8 Year Old Australian Studen Raped by Classmates

Queensland Primary School Student, 8, Suspended over Rape of classmate


Faggot propaganda has destroyed the minds of the youth in Australia, as it has around the world. These eight-year-old rapists were reported to their principle for a previous incident where they attempted to coerce another boy into playing a sex game in the bathroom. Despite this, their assaults continued without repercussions. Over the course of several months, the boys would corral their latest victim into the bathroom. One would rape while the other would stand as a lookout.

After the rape became known to school authorities, the administration initially decided to allow the rapists to continue to attend the school under "special counseling" and did not suspend either student.

The mother of the victim was told that the gay rapists "copied what they saw on youtube" and that neither rapist would be expelled.

Only after the issue was raised by parliament to the school board was any true disciplinary action taken.

Can Straya get any more fucking pozzed? The parents of these monsters should be imprisoned.

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Where I am from, kids got stabbed with cornholders for just talking shit.
I can't imagine what would have happened if some kid tried to whip out his pip.
And if he was a terrorist.
Some spic would have shanked him just for that.

Always kill faggot abominations, no matter they age. Always kill their parents and closest relatives, for letting them becoming abominations. Always kill anyone that tries to defend them.

Probably just a bunch of Sudaniglets acting out their instincts.

At this point I don't think race would have mattered, a faggot is a faggot and they gots to go.

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They're just dumb horny kids. A good slap should straighten them out.

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Did you read the OP? They were faggots.

This. Like the animals they are, shitskins reach sexual active age much earlier and for the same reasons.

Yeah, but that's standard in Queensland now. There's 0 consequences for bullying, because they "have ADD or autism, you abelist bigot, your child needs to be more inclusive". I wish that was a meme - I know of a school where multiple kids are being assaulted by another kid, and that's the official position of the school. Private school as well, and that's just one specific incident I know of.

This is a new low.

Never in all my years did I ever expect something like this.


Burn it all. Burn it all down. There's nothing worth saving anymore.

If I had nukes right now and the option of killing all life on this planet, I would do it.

How much you bet those "classmates" are not White.

This is really horrible, and also they didn't gave to the public full info, or maybe i just need to dig more

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No signs of holding the institution for negligence. Checked.

aussies will feed those faggots to the dingos. a quick death is too merciful.

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So why the wait?

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Schools were poz'd for a very long time everywhere, it was already too late. Kikes are creating prison-like atmosphere on purpose, and you get mentally unstable teachers, bullies, uniformity etc. Which is all meant to fuck you up mentally and make you hate education, or become an obedient slave.

Yep, damage is done, kill the jews or all is lost. kek

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I've met plenty of amazing college professors, but man oh man. The k-12 type teachers are some of the slimiest, most disgusting pieces of human garbage you can come across. They show such aloofness as to their responsibility to maintain order and decency, and allow pickaninnies and the like to ruin the educational experience of every White child in their class. They develop a very disturbing "passion" over the influence they have over children, and many outright relish in their ability to brainwash the youth. I can say with confidence that it would be a net gain for our societies if all these "teachers" were to drop dead, and their schools were to burn to the ground. Do people in non-Western countries have it any better?

Yep, that's my experience too. Utterly pozzed SJW types. But don't think they're just misguided idealists - oh no, they're sociopathic power freaks. Perfect little Soviets. Look at the bitch in the article, more worried about the staff being "insulted" than the rape of an 8 year old. Well done again government, well done.

< ight. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Best I could do on short notice and all feel free to tweak them however/whatever idc

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The fuck man.

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Let's diagram this sentence, shall we?

Not the father, which is why the child was a ripe target for rape.

Passive voice hides guilt. Which traitor makes apologetics for the fag rapist?


Agreed on principle. If it had been my son, they would both have been buried with the adults who raped them into becoming fags. The adults die for starting this daisy chain of demonic possession, while the boys must go for reasons of family honor. And because cutting their throats would be cathartic for their victim, who is also presumably under 10 and cannot be charged with a crime.

Pic vaguely related.

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So it looks like its impossible to ascertain whether the victim or the perps were White or not.

They're 8-year-olds who raped a child. What race do you fucking think they are? And do you think if they weren't Sudanese the Aus media wouldn't have reassured everybody about it?

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< already had pics on hand for the soul purpose of shit posting

The fuck difference it make to you?


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Fuck off reddit. Your gay emotes and rage comic memes make you inorganic as fuck.

