of Zionism and removes the kebab. If you really think that China, Islam, or Israel is going to give you happy free future you are sadly mistaken. Of those 3 I would prefer China because they really don't give a fuck past financial dominance. Islam is fucking crazy and guaranteed suicide. Israel will bring slavery and removal of the human soul. Europe is the last chance to secure a future.

Really now, whats with all these 4chan threads?

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Ah, its because they've not been active in 6 hours.
Too busy making shitty 4chan threads, no doubt.

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Because w/o them you literally couldn't have complained about them here, using the Internet, with your device.

And without them, you literally won't ever have a place like this to complain about anything not approved of by ChiBugs or kikes.

You stupid fucking nigger, KYS

We don't have on convince you of anything. What you think and want matter not one fucking iota. This is war, and it will soon go kinetic, even if most of us 'did not' want it to become kinetic it is now guaranteed. Simple human nature is now ensuring what comes is sure as the sun rising tomorrow, nothing we, the yids, our good goy government or anyone else can do about it.

So really, the only argument that matters is thus. When it hits, and a man of action and will stands before you, will you follow his direction or not. One path will lend you yourself a chance at life, the other, death. Warlords will not care about the opinions of worms. And if you are not even capable of understanding volk and all that goes with it, you are clearly worth nothing as a man or warrior, and even allowing such a creature to survive as a slave is going to cost more in manpower than it will be worth keeping you alive in all likelyhood. Its not like we really need thousands of dirt digging farmers or can be bothered with keeping an coward in line with soldiers. One more death our of hundreds of millions isn't going to matter to us or our enemies.

I would say good luck, but your words have made clear you deserve what comes for you and luck does not smile on idiots. So enjoy prepare to get fucked faggot.

An Association Between the Kinship and Fertility of Human Couples
Agnar Helgason, Snæbjörn Pálsson, Daníel F. Guðbjartsson

Many people put shit off into the far future. While I do care about the future of the white race, I am more concerned about the here and now of the white race.
Do you enjoy being integrated with niggers? If not, that is enough reason to right now look into White Nationalism.

You literally shouldn't. Zig Forums will 14 at you all day long, but it goes against the dharma. We're in a period of decline that cannot be fixed. The best way you can care "about the white race" is to take care of yourself and cultivate harmony with the dharma. Ernst Junger was right in Eumesvil; to be an Anarch is the only sensible option in the Kali Yuga.

You shouldn't. It's a cringe larp.

Because we are whites.

So hang out with niggers?

If you want to, sure. Some are alright.

If you're honest with yourself you know that nonwhites aren't good caretakers of the planet. Good luck trying to convince Chinese or Somalians to recycle. I also care about the future of my children and their children, and my extended family. Whites are a global minority and have proven their bravery and ingenuity countless times. If they are wiped out it will be a tragedy that Earth won't recover from, and this rock will resign itself to being a graveyard. No man will leave it.

lmfao die in a fire kike

Go outside, friend.

They innovate better when not in captivity. You should at least consider allowing a wide birth, until they come up with the next great technology or form of government. Eventually they'll let you in and you can repeat the process of subverting, infiltrating and pretending you are of equal import to its long term survival or value.

OP, think of it this way - you're in prison. No, that's not a metaphor. You're locked on a planet where billions of other people live. Most of those people are other races, and most of those races instinctively act as single gangs for their own interests.

Now, you can try to go it alone - but you're inevitably going to get raped or ganked in the shower at some point. And no, this isn't a movie, no matter how badass you are enough niggers WILL take you down. Or, you can ask why the fuck your own race isn't also a gang, and try to gather up all the other members to protect themselves.

I honestly don't really give a fuck - I hate almost every White person I know as well, and I don't particularly hate any individual non-Whites either any more than I do most Whites. I'd much rather be in an era where I didn't have to think about it and could go be a hermit. But you need people on your side in prison, and the other races mostly want to kill me or make me their bitch one way or another. That's just not gonna happen.

Go outside so we can see you.

Do not give up hope.
The truth is that each night ends, and a new dawn begins.

The Aryan people matter because they are your people.
You are bound to them by blood.

All non-whites will be killed once and for all. The world will be made into a white ethnoworld. Only the white race has the right to exist in this, our, world.