Gen Z looking good you guys. Raised on total sexualization will make them turn out fine I'm sure.

Lol whatever faggot. Think I'll stick around though, just in case a thread pops up about fatass skanky Jew-bitches so I can finally make a meme with these pictures of your mother. Try not to choke on those feelings cuck and thx for the lulz.

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Go back to 4chan.

Too many faggots like you, not enough of my dick for them to ride.¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Way too continually derail the topic… maybe you should get back over to Instagram or some shit like it cuz I think even reddit is a little too edgy for you bruh. I actually do have shit to do but couldn't leave without letting you know how much you mean to me fam. Srlsy though I gotta bounce Cuz it's hot outside and your mama's water bowl doesn't fill itself up, you feel me?

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Womp womp

How exactly do 8 year old rape? Their balls haven't even dropped yet

There are quite a few Muslims being dumped into certain parts of Queensland. The white locals look despondent in these areas. It seems to be being done for no reason other than a sheer hatred by the elites of the original white population.

You are big on emotion, low on substance.

If you're not from Australia than stay out of this and mind your own business.

What if I'm from Somalia? I feel dat gib rights to Australia every bit as much gib rights to you. Aborigines built that mighty land till the Europeans ruined it with thier infrastructure education systems healthcare and economy

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If you're from Somalia then rebuild your country. It's a mess

This is the missing link right there, they didn't just 'see it on youtube' that's retarded. The other kids were raped by faggots first.

Another Strayan here, I agree with him, burn it down and salt the earth. Shit's fucked.

Undoubtedly. Look where it is too.

A rather nihilistic prognosis don't you think?

Let me guess, 28 year old refugee claiming to be 8?

Actually police can charge the principle for child endangerment but they choose not to for some reason. The principle did not monitor the young faggot rapist or warning the parents about this because of this, he raped many kids.

He watched the gay porn on YouTube.

Rape isn't normal, you filthy degenerate. Trying to fuck something before Aryan puberty ages is also abnormal.

So was the rapist an Australian or an "Australian"?

I live in Jew Chinkland, and Aussies are our more cucked neighbour.

I went to a nigger central high school for my last year and rape was an almost regular thing, happened 4 times a year atleast and nothing happened. Yet when a girl falsely accused a white guy he was arrested and expelled.

I used to be pretty liberal but real life niggers are the single biggest redpill

Reminder that the moderators allow these child rapists to post here.

They're niggers or they have been molested by adults.

In other words, Australian school officials and now parliament have royally fucked up the entire straight population, and explicitly fucked up some kid's psyche in particular, for the sake of the homosexual lobby.
Maybe when the kid goes postal, he'll take out the traitorous school officials before gunning for the faggots that raped him. I didn't say that. Didn't even surmise it.
You'd think they would have enough foresight to realize that this will end badly. The only question is, how long before the kid breaks down, and how many people will get hurt.

I can't read this any other way than to see that the Aussie government doesn't give a shit about the Aussie people.

2019 it wouldn't Fly but
Historically proven to work

Rape is perfectly normal and the country of Australia was created with a mass rape at Sydney Cove in February 1788.

It's not the first country to be founded on rape either. Only a more modern example.

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Nice VPN Moshe

u r a kike.

Clearly 8 year boys raping classmates in a modern mostly white English speaking country isn't normal. Or at least it shouldn't be.

The fact remains that Australia was a penal colony turned into a country through the rape of imported female convicts.

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What is your damn point trying to prove?

The rapidly degenerating state of Australia is a result of the karma it was founded on. It won't be long now until this sort of thing becomes the new normal. Being a prosperous healthy nation was never an option for it.

And before you call me a jew again know that once I get my hands on a copy of 'Leaving the Fold' I'll encode and upload the scene where ex-orthodox jews spill the beans on how arranged marriages are nothing more than ritualized and accepted rape inside their culture.

That's what happens when you feminize the education system and make the irrationality and naivety of women an authority in matters beyond their comprehension.

Wrong. NSW was founded as a penal colony. The colony of SA that later became a state never had convicts; and federation of colonies didn't occur till 1901.


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They need to be fired.


If by fired you mean in the oven, yes


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Sounds like a time to investigate the parents of the kids because that behavior doesn't show up overnight

4 years old, not even in puberty yet, what a sick world

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They're 8 fucking years old. 2nd or 3rd grade. They still believe in santa claus and the tooth fairy. They are not supposed to know about shit like